Tensions Flare In Dallas Bank Protest

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A protest over switching banks by the group MoveOn.org and the continued Occupy Dallas movement turned into a tense scene Saturday.

The protest, to mark what organizers were calling Bank Transfer Day, was held at the Bank of American building at 901 Main Street in downtown Dallas.

According to the city of Dallas, at 1:00 p.m. several of the protesters climbed up on to planters near the front entrance of the building. When ordered down, police say one of the protesters ‘became aggressive’ and assaulted an officer.

Protesters tell a different story, saying an officer pushed the man off the planter, injuring him.

A scuffle then broke out between police and protesters that ended with 8 protesters being arrested and three officers suffering from minor injuries.

The protesters said police used pepper spray and were inciting a peaceful demonstration. After the incident at Bank of America, members of the protest marched through downtown with a heavy police presence close behind.

All told between 150-200 protesters participated in Saturday’s march.

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  • Joe

    I’m willing to bet the protestors are liars and the police were just trying to do their jobs.

    • dawnssister

      Joe, do you have some kind of built in truth detector or do you think the police never lie?

  • RMV

    Joe, how do we not know it wasn’t the other way around?

    • Greg Hackworth

      I was there that azzhole did that & joe is right in this case

  • Carey Bst

    If the Occupy movement can adopt an anti-corruption platform instead of the disjointed messages, they will become much more effective. One Occupy member’s page http://owwc.gu.ma seems to go a long way in starting down that road.

    • missi

      try http://www.occupydallas.org, that is the only page that represent that movement

      • Nique ta mere

        None of you know what is going on… two people presenting two websites!
        You are all a bunch of idiots!

  • dawnssister

    The police need to acceot that they are the 99%. The chances of a police officer, absent corruption, rising to the top 1% are nil. Join the occupy side, officers. The 1% only care about you as a tool, just like the rest of us.

    • Lisa

      No mame….we are called SHEPDOGS….we ideally only come to action to protect the sheep when the wolf comes calling. Get educated. Learn what a good officer is all about and the dedication it takes to walk the walk.

      • dawnssister

        What is a SHEPDOG? Who are the sheep? If you are talking about the public, I resent this categorization. The Lord is my Shepherd. You are not qualified. PS: The wolf has come calling. You are protecting the wrong parties and yes you are in the 99%, You are not :special”.Also, what is “mame”? Do you mean Ma’am. You need to go back to school if you intend to lead others.

  • Stacy

    Brought my kids downtown and had to listen to profanity etc by these protesters prior to any police involvement. They would not let me nor my kids walk down the sidewalk! When are citizens rights going to be upheld? I wont be back!!!!

  • Doug

    agree that these protesters are the greedy ones that just want free money for not doing any work. They are actually the 1% and everyone that is tired of these cry babies is the 99%!
    They have been caught stealing, vandalizing and raping women and then claim it wasn’t people part of their group. Just look at Oakland… what a dsigrace these bunch of kids are!

    • dawnssister

      No, I think they want good jobs with decent pay and good benefits. What a concept in this “right to work” state.

  • Tom

    Yea I work downtown and they distrupt traffic, cause noise, leave trash, and urinate everywhere. I cant sleep for their noise as I work nights and they come into the 1400 block of main. I have talked to police and they said they cant do anything. When will our rights and city laws be upheld???

  • Steven

    Just read your post TOM….we live at 1301 Main and found a way to take action. We drive by late at night and open up a barage of egg throwing. That camp has got to smell…hehehe.. If the police and our city councel wont take action its time citizens step up!!!!!! enough is enough. Look at REALLIFESUPERHEROES.COM Folks taking real action that really care!

  • jack

    People need to get a petition and file complaints against the city!
    It is their job to maintain order… they don’t let homeless people do what these punk kids are doing!

  • DeeDee

    File a law suit against the city! Otherwise get 20 of your baseball buddies and start doing batting practice on their heads! ;-)
    Actually you need to get a group of people and protest city hall and the police stations to take action. Just be sure to invite the media!!!!

    • Tom

      DeeDee we need to get you into CITY HALL ! you got my vote!

  • Justin

    Steven – Thanks for the info on REALLIFESUPERHEROES.COM – I have hope again for our civilization. Amazing that here in Dallas we have a camp of loosers that sit around complaining and their are actual citizens out their that risk their lives, their famalies, and the futures to uphold whats right and make a real difference. My wife didnt believe me when I told her about the sight! She want me to become “THE AVENGER” and take action against these loosers!!! Shesh.

  • Nique ta mere

    I think every citizen in Dallas should take a bag of trash to City Hall next Saturday and leave it on the door step. The day and movement could be called “Clean up Occupy” because we are tired of our streets looking and smelling bad!
    I haven’t figured out why none of these businesses don’t sue the city!

