UPDATED: Dallas Fighting Owner Over Speck Of Downtown Land

By Emily Trube, 1080 KRLD
eminentdomain1 UPDATED: Dallas Fighting Owner Over Speck Of Downtown Land

The owner of this piece of property claims it's worth 2.5 Mil, the City of Dallas says $300k (Photo Emily Trube, 1080 KRLD)

UPDATE at 3:15 p.m: The panel of commissioners has sided with the city, saying the land is worth $182,000–far less than the $2.5 million she wanted, and even substantially less than the $300,000 the city offered her.  The owner can appeal the decision, but has not yet indicated whether she will do so.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) –  A 2,500 square foot piece of property, about the size of a 4-bedroom house, is at the center of a Dallas City Hall fight.

The rectangular piece of land sits at 808 Young Street, on the edge of what used to be a parking lot.  The parcel is now part of the landscaping around the new Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel and therein lies the problem.

An independent appraiser, working for the City of Dallas, claims the parcel cannot be used for anything and is essentially worthless.

eminentdomain2 UPDATED: Dallas Fighting Owner Over Speck Of Downtown Land

2,.500 Sq Ft piece of property at Young & Lamar St in downtown Dallas (Photo: Emily Trube, 1080 KRLD)

But the owner says it can be used for something – income.

Landowner Carolyn McClain has a 99-year lease on the property, which is currently netting about $40,000 a year.

McClain has been leasing the parcel since 1983.

City leaders say the annual income amount is what should be used to determine the value of the land. The city wants to cite eminent domain, seize the land, and force McClain to take their offer of $300,000.

A panel of three special commissioners will decide whether the landowner should get the $2.5 million the owner says the property is worth.

At the conclusion of the hearing the commissioners will place a property value on the land and City Hall has the right to issue a check and take control of the parcel… that is unless McClain’s attorneys appeal the decision.

KRLD’s Emily Trube Reports


One Comment

  1. lisa says:

    I think they need to get rid of eminent domain…they use this to steal property that is not theirs and how American or free is that?They are saying that the property that you bought can be taken away from you at any time at their whim…talking about communist.

  2. Patriot says:

    My house isn’t big-4,500sq ft and they want to steal something smaller than my house via eminent domain? Exactly what does the city think is so vital to owning such a small piece of land that even they cannot use for a roadway which should be the only reason eminent domain is used for, something that benefits all citizens. The law needs to reflect this and cannot be used for anything besides major roadways. It is up to business to buy enough land for their buildings and parking lots, thus they cannot steal private land for that. And the law should reflect that they cannot build in locations that do not already have the roadways to support the traffic they will create. Instead of builing up just one area of a town they need to spread out so they do not create traffic congestion on major roadways.

  3. Patriot says:

    BTW $40,000 a year is a lot for someone who bought a home on 4 acres that cost $49,500 years ago.

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