Attorney: Sachse Mother Coached Son To Falsify Accusations Against Father

SACHSE (CBSDFW.COM) – Seventeen-year-old Joseph Offutt knew Eryk McCall looked up to him. Their mothers were friends, and the seven-year-old turned to him for advice.

“It felt nice to be a role model for somebody,” Offutt said. “He’d always ask me, ‘Why is mommy and daddy always fighting?’”

Friday, police say Karen Hayslett McCall shot and killed her only son, then herself, marking the end of a long, bitter custody battle with her husband.

An hour earlier, a jury had decided McCall’s parental rights should be terminated and gave full custody of Eryk to his father.
 Contentious divorce proceedings between the two had dragged out for more than a year and a half.

Court records show Eryk’s mother asked for protective orders, while accusing his father, Randy McCall, of abuse.

Offutt says his young friend confided in him about the abuse and had once clung to him to avoid a visit with his dad.

“He wouldn’t let go. His dad had to pull him off me, and it was the sickest feeling in my stomach to let him go,” he said.

An attorney for Eryk’s father, Charlie Philips, though, said his mother coached the boy to make false accusations against his father. Philips called it “the worst case of parental alienation” he’d ever witnessed.

In trial, he says roughly 10 witnesses – including psychiatrists, counselors, doctors, and medical staff – provided evidence McCall had coerced her son to make claims against his father.

“I can’t imagine, you know, the drama that went on,” said David Wolfe, who lived across the street from the family’s home.

He said he sometimes witnessed custody exchanges, and he disputes claims the boy was terrified of his father.

“He seemed happy to be going with his dad,” he said. “I would think that was wrong. That’s my personal thought ‘cause that little boy loved his dad.”

Police investigated the abuse claims and cleared the father of all charges.

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  • clarissa

    where are the 5 hard drves from daddys pc that had child porn on them? this poor little boy was trapped between the 2 adults and the court system did nothing but make it worse, much worse in the end. cps did not want the father around the boy, the child explained grafic details about what dad did to him.lthis was the poorest example of justice ever. judge should have his job taken from him.this child would speak of these nasty things his dad did to him, out of the blue, it was not coached, not all of it.

    • Brandon

      WOW! You’re a freaking idiot! And so the crazy mother committed the ultimate abuse and murdered her son! Mommy is being tortured in hell.

    • NiteNurse

      If the father had child porn on his computer then it was the duty of the mother to inform police. I’m sure she did and CPS came up with nothing. The fact remains is you have to be extremely mentally disturbed to take not only your life but the life of your child. I’m sorry but killing your child is not the solution. Michael Jackson is a prime example of how you can have a drugged up mental case parent and your kids will say they love you and you were a good parent.

    • Greg Hackworth

      know what you are talking about before opening you pie hole the father was shown NOT GUILTY of everything you just said & his WIFE put that stuff there DAMN WOMEN

      • Clarissa Mckone

        when pigs fly you will have justice. thats ok, yall keep believing in the system. how do you think I know about the stuff on the PC? Id have to have known a person in the case or been in the middle of it. cps did come up with things and informed the courts, the courts did as they pleased. yes she was disturbed, just min before the killings the wonderful husband was screaming abuseive words at her in the yard

  • When Pig Fly

    My ex-wife was a sociopath (actual diagnosis, not just my opinion) and tried to alienate my kids. I can forgive her, but I can’t seem to forgive the people who sided with her, militant man-haters who sided with my ex, simply because she’s female.

    Don’t underestimate the willingness of some women to lie, fabricate and exaggerate in a divorce situation and NEVER assume the mother is the better parent, simply because she’s female. Much of the “battered woman” stuff is bogus and is manipulated by unscrupulous divorce attorneys. And be very suspicous of anyone who calls themself a “victim’s advocate”.

  • FedUpTxn

    A lot can be determined by the person who paid these so called professionals that claimed coaching of abuse by the mother. Our federal government has been funding an all out war against mothers through Fathers for (Un)Equal Rights and the “Fatherhood Initiative”, particularly those who openly speak of abuse and refuse to retract their allegations. To learn more, go to Small Justice dot com, a site prepared by lawyers dismayed by this war against mothers and abused children.