  • Nate

    Think and picture the scene. Demonstrators are at your home or business participating in a peaceful demonstration. You don’t necessarily want them there, so you call the police to keep it peaceful. A demonstrator climbs on a piece of your property. If that demonstrator falls and gets injured, then you will be responsible for the injury…by law. Therefore a police officer approaches…what do you really believe happned?

    1. The officer without saying anything, pushes the demonstrator off the structure and starts beating the guy.
    2. The officer asks the demonstrator to get off of the structure and the demonstrator refuses. Hence the police officer takes action and then others demonstrators make poor decisions to attach the police officer.

    If #1 happened, the cell phone cameras would have been running to get the video of the attack by the police officer.

    Come on people. Think logically before you make assumptions.

  • nate

    The media will always take the side they are POLITICALLY attached to. What a shame that the media is so biased in this country.

    Tell me you do not see it and I will tell you that you are either blind or don’t care.

  • Arrest them all

    These people need to get off their lazy buts and get jobs. America is getting to were its at by people just like them., Lazy and not willing to work. Their are plenty of jobs to be had. I drove by city hall the other day and could not believe what I saw. What is the city of Dallas thinking. It makes the city look trashy. Go Dallas PD. Hope you make more arrest on these lazy bums.

    • loki laufeyson

      “Get jobs”… how? My husband and I have been looking for work like fiends for the past 2 years. We’re college grads (he’s got his Master’s in electrical engineering). 300 people were laid off at his place of work in November of 2009, all of them college degreed and even some PhD’s. NOT ONE of these people has found a job yet. The common threads are that all of them are over 40. Many are over 50. My husband worked there for 23 years and is 55 years old. I’m over 45. Most were there 20+ years. ALL are US citizens. This was an aerospace and defense contractor, but now these talented and highly skilled workers can’t even find work delivering pizza or flipping burgers. In 2 years, my husband has gotten 10 interviews abd ZERO call-backs. The story is the same with the rest of his co-workers, and the layoffs are still going on there and at other major companies in the area like Lockheed, L-3, IBM, Intel, Verizon, Bank of America, and countless others. So, how do you propose that they “just get a job”? Why don’t YOU hire some of these folks like my husband and I, and some other of the few thousand other people all over Dallas– or some of the veterans who are coming home from the Middle East– who would LOVE to go back to work?

      • loki laufeyson

        Greg, does the phrase, “You’re overqualified” mean anything to you? To an employer, it means either, a) “You’re more educated than I am and I’m scared fro my own job security if I hire you”, or b) “You’re too qualified for this job and I know that you’ll leave as soon as a more suitable or better-paying position comes up”, or c) “You’re too old”. My hisband has heard that phrase from many interviewers. Another one is, “Do you speak Spanish?” My husband just happens to speak a foreign language fluently. He speaks German. He also speaks a little Spanish, but not this “dialect” that we hear spewing forth from our ‘immigrant’ population. I do speak Spanish, but I could communicate much better with someone from Madrid or Barcelona than I can with someone from Mexico. I really don’t know what the h**l they’re speaking, but that “Spanish” isn’t like any kind of Spanish I ever learned. Besides, that question isn’t so much a test of one’s linguistic ability; it’s actually a veiled way of looking for Hispanics. When I had an interview in Spanish, I ws outright told that my Spanish was excellent– but that my co-workers were not “comfortable” working with a “non-Hispanic”. And this was for a job cleaning houses– not exactly a high job on the totem pole, you know. And sdosong… what P Angel says about the qualifications for an electrician are absolutely correct. My husband looked into that as soon as the axe fell. And TWC was only willing to assist with training for bricklaying (at the time he was recovering from a broken arm, no less) or ditch digging. Yes, there are jobs in call centers… IF you speak Spanish and have 3-5 years of experience, to work for $10-11 an hour. Greg: he tried for pizza and burger jobs (not “burguer”. Learn to spell before you criticize others) but was told more than once that he is “overqualified”. Home Depot? “Um, do you speak Spanish?” Seasonal jobs at Halloween stores? Not even a reply back, or an answer when he tried to follow up.

      • sdodsong

        If your husband is an electrical engineer, then he needs to get off his high horse and go to work as an electrician. There are several job openings for electriciansin today’s paper – he will just have to work a little harder and get out of his chair.

      • silverstreak

        Get that job killing loser out of the white house and watch hiring explode!

      • P Angel

        To sdodsong…Your statement about the Electrical Engineer working as an electrician is absolutely insane and shows just how little you know about the real world! Just because he has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering doesn’t qualify him to work as an Electrician! He would have to get a job as an apprentice and serve in that capacity for probably 4 years, take tests for a license and then get the licenses for each and every municipality he might work in. And guess what, at his age, no one is going to hire him as an apprentice because he is over qualified and no one will give him a chance. Would love to know what you do for a living and see how happy you are about starting completely over in your 40’s or 50’s! You are an idiot and just looking for an excuse that will mean you don’t have to do anything different in your safe little life. Well guess what, these people thought they were safe also, until that one day when the axe fell on their jobs. Her is hoping you learn what the real problems are one of these days soon!

