North Texas Researchers Creating Ultimate Flu Shot

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – North Texas researchers are on the brink of revolutionizing the way we fight the flu.

Every year, scientists try to guess which strain of the flu will cause the most people to get sick. They use that particular flu bug to make a flu vaccine. But what if you could get one shot that would tackle every single type of flu?

Dena Rushing from Little Elm has not had the flu in years. “Overall, we’re a very healthy family, and very active,” she said. But it is not because she gets the flu shot. She used to get it, but said that she would always get sick. “I can’t remember a year I didn’t, and then I stopped taking it and I stopped getting the flu.”

Rushing believes that the inactive virus – which makes up the shot – is what is responsible for making her sick. Most doctors say that is not the case. But for her, experience speaks volumes. “We haven’t got it and we haven’t got the flu,” Rushing said.

Now, researchers in North Texas say that this fear could soon become a thing of the past.

“We are in the front line of discovery,” said Dr. Beatrice Fontoura. She and her team at UT Southwestern have discovered a compound that works to fight multiple strains of the flu, including the deadly Spanish Flu that killed millions of people around the world in 1918.

“What we are doing is something different,” said Fontoura, explaining her research. “We are actually stimulating our own response which is already there – boost it – to fight an infection.”

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The compound targets a specific protein called REDD-1, which is responsible for helping cells fight infection. The scientists discovered that when there is less REDD-1 protein in a cell, viruses like the flu can invade and corrupt the cell in a matter of hours. But when this compound is added, boosting the presence of the REDD-1 protein, the flu (no matter what strain) is held at bay. “We tested different strains — from less pathogenic strains to highly pathogenic strains,” Fontoura said, “and it worked.”

The current vaccine can often be ineffective, Fontoura said, if the flu virus mutates. This is why so many people who get a flu shot still get sick. However, this new compound would bypass that mutation, using your body – instead of the virus – to fight back.

“It’s very exciting. We’re all excited about it,” Fontoura said. “More is yet to come.”

The general public is still several years away from seeing this compound available at the local drug stores, Fontoura said, but she believes that this is the most promising step yet toward creating the ultimate weapon against the flu.

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  • Ellen

    I do not take flu shots. I am allergic to eggs. I have a great immune system. Have not had a cold in my entiire 69 years and have had the flu only one time.
    I have no intention of ever letting someone “fix” what is obviously not broken. And doctors seem to know less and less these days. Most of the time they know only what the most recent pharmaceutical salesperson told them. They do more harm than good.

    • Kay

      I agree the pharmaceutical business is all about money and corruption.

      • Strangebrew

        I suggest that you protest and never take any meds again.
        and no, I dont work for pharmaceuticals.

      • Joe

        Lol no duh. Statistically the pharmaceutical companies make over 100,000+ dollars a second!!! That is 360 million dollars per hour!!!! The CEOs of the companies make thousands of billions of dollars per year!!!!!!

        Now who in there right mind could honestly resist much cash and not become corrupt!

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        They’re all about Eugenics. —

      • Rich

        You’re right; the greedy doctors and researchers probably ony go to work every day to make money to buy food, clothes and things.

      • algoa456

        Get back to me if you develop some dreadful disease (hope you don’t) – but if you do let me know whether you still think it is all about money and corruption. And that you are refusing to take drugs.

        That’s a view even my 23 daughter has now started to outgrow as she begins to deal with the real world.

        Are you aware that developing new drugs costs millions and millions of dollars?

      • bob

        Considering most pharmas have been sued for knowingly selling drugs that maim or kill, there is truth to the money and corruption accusation. I suggest you take phen phen or some other pharma that killed or maimed people. No, I’m not anti-pharm or anti-free market. Corruption needs to be exposed in the public and private sector.

      • ken

        Lol no duh. Statistically the pharmaceutical companies make over 100,000+ dollars a second!!! That is 360 million dollars per hour!!!! The CEOs of the companies make thousands of billions of dollars per year!!!!!!

        I think the person that came up with these numbers may be using a few to many pharmaceuticals themselves. This works out to about 315 trillion dollars a year, the GDP of the world in 2011 was only 65 trillion dollars. Where are they selling the other 250 trillion to, space aliens.

      • Marc

        That’s well and good, but could someone let me know the pharma company involved, so that I can invest? Thanks

      • wncchester

        “pharmaceutical companies make over 100,000+ dollars a second!!! That is 360 million dollars per hour!!!! The CEOs of the companies make thousands of billions of dollars per year!!!!!!”

