Everyone Rejoice – It’s “Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day”

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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Members of the Texas House of Representatives have seemingly had a hard time getting the states fiscal house in order, but during the last legislative session they did take time to designate a new holiday.

Today, October 26 is officially “Chicken Fried Steak Day” in the state of Texas.

House Resolution 1419, sponsored by state Rep. Ralph Sheffield of Temple, made it official.

You know chicken fired steak, right? The beefy, breaded, fried dish, most often topped with cream gravy (we won’t get into the brown gravy argument right now), has been a stable in Texas restaurants for decades, if not centuries.

When the food holiday proposal began every group from the Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association to the Texas Beef Council jumped onboard.

Restaurants across the state are commemorating chicken fried steak day with specials that will probably lead to a lot of belt loosening.

Part of the H.R. No. 1419 resolution reads, “WHEREAS, This signature dish occupies a special place in the in the culinary culture of the Lone Star State, and Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day provides a welcome opportunity to pay homage to that shared legacy.”

Hear, hear, and pass the gravy!


One Comment

  1. Idiocracy Is Upon Us says:

    Wonder why the country is in the toilet? We the people pay clueless millionaire politicians six-figure incomes to pass legislation for asinine things like TEXAS CHICKEN FRIED STEAK DAY. Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle stick, we have got to be living in the dumbest nation on earth. It’s OK, though. China will take over without firing a shot within 10 years. Brush up on your Mandarin, everyone.

    1. aFreetexan says:

      Amen & high-5!!! Well stated.

  2. I Love Idiocracy's Comment, Too says:

    My God, who writes the junk over at CBS11? Do you have ANY type of reference materials on your desk or electronically?

    It’s HEAR, HEAR – not HERE, HERE.

    Effing morons.

    1. The Gipper says:

      HEY, they changed it! Looks like someone over there can at least READ! LOL.

  3. Idiocracy Is DEFINITELY Upon Us! says:

    I found FOUR MORE errors. Anyone care to guess?

    1. The Gipper says:

      Texas has been around for 165 years, not centuries. That’s a MAJOR error I just noticed.

      1. Idiocracy Is DEFINITELY Upon Us! says:

        Correct. Texas has not been around for CENTURIES.

  4. The Gipper says:

    OK. Here’s are the four. I think.

    It’s a STAPLE, not a STABLE! LOL! Wow!


    Chicken FRIED. One sentence has “chicken FIRED”. I’ll give the writer a Mulligan on that one. It’s a common and understandable error.

    Texas has only been TEXAS for 165 years.

    This is what a college degree produces these days? If so, we’re doomed.

    Are interns are writing news copy now without a second set of eyes before it goes live? It certainly appears so.

    1. Idiocracy Is DEFINITELY Upon Us! says:

      You got them all!

      The Gipper wins!

    2. Idiocracy Is DEFINITELY Upon Us! says:

      HERE are the four. Sorry, Gipper. I had to point that one out! Fair is fair. 😉

      1. The Gipper says:

        Good catch. One thing though, and it doesn’t excuse my error. I don’t write news copy that thousands of people read. We’re judged by different standards.

      2. Idiocracy Is DEFINITELY Upon Us! says:

        This is true…

  5. YRofTexas says:

    I like Chicken Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Chicken. Put on lots of cream gravy, mashed potatoes with skins on, and a side order of fried corn on the cob (or just creamed corn), with some of that Grilled Texas Toast, and I’m happy!

    So what if an article is of a light, whimsical nature? Can’t have solid nasty news all the time; nice to have a break, don’t you agree??

    Besides, our legislature has always been assigning things for celebration. We have a state bird, flower, tree, flag, holidays…all to acknowledge things about us and give a little credit.

    Hey…Who makes the BEST Chicken Fried Steak? I’d pick String Bean Restaurant…what’s your choice??

    1. The Gipper says:

      The best chicken fried steak I ever had is no longer around. It was at Alamo City Grille in Plano (now closed and The Allen Wickers is there). They had a USDA Choice aged striploin, cubed several times, and fried up to fork-tender goodness. It was better than sex and only $10.99 with two sides and Texas Toast.

      Now, I’d have to say… man, that’s a tough choice now. I’d say Lucky’s or Dixie House (both in Dallas) or Grady’s in FW.

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