Alternate Location Sought For Dallas “Observation” Wheel

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The company hoping to build a Ferris wheel-type attraction in Dallas has decided to “reassess” their proposal.

Initially, Great City Attractions had plans to build the “Dallas Wheel” in Founders Plaza, near a number of Dallas historic landmarks including — the JFK Memorial, Dealey Plaza, and the Old Red Courthouse.

The observation wheel would have also been near the memorial that commemorates the 19 Dallas County sheriff’s deputies who’ve lost their lives in the line of duty.

The company said it considered the views of organizations and individuals and decided to “work with the City of Dallas to find a suitable alternative location”.

The proposed observation wheel would stand 17-stories high and include an air-conditioned, rotating gondola.

  • darrell

    well lets see now. looking for a place in dallas where the action never dies. a place where the tourist can have an inter-active experience. ok, got it. there is only one.

    Oak Cliff. where you can see a robbery, or a muder, even a rape. child abductions occur and lets not forget the popular drive by. plenty of refreshments available. liquor, beer, wine and an assortment of more exotic pleasures. you can even find that “personal” touch if you just look a little.
    from 17 stories you can spot the events you want with ease. remember, all of these events are designed to be interactive.

  • Mical Burchfield

    Put it in Arlington near the Ballpark, and the Cowboy’s Stadium that Dallas didn’t want either. From that location everyone could see all the mid cities area, Dallas and Fort Worth.

    • darrell

      they cant do that. john wiley price wont get his kickbacks then.

    • Lillly Star

      Love it!

    • Carlos A. Pena

      you are right dallas sucks they lost all those taxes and jobs because they are stupid I hate this dallas mayer and city councel they don’t know what’s best for dallas and us the recident THEY REALLY SUCK !!!

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