    • When Pigs Fly

      LIAR….I called F.F.E.R. to see if they get federal funding and they don’t …

      If anything, the bias in the courts is clearly IN FAVOR of mothers over fathers….you have to be one sorry-ass mother to lose custody of you kids

      I strongly suspect the divorce lawyers help mantain this bias so they can charge fathers INSANE attorney’s fees

      • Greg Hackworth

        I agree with when pigs fly

  • Jeff

    An attorney for Eryk’s father, Charlie Philips, though, said his mother coached the boy to make false accusations against his father. Philips called it “the worst case of parental alienation” he’d ever witnessed.

    Wait until they meet my ex wife and the things she is doing to my kids, and I have 2 kids involved. I need help to get them away from her. She is doing the same thing, but using my 14 yr old son as the abuser. If you know someone that can help, PLEASE let me know.

  • father supporter

    Note to the reporter: the father’s name is Rodney, not Randy. With her professional background, Karen knew all the ways to manipulate the system and her young son, brainwashing him into spouting off horrible accusations just out of the blue. Eryk had on several occassions even said, Mommy said to tell you that Daddy did this or that. By surrounding herself with some rather gullible individuals, Karen played on their sympathy. Karen filled their heads with lies about Rodney (whom they had never even met or spent time with), and made him out to be a monster. They believed her. Because what mother (in her right mind), would ever make up such an elaborate story? The problem is that the people who blast Rodney as an abuser, have a history of abuse in their past, and Karen used that to her advantage. Of course they would immediately sympathize and want to help her. But I believe they got so caught up in her situation and all the drama she created. So much so, that they were willing to get on the stand and commit pergery, for what I can only assume they thought was the greater good. CPS was called to this case MANY times. They have to, it’s their job. But the more they (the police, the doctors and therapists, the school therapist, teachers and prinicipal, and the judicial system) got to know Karen and witness things first hand, they came to truly believe that she was clinically crazy….Unfortunately, they didn’t know just how much. So to all these Karen supporters on the web who are blasting Rodney McCall: Take a deep breath. Calm down, and think for a second. How much of your affection did Karen buy? Give you a place to stay in a big house? Take you out and show you a good time? Buy you presents? Did she pay your bills? I’m speaking from first hand knowledge here that after knowing Karen for 16 yrs, she ALWAYS had a motive. If you didn’t side with her, or feel sorry for her, you better watch out, because she’s coming for you.

    • Greg Hackworth

      very good yes she was in the criminal justice field & SHE was in the wrong SHE told on herself when she MURDERED the child & did the best thing she could have done KILLED HERSELF

    • The gates Keeper

      Burn in hell! god will have no pity for u and will enjoy it that you burn!

      • Greg Hackworth

        there is no heven or hell so take a long walk off a short pier with cement shoe THAT would be a HUGE favor to the world Gates Peeper

  • Angela Williams

    I knew the mother and I talked to her the day Erik made the initial outcry against his father. It was completely uncoerced from her and was made to a third party then relayed to her. I know that she fought to keep her son from being abused further and took whatever actions she did to protect him.If she coached Erik, it was to try to protect him. The family court system forced her to protect her son with the ultimate action of killing him and herself. I don’t necessarily agree with her actions, but I understand that kind of depsperation. Would it have been kinder to turn over custody to the man who was sexually inappropriate with him? I don’t think so.

    • Greg Hackworth

      Angela you are a TOTAL moron I sure hope you dont have children & if you do I REALLY feel sorry for them. She would NEVER tell you anything but LIES to try to Justify what she said & ended up doing!!!

      • Angela

        REALLY? I am a TOTAL moron?? Since we have never met, I am glad you straightened that out with your intelligent and thoughtful reply. Is that your standard judgement of anyone who says anything you disagree with or was this special?

        I am sorry and sad about this whole situation. No one came out a winner, least of all Eryk. I am horrified and very upset by all of this and I will not presume to pass judgement on anyone here, nor do I think that I have a right to speak for God.

    • Mag

      She had a history of lying and false accusations long before this event. The molestation stories were just a new level. She certainly had you fooled.