        Goodness, what toilet lid did those numbers come from?

        Nice thing is most of us have a free choice of taking meds or even going to mean ol’ ‘rich ,money grubbing doctors’ or not. But, perhaps it worth mentioning to those who have a reading comprehension problem that this announcement comes from a state university, not a crug company – and touchy-feely libs do love anything ever said by university experts, right?

        I often think if would be good for all of use if more innerlecshul libruls boycotted all productive health businesses and workers; that should help clear the deep end of the national gene pool quite well.

      • Clarity-jane Seer

        and about depopulating the human species just ask Mr. Gates!

      • Sal Ball

        Let the EUTHANASIA begin! The new and improved Kevorkian flu shot now available at wlagrrens! Bring your old mom and dads! Muwahahahahah! I know its sick,meant to be funny..just a joke, dont be like NOhner and cry! 1-800-wahwah

      • RandyC

        I’m loving the awareness out here. My grandfather suffered a stroke and lingered for about 6 years. He was taken in to get treated for a MRSA vaccination and was given a H1N1 shot while he was in. I told my mom to not let them give him that shot as it been alleged to cause so many issues. He died within a week, could be dismissed as coincidence but I am still curious as to why he would be given something as harsh as the flu vaccine with a greatly weakened immune system. Obama, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel and the German pariliament, and Dr. Oz have all refused to take vaccines or administer them to their children but we, the public, are asked to do what they won’t

    • Strangebrew

      I cant believe all the whining going on in here, medical advances have saved more lives and increased our life span dramatically in this last century. Yes, there is corruption at times, but where isn’t there? Twenty years ago, if you had HIV, it would have been a death sentence, now people are living more or less normal lives with it. We are winning the fight against cancer, a big reason for this is new drug treatments. Diabetes management is much easier due to drugs. How many more heart attacks would people have without the cholesterol lowering drugs? Viagra, Antibiotics, HPV vaccine…I could go on and on with advances that improve your life and the lives of your loved ones, but I guess that the politics of envoy are alive and well. Its amazing how ungreatfull people can be. Again, to all of you that dispise the pharmas, I suggest that you protest and never take any drugs again.

      • Patriotic Girl

        Big Pharma CREATES diseases like HIV, and then creates drugs to treat them, thus makin money off the sick and dying. All pharmaseuticals are scams. IT IS NOT WHINING!!!! Some of us just want the truth brought out and to expose the eugenics programs the Illuminati have been pushing to kill people with for years and years. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!

      • RandyC


    • Bruce Frykman


      Regardless of whether you choose to take the flu vaccine, you benefit from a population that finds utility in them. The fewer people who contract a communicable disease the less likely it will spread. When populations decide to reject vaccines en masse you might wish to reconsider your decision to avoid them.

      Deadly epidemics of the past have been avoided largely due to the widespread use of vaccines. Influenza can also be deadly in its more virulent strains.

    • Connie McMurray

      I agree, Ellen. As long as there are eugenicists putting fluoride in the water and putting poison (aspartame) in soft drinks, I will not trust what the pharmaceutical industry says.

    • Fred Lopez

      liar or idiot

    • Spanky

      First, you are basically relying on everyone else to take their flu shots, which gives us “herd immunity.”


      • Joe

        “Herd immunity”, a lovely term created by those that view you and others as nothing more than an animal and a number. If you allow yourself to be herded as an animal. then you will be treated as an animal.

      • davec

        There is no immunity there, might be resistant to the individual catching it and getting sick, but the individual still carries the flu bug and can pass it (says my MD)

    • Jeff

      So according to Joe, Pharma companies make 8, 640, 000,000 a day — that’s half the US annual Gross Domestic Product in ONE DAY. And over the course of the year, according to Joe, they make 3 quadrillion, 153 trillion, 600 billion dollars a year — which is greater than the total Gross Domestic Product of the entire planet. One, Joe, needs to increase HIS med dosage to recommended levels, two, Joe needs to take a math class or two, and three, how do I get me some of that Pharma stock!?

      • brad

        Yeah, like any of the governments numbers have truth to them. I’m sure the GDP is a number we don’t know.

    • Frank

      ELLEN, you are talking like an old fool. Pharmaceutical Companies do not do mare harm than good. If that premise is true we would still be suffering from Polio, and many, many other deadly diseases. also, it is certainly true that Pharmaceutical compaanies are in it for the money, BUT if that were not the case then who in the hell would do what the pharmaceutical companies do? WOULD YOU DO THE RESEARCE FOR NOTHING? Get real Ellen.

