Student Hospitalized After Attack At Grapevine School

GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – An attack in a school hallway left a student so badly injured he had to be flown by helicopter to Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

The incident happened in a Grapevine High School hallway as dozens of students were moving back and forth between classes.

Freshman David Grijalba said he passed the scene shortly after it happened.

“There was a large group of people standing around and I didn’t know what was going on. I went to my class and when I got there students walked in and told me there was kids laying on the ground,” he said.

The injured student was a 15-year-old boy who was conscious and alert according to Grapevine Police, but paramedics felt a Careflight helicopter was needed to get him to the hospital. Students said the boy was picked up and thrown to the floor by an older student.

“Grabbed him from the backpack and like, picked him up, and slammed him on the floor,” said Grijalba.

Police backed up that account, adding that witnesses said there was no argument preceding the incident. They said the 16-year-old suspect in the case approached the victim from behind before picking him up in the air. Students and a family friend of the victim said the incident was over a girl, but police had not confirmed that motive.

The victim’s parents were with him at Parkland Hospital Wednesday night but the hospital could not release his condition.

A school resource officer detained the 16-year-old who could be charged with assault. Police have not released the names of either boy because of their ages.

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  • Peggy

    What the heck is the matter with kids and adults these days? I hope they throw the book at him…..and hope the child attacked is ok….gosh. You are not safe anywhere.

  • Hell In A Handbag

    “I went to my class and when I got there students walked in and told me there was kids laying on the ground.”

    Welcome to what is public school in the 21st century, ladies and gents! Dumb, illiterate Neanderthals with the inability to use even the most basic grammar properly AND they’re violent! Forego the Escalade, folks and use the money to help pay for a private school for you children. Public schools are almost tantamount to state prisons these days.

    • sissy

      To hell in a handbag: i agree with you 200%!!!!!! todays kids are RUDE, CRUDE AND VIOLENT. i say: charge the l6 yr. old as an adult and do it now!!!!!!

    • Hell In A Handbag

      YOUR children. The coffee is still brewing…

    • Elizabeth Ann

      To Hell in a Handbag – the part you forgot to mention and you are part of the problem, is the ability to hide behind an anonymous name on the internet and slam and label anyone you want in any way you want. You know nothing about the students involved, or the real reason for this action. Violence is wrong, but what is the background story? Maybe the kid’s dad beat him that morning; maybe he hasn’t had anything to eat or anywhere to sleep because of his home situation. And by the way, private schools aren’t any better – the students just have more money to hire better lawyers.

      • Elizabeth Ann

        Oh, you are such a funny bigot! Of course, the inability to comprehend a written statement is another label you could attach to yourself. Did you win the competition in grade school for the largest number of insults in one paragraph? You certainly are a contender even now for that prize. You lost your bet, by the way, I am neither the parent of a goon, nor white, black, or Mexi-trash either. And you have such a great knowledge of how a total moron with a complete disconnect in logic behaves, that I suspect you were raised that way, and are now trying so hard to hang on to your middle class status.

      • LOL @ BOTH of you

        That’s more good ol’ class envy talk there, darrell. Me thinks thou ne’er did live the life of a nobleman. What say you, “Rich Trash”?

      • darrell

        lol, me thinks i have an ex-wife who would disagree with you. but alas, me thinks my playmate has left me. oh wait, im a hick, forgot there for a moment. gotta go seprate da kids. only has 6 pairs of shoes for em all. allways fighting over them. da ones who have to wear them ta skool think they is being punished.

      • LOL @ BOTH of you

        This is a fun war to watch between the snooty, ascot-wearing alpha male who lives in Mira Vista, and the delusional hick who claims to have lived the multimillionaire/centimillionaire lifestyle.

        Trashman, get out on the links if you haven’t already. It’s a gorgeous day.

        Keep it up, guys.

      • darrell

        actually i was thinking it was a woman, but when you get that far up the social ladder it gets hard to tell them apart from both angles.

      • darrell

        lol yup, iz a hik, yup. aint had this mucha fun since thay took those there little rascals off the picture tube. yup lol.

      • Get A Clue, Trash

        Ooooh, good one, darrell. You really got me with that zinger. Pride in what I’ve accomplished is not a crutch, but I may see where you might be coming from, since you seem to have zero pride and 100% jealousy in your retort.

        Have a nice life being below average and resentfully envious of others.

      • darrell

        as a note, ive had probably everything you have at least once, possibly more. do i miss it? some yes, most no. one never really understands WHAT they have accomplished in life until one removes power, money and position from the equation. i no longer need nor aspire to have those things you find so important. hopefully you will understand this while you still have enough time to enjoy it. i doubt that you will however. in the mean time though. your still trash, rich trash, but still trash lol.

      • Get A Clue, Trash

        That’s true, darrell. They’re probably watching me in envy, since I have the second largest house on the block.

        You’re also right about the term “trash”. It is a very subjective word, much like moron. YOU may be an moron to many, but in reality you may actually be an imbecile or an idiot.

      • darrell

        actually the words despise and repulsion come mind instead of envy. personally i dont care what you call me lol. i have no delusions about stature or reality and have long since stopped using them as cruches for self esteem. however, at the end of the day, it does not matter what you washed your rug with or what it costs. in your case, it still stinks. lol

      • These Are My Testin' Supplies

        POSER? Is that word back? The last time I heard it used was in Gleaming the Cube with Christian Slater, circa 1989, or was it in Surf Nazis Must Die?

