Shouting, Name-Calling Erupt At Dallas Co. Commissioners Meeting

By Bud Gillett and Kent Chapline, CBSDFW.COM

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says fired county Homeland Security Director Lisa Chambers was a “loafer” and a “drunk.”

Jenkins made the comments during Tuesday’s regular Commissioners Court meeting.

Jenkins fired Chambers from her post last week, citing performance issues.

Jenkins began Tuesday’s meeting by warning speakers not to single out or degrade anyone.  But he then started defending his decision to fire Chambers by calling her a “loafer.”

“We will not play politics with the security of Dallas County.  I will not tolerate loafters using the excuse of an FBI investigation to cover-up for their performance or non-performance,” he told the court.

Commissioner Maurine Dickey objected to Jenkins’ comments, telling him that by calling Chambers names he was “violating the very rules that you make for this court.”

“Judge, name-calling is not allowed in this court. You called her a drunk, now you called her a loafer,” she said.

Jenkins and Commissioner John Wiley Price then attacked Dickey and called her a “loafer” as well.  “Loafers of a feather flock together,” Price said.

Dickey, Price and Jenkins then spent several minutes shouting over each other in court.  “I don’t call you a sock puppet like everyone else does. I don’t call you names,” Dickey shouted at Jenkins.

In an interview after the meeting, Jenkins said he saw Chambers “drink a large quantity of alcohol and fall all over my wife and my father-in-law at a social function.”

He then apologized for calling Dickey a loafer, but then immediately claimed she is “rarely at work” and said she disappears for “weeks at a time.”

Dickey called the whole thing childish.  “This is Kindergarten behavior.”

In an interview with CBS 11 after Tuesday’s meeting, Lisa Chambers responded to Jenkins’ comments.  ” I expected something like this because it would be out of character for them not to do that.”

She called the alcohol accusation ‘ridiculous and sad,’ and went on to say “Loafers don’t serve their country overseas, don’t learn difficult foreign languages, hold top-level security clearances and develop relationships with FEMA that Dallas County never had before I took that job.”

When asked of she was considering a lawsuit over her firing, Chambers said attorneys have contacted her.


One Comment

  1. darrell says:

    and this was one of their more productive days.

  2. luanne says:

    when are the voters of Dalls County going to stop this 3 ring circus it is
    so humiliating to see County officiials acting so professional. And I guess
    Clay Jenkins is just a puppet for John Wiley Price. Mr. Price has been there
    so long he thinks no one should buck him or question his tactiics. Sooner
    or latter what goes around comes around. Takes longer for some! Our business is in his district!

  3. FW Old Money says:

    Bunch of dipsh–s and gorillas over there. Thank God I rarely ever set foot in Dallas. By the way, I hope Chambers sues for defamation. She wasn’t considered a public figure until her firing was on the news, so I think she has a good chance of winning.

  4. Deborah says:

    Any wonder, then, why Dallas County grew at a slower rate (6.73%) than nearly every other county in North Texas? Is it possible that the commissioners are not aware how their unprofessional behavior impacts residential and commercial growth? How very sad.

  5. Eleanor says:

    As long as the people do not vote and change the rules – then why are you complaining. Vote in time limits on EVERY political office. Then the take the time to vote out those you do not want to continue to serve! If you are not willing to do this then let it go!! Keep going John we are behind you.

    1. darrell says:

      Hi Eleanor,
      i just wanted to say good evening to a proud supporter of one of the city of dallas’s best know criminal racist thugs. im sure that ole wiley is proud to have your support in his efforts at organized crime and the promotion of racial hatred.
      have a great evening.

    2. Jiohn Wholey says:

      Bet you are a friend of Johnwiley ain’t you Eleanor?

  6. Concerned citizen says:

    It is disturbing to witness elected officials acting like children. My first experience watching a meeting in Dallas showed John Wiley Price acting so unbelievably unprofessional that I could not bear to watch any more….. and that was Years ago. So if he is still there and hasn’t changed much at all, I have No hope that Dallas will elect professionals that act like adults. How counterproductive and embarrassing for the citizens of Dallas!

  7. mike says:

    I’m just dumb founded at how these people stay in office, I’m a teamster and we just did a trade show the other night at the convention center the rain poured through the roof in a 50X50 area where just hours before they had a solar power show going on. in mesquite they had to close down the registration office for motor vehicles, the place that takes the money because of no maintenance I heard the roof collapsed the get the money and it stops there were does it go, And they question the FBI involvement, and instead of working they bicker but they agree in a raise..

  8. Jiohn Wholey says:

    Seems to me Judge Jenkins probably needs a drink himself, since he is a lackey of John Wiley Price. Why not fire the entire group and start over. Johnwiley is and shall always be a very prejudiced bigot.

  9. Betty Culbreath says:

    It is sad that both men would treat a Lady like that.clay Jenkins is a mistake god knows we need another Judge.

  10. The Townz says:

    You know Tarrant County’s Commissioner’s Court shows all their court meetings live on streaming video; Tuesdays @ 10:00am. Perhaps it should be required viewing for these folks here. Seeing this makes me very proud of our Tarrant County elected officials and how they professionally conduct their business, which by the way on occasion includes differences of opinion. I hope Tarrant County residents take a look at this video and gain an appreciation for what we have over here; a professional and dedicated group of respectful public servants that treat the public and each other with the decorum and respect they deserve.

  11. Rick McDaniel says:

    Corruption is in great evidence, at the Dallas County Commissioner’s meetings.

  12. Student says:

    TYPO, Paragraph 5, word LOAFTER…seriously, are children typing these too, since obviously spell check missed it, i mean, cmon! Its bad enough that we are feared into consuming by the media, but this is irrefutable proof that they are idiots and care more about emotional ploys than about impartial hearings. When will we get it? We need to elect people that are going to shut up and do their job, not give their opinions and act upon them. Because a chick fell on his wife’s daddy when drinking, she gets fired for her behavior after hours. You know there was a fight at his house where he was asked to fire her by his wife for how she behaved because the wife was embarrassed and he has to play hero. To me it looks more like insecurity on his part, otherwise there is never a need to judge someone so harshly in that public forum. He is a wimp. She is a whiner, and he was pretty much attacking or wimp-fully warning her back-handedly. Its time for a change…They need to go back to school for socialization and re-inundation.

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