Corsicana Officer A ‘Superhero’ For Saving 3-Year-Old

CORSICANA (CBSDFW.COM) – Superman, Spiderman, Batman. Those are the names you think of when you hear the word “Superhero.” But when it comes to a Corsicana family, the name that comes to mind is “Dan.”

Thanks to him, and what they call a burst of superhuman strength, a little girl is alive tonight.

Five people escaped the fire at Marilyn Massey’s Corsicana house. But in the rush and confusion a little one was left behind.

A 911 dispatcher received one call where a woman said,”Yes ma’am. There’s a house on fire….and there’s a baby in the house.”

Officer Dan Putman was dispatched from a mile away and was the first to arrive.

Marilyn Massey remembers, “Everybody else was screaming and panicking.”

Because three-year-old Jayden Jones was trapped in a bedroom.

Massey said, “It’s like a king size bed blocking this window.”

What Officer Putman was able to do is to push away from the window a large and heavy four poster bed with a dresser behind it.

“He shoved this bed. And he said when he looked back he seen her little hands coming up under the bed. He just dragged her out,” Massey said.

Jayden’s mom, Chattie Simmons, said, “I was just thanking God. She didn’t have no scratches on her or anything.”

Simmons asks Jayden, “Do you remember the man pulling you out?”

“Yes,” the little girl says with several nods.

What Officer Putman remembers is a sudden, burst of supernatural strength.

“Burst of adrenaline or the strength of God, something came over me and enabled me to push it about three or four feet,” Officer Putman said.

He was awarded the Medal of Valor for extraordinary bravery and placing his own life on the line while saving the life of another.

But the true reward came at the end with a hug from his new lifelong friend, three-year-old Jayden Jones.

A long with his medal for bravery, Officer Putman will also receive a life saving award. It’s a ribbon pinned to his uniform.

Meantime, Marilyn Massey and her extended family will try to rebuild their lives. She had no insurance on the home and the large family has had to move into an apartment.


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  1. Bill says:

    This is a grea story. However, before it goes to AP or Reuters, someone with a better grasp of the English language needs to re-write it. In English we do not say “we seen” or “a long” (when we mean “along”). So, let’s shape it up first before it goes international.

  2. Bill says:

    I said “great” in the original. Maybe it’s an Internet issue.

  3. bdub77 says:

    sure Bill…maybe it’s an “internet issue”…or maybe…you should proofread your own statements, before criticizing others for theirs. Now, onto the actual reason to post something here; this is truly a great story, with a happy ending for a change! Bless this man for being so corageous!!

  4. cherl fielder says:

    Beautiful story!!!! and thank you Dan Putman for being one of the good guys!!

  5. texas heartland says:

    All Fireman and Policemen are hero’s. it is the nature of their jobs. We should be thanking them every chance we get! Instead we critique every move they make and pay them less and less. Sad.

  6. S.Elite says:

    @bdub77..Was it an “internet issue” for you to? LOL. **courageous” not “cor….”

  7. aFreetexan says:

    Outstanding job Officer Putman, congratulations and thank you for your service.

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