      • ChickenDude

        So the incidence of major disease was only reduced because of vaccines? Improvements in public sanitation had no impact? Look at a chart showing when vaccines were introduced and when disease incidents started to reduce dramatically. Then tell me that you should blindly believe what the CDC/government tells you. Please keep taking every drug that is offered to you. You can test them for me.

    • Sal Ball

      I heard its named after the late great humanist, Dr Kevorkian! Come one come all get your EUTHANASIA shot! The new and improved KEVORKA-flu-shot! Free at walawalagreens! Paid for by a wealthy person in your neighborhood. The ever grateful and charittable one percent. Step up, whose first? LMAO

    • Polyanna LaTigra

      Right on sister!

    • deegeejay

      ” I am allergic to eggs. I have a great immune system.”

      ???? lol

    • Sammie Jo

      I’m with you, while not allergic to eggs, I still don’t take flu shots, the few times I’ve gotten the flu have been extremely mild cases while my nieghbors suffered for days, including the ones who took the shots..
      I take my vitamins, eat as few processed foods as possible and rely on homeopathic remedies when I need them, and I am also 69 years old.

    • Rise

      I agree! My husband and I NEVER get flu shots – NEVER will….and we do NOT get the flu. I had it once – while living in Washington D.C. – hmmmmm? That was OVER 30 years ago – never had it since. Just eat right, get enough sleep and your OWN immune system will keep you healthy.

  • Mark

    Boost your REDD-1 level artificially and supress your own production of the natural potein. Great thinking, then I’ll be more suceptible and dependent on you witch doctors. Where do I get mine?? ! ! Trust God, not men.

  • 2sister

    Overall, the flu shot is okay. The problem is that they can’t always guess which strain of flu will come about. That’s why some people get the flu even when taking the shot. Also, it takes two weeks for the flu vaccine to work. If you get exposed before the two weeks are up you can get the flu. Also, you could get it if you were exposed before you got the shot. You don’t get the flu from an inactive virus.

    • Lilith

      The flu shot is not OK. I suppose you believe that vaccines are healthy for kids.

      • Kevin

        Much better to give a vaccine to a healthy child then have that child die of complications from diptheria, tetanus, etc. etc. etc.

        Vaccines are good.

    • Jack Meoff

      just like the lady in this article, i only get the flu IF i get the flu shot, and within a day or two. The years I don’t get a flu shot i do not get the flu. 2+2=4.

      To the man who’s grandfather was killed by the H1N1 while be treated for MRSA. Sue them now before the statute of limitations are up. They killed your grandfather if they gave him H1N1 vaccine while he had MRSA.

    • Freddy

      More and more people are losing faith in our government, banking industry, and medical industry. Why is that the case???

  • SamTheChemist

    I have the exact opposite story as the lady in the story. I kept getting the flu after the age of 30, and being brutalized by it three years in a row, have taken the vaccine for it every year, since. I have not had the flu since 2001. But that’s as much of an empricial story as the ladies above. It doesn’t mean much. One thing I DO know as a professional scientist, is that since the inception of the first successful vaccination of smallpox by pre-emptive administration of cowpox, the ONLY effective method of preventing a viral infection is to pre-emptively provoke an immune response with weakened or dead (or similarly constructed) virus with enough identity intact in its viral protein coat, and let the body prepare against the scourge in the most effective way it can. What they propose here is not a vaccination at all. It is forcing the immune system to perform at high alert AT ALL TIMES for all viruses. The lady above that claims that her immune reponse is sickness, will have a hell of a time dealing with the constant inflammation and sensation of sickness using the new method. Plus, If a virus gets through that and isn’t halted by the immune response already maxed out, there will be no where for immunity to go, and NOTHING will be able to stop it. This is a bad idea. I was under the impression that they were finding commonality among all flu viruses that they could exploit and make a truly universal vaccine from.

    • Linkdead

      Yep, just wait for it. This is the start of the Zombie invasion.

    • Joe

      You are right. It is sad thing that most people can’t see past biased information. Now people are going to have to suffer all of there lives because of it.

      The major question is why would these professional scientists deceive the public into thinking this is the real deal when basic science and a little common scene proves it to be otherwise? This realm of thought can lead to some scary stuff and leads to the realm of conspiracy theories haha. But still keep the question in mind!

