DISD Debating Merging Schools To Save Money

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The embattled Dallas Independent School District is looking into shutting down 11 schools and consolidating them with others as a way to cut into a $30 million budget shortfall heading into the 2012-2013 school year.

Pearl C. Anderson Middle School, in Pleasant Grove is on the list.  Dejeure Crawford blossomed as a young artist there.  His grandmother, Chris Balfour, doesn’t want it shut down.

“It feels like abandonment. That’s how I feel. It feels like abandonment. It doesn’t make sense to me,” she said.

There are nine elementary schools on the list and two middle schools. Closing them and consolidating them with other schools would save the district $11.5 million.

“I feel like that the district on us kids and they just want to save money for themselves,” Dejeure said.

Christine Puente-Gomez has two daughters who go to H.S. Thompson Elementary, another school on the list.  “We really don’t want them to have to go to another crowded school where they’re not going to be able to advance their education.”  Right now, both girls are on the honor roll.

The American Federation of Teachers worries not only about jobs but the community.  Rena Honea, head of the Alliance AFT, tells CBS 11 “To close that campus would be a huge effect on the economic growth, the businesses in that area. If the school isn’t there, people tend to move away.”

DISD says the legislature forced them to this point. “We’ve got to find some place that we can save $30 million, still educate our children with all of the amenities they deserve and need and yet be fiscally responsible,” says DISD board member Nancy Bingham.

DISD listed the names of schools recommended to close and consolidate as:

1)         City Park Elementary
2)         Julia C. Frazier Elementary
3)         Phillis Wheatley Elementary
4)         N.W. Harlee Elementary
5)         Arlington Park Elementary
6)         James W. Fannin Elementary
7)         James B. Bonham Elementary
8)         Oran M. Roberts Elementary
9)         H.S. Thompson Elementary
10)      D. A. Hulcy Middle School
11)      Pearl C. Anderson Middle School

There will be public hearings on the issue and a final decision from the board in January.


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  1. StopDISD.org says:

    Please note ~ O.M. Roberts is on the list but, in today’s DMN they inform that DISD still plans to build a new Roberts Elementary to replace the old. WHAT????

    That just doesn’t make sense!! You mean to tell me DISD is going to close O.M. Roberts but, will continue with plans to build a brand new 22 MILLION dollars school? So the district is saving 11 million to close these schools but, will spend 22 MILLION to build a new one? O.M. Roberts was under capacity so, the district is going to build an 800 student school? How are they going to fill it up? ….And then to turn around and close Eduardo Mata the fairly new school that’s only 14 years old? This is a WASTE!! DISD STOP wasting OUR tax dollars!! What is DISD thinking!!!!

    To Learn more visit http://www.StopDISD.org

  2. Phillis Williams says:

    I think that this is very sad!!!! Where is our Elected Officials????? Why so many schools in the southern sector?????? Sad Sad Sad!!!

  3. RussP says:

    If the schools are truly under utilized, this makes complete sense and parents need to look beyond the inconvenience to themselves and their kids. On the other hand, if this is just some more DISD mismanagment (as is possible since they are also spending the money to build a new OM Roberts), then this should be stopped and better ways to trim the budget found.

  4. concern parent says:

    DISD has been a joke for the last 15 years or so. Our children have no voice and majority of the schools they want to close (merge) is in our low income areas. I guess it is easier to over crowd our schools because they feel the parents in these areas do not care. This is truly heartbreaking and so SAD. It is time for our Officials we put in place to STAND and be the VOICE for these children. Our children education must suffer because of WHAT money. Please stop acting as if you (DISD) are building these mega schools to help our children because it is BULL and a waste of money you say you do not have. Why are you building new schools when you have schools that need to be filled? Iam praying for our children and that the RIGHT decision will be made in January. Julia C. Frazier Elementary School is a wonderful school with an AWESOME Principal and GREAT Teachers.

  5. omega benne says:

    j attended julia c frazier and h.s. thompson those schools hold so many memories, for me they are a part of texas history the children that attend these schools,iam sure they feel the way i did when i attended that these schools are the best place to get an education and the best teachers to help them achieve their goal in life …i pray that god will take control of this situation and turn things around in favor of keeping the continuation of these shools to stay open(amen)

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    If school taxes were actually charged on enrollment…….then all of those illegals would be forced to pay the taxes to put their kids in school, and the system wouldn’t be so hard pressed to get adequate financing.

    Illegals aren’t real estate property owners, so as it is now, 80% of the kids in the public schools, pay no school taxes! Especially in DISD.

    1. RussP says:

      That, for good or bad, is the price for public education. I’ve never had any children yet I’ve paid at least $25,000 in school taxes since buying my house in 1991. And even though someone may only rent their home, the person who actually owns it is has to pay part of the rent to school taxes. But I agree that this country really needs to tighten up on the expenses incurred by the tax payer as a result of immigration.

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