mugs 2 Police Arrest 2 Suspects In McKinney Arson & Murder

Winfred Raynard Watkins (L) and Christopher Joel Graham (R), suspects in a McKinney arson and murder.

McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Two men are in police custody, suspected of robbing a house in McKinney, at some point killing the person inside and setting the house on fire.

On October 26 the McKinney Fire Department responded to a fire at 2022 Hillcrest. After putting out the blaze, firefighters discovered a man inside – dead.

The body was that of Steven Cummins, a 51-year-old man who had been housesitting for his parents.

As police looked into the fire and mysterious death, they discovered that a 2006 minivan was missing from the home.

On November 11, the ongoing investigation led police to Dallas. When police searched a house, in the 9300 block of Rustown Street, they found stolen property from the McKinney fire/murder and subsequently arrested 42-year-old Winfred Raynard Watkins.

That same day police found the stolen van at a Dallas motel. Police staked out the location and took Christopher Joel Graham, 41, into custody when he tried to drive away in the vehicle.

Among other things, Graham has been charged with burglary, arson and manslaughter. So far, Watkins has only been charged with burglary.

McKinney police say they are actively looking for a third, unnamed person who they believe was also involved in the crime.