Story Continues To Change In Fatal Keller Shooting

updated 10/14 – 2:47 p.m.

KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) – It was first believed to be a deadly home invasion, then it was called a suicide, but police in Keller now say they’re investigating the suspicious death, of a husband and father as a murder.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner ruled Friday afternoon the man, 40-year-old Gregory Williams, died of a gunshot wound to the head, specifically at the hand of another person.  They ruled the case a homicide.

Keller Police say there is one person who knows exactly what happened Thursday morning in the 1400 block of Jacob Avenue, but her story keeps changing.

The shooting happened at a house inside the gated-community of Twins Lakes.

Yellow taped surrounded the house as police collected evidence and processed the scene. Investigators say Michelle Williams made a hysterical call to Keller police around 4:40 Thursday morning and claimed a man came into the house, shot her husband and hit her in the head.

When officers arrived they found Gregory Williams in bed with a single gunshot wound to the head and a woman with a bruise on her head. What officers didn’t find was any evidence of forced entry.

Authorities from Keller, Colleyville and Bedford responded to the incident, and a police canine unit was brought in to help in the search. But that dog found no indication that anyone else had been in the house

After questioning Michelle Williams, police say her story continued to change, claiming her husband committed suicide.

“She is saying she was in the living room and heard a noise and went into the bedroom and found her husband with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head,” explained Lt. Brenda Slovak, with the Keller Police Department.

Authorities say Williams later admitted cleaning up some of the evidence, making pry marks on the door, hitting herself in the face and moving the gun.

“She said her story changed because she did not want her 4-year-old daughter to know her dad killed himself,” Lt. Slovak said.

Officials are calling Michelle Williams a “person of interest” in the case, but have not made any arrests.

Lt. Slovak said the designation is routine. “Anybody that is there when a death occurs is always a person of interest. She was the only person who was there. She knows what happened.”

The couple’s 4-year-old daughter was in the house when everything happened. Police say she was asleep on the couch. The child is now in the care of relatives.

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  • C Bauer

    Where’s the murder weapon? If it was an “inside job” the firearm should still be in or near the house, unless she did it earlier and dumped the firearm further away. TEST HER HANDS FOR CORDITE RESIDUE!!!

    • Julia

      I heard on the radio the gun was found by a door, so they are testing it.

      • Amie Renae Slevin

        c bear please watch what you say he has an older 14 yearo old daughter that is reading all of this he was a loving caring man and he also has 2 stepdaughters and stepsons and family that are affected by all this.

      • C Bauer

        This is getting good! Total made-for-TV movie stuff. Thanks for the update – I didn’t know that.

        What’s sad is that a little girl is in the mix of all this. The trauma template that’s being created for her is not a good one moving forward. I have a 3-year-old girl myself and I can’t imagine her going through something like this.

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  • AB

    please don’t say “this is getting good.” our society is becoming entirely too densensitized to this kind of violence. There is nothing “good” about this situation, and to say that is voyeuristic.

    • C Bauer

      The second paragraph in my comment pointed that out. There is nothing good in this. It’s an expression. By the way, do you look (even a glance) at car wrecks when you drive by them? Be honest.

      • AB

        I am a provider in trauma services, so no, I don’t. I get enough of that.

      • Dieter

        Yeah, right. Everyone’s a voyeur to one degree or another.

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  • Julia

    I saw on the Star Telegram website that she changed her story and now says she was trying to cover up that her husband committed suicide. RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. Again, this lady apparently didn’t watch CSI or Forensic Files or she would know better.

    • Horrible Boss

      She should have hired Dean “MF” Jones.

  • T Dave

    Who are Gregory and Michelle Williams if you are not identifying the couple?

    • Beverly Hills

      I thought the same thing. News outlets are soooo busy trying to be the first to report a story, they don’t proof thei work. Slow down and give us the f-a-c-t-s!!!!!

    • Julia

      Amazing. The writers of these stories are so inept!! LOL

    • GP

      That is my question……they need to read their article more closely…..but this is a very sad situation, especially for the little girl.

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  • Story Continues To Change In Fatal Keller Shooting « Fort Worth News Feeds

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  • Douglas Beckwith

    lies and deciet unsaved do what they want live like hell

  • darrell

    most men who commit suicide dont wake up at 4:30 am and say to themselves, lets see, wife is up allready, i need to pee, but im just gonna off myself right now. BANG!
    im betting on the wife having committed murder. now what was the motive?

    • darrell

      preliminary medical examiners report says MURDER!

  • Sherri

    I sure wish that the news folks would get the stories correct? Police are not identifying the couple , well I think that they already did that

  • Mannix

    Here’s what I bet happened. She shot him in the head, then called police about the home invasion. When the dog didn’t pick up another scent, she panicked and changed the story to the suicide cover up. The bad part is, they can tell where the gun was fired from, with the trajectory of the projectile, but what’s really bad for her is that they can also tell the distance from his head where the gun was fired, by looking at the amount of powder residue and if the skin around his wound was singed. I bet the medical examiner found little to no residue or skin burns. She better lawyer-up NOW.

    • Mannix

      By the way, I wonder what her story is going to be when the homicide detectives tell her it was ruled a homicide?

  • Jack Klugman

    QUINCY (turning to Sam): It was muuuurder!

  • Robb Conover

    the little girl. hell she’s being lied to …. Greg didn’t deserve to be murdered and greg’s family doesn’t deserver the treatment they are receiving. Michelle Williams is covering for someone if she didn’t commit the murder herself. i strongly suspect that one of her sons committed the murder and she’s covering for them. this woman is a leech and a gold digger and needs to at least talk with the family. she will not talk to Greg’s Mother or his brother Michael and Greg’s sister who’s name is also Michelle.
    The Gun used to kill greg was a gun that was owned by the family. Bad karma around that gun. Greg’s ex wife kathy is pushing to get this resolved, Greg also has a 16 year old daughter that is not being mentioned. This woman needs to be accountable for this murder. She already tried to cover evidence and after the death was confirmed to be a murder she was allowed to still on the property..this has given Michelle Williams plenty of opportunity to do anything to the evidence that she has wanted…The police in Keller have their head up their ass on this one……

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