By Mike Kinney

I have always loved to watch artist as they create their artwork.  It inspires me to see them turn a blank canvas into a beautiful picture or take a lump of clay and sculpt it into a piece of art.   So when I heard about Tim Hogan carving a 4000 pound buffalo named “Glory” out of an oak tree I knew I wanted to get a chance to watch him carve.

img 20111107 00145 Through The Lens Blog: Glory

Today’s story took me to 80 beautiful acres of country land hidden right inside Fort Worth city limits where Hogan carves deer, longhorns, eagles and other animals out of large old trees.  Hogan carved as a child and has been a oil painter most of his life but said he got into carving these big sculptures a few years ago after his son went to Africa for a safari.  He saw a large concrete lion outside of a building and thought about buying one for his son but decided he could carve one instead.  After experimenting and trying his hand at carving he was inspired by a visit to longhorn ranch to carve longhorn head mounts out of wood.

img 20111107 00144 Through The Lens Blog: Glory

Watching Hogan use a chainsaw and grinder to bring an old dead block of wood back to life as a longhorn is pretty amazing but what I found most admirable about the man was his love for the beauty that God created not only in the trees, but in the animals that he creates out of it’s wood.  Hogan says he just wants to capture a little of the “glory” God put in the tree and put it back in to his carvings.

img 20111107 00146 Through The Lens Blog: Glory

I hope that I was able to soak up some of the inspiration that floats in the sawdust outside of Hogan’s wood shop.  It will no doubt make me a better person and when I’m low on inspiration I may have to journey back out to sit on the porch and recharge.