    • 2sister

      Angela, there is no excuse for killing her son. I understand a parents concern if they know or believe that their child is being abused, but killing them is not the answer.

      • Angela

        I don’t believe there was an excuse to kill Eryk. I just was thinking about how I would feel in that situation. From my understanding, the decision had been made and the police were on their way in to get the child right then. I can imagine feeling trapped with no way out and making a horrible impulsive decision as a result. I certainly don’t agree with that action at all; I just can see how it can happen in that moment of desperation. I certainly don’t know the whole situation, but my experience of Karen was not what is being said about her being crazy and a liar.

    • sherry

      By killing her son, she protected him? What kind of twisted world do you live in?

    • molly

      The court system forced her to murder her son???? Jesus lady! You are SO WRONG!

  • Karen B

    When will parents stop the ridiculous practice of involing innocent children in THEIR problem? It should never be about revenge against your partner, “This will show him/her” . Think of what damages you cause the very children you say you love. Their being used as pawns, Younger children cannot comprehend asit is why Mommy and Daddy are divorcing in the first place. The mental abuse as they are constantly in this game of back and forth can create issues that will stay with that child for a very very long time and quite possibly effect the ability to carry on a relationship with someone when they become adults. The physical abuse, and I don’t necessarily mean they are beaten, could be something as simple as the inner tourmoil that is created causing physical changes, ie: eating say, then there is the ultimate abuse, a young life snuffed out before they have even had a chance to live. This so sickens me and it’s happening more everyday.

    People stop thinking about yourselves!! When I divorced my childrens father, they were never used as pawns for anything. Our problems were OUR problems. I never bad mouthed their father in front of them. Encouraged them to maintain a relationship with him. I didn’t want all of his money in child support, was happy with what he sent, although it wasn’t much for two teenagers, he never failed sending it and he continued to send it until they were 21. I am happy to say, they still have a very healthy relationship with him. I have a lot of respect for him and no matter what happened between us, he was and will always be their father. Almost 20 years after our divorce, he will be spending Thanksgiving with us this year

    • YRofTexas

      Thank you, Karen B, for the best comment; the best way of handling divorce with kids; the example that all divorcing couples should study.
      Children are pure when they are born. They become tainted by negative things and blessed by positive things they experience first hand. It is refreshing to get to hear from a couple who divorced the RIGHT WAY.

      And KUDOS to you both for having the post-divorce relationship such that he is comfortably allowed to spend Thanksgiving with you! You entire family are winners!

  • father supporter

    Angela: First of all, his name was ERYK. Second, THERE WAS NO SEX-UAL-LY IN-AP-PRO-PRI-ATE BE-HAV-IOR!!!! I don’t doubt that you talked to Karen. She would talk to anyone who would listen. She had training on how to brainwash her son. With the help of the 3rd party so-called play therapist, (whom if you had been in the courtroom and heard her testimony would know what a nut-job she was, she appeared to be on drugs) Eryk was co-erced into drawing that picture. Again, you don’t have the facts. You’re basing this on what a liar told you. Rodney supported her while she got all her degrees, took odd jobs and did whatever he could to support them, and move half way across the US twice so she could fulfll her dream as a criminal psychologist. Ironically, she used all this knowledge to attack him for her own selfish gain. I win, you lose!

  • Jennie Biggar

    The boy was SEVEN (7) not SEVENTEEN. Reporter should get the story right.

    • The gates Keeper

      Well maybe if you open your eyes and read you will see she was talking about Joseph being 17 not the boy.

  • Lou

    Why are you people fighting among yourselves? Move on. God will be the judge and take care of all of them and that includes the father. Life is too short to go over and over this horrific story. What goes around comes around. I will remember good things about Karen and her son and wish Rodney good luck. I will never serve on a jury for a case like this. Stress is not being allowed into my life!

    • The gates Keeper

      I agree.

  • Angela Williams

    father supporter, so sorry that I misspelled Eryk’s name. I know that was horrible. I am merely stating what I know of the situation and I am not in a fight with you or anyone else. I still believe that Karen sincerely wanted to protect Eryk. I hope you feel better now that you’ve attacked my post.

