Occupy Dallas Protestors Arrested After Bank Blockade

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Twenty-three Occupy Dallas protestors were arrested Saturday afternoon for criminal trespassing after a group blockaded the entrance to a Chase Bank branch at Main and Akard Streets downtown.

Fifty protestors were outside the bank at about 2 p.m., some of whom were locking arms and blocking the entrance to the bank.

Despite several police warnings, they refused to move. Police blocked traffic in the area, brought in vans and plastic handcuffs and approached the group.

The officers then used force to remove the protestors.

Some protestors resisted and officers carried them to a police van. According to a city of Dallas statement, one officer suffered minor injuries to his leg.

Others in the group who were present but not participating in the bank protest were screaming at police, chanting and taunting them, YouTube videos show.

After police arrested the bank protestors, officers monitored the remaining members of the group for a while until the protestors left.

It’s believed to be the first clash between protestors and police since the group began its demonstrations earlier this month.

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One Comment

  1. YEAH! says:


  2. RussP says:

    It’s a shame they don’t put in the same time and effort into earning a living. Everywhere I go I see help wanted signs, from retail to restaurants to trucking companies. The jobs are out there for people willing to work even if the wages are less than what they used to earn.

    1. SupportOWSand OCD says:

      Russ You must be on something, because I don’t see those signs.
      What I see are the businesses that have even left Dallas, I have a job – I went to our cleaner, they have closed.
      this economy is just for the rich, of the rich, ther is no room for the middle class anymore.
      I’m with these kids, if change cannot come peacefully, thru the ballot (which I doublt since the Repub block everything) then CIVIL disobienence is the next route.

      1. JB, Sr says:

        NUTS ! ! ! What a brainless approach to solutions – – and your prejudice is just as idiotic and stupid ! ! !

      2. RussP says:

        Just ran to lunch and both the In and Out Burger and the Home Depot I stopped at are hiring. Where I work, we start our labor crews at $10 an hour and most of our applicants high school drop outs with criminal records who can’t pass a drug test. Where are all the folks struggling to find jobs?

    2. DBCoopa says:

      I make more money than you, I assure you, and I am a protester. You’re ignorant. There are lawyers, phds and electricians with 20 years of experience in our camp. And who are you trying to convince there isn’t an unemployment problem? Yourself, obviouslly.

      1. Who's fault is it? says:

        DA…B, you are the 1% they are torqued at, dummy. Take your lawyers and your electricians (union electricians, most other still work every day, no greivance to file if they are not worth a darn) and buy these kids some acne medicine! Then, WITH ALL YOUR WEALTH, take them to McDonalds and get them a HAPPY MEAL. Problem solved, your welcome? Back to school you Parasites on Parade……I mean Occupy Something?

    3. loki laufeyson says:

      Russ, just what “advice” do you have for those folks who have repeatedly applied for those jobs only to be turned away as “overqualified”? We’re talking about engineers whose jobs have gone overseas, defense contractors whose jobs were killed by this administration, and highly-educated, hardworking people with excellent skills who keep getting beaten out by illegals who will work for pennies on the dollar. Even going to day labor centers, a “white American” can’t get work and is also threatened by the illegals who think they own the place. Further, why should a college-degreed professional HAVE to settle for 80-90 hours a week at $8-9 an hour with no health benefits or other perks just to make ends meet? These people went to college so that they wouldn’t BE stuck making minimum wage. That’s the whole point behind this movement.

      1. Anon says:

        I was over qualified for alot of positions in the IT industry a few years back, I was told to my face i was at an interview for a local hospital, but being unemployed for 2 years put me in a spot where I told them face to face that I don’t care if I am over qualified, I need a job and I need it now to support my family, and wouldn’t you know, I got the job. Being over qualified is an excuse, and you can always get around it by telling them upfront you don’t care what it’s for, you need a job and show that your willing and things will happen.

      2. RussP says:

        I’ve got two BA degrees and never have been told I’m over qualified, even when applying for jobs in light construction or as a chauffer. Why would an employer looking to fill a $10 an hour job refuse a worker who is worth more if they are willing to do the job at the wage offered?

  3. YRofTexas says:

    Anarchy in the making…

  4. Bill M says:

    It’s unfortunate they will be let out of jail fairly quickly. 2 or 3 nights in the pokey might put some sense into them.

  5. Helen says:

    Must be nice not to have anything else better to do. some of us have to work and who gives them the right to block citizens from their bank????? Just an excuse to get on TV

    1. SupportOWSandOccupyDallas says:

      Maybe they cannot find a job?
      I’m behind these kids, our contry is bankrupt – our politicans lie to use while they spend TRILLIONS in the Middle East and give the country away to the oil companies and the big banks.
      ONWARD and Forward, it is time for more direct action!
      Time for an American Spring!

      1. OWS and OCD are lifes losers says:

        You do realize that the people who run the big banks give more to the Democrats than they ever give Republicans? And what right do they have to prevent me from going into my bank?