      • bizkit

        one of the problems i have with taking these flu shots is that if I dont get the flu naturally for so many years what happens when a new strain of flew comes around that is stronger then all the wrest, isnt it true that if my body has faught lots of different strains its better prepared to fight a new stronger strain? I dont know if i am right, but I remember that when the H1N1 flu came out it didnt effect older people because of there past exposure to strains that were similar somehow. So I will take my chances and hopefully make it through a bad week of the flu, and maybe someday it will be a cake walk for me when im older. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHATEVER ACTION I TAKE!

      • Richard McCargar

        Are you the same ‘Joe” that earlier wrote “The CEOs of the companies make thousands of billions of dollars per year!!!!!!”

        Besides the sign of insanity behind your multiple exclamation marks, the CEO’s do not make “thousands of billions of dollars per year.”

        You apparently don’t realize that a thousand billion is a trillion, but you think you know science. Too funny. Now you present conspiracy theories. Wearing your tin hat I suppose.

  • Not this sheep

    Over my dead body will they ever inject me or mine with their poison. Any mandatory vaccine and that is where I make my stand.

    • Kevin

      Enjoy vomiting your guts out this Christmas. I’ll (probably) be having a good time with my family.

      • PoorSadKevin

        enjoy your cancer and Alzheimer’s in 2 years you dummy

  • NoMoreMrNiceGUy

    Yeah right. More poison. They are setting you up for extinction. The body needs to develop a way to fight these naturally.

    • Joe

      You know what they say.

      “The only way is the natural way”

    • Marty Kay Zee

      But that would be evidence of evolution and God might strike you dead for believing it.

      • MartyIsFunny

        Ummm…no. Actually the complete opposite is true. You are so cute when you try making a point!

  • NeverTrustBigPharma

    The going to call it the “Final Solution”?

  • Ken Harkins

    When I got out of the Air force I did not have to take any more flu shots. The first year I got sick as dog with the flu. Now I get a shot every year. I learned my lesson.

    • SayNoToNeedles

      yeah….sure Kenny boy. My life experience a well as observing countless others shows the complete opposite. Don’t forget to pick up your Big Sharma check for your weeks work!

    • Joe

      It seems you just had a bad case of ‘coincidence’. Based upon the majority’s experiences (the ones that never took the flu vaccination) they are doing just fine :) In my opinion you shouldn’t take the next upcoming flu vaccination. For I can certainly guarantee that you will be just fine.

    • Jeff

      And yet, when I was in the AF they made me take the damn flu shots every year and I got sick every single time. Since then, I’ve ducked my flu shots and have been flu free now for 6 years. So I’m with Ellen on this one.

    • RandyC

      Great anecdotal story! I haven’t taken a vaccine since I was a kid and I NEVER get sick. Fish oil, a couple packs of Emergen-C/day, a multi-vitamin a a bunch of water with a good exercise regime. So what’s the lesson?

  • Martha Long

    I am 83 years old — I quit taking flu shot many years ago. It has been so many years since I had the “flu” it is beyond my memory.
    Just eat nutritious meals– take a high quality vitamin/mineral every day–take a bath every night at bedtime–in prayer thank your Creator God & Father for your good health every day — put your flu shot money back in your pocket–good food is good medicine.

    • Bill Vernon

      Or you could be fortunate and have had the rare case that you’ve been lucky every year.

      • Jack Meoff

        yeah, it’s more likely you just got lucky all those decades not getting the flu. lol. dummy.

  • Clarity-jane Seer

    yeah I bet they got a real good one for the sheeple! SAY NO TO THE NEEDLE!!!!!!

  • Ken Harkins

    Eventually you have to say you learned your lesson.

    • Kay

      I have never had a flu shot, I am 45 and have never had the flu. I will never have this shot and put my money in healthy nutrition minus the chemicals.

    • KennyBoyIsAPaidSchill

      stopped getting flu shots 6 years ago, now I never get sick. How much you getting paid by Big Pharma Kenny?

    • StopStickingKenny

      Too bad Kenny will be dead with Cancer if he keeps getting those death shots.

    • Joe

      I believe you underestimate the effectiveness of your immune system.

      • RandyC

        Wolfgang Woodarg, The of the World Health Organizations epidemiology dept, stated that the H1N1 scare was a scam dreamed up by big pharma. Big pharma was able to get countries to buy billions of dollars that were never used for the scary epidemic that never happened. Scam….

