Romney On Jeffress Comments: “I’ve Heard Worse”

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney says voters should not choose their president based on the candidate’s religious beliefs or the place where they worship.

Romney was responding Tuesday to recent comments made by Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas and a supporter of Governor Rick Perry.  Jeffress called Mormonism a cult. Romney is Mormon.

Romney says he was troubled that the minister would imply that people should choose a president based on the candidate’s religion. He says it runs counter to the country’s principles.

Perry reiterated that he did not agree with Jeffress’s remarks. Jeffress introduced Perry at a recent speech and asserted that Romney isn’t a Christian and Mormonism is a cult.

Asked about the comments, Romney said he’s heard worse, “so I’m not going to lose sleep over that.”

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One Comment

  1. TINFOIL HATS, INC. says:

    There’s a much bigger cult to be concerned about on that stage: The Ron Paul Cult. Why is this KOOK still relevant?

  2. jerry mattox says:

    I am amazed. We hate Muslims because they used violence in conjunction with their religious beliefs and now we would elect a Man for President from a religion that was just as violent. Their founder was a con man and a murderer. It is a joke that the Christian right would consider Romney. j

    1. RussP says:

      Is there any major religion other than Buddhism that hasn’t had a history of violence and oppression? I seem to remember something called the Spanish Inquisition and also the Christian Crusades.

  3. NiteNurse says:

    Our country founding fathers wanted religious freedom for everyone. Many of them were questionable believers in any type of god. But here’s something I want you to think about. When you hire someone to do a job for you or go to a doctor for some medical care, do you first consider their religious beliefs or do you care only if they can do a good job and are qualified to do that job.

    1. Really Tired says:

      Probably since I work at a church, yes they did ask about my religious views, but the lady that was here before me was a differennt religion. I can’t see a company asking about someone’s religion before they get a job. Look at our current president. I may be mistaken, but I don’t think he has been to church since he was elected and I don’t see him changing that. I always thought it was nice when you saw the president and his family coming out of the church doors. Made me feel better that there was someone bigger than him in control, but that is just me. I might add that I don’t go around beating people over the head with my religion or my Bible and I don’t think others should either.

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