Petition Offered Against Confederate Texas Plate

AUSTIN (AP) – More than 22,000 people have signed petitions against a proposed Confederate flag license plate for Texas.

The Austin American-Statesman reports the petitions were offered Wednesday in Austin.

The governing board of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles could decide on the plate in November. Board members had no comment Wednesday.

The specialty plate has been proposed by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which is an ancestral history group. Supporters have also raised free speech issues.

Critics include Gary Bledsoe with the NAACP, who says the Confederate flag is as offensive as a swastika and creates fear and intimidation. Another official with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Yannis Banks, says the flag represents slavery and hate.

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One Comment

  1. Randy Young says:

    If you signed the petition then get the hell out of Texas!

    1. GLENN says:


  2. DAVID DUKE says:

    Interesting the only 2 they mention are both NAACP moon crickets

  3. Jeff says:

    Where can I sign a petiton for them to get the plate. I have seen plates for all black schools which I feel is offensive. Why is it OK for blacks, but not for whites?

    1. Sensitive says:

      C’mon guys. Certainly you understand the pain behind the symbol of slavery. A plate for an HBCU or HWCU does not symbolize slavery, it symbolizes an educational institution. The confederate flag symbolizes a time that the US should be ashamed of. Although Im not Jewish, I understand the pain behind the swastika. Unless I intentionally want to hur or offend Jews, I wont parade around town with it as it will hurt people. And if my great grandfather fought beside Hitler, I wouldnt be proud of it.

      1. Heino Fan says:

        I’m German, and part of my national heritage unfortunately involves Naziism. Some of my distant relatives were in the Luftwaffe, SS officers, and Gestapo. Others were opponents of Hitler and fled Germany after Kristallnacht. This was a dark chapter in our history, and one marked with outright human oppression and mass genocide. Sorry, but this “Heritage, Not Hate” mantra isn’t valid. Sure, some good came from The Confederacy, as did Naziism, but the majority of it was built on the exploitation and suffering of others, and that is why these symbols cannot be carried on as a badge of honor or whatever other context one is trying to force these symbols into.

      2. AC says:

        I am a first generation German and Muslim. I would like all my symbols of hate on my car for all to see and enjoy, but I wont call it hate symbols, I will call it..ummm..let me see… “heritage” ?? yeah thats it…

        Your a sensitive moron

      3. DDT says:

        AC, I read your comments on another story, and noticed you’re a trauma care provider. You have some sort of education, nursing, EMT, or PhD, but you can’t discern the use of your vs. you’re? Scary.

        Here. Read this. It might interest you.

      4. George Takei says:

        Hey, Bill! I circled an ad in the paper that might interest you.

  4. John Gaudi says:

    This should be interesting… to read Rick Perry’s opinion on all this.

  5. Dave says:

    Any one trying to relate this to slavery is not a true American. Perhaps they should go back to their ancestors country and see what goes on there. The continent of Africa is a disaster.
    Maybe I will request the flag of Zimbabwe or should it be Moroco on my plates?
    Really, I don’t want any flag on my plates.

    1. Dave The Dunce says:

      What does Africa and some countries over there being disasters have to do with us having slaves? You have a total disconnect in logical thought. Put down the Evan Williams and get your GED.

  6. Southern says:

    If most of you actually new your history you would know the Civil War was not about slavery. To further that if you have read any books on Abraham Lincoln you would know that he made a statement in the beginnings of the civil war: “If I could win this war without freeing one slave, I would”. Slavery was added to the civil war afterwards for political support from the North. The war was about the Federal Government wanting to run the State Governments so the South seceded from the Union. Before the war the North had slaves too, Manhattan had one of the biggest plantations in the state of New York. The south came up with their own flag, and for many that is their heritage. It is only offensive because minority groups want it that way. Every race can have their heritage except one, there months dedicated to that heritage, holidays, etc. What would happen if some on proposed to have White, English, Anglo Saxton, etc heritage month. The NAACP would have a field day in the media, the NAACP is racist but no one sees it that way. I challenge you to apply for school or a scholarship if not of a certain color. I can’t say that the BET is racist nor can I start a channel WET, and that most corporations have black only organizations within, and after all this you still think that Confederate Flag is racist, the Nazis want to take over the world and the Southern States didn’t want to be ruled. Thought that was the reason we left England in the first place. Do us all a favor and read you history and if you don’t like Southern Heritage follow point your compass North and don’t stop until people talk with a different accent.

    1. Dieter says:

      It doesn’t matter WHAT the Civil War was fought over – that’s not the issue at hand, so let’s put away the red herring. Answer this one question: Did Confederate States have slavery?

      1. Southern says:

        Yes the South had slavery, also so did the North before the war. Actually the slavery thing started in the North with the original 13 colonies. So that would make the original 13 colony flag racist and about slavery. The only thing the Confederate States did that was sought so wrong was stand up for themselves from being forced to do something else and surcome to government rule. But then again I guess you don’t like the TEA Party movement either, people like you want to pick and choose parts of history or parts of a conversation to make yourself look and feel important but all see the ignorance in your statements.

  7. Stupid says:

    maybe they would feel better if we also included a black fist image in one of the corners of the plate…lol

  8. darrell says:

    anyone who believes that the confederate flag was created, designed or used as a symbol of racism is an ignorant racist. those of you with that opinion need an education on the subject because you are full of it. the NAACP is the most racist organization in america if not the world. i rank muslim suicide bombers higher than i do its members and supporters. they are traitors to the dream they claim to support and an insult to the heritage of their kind.

  9. RussP says:

    I’m less offended by seeing this flag than I am by people and businesses who choose to display flags of other countries while here on US soil. This wasn’t even the actual design of the flag of the Confederate States of America or its army.

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