DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – With a much needed victory over the Rams the Dallas Cowboys owner/CEO sees promise in DeMarco Murray but knows he has other, and more tested, weapons in his RB arsenal.

When asked about what was going through his mind during DeMarco Murray‘s record breaking performance Jones told 105.3 The Fan’s New School “I think that I had to see it [breaking of Emmitt Smith’s single game rushing record] for his foot quickness and acceleration. You can see why he was such a productive back in college. It’s a skill and it’s hard to coach. But, the things that we can look forward to are the things that can be coached that can help us and his game. He could be a slot receiver for us. He can be a good factor on third down.”

And with that, Jones did admit he had mixed emotions of Murray breaking Emmitt Smith’s single game rushing record, set in 1993 “Very mixed. What Emmitt means to this franchise and what he meant to our success and just what he is as an individual. To have a back like Murray step up and break his record, bottom line is, he broke a good man’s record.”

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When asked about if he envisions Phillip Tanner as the 3rd down back rather than Tashard Choice Jones said  “I don’t want to get into at all where these guys are on the depth chart. All I know is that Tanner has inordinately impressed since he’s been on this team. That’s why he made this roster as a free agent. He has some unique running skills and is tough to bring down. He is serious about being a professional. He takes immaculate notes [at meetings]. He’s got a real good future.”

But not one for longing, Jones gave his thoughts on facing the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend. “I see real concern, a rough day. It’s a tough place to play in Philadelphia. But, more importantly, this team is tough to play. You can’t get more challenging than to get Michael Vick at quarterback.” Jones added that the Eagles have strong receivers and they have a “good secondary they’ve put together.” He also says that the Cowboys have “seen the super team” [Eagles] on paper, implying that he knows they’re capable of big things.

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