Dallas Working To Become “No Kill” City For Shelter Animals

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – David Hernandez lost his job.  Now he’s losing his companion, Mac.

“To have to give up my friend was really hard,” said Hernandez, while holding an empty carrier just outside of Dallas’ animal shelter.  “I tried other options, I tried to find someone to take him, and this was sort of a last resort, and it was really, really, tough to do.”

Hernandez is one of dozens of pet owners who this very day will deliver their family pets to the city’s shelter because they can no longer care for them, or simply no longer want them.

“Last year in the city of Dallas, we euthanized 20,000 animals.  That’s just an incredible number.  We have to put an end to that,” says Rebecca Poling.

Following the lead of cities like San Francisco, Austin, New York and Richmond, the City of Dallas has created an official task force, the Dallas Companion Animal Project (Dallas CAP), charged with developing a blueprint for ending the killing of adoptable animals.

“Our goal is to guide the community in identifying and increasing easily accessible programs that will allow us to stop the killing of healthy, treatable companion animals,” said Poling, chair of the task force and a member of the Animal Shelter Commission.

Poling says the Dallas Companion Animal Project will likely include a number of tactics — including aggressive programs encouraging owners to spay and neuter, education, training, financial assistance for owners like David who relinquish pets for economic reasons, and community-wide involvement.

“People drop off somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-100 animals every day at Dallas animal services,” Poling said.  “It’s just amazing, and I don’t think the community really realizes that.  If we can stop that, we’ve done 90% of the work right there.”

Community members interested in getting involved can find more information at www.DallasCompanionAnimalProject.org.


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  1. dumbanddumber says:

    How about making it a “no kill” city for law abiding HUMAN citizens too? Can we do that, or is that asking too much?

  2. awcomeonnow says:

    let PETA have them, they love animals so much… just don’t waste my tax dollars. they are only animals, remember?

    1. Reverea says:

      Studies show one of the signs of being abusive to people, is being abusive to animals (“only animals”) first. Reminds me of hearing abusers say it’s “only a child” or “only a girl” they abused. It is the weak who lack compassion, as the strong can care for not only themselves but the needy around them.

  3. Marc M says:

    Really? And this shelter I drive by on my way to work will have room for 20,000 MORE animals? Which will only increase knowing fluffy will not be killed….give me a break…bad idea

    1. Rose Marie says:

      If the city adopts the REAL No Kill Equation there won’t be 20,000 more animals in the shelter, there will be 20,000 more animals adopted into loving homes.

  4. SKR says:

    You people that think it’s okay to kill innocent animals have no soul. You, however, can go crawl under a rock and die for all I care. Better my tax dollars go to housing and feeding for a loving animal than cold blooded humans such as yourselves.

    1. tlm says:

      They’d rather be downtown protesting for Occupy Dallas – yeah – that will get them somewhere fast – fast to jail where they belong.

  5. No Kill Texas Advocates says:

    Everyone needs to read this article: http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=7161
    This group is NOT working on No Kill based on the successfu model that is working in Austin (the other 3 cities that they list are NOT No Kill communities). This group promotes the same old programs that have been failing shelters for decades.

    Nathan Winograd has denounced this group and asked Dallas officials to remove his name from their website. They do NOT represent the successful No Kill model of sheltering.

    When Dallas fails to reach No Kill using this “task force’s” recommendations, they will claim that No Kill does not work, when in fact, they have never tried to implement it.

    1. Rose Marie says:

      Anyone want to take bets on whether the station reports the other side of this story? I’ll bet that they won’t. Truth doesn’t seem to be important in modern journalism.

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