      2. james says:

        You cant even spell Country right… Genius!

  6. Michael Gross says:

    Nothing but a bunch of wimps garnering attention. Then there are those cowardlly types with the wide yellow streak down their backs that taunt police.

    1. IsupportOWS says:

      No, this is just the beginning! But if it gets to be like the 60’s and they start doing other thinds to the PIGS – to use an older term, they you’ll have something nasty to stay also.
      More power to them, I support them. Our society has been destoyed by this corp capitalism and the kids know it.

      1. JB, Sr says:

        “Kids” need to “earn” something before they can have an effective voice in anything ! ! !
        Freeloaders should never be allowed attention for “demanding” – – and some stupid middle east mentality accomplishes absolutely nothing of value ! !

  7. JB, Sr says:

    Party 1st politics is nothing more than a form of racism and tribalism – – and just downright stupid – – – your side is no better than any other, nitwit ! !

  8. Common Sense says:

    I am middle class. I am 26, married, have a newborn, a house, two decent cars. We live on a budget, something these kiddos probably don’t understand. When I want something, be it a job, a product, anything, I calculate what is needed and I do everything I can to get there, no matter how long it takes.

    It’s sick how some of these people want the rich to just spread the wealth. They do. See, they establish companies, who then hire people. Those people, not limited by anything, can either continue working for them, or expand their own horizons, start their own companies, or retire. It’s a very simple concept.

    There’s no need to put your hope in a government, for anything. Government is temporary. What you need is a mindset that you can be successful, resilient, productive… no matter the conditions. Reverting to blocking a bank, screaming at police, or essentially yelling on social media sites will not fix YOUR personal issue.

    America is the land of OPPORTUNITY. Not the land of GUARANTEES. You are guaranteed the opportunity to live the life you want to live.

    1. Highland Park Snob says:

      Amen to all of that!

  9. schrodinger says:

    Occupy DALLAS is now becoming “Occupy DALLAS JAIL”

  10. Tann says:

    When the last domino falls…and you become out of work…then what? Maybe once you become unemployed and start loosing ownership of your possessions and have nowhere to go and no money, maybe then the truth these brave-hearts are willing to stand up and fight for will become real.
    The Dominoe Effect has already begun…LOOK AROUND!! One fall leads to another fall, and so on, and so on. Instead of criticising the ones willing to shout out in civil disobedience, thank them for broadcasting the message of truth behind the laws and actions involving the “untouched elitists” dominating our nation’s economy; the ill-structured crisis we have currently endure.
    Unless there’s change, the worst is yet to come. The Power of One.

    1. 2sister says:

      It’s wrong to block the entrance to a bank. It isn’t wrong to make your voice known, but that can be done legally and orderly. The kind of thing they did just begets violence which is not a solution.

  11. Patriot says:

    Have you ever worked for a poor person? You are a bunch of FOOLS being played like a drum by the super rich left, SOROS, the Communist and the Unions.You Stupid, Stupid, people. Do you really think that patriotic conservative Americans (which are the majority of us), are going to roll over for you? Better think again! You are trying to start a fight you won’t win.And you can take that to the bank!

  12. HR says:

    While I don’t think the protestors are particularly effective, I do hope that at the very least they will succeed in making more people aware that we have grave problems that must be acknowledged and resolved.

  13. Mikki Dean says:

    How long do we have to put up with these haters? Arrest the lot of them.

  14. HangMan says:

    The Unions nor Democrats are NOT the founders of this protest. The people are and not one of you who have posted here is any better than anyone else. If you are too blind or self centered to realize this Nation is in big trouble, then you are not very well educated, not a free thinker and lack common sense. It goes far past just a lack of jobs, it also entails the high cost of living, education, etc. Think of being young again and then look at the future they face. High education loans to pay back, throw in the high cost of cars which can end up being more than some will ever be able to pay off in a lifetime if they lack that higher education, and buying a home at todays prices with all the rest leaves them in debt their whole lives dying before they can get everything paid off and nothing to leave their children. They will lack having that American dream our fore fathers and many of us have been able to have.
    Sure there are some low end jobs out there that will at least put food on the table, but it won’t be enough to make house and car payments nor provide medical care. When you see a big chain like Wally World (WalMart) cut health care benefits you had better realize your next in line. What one gets away with the rest of the employers will pursue in their quest also.
    One of my dogs eye medication went from $22 to $100 and your telling me everything is going right in this Nation? If you don’t see there is a problem then it is only because you are part of the problem.
    As for blocking a bank entrance, how many of you would not have gotten past them if you wanted to? I know I would have. If they do not keep things peaceful then they will be in the wrong. Speaking of the American Dream that also holds the right to protest and your even saying that is wrong?