        Poser… LOL.

      • Get A Clue, Trash

        I live in Mira Vista, you cretin. No trash here in Mira Vista.

      • darrell

        LOL trash. sitting on your pedestal in a gated country club community does not make you immune to being trash. all communities have trash its only a matter of definition. perhaps you should watch your neighbors more. im sure they have their eyes on you.

      • "Get a clue, trash" - knows trash

        Get a clue trash, your a poser! You just answered your own question on who’s the real trash- and it’s the poser “Get a clue, trash!”!

      • gp

        If his dad beat him, than he should of beat his dad back or gone to police – not beat another innocent person! If he has nothing to eat, talk to the counselor or ask for help if his home is a bad situation – don’t beat an innocent person! You can’t imply because someone has a bad situation it’s okay to condone violence on anyone.

      • Get A Clue, Trash

        How the hell is that person’s comment part of the problem? Anonymous opinion is part of the problem? No, bad parenting and apathy in the school system is. You’re a total moron with a complete disconnect in logic. Listen to yourself, “Violence is wrong, but what is the background story?” You’re already justifying this unacceptable behavior. You’re probably one of these clueless and oblivious white trash, black trash, or Mexi-trash “parents” who are ruining it for everyone else. My bet? You’re one of the parents of these goons. Go back to smoking your Pall Malls, eating Moon Pies, and buying “wrasslin'” merchandise for the 77 IQ losers you call your children.

      • TNT

        WRASSLIN’ and 77IQ… classic. LOL! Nice shot and well-played (and probably true).

      • Wendy

        What difference does it make to the injured boy if his attacker gets beaten by his parents? That is no excuse. It’s time to throw the book at these kids and let them know there are consequences to their actions. If you don’t teach them now they just become bullying adults and the violence escalates. We as parents should teach our children the proper outlets for anger and conflict resolution. They should punish this kid to the fullest and not try to sweep it under the rug. Letting him get away with it now only teaches him that he can do it again and next time someone could end up dead. What if it’s your child next time?

  • darrell

    pre-meditated aggravated assault. slam dunk. try the punk as an adult and give him the max possible sentence. motive isnt an issue. if he didnt get breakfast, sleep, piece of ass or had a rough time at home dont matter. the accused snuck up from behind with intent and assaulted the victim. if you slap the young man on the wrist over this it will only encourage other bullies. people will whine and cry about using him as an example but the case is the perfect example of why to throw the book at him. if this goes by with little or no punishment you just set your fight against bullying back to the very beginning.

    • TNT


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  • Mike Lallemont

    Two words — VIDEO GAMES!

  • Jew Boy

    After my family emigrated from Israel and settled in Houston, I was bullied by a particularly anti-Semitic lad in high school. Being that my father was a commando in the IDF, I was taught Krav Maga and Israeli Jiu-Jitsu (or as we call it, JEW-Jitsu) since age 9. One day, said bully tried to escalate it with a beat-down, which started and ended with an unsuccessful sucker punch. When he returned to school after his jaw was re-set and his shattered forearm mended, he didn’t bully anyone again.

    Moral of the story? It’s a nasty world out there. Spend some money to have your kids learn self-defense.

  • ConcernedParent

    Hopefully a new station will dig deeper into the ongoing major bullying problem at Grapevine High School that the district administration has tried hard to keep quiet.

    • GHS

      Grapevine High School does not have a bullying problem. The kid who assaulted the other only did it because of a stupid young girl who jokingly answered the boys question and the boy took her seriously. Grapevine High School is an amazing school and strives in keeping bullying non existent.

      • TNT

        Looks like they failed epically this time.

      • darrell

        so i guess the “stupid girl” needs the hell beat out of her too. probably.

  • PGS

    Come on GCISD – do the right thing!
    You owe an explanation to the parents and kids of GHS. Punish this punk kid to the fullest… isn’t going away just because the administration wants it to. Time to fess up and make it as right as you can. Assault is assault, no other way of looking at it. You owe the other kids something besides turning your back, hoping it will go away.

  • Rabbitears

    Good for you, Jew Boy!

    I’m a woman, who has been severely bullied. It didn’t stop until I took padded-instructor self-defense courses. Now I know how to defend myself.

    Self-defense, anti-bullying training is invaluable, and available for children. I urge every parent to facilitate self-defense training opportunities for their children.

    Schools should be ashamed for allowing any form of bullying or intimidation.

    You could be allowing a bully to so devastate a sensitive, intelligent child that the contributions that child might have made to society could be lost: either through suicide, disabling depression, PTSD, or unwilling to continue school in an abusive environment.

    When you, school authorities, or your family member, needs a cure for cancer, and it isn’t available, maybe it’s because you lost the one who would have saved you – because you didn’t protect or save him or her when you had the chance.

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  • Tristan

    Well, because of the nature of the press release it’s clear this wasn’t a case of a white kid beating on a black kid. If that was the fact then this would be all over the national news as a hate crime. I suspect that the injured was white and the one that assaulted him was not. This is USUALLY the case. This is why we as White Americans should home school our children: to take them out of this prision-type system we call a public school.

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