    There are no winners in the situation as I see it. I am sorry for everyone concerned.

    • sherry

      And I’m still trying to figure out how KILLING you child protects him. You have a very twisted sense of what is protection. Oh. Well. At least mom was sincere. What a crock!

  • Struggling with grief

    Rodney is the reason for all this, he WAS an abuser he is the reason she did this, I’m a close friend of Karen and Eryk, i have seen the brusies on Eryk. Eryk was terrified of his father, I’ve never heard a child scream in pure terror like that EVER. Eryk was terrified of telling the truth because Rodney has threatened to kill him, and his family. I believe in a way he did, indirectly and I hope he rots in hell. I have heard Karen lie before, she is a TERRIBLE liar. Karen did her best to encourage Eryk to tell the truth and he was just too scared.

    • Mag

      Slander and libel are crimes, you know.

  • Mac58

    I would really like to know why her parental rights were terminated, that’s a pretty harsh step, usually reserved for only the most severe abuse or neglect cases. Even if she did coach her son in ways to get his father in trouble, I’m not really seeing parental rights termination based soley on that. I’d like to hear more.

    • Liz Salander

      This is the same old story – except the ending. But so often, if a mother even DARES to make an allegation of sexual abuse and the father is not convicted (which is hardly ever the case) she will be crucified and her rights will be terminated unless she agrees to retract all she says and agrees to supervised visits and pays and pays and pays. I have seen it over and over. It is a mockery of justice and who should be paying are the judges and lawyers who make a killing (pardon the pun) off this same old game over and over again.

      • Victoria

        Liz the mother never shouted these allegations against the father. She did however say she believed her SON and what he told so many people that FAILED him. I know I was there through it all.

        She offered Rodney 50/50 supervised visitation while he got counselling for his issues, he was also supposed to go with his son to therapy and go figure never went. Karen did everything the courts, therapists, doctors told her to do. But I wished she would have just ran.

  • John

    That is what happens when the state of Texas decides to cut back on Mental Health programs and funding. Be prepared to see more of this in the future. It is sad that the ending turned out this way, but there was no need for it to be so.
    As a society, we have an obligation (I would think ) to help our fellow man. In this case I think society let everyone down, thanks to our politicians.

  • The gates Keeper

    A 17 year old stands up on t.v and tells a different story. That was Eryk’s best friend and looked at him as an older brother. I believe Joseph because what he said makes since. The guy that was saying he was happy to go be with his dad I know for a fact was not at the exchange between his mom and his dad because it was never at the mothers residence. It was in a Super Target parking lot and after Eryk was picked up they went to Chik fil A. SO the statement of being coached i find highly false. What other way out would you have if you find out you have to give your son up to his father that molested him and that you would never see him again. For all you people that don’t even know the family you can shut your damn mouth because if you were not there you don’t know what the hell your talking about and just want something to say.

    • Greg Hackworth

      yes I did bytch & she should have just killed herself

      • FedUpTxn

        Very interesting posts from a man with multiple drug & assault convictions! Why would anyone listen to you?

  • NiteNurse

    I know that it’s rare especailly in Texas for the courts to award sole custody of child to the father instead of the mother. That alone speaks volumes regarding the situation. If a kid is told constantly by one parent that the other parent is terrible he begins to believe that. I’m sure that the courts evaluated the father prior to allowing him to have custody and seeing how it turned out they made the correct decision. Murder is never in the best interest of the child.

    • Liz Salander

      NiteNurse – you put waaaaaay too much stock in judges and lawyers that make their living off of these dramas. Crawl out of your ignorant hole and view the real world.

  • Just one

    Well Lou, you are correct that God is the final judge in all this. And what goes around does usually come around. It took both parents to get to the point that tragically ended for the son. The mother is getting her final judgement at this time for her part in all this and truthfully, as a mother I hope she is rendered to rot in hell. As for the father, his final judgement will come and for him I hope he remembers his son every day for the rest of his time on this earth and recalls any wrong he may have done in dealing with the situation. Good luck to you with not allowing stress in your life!