  • NanNJ

    These vaccines are such a bunch of bull. ok maybe you won’t get the flu but look at how many now have autism, cancer, alzeimers. No thanks I’ve had the flu once, it wasn’t fun, but no shots for me or mine.

  • Researchers On Brink Of Creating 'Ultimate' Flu Shot... | Breaking News

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  • Zrebe

    They worry about everything and create Drugs for everything. We live in the Drug age, just Pop a pill or take a shot, you’ll feel better…. I don’t worry about the Flu which is Latin for “I don’t Know” LOL LOL LOL So all those people who take these shots you can have mine too….This is a No No for me…….

  • Craig

    No thanks. We are an overvaccinated people and have not researched enough the harms of getting all these vaccinations. Some are important, but most aren’t needed. Doctors, many times, do a lot more harm than good. That’s why they are called doctors, not healers. They don’t heal you, they doctor you up and make you dependent on them and big pharma.

    A recent study shows flu vaccines only stop 1.5% of people getting the flu. They reported 60% but they included people who wouldn’t have gotten the flu anyways (most don’t) so it’s a fictitious number and innacurate. Who knows what the externalities of getting these shots are on the immune system itself. They could be making it weaker or susceptible to autoimmune disease.

    • GeneAR

      What study? Is it in a peer reviewed journal or some other pseudo-scientific publication. Don’t make claims with no reliable backing.

      • Bill Vernon

        Yep, back it up. Cite the research.

      • drchris

        The abstract for the study can be found here:

        If you read the full study you will find that for every 100 people vaccinated only 1.5 will not get the flu as a direct result of the vaccine.

      • Bill Vernon

        So I don’t have access to the actual journal article but going by this natural news website’s summary of it, I’d say the original article had the correct analysis and the 1.5 percent figure is wrong. Flu vaccines are 60 % effective.

      • Bill Vernon

        Thanks. You’re one of the few people that can actually cite the research.

      • drchris

        Bill – You are correct. The study does prove that flu vaccines have a 60% effective rate (59% in the adults 18 -65). What Craig was trying to point out is simply don’t let that number fool you. The study states that without the vaccine you have a 97.3% chance of NOT getting the flu. So in other words, the average person in the study has a 2.7% chance of getting the flu without a vaccine. Those that received the vaccine lowered their risk of getting the flu by approximately 59%. And after a little math we find 59% of 2.7 is ~ 1.5. So even with a 59% effective rate the vaccine only decreases your chances of getting the flu by approximately a 1.5%. Helping 1.5% of the population avoid the flu can certainly add up to a large number and even save lives in severe cases, but keep in mind that adverse reactions/side effects happen in a higher percentage than 1.5. The vaccine adverse effects reporting system will have more info on that topic.

  • LukeJohn

    Researchers have to be VERY careful here…

    Most people who get a serious flu infection, do not die from what the virus does but from the body’s over-reaction – The body’s own “immune response” goes into over-drive and people drown as their lungs fill with mucus and other secretions.

  • Jim

    If you don’t want the shot, don’t get the shot. Just spare the lest of us from your un-scientific “evidence”. Immunizations have worked for me and mine. Survival of the fittest often includes those that don’t have a closed mind.

    • IFeelBadForJimsFamily

      Sure Jim, they work till they don’t. Have fun with Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Epstein Barr, and Cancer. Look it up. Educate before you Vaccinate

      • IFeelBadForJimsFamily

        Thanks Kevy for pointing out my keystroke error. It doesn’t negate my facts. GB Syndrome is worth it huh? You are one sick puppy. You give yourself and family disease….nice, real nice

      • Kevin

        Epstein Barr is a virus, idiot. How is the side effect of a vaccine to get a virus?

        Try “Guillain-Barre syndrome”. I think that’s what you were trying to conjure. And guess what?!? that IS a side effect that happens very, very, infrequently. It’s worth the risk.

        This shows IFBFJF doesn’t know jack about medicine and shouldn’t be listened to on issues such as these.

      • Kevin

        GB is temporary. You have a higher chance of dying in a car wreck today than getting GB from a vaccination. I bet you’ll still get behind the wheel of your car.

    • RandyC

      Tony Blair is on record refusing to give his kids the MMR triple jab that is linked to autism. Dr. Oz stated on TV that his wife wouldn’t allow him to administer the H1N1 vaccine to his children. Angela Merkel and the German parilament were given the H1N1vaccine that was different from the publicly available one that didn’t contain the adjuvants. Obama waited well beyond the suggested time frame to give Sasha and Malia the vaccine for what was reported to be a level 6 pandemic. Initially, Whitehouse Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said they wouldn’t get them at all because of their profile. Pressure resulted in Obama announcing he’d given them the vaccine. If it is a good thing, why would all of the aforementioned people have the issues they do with vaccines. I think you should lose the elitist, social Darwinist tone given your lack of perspective.

