By Jeff Jamison, CBS11 News


What a great evening for baseball…actually the Rangers, weather-wise, have had a wonderful stretch for their home stand.  First pitch temperatures tonight in the mid 70s with fair skies not bad at all.  Lighter winds out of the south less than 10 mph.


The wind will gradually increase overnight tonight into the day on Tuesday.  Look for partly cloudy conditions as high pressure is still in control.  Low near 63°.  No fog Tuesday morning, as the wind will be too strong.  With a little sun, we’ll see temperatures climb in the upper 80s by afternoon.  South winds will blow 15-30 mph.  Feeling more like late May than late October.


Another warm start to the day on Wednesday, but you’ll notice more humidity and more clouds as well.  A strong cold front will be marching southward across Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle during the day.  That front should arrive in the Metroplex by late afternoon.  This is a strong cold front and you’ll know when it passes through where you are….winds will shift to the north and gust over 30mph.

Rain is in the forecast for Wednesday evening into Thursday, with the majority of the rain falling behind the front.  This means that our chances for severe weather, like we had Saturday overnight, will be small.  It does mean, though, that the rain will fall with some chilly temperatures in place.  Looks like we won’t climb out of the 50s all day Thursday, with steady rain, at least for the first half of the day.  Combine all that with a north wind continuing 15-25mph and it looks like a pretty miserable weather day here in North Texas on Thursday.

gfs1 Game 5 Weather Great...Game 6 Not So Much


The same front that changes our weather late Wednesday will also greatly affect the St. Louis area Wednesday evening as well.  There is little chance of escaping rain on Wednesday evening in that area…the more pertinent question will be how heavy will the rain be falling during the game.  If there was going to be a game delay, or even postponement, it will be Game 6.  It will also be windy & chilly…all in all pretty miserable and not ideal baseball conditions.

hd rangers cards 2 Game 5 Weather Great...Game 6 Not So Much


We have our issues in the United States with weather over the next few days.  But the Yucatan will be dealing with a hurricane over the next few days.  In fact, Hurricane Rina will be closing in on Cancun & Cozumel by the end of the week.  This is not good for that area or for those of you possibly heading down there for a vacation.  We’ll keep an eye on this one this week.  Some computer models recurve this storm to the northeast and move it toward Florida by next week.

nhc Game 5 Weather Great...Game 6 Not So Much