  • Terrie Cook

    Well I guess the point of coaching the son is mute now. If these so called adults could have worked things out for the best of this child none of this would have happened, this child should have been taken away from both of these parents and now he has been and from the world. I am so sick of hearing about parents killing their kids or killing them and taking the cowards way out and killing themselves, I hope she is burning somewhere now and forever.

  • Just one

    To the Gates keeper: You ask what other way out does a parent have if they learn they are losing custody of their child to an abusive parent. Have you ever heard of fleeing….I am not saying the mother was innocent of all charges nor am I saying the father is innocent because I did not know the people and I was not in the courtroom. However, as a mother that loves her children…..I would not take their life….I struggled to give them life. This is a large country and people disappear every day and the ones that want to be successful at it….are! Any and I mean any Mother that can take the life of her child is CRAZY.

  • Just one more thing

    I don’t see how anyone can judge this or any other situation unless they’re in it. I don’t agree with Karen’s actions, but I really can see how she snapped in that moment and killed both of them. I find all these “rot in hell” really horrible. There is way more to the situation than was reported – that is for sure. If I was being forced to send my child to a “living death” with their abuser, I might be tempted to do the same thing.

    • Liz Salander

      go to and you will learn a lot about corruption in collin county courts.

      • Seriously

        LOL a bit disingenuous to point posters to your OccupyCollinCounty website, isn’t it?

        I suppose all the jurors who cleared Mr. McCall of any wrongdoing (oh, should I be calling him the alleged pedophile as you did in your piece?) were paid off too, right? It’s a massive conspiracy!

        And those “highly paid” “professionals” who testified…all paid off by the court to let this guy off the hook, eh?

        Have you overlooked that these allegations (which he was cleared of, so you can quit calling him the alleged pedophile and maybe switch over to father) were not just found to be untrue, but that witnesses were convinced that she had coached this poor boy on what to say?

        Have you overlooked that this man lost his job while the murderer was employed as a professor until July 2011? (According to UT of D) Yet you clam on your Occupy site that unemployed Dad had some high-cost attorney and that’s why he won. How about mom’s attorney? How much was that costing?

        I guess you shouldn’t bother collecting silly things like facts.

        Here’s a simple fact:

        One of these parents shot their child. One of them did not. And you blame the one who didn’t?

        Say whatever you want to about Judges and the like…but a Judge didn’t find this man not guilty of the allegations made against him. Frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself for co-opting this story and using it to promote your website.

  • Donnie Cassel

    Everybody face it… Mom was a nut job just waiting to crack. Simply because she could not have her child all to herself, and because of the hatred that she had for his father, she killed a completely innocent child!! Her actions proved in the end that she was not even close to being a competent adult!!! Sorry people, what happened in the lie detector tests??? CPS PERSONEL ARE TRAINED TO TAKE YOUR CHILDREN, NOT PROCTECT THEM!!! They could not even take this child because they HAD NO PROOF OF ABUSE!!! I’m sorry for the loss of any child, but the courts did the right thing with the exception of one thing… Because of the mother’s mental state of mind, she should have been commited in to a psychiatric facility immediately after the trial… The child would then still be alive today!!!

    • Victoria

      Donnie you have no clue!

      CPS had enough evidence and tried to punish the father. But the higher courts threw it out over a statement that it was all made up. Yet the investigating officer Burk and yes I spoke with him MANY TIMES was shocked to hear it was thrown out. As per him he never submits evidence that is not enough to prosecute as he has been doing this for over 20 years.

      As for Her mental state was examined and she was found of sound mind. Now at the time this happened no she was not. Karen was willing to give her son up to anyone other then Rodney for what her son said he did to him. I know I was there and she told me.

    • FedUpTxn

      Wow, another convict with mutiple convictions for assault and “terroristic threats” spouting off about abuse. This is where the pot sees the kettle.

  • Mac58

    Were her parental rights terminated or did she just lose sole custody? There is a big difference which might speak more to why she did what she did.

    • KC

      According to the Collin County courts web site they where terminated.

      10/21/2011 General Docket Entry Jury returned Verdict to the Ct. @ 10:00 a.m.–SJB Mother’s rts terminated. father named SMC–SJB.

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