ALLEN (CBSDFW.COM) – The cows are headed to the streets of Allen. It’s all part of the special 10th anniversary season of the Tom Thumb Texas Stampede.

The Texas Stampede Cattle Drive starts at 11 a.m. at Allen Station Park and heads north.

“We’ve got 50 head of cattle that we’re gonna drive right through the Village of Allen up here and put ‘em right in front of the Allen Event Center for everybody to see,” explained Texas Stampede vice president Scott Farace.

Hundreds of children are expected to be along the stampede route and near the end of the drive, where there will also be some learning opportunities.

“The cattle will come up right there in front of them and they’ll actually stop there and they can talk to some of the drovers and learn a little bit of history of Texas and what a cattle drive was really like,” said Farace.

Over the years the Texas Stampede, which will hold their rodeo, gala and other events November 10–12, has contributed close to $3 million to children’s charities across North Texas.