        I’d like to see how our lifestyle changes a few months down the line after that happens!

      • flanna

        Thank you for saying that! I have been unemployed for around 2 years and it is impossible to get a bona fide job! I worked for a couple of contractors to AT&T and ADT and got scammed. I and orthers reported this kind of “employment” with no results so far. I’m educated and skilled (college degree, technology & education), but I am also a senior citizen I have lost my home and my car note is a few months behind. Do you think that after all these years of working that I like having to depend on public medical assistance and family to survive? No, I’d rather have a job! Be ye not deceived for God is not mocked, for whatsoever you soweth, that shall you also reap. Where does one go? The TWC is a joke. On-line resumes are a joke and people just don’t want to talk to you face to face anymore. Be careful of what you say about people who need work, you or your family might be put into this same situation soon. I wonder what was said during the Civil Rights movement? I imagine the sentiments were the same as today’s Right To Work movement.

      • Greg Hackworth

        there is a LOT of work out there, It may not be what you WANT but it beats a zero or welfare, & I do not believe they cant get a job delivering pizza or flipping burguers or @ a home depot that is just an out & out untruth…………

      • loki laufeyson

        And NO, we are NOT “Occupiers”. We don’t have time for that. We are TOO BUSY looking for jobs.

      • Arrest them all

        You have to be joking!!! Cant find a job flipping burgers or delivering pizzas. 10 interviews in two years just go to show you are not trying to find a job. If you are both jobless maybe you should get off news websites and get on job listing websites or be out looking for leads of jobs. Its called motivation, get some!!! So get out of here with your feel sorry for me story.

      • Nonya

        Are you guys just looking in the DFW area? It may be time to relocate.


    You said if an officer pulled the guy down, the cameras would have been rolling. You followed that buy saying “don’t make assumptions, think logically”. Sounds like you contradicted yourself. “Called the police to keep things peaceful”, when the hell has that ever worked?


    Arrest them all doesn’t care, he’s probably got it made in the shade with a great paying job and pension. His message didn’t convey an ounce of sympathy for people who are wanting a chance to make it in the world. Maybe he’s got plenty of stock in corporation that has or wants to export their jobs for cheap labor so he can afford to buy season tickets to Jerry Jones’s Cowboys Stadium or a Ferrari.

    • Arrest them all

      No I work hard for my money just as I have had since I was 14 years old. These bums protesting have no idea what hard work is, they just want free handouts.

  • K

    The Occupy Movements need to look at who is backing and manipulating them. ACORN and the labor unions are using these movements for their polictical advantage and have convinced the movement people bussimess is the root of all evil and the cause of all the problems we have and not too much government. It would be nice to see a self sponsored movement to target reducing the deficiet and the real basis for our problem.

  • Jim

    Let’s see. I run a corporation and hire you and 50 others based on a mutually and contractually agreed upon salary (to include a stipulated generous bonus) for you the others to do your jobs. For whatever reason, at the end of the year, even after I paid you your agreed upon salary and stipulated bonus, my corporation made twenty times the profit that it made the year before allowing my corporation to bank hundreds of millions of dollars. Now you are angry and think you should have more of my profits??? Wait a minute, you entered a contract to provide work at a specified rate and were paid that along with your bonus. You even signed a contract stating so, and were happy with your pay and bonus, but now you want more because my corporation made more; even though I put up the risk, gave you an office, desk, cabinets, computers, phones and other supplies to allow you to do your job, heat and air????? I held up my end of our contract…. Help me understand who are the greedy ones in this scenario?????

    • P Angel

      Jim, if you are referring to contract labor to help make your company grow, I hope the bonus is based on the amount of profits they help bring to the table! If that were the case you are absolutely right there should be no reason for a complaint. But why do you not hire these people to give them a sense of security and add some benefits! If they are contract people, by law you can’t provide them with a real desk that they have to show up to, you can’t supply them with computers, phone and other supplies. What is the real story here? Gone are the days when an employee can say they are being unjustly treated and just go find another job and let the employer or contract holder just look for someone else. If the company does well, it used to be that the employees did well, but with today’s emphasis on contract labor, the work force has just become a disposable commodity! And no one likes to be thought of in that manner, especially if they have done a good job. Yes, help me to understand who is the greedy one here? What good use are you putting those millions of dollars to use to grow your company? Are you hiring more people, supplying more services to the market place, or are you holding on to that money and expecting your employees or contractors to continue under the same basis they always have?

  • BornFreeAmerican

    Get these Parasites off our property! This is George Soros’ group. These people are blood suckers just like in Greece! Do not allow this to continue! What is Mike Rawlings doing about this and what does he think? I have not heard a word from this man since he was elected. What is he doing? Hello Mike???

  • Jack Woods

    that makes a whole lot of sense dude. Wow.

  • squeakermama

    Disruptive and ineffective.

  • jim


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