Latino Group Protests Dallas City Council Redistricting

By Steven Pickering, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Protestors gathered at Dallas City Hall on Wednesday morning to call for changes to the new map for Dallas City Council districts. They’re calling it “Occupy City Hall,” although they have no official ties to the “Occupy Dallas” protest.

The demonstration was organized by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). They are upset with the new map for Dallas City Council districts.

“I believe it does an extreme injustice to the Latino community, which is now the largest ethnic group in the city of Dallas,” said former City Council member Domingo Garcia. He predicts that the new district lines would reduce Hispanic representation on the City Council, as the city’s Hispanic population is growing.

KRLD’s Steven Pickering Reports:

“We don’t want anything above and beyond fair representation,” Garcia said. “The lines that were drawn were done, in our opinion, to protect incumbents… and not to fairly apportion the districts according to population.”

Garcia said that the protest group wants the City Council to bring the issue back for another vote. If they do not, Garcia said, they would be willing to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice and file a lawsuit in federal court.


One Comment

  1. RR Worker says:

    Whaaaa, Whaaaa, I hear the Whaaaambulance coming!

  2. darrell says:

    garcia needs to shut his damn mouth. if obama hadnt hijacked the census and rigged it to favor illegals they wouldnt have the representation they are getting. why should illegals have representation at city hall, commissioners court, school board, state legislature and in congress? they are not even americans. but thanks to obama they have it now.

  3. james says:

    ummm…half of them illegaly “occupy” space here in this country in the first place so what’s the big deal if they converge in City Hall and illegally “occupy” that area….then again…that would make it all the more easier for authorities to round them up without having to go look for them… on second thought….I encourage them to occupy City Hall tomorrow….:)

  4. The Truth says:

    Garcia is someone that just needs to shut his mouth sometimes. I use to work in the same bldg on zang that he has his office at and this guy was the biggest sleeze around. He would be sleeping around with these younger woman from his office and coming in at wierd hours of the night. It makes me sick that some of these people have the nerve to even open there mouth about things when they dont even know how to fly straight themselves. the nerve

  5. Hootex says:

    If he media would ignore them, they would go away. But no, the media will be there fanning the flames of whatever happens. When the cameras roll, then we see the protest begin. When the cameras are off, it’s just a bunch of people milling about.

  6. lilybeans says:

    I don’ think racial groups should have specific represenstation. Everyone should be treated equally regardless of race. Garcia is just another racist along with all other special interest groups.

  7. RussP says:

    We’re a country that claims all are created equal and that we should not discriminate based on race or ethnicity yet the city draws its lines based on race and ethnicity. Does anyone else see a problem with this? Draw the lines based on fixed, physical boudries and then count everyones vote equally and may the best candidate (or at least most popular) win.

  8. Dirty Sanchez says:

    LULAC – a bunch of pseudo-educated taco shi–ers. Nobody takes them seriously.

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