Man Stabbed In Sansom Park, Suspect Arrested

SANSOM PARK (CBSDFW.COM) – Police arrested a man who stabbed another man during a fight Friday night without incident.

According to a media release, a 911 call alerted officers to a fight in progress in the 5200 block of Landino. During the call, the witness said someone had been stabbed.

When police arrived, they found an adult victim bleeding from a stab wound, along with a bloody knife lying near him, police said.

David Smith O’Neal was arrested on scene and charged with the crime. He remains in the Tarrant County Jail Saturday afternoon.

The victim, who has not been identified, is stable at an area hospital.


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  1. Renee Smith says:

    His name is David O’Neal Smith and this was self defence. That man came after my brother with the knife and my brother defended himself. My brother never has and never will be a voilent person. And he’s not in Tarrant county jail i don’t know where you people get your facts from. Why don’t you people get your facts straight before you go reporting on something you know nothing about and just making stuff up. You people couldn’t even get his name right for god’s sake..

    1. Cheryl Grayson says:

      well the victim is MY brother and I talked to the only witness and HE told me that MY BROTHER was sitting on the couch and YOUR brother attacked him FROM BEHIND for no reason, so get ready for the trial because I KNOW I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Renee Ray Smith says:

    Hope you idiots had a good time embarassing yourselfs

  3. Lea says:

    My God! David Smith is my Ex. It is my father that he attacked. Chester, David’s step father was there and saw the whole thing. He is David’s step dad, why would he lie? My dad was sitting on the couch playing his guitar and David wanted to rent a room at Chester’s house. My dad said “If you have money you need to go give it to Lea” I haven’t gotten child support in years. David then pushed my dad off the couch into a kerosene heater and burned his hands horribly. Then he stuck a friggin Bowie knife in his ribs collapsing a lung. He very nearly bled to death before he got to the hospital. This wasn’t self defense, this was attempted murder. David HAS always been a violent person. He used to throw televisions and break kitchen chairs. He got drunk and dumb and now he is lying to all of you just like he always has.

  4. Niki says:

    well we got our facts about the story from chester , who was one of the only other people there and i know he loves them both. so i know what he said is true which was David Smith attacked my dad! why would chester lie? There’s always two sides to the story and im going with what chester and my father said. of course when you mess up and stab some one first thing you try to say to get away with it is “self defense”.

  5. Cheryl Grayson says:

    OK, Niki and Lea, I know y’all are upset AS WE ALL ARE but take a deep breath and get ready for the trial because we WILL NOT let this slide by like “a fight gone bad” , this was a brutal, vicious, unprovoked attack and THAT is what we are going to prove in court

  6. Loki says:

    Yes were all sure that Chester loves them both, why would chester put these two with a history together, get them blind drunk, and make a knife available? Its not like Chester had a reason, like just signing DIVORCE PAPERS with David’s mother…I’ll bet Chester was even shouting “I LOVE MAN” as he was stomping and kicking David on the ground…What I don’t understand is who owns the knife??? I’m sure it will come out. Why did the guy tell the police he attacked David with the knife at the hospital?

  7. Lea says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, are Chester and David not still on good terms? Then why was he at Chester’s house? Should we ask to press charges for breaking and entering too? And if David still isn’t able to control the amount he drinks then he needs professional help. My dad was at home, where he is paying bills and renting Chester’s house, asleep when David and Chester got there. He sat up and started playing his guitar on the couch and when he told David he needed to man up and take care of his kids David dove over the couch on top of him. My dad had the legal right by Texas law to defend himself as he did. It was his knife. He never denied that. David attacked him, an old weak man who is half blind, from behind and he defended himself the only way he was able. If my dad wanted to hurt David he would have. All he wanted was for him to leave.

  8. the Shadow says:


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