DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) –  Pink ribbons adorn everything from Airplanes to yogurt. But when the Susan G. Komen Foundation endorsed “Promise Me,” a perfume, someone raised a stink.

“We feel that every precaution should be taken,” said Karuna Jagger.

Jagger is the Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action, a National, California Based advocacy group.

“It contains a number of chemicals of concern that are not listed on the label,” Jagger said.

Jagger had an independent lab test the perform. The results revealed Galaxolide, a synthetic musk, and trace amounts of Oxibenzone, which is commonly found in sunscreen.

The two ingredients, she said, are known to interfere with hormones.

“In a situation where not enough is known about what is putting women at risk and why are so many women getting breast cancer and dying of breast cancer we feel that every precaution should be taken,” she said.

“I saw it on Komen’s website and I purchased it,” Koco Powell said.

Powell, who was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in March, isn’t worried about the lab results.

“Something so small like that?” she asked.

She thinks the action group should focus efforts elewhere.

“Let’s use that money to find a cure. Let’s figure out why people are getting breast cancer in the first place. It’s not because of perfume. It’s not.” Powell said..

The Komen foundation issued a statement, saying:

“TPR Holdings, the distributor of the perfume, has assured us that the perfume’s ingredients were analyzed before production and that its ingredients are well within fragrance and cosmetic industry standards.”

To eliminate all doubt, Komen said it would change the formula next year. Breast Cancer Action doesn’t like that.

They want all bottles of the perfume, with the exiting formula inside, taken off the market.