DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Sergeant Brandon Vance rarely takes the easy path.

“I’ve been basically walking to work and walking to get my groceries,” Sgt. Vance said as he made the trek from work to his apartment.

The Army veteran from Dallas has served three tours in Iraq, but his sacrifice didn’t end there. When Vance returned home he literally gave a piece of himself away.

The 27-year-old soldier donated a kidney to a total stranger – a person he met through a radio show. “I would have done the same thing for you and I don’t know you. It’s what’s right,” said Sgt. Vance. “It has to be done there is no question about that.”

Gail Moten was the lucky organ recipient and when CBS 11 News spoke with her after surgery in August she said she’s thankful every day. “He’s [Vance] something else isn’t he? Gosh, people, people just don’t understand,” she said emotionally.

While talking on a radio show almost a year ago Moten just so happened to mention that she was in need a kidney transplant. Sgt. Vance was listening and called in.

Now, the man who hasn’t always walked an easy path will have to walk a little more.

“I walked a lot farther when I was overseas and it was a lot hotter,” the soldier recalled.

The difference is, now Sgt. Vance isn’t walking by choice. This past Friday his truck was stolen.

“I bought it from my dad who has gone through some rough times before and I wanted to help him out,” said Vance. “So I bought it [the truck] from him when I first got home from overseas.”

Dallas police told Vance there was no signal from the LoJack, a vehicle tracking system, on his truck and that it may already be in pieces in Mexico.

Despite everything, the soldier thought out loud, “Things could be a lot worse for me. Things could be a lot worse for me.”

Sergeant Vance’s unit will soon be deployed to Afghanistan and while he says he wants to go his doctor hasn’t cleared him yet.

The doctors says it will be another six months before Sgt. Vance is fully recovered from the kidney transplant and ready for duty.