    • Jack Meoff

      they didn’t work for this woman and 4,000 other people permanently damaged in the 1970s Swine Flu. Enjoy the Neurological disorders.

  • Walgreens Pharmacist

    I’m a pharmacist with a background in biochemistry and let me tell you something… do NOT want to get a flu shot. They put some very very nasty stuff in that vaccine and I recommend to all my patients that they do their own research and think for themselves before injecting themselves with such a toxic coctail.

    Look at the actual ingredients in a vaccine and even a moron with no science background would tell you that its harmful.

    Most significant of those toxic ingredients in the flu shot are the preservatives……Thermerisol (a form of Mercury), and ethylene glycol (also known as antifreeze). In the creation of the vaccine, they also use diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue. So let me ask you something, would you inject MERCURY and ANTIFREEZE directly into your bloodstream???? That’s what a flu shot is doing……enjoy

    • Bill Vernon

      Yes, I would inject it in safe amounts.

    • LukeJohn

      Joe, if you really were a practicing Pharmacist, You’d know that Mercury (or compounds thereof) was taken OUT of vaccine formulations years ago.

    • Kevin

      It’s unbelievable that a pharmacist doesn’t understand that “the poison is in the dose”. I sure hope you don’t work at my Walgreens.

      Maybe you’re one of the folks who has figured out how to get B.S. homeopathy products on Walgreens shelves.

      • Oliver Clothesov

        Dear Mr. Meoff,

        My brain is not destroyed. It is a shining vessel filled with FACTS supported by RESEARCH and MATH. It knows SCIENCE.

        You know how to link to a You Tube clip. You are the one that “can’t be saved”.

        I just want to urge everyone to talk to medical doctors about medical decisions, and not Mr. Meoff.

      • Jack Meoff

        your mind is already destroyed from Vaccines and TV. you can’t be saved.

  • Jack Mc

    It appears that you youngsters have no memory of the millions of kids that were kept alive in iron lungs. Had you seen the countless numbers of hospital wards filled with kids paralized for life by infantile paralysis (polio) your hearts would still ache. We literally paved the sidewalks of the nation with our “March of Dimes” to fund the research that eventually allowed Dr. Salk to create the vaccine that has protected our kids, and no doubt you and yor kids, from this terrible disease since 1955. And yet you are critical of doctors and vaccines?

    • time for your shots

      Just because there were great successes in the past doesn’t mean we have to blindly trust all vaccines and paid for studies on safety. It’s a different day and age than 1955 when people were honest and caring for the most part. Today the reality is an evil uncaring government, regulatory agencies corrupted to the bone by billion-dollar pharma and vaccines manufacturing outsourced to China! You know there’s something very wrong when the pharmaceutical industry has a goal of having 50% of school children on medications and airport radiation is good for you.

      • Don't Trust Govt


  • Shane

    Cue Zombie Apocalypse in 3…2…1…

  • Diet not chamicals

    I suspect these researches are 60 years late. If monographs of Dr. Benjamin P. Sandler were indexed in Pubmed dabase, they would’ve already known about Dr. Sandler’s research, and would not even try to chemically duplicate the results, achieved with the diet he developed:

    • Kevin



      We’re all going to live forever and ever now thanks to one guy with some books. I’m so, so, glad. Especially since Sandler’s polio remedy was hypoglycemia. Curing Peter to make Peter sick. Oh, also, Peter was just a monkey, because that’s all Sandler did research on.

      Also, good luck finding a diet that consists of no chemicals (chemicals like fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals).

      • Diet not patented chemicals

        OK, let it be “not patented chemicals”

        About hypoglycemia: Dr. Sandler advocates hypoglycemia prevention through diet which prevents insulin spikes. How can avoiding hypoglycemia make anybody sick?

      • Kevin

        Hypoglycemia IS the cure.

  • Jesse

    This could be the start of the Zombie Virus!!!

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  • Mary Butler

    If you are too stupid to get vaccinated, GOOD
    we need to thin the stupid population

    • RandyC

      Oh Mary…best of luck to you. Drink your fluoride, take your vaccines, and drink your diet cherry coke…God bless ya!

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