    1. Jeff D Johnson says:

      And who says these people have to have new cars, or new homes, or go to overly expensive colleges? These are all choices that they make. There are cheaper alternatives to higher education than taking out loans. Sure it may take longer to accomplish the goal but it can be done. Used cars are great forms of transportation and don’t cost nearly as much as the newest must have. People are not forced to buy houses. Again, there are alternatives. You want tell people not to think they are better than others? Take your own advice. Most people have worked hard for they have and it seems that a lot of these protesters just want things handed to them with out struggling and working for it. I payed for my college degree myself by working while in school. It took 6 years but I got the degree without any debt. I lost my job in Oct 2008, one week before the economic collapse. I spent 10 months working retail over the holidays and doing temp jobs. I had to use all of my retirement money that I had worked for ten years to gain. And I had to owe the IRS for using my own money to keep my house and pay bills. I have had to start over from ground zero rebuilding my retirement and financial future. Why should I sympathize with what looks like a bunch of kids who have not had to work or struggle to earn a damn thing? I am tired of hearing how hard they have it because no one is giving them what they want. If you want something then you have to work for it and earn it. So you might have to have a few low end jobs to get to something better. It will make you appreciate that better job all the more.

    2. LDG says:

      What a misguided silly person you and all the others are. The same old arguments and even slogans from the sixites. They are as simple minded and stupid now as they were back then. GROW UP. Life is not fair and this country is not perfect. My perspective is one of age and experience. I’ve lived in Europe, try starting a business over there, seen much more of the world than you will probably ever see, and I understand why people from all over the world want to live here. You all voted for obama and were stupid enough to fall for simple minded slogans like hope and change. Well, congratulations. Now you see what it’s like when socialists have total control like the obama administration did when he had super majorites in both houses for his first two years.

      And by the way. Has it ever occurred to you that the reason tuition is so high is because of the six figure salaries perfessors and university administrators make. Perhaps they could help by taking a pay cut. Don’t hold your breath. Liberals don’t care about you “that” much.

      So please, continue for the next year with your blocking businesses, traffic and your gleeful yelling, obsene hand jestures and behaviour. It will oly remind people what liberals are all about. Then next Nov. the grownups can take back the reins of government in the white house and get the recovery back on track.

      1. YRofTexas says:

        JDJ and LDG – GREAT SUMMARY of what is happening, why, and how the behavior, attitude and reactions of the OWS are a waste of time and energy.

        1970, my dad was laid off from Texas Instruments, Mechanical Engineer…When did he get an engineering job again? April 1978. In between, he worked as a salesman and 18-wheeler trucker.

        I don’t want to hear anymore WAAAAA WAAAA’s from these silly podunct kids. Enough of the “I want want want” scenario!

  15. John dtves says:

    They all need wood shampoos

  16. HangMan says:

    Daffy in Libya did not listen to his young or older people and call his young ones dogs or terrorist? Unlike you who are just now faced with working that low end job after you got your education while a few elite lived it up at their expense, those people have seen years on end of it. Russia is another example of what happens when just a few go too far draining hard working people of every penny they ever made. When peaceful methods do not resolve the corruption and greed within your elite or goverment, civil wars start and nothing is civil about war.
    Those kids your talking about, well unlike the past they are not stupid and have a higher education than we did by the time they get out of high school. As for spoiled rotten look in the mirror we all have easier lives than our fore fathers did. As for taking a low end job well seems you will have to quit so they can take that food service job or have you forgotten the problem is there are not enough jobs to be had for all who are willing to do them? Remember that summer job you worked as a kid, well where are those jobs now?
    Do not forget your not living in the past today. Those in their 50’s are finding it harder to get another job due to age and when they take a low end job there’s one more younger persons job gone. In 1970 in Dallas it was pretty easy to get some other kind of work on a lower end, but is that the case today? I have never belonged to a union and I have never belonged to a political party (both are just as corrupt as the other or the problems that exist in this Nation would not be existing). When a democracy that no longer represents the people and only represents big business then you will see democracy fail. Was it big business that put an end to the sweat shops that killed us or your government? Was it big business that will care about the air, food or water you need being safe? Nope, that is one thing that has stayed constant in this world.

  17. HangMan says:

    I have lived in Europe twice, both times due to military service. My Aunt worked and got her degree and teachers certificate even while fighting cancer, yet only was a teacher for about a year before she was laid off (age and defeated cancer and not job performance more than likely behind it) and her benefits are about to run out. At her age jobs even low end will be hard to come by.
    Those who cared about this country are the ones who made a change for the better for it in the sixties and just like this movement it started small and grew from young people to people of all ages. Those who cared about this country are the ones who gave birth to it while others where happy with paying English taxes and going with the flow.
    I know about old cars and not being able to buy an engine for one made in 1993 and those 12 inch tires are not going to be around very much longer. In 20-30 years that will be true and you can buy one of those $40,000 small cars or walk.

  18. RussP says:

    Get the over 8 million unauthorized alien workers out of the country and open up over 8 million jobs for Americans, IF they are willing to do the work.

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