Police Cracking Down After Occupy Dallas Confrontation

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – There will be consequences following yesterday’s clash between members of the Occupy Dallas movement and police.

That was the warning Tuesday from Dallas police who said there will be strict monitoring of the Occupy Dallas campsite near Dallas City Hall.

Several more officers could be seen around the perimeter of the campsite today.

It could be the result of Monday’s confrontation as well as concerns after a 14-year-old runaway was found there.

The 23 protestors who were arrested during the confrontation bonded out of the Dallas County Jail Tuesday morning.

Some of their fellow protestors demonstrated outside the jail until they were released.

One of those arrested is Oscar Gonzales, an unemployed bartender who now considers himself a former political prisoner of his movement.  “I actually had to be re-cuffed several times because my hands turned purple,” he said.  “So that wasn’t very nice but I think it was worth it.”

Gonzales and others returned Tuesday afternoon to the protest group’s campsite, where there were accusations that police went too far during yesterday’s demonstration, which blocked the entrance to a downtown bank.

“It could have been handled in a better way,” said group spokeswoman Kristi Lara.

And she says the group can’t promise there won’t be another physical confrontation with officers.

“We will remain peaceful, but whether or not legalities are crossed is a secondary issue.”

Police patrols are a constant sight around the tents where protestors have been living for three weeks.

And officers say they will conduct curfew checks for school age children after a 14-year-old female runaway was found here over the weekend.

While the protests can be loud and defiant, the campground has a quiet, welcoming atmosphere.

Protestors say they follow the lead of the Occupy Wall Street, so if people there are arrested for civil disobedience, you can expect it to happen here soon after.


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  1. Nonya says:

    Get some water cannons with some soap thrown in. It’ll help with the smell. If they need supplies they should request some funds from the guys in NYC, they have 500K in the bank that has been “donated”.

  2. bakedflounder says:

    SHEEPLE: “Protestors say they follow the lead of the Occupy Wall Street, so if people there are arrested for civil disobedience, you can expect it to happen here soon after.” They have no idea what they want, as long as they disrupt.

  3. tlm says:

    It must be great to have nothing better to do with your time than to go “protest” something. It’s not working people – give it up and get a life. I hope the police tear gas them every day until they give up.

  4. fredpat says:

    I hope the protesters can change things. These protests indeed evoke stress and emotional feelings among viewers. Some of the comments appear purely cortisone driven. Like an animal response to a threat, without any thoughtful consideration. I can see why many cities discourage protests and direct their highly paid police to jail-em-all. A nasty lil arrest record to follow them for the rest of their lives.
    Many of us readers are conservatives, retired, living off pensions, nice health benifits. Me, retired military $3,500/mo. Few of us consider that pension funds need younger workers to contribute for solvency. The jobs available to those protesters are such low salaries they do not pay taxes, or as ‘contractors’ where they dont even pay social security or medicare. These jobs are a result of globalization. Simple math suggests economic disaster for us all. We all know animals ignore math. The world wide debt crisis is behind this disaster, at over 100 trillion dollars, it will be decades before it is resolved.

    1. aFreetexan says:

      To fredpat – Thank you for your service. I am also a veteran and I take offense to your blanket characterization of the comments related to these protestors. I was there, were you? My twelve year old daughter is more intelligent and articulate than the six protestors I personally spoke with. They have no agenda other than chaos. They couldn’t understand economics beyond “where is my entitlement?” There are ways to effect political change, this is not one of them.

  5. aFreetexan says:

    I was standing across the street from Chase bank, watching their protest implode when the Dallas Police took action. I must say that the officers showed enormous restraint, and handled the situation well. My only complaint would be that I wish they would have moved in sooner than they did on the protestors. Great job DPD, thank you for clearing the trash from Main Street.

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