Man Killed After Being Shoved Into Moving DART Train

By Matt Goodman, CBSDFW.COM

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A 19-year-old man was killed Tuesday night when a group of “three or four” suspects between 12 and 14 years old beat him and pushed him in front of a moving DART train at the MLK Station near Fair Park, DART spokesman Mark Ball said.

Octavius Lanier was standing on a platform awaiting a train at about 6:40 p.m. when the group attacked him from behind, Ball said. The boys then shoved Lanier in front of a train that was traveling into the station.

The 19-year-old became lodged between the train and the platform and was dragged “a short distance,” Ball said.

On Wednesday, DPD spokeswoman Sherri Jeffrey said the suspects are between 12 and 14 years old. One child was arrested late Tuesday night, and a second was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon, Jeffrey said. The first juvenile has been charged with capital murder, officials said.

Jeffrey did not say what the other suspect was charged with nor whether any others had been identified. She did not release either name or how old they are, only that they are juveniles.

Emergency crews transported Lanier to Baylor Hospital after the attack, where he was pronounced dead. Ball said his femoral artery was severed in the attack. Results from the medical examiner’s autopsy show Lanier died from blunt force trauma. His death was also confirmed as a homicide.

Ball said cameras at the DART station captured the attack. Detectives are reviewing the tape and searching for remaining suspects.

On Wednesday, Lanier’s mother said she was told the group of boys were attempting to steal her son’s iPod. Takesha Harper said she can’t believe children that young would be so malicious and questioned why there weren’t officers on the train or, at least, at the DART station.

She said her son was a student at the CAN Academy and was set to graduate this spring. Lanier and Harper lived in Oak Cliff.


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  1. RussP says:

    Perhaps it’s time for DART police to spend less time cruising the highways (not sure why they have jurisdiction there anyway) and place them at the train stations. I don’t remember ever being in a train station around New York where you didn’t see transit cops around.

    1. JC says:

      THIS. I ride DART Rail often and almost never see DART police at the stations, except for Akard Station. I also never see Fare Enforcement officers on the train after 5pm. I would love to see how many of the people drinking a beer from a paper bag that ride after 11pm (when I ride home from work) have a paid pass to ride.

    2. Alexx Rodriguez says:

      It seems the only solution is to make an example out of these boys. Let them get passed around jail. Then hang them.

  2. You Can't Spell FAILURE without U R A says:

    So, Matt, where are your writing skills in the copy of this story? First, you refer to them as men, and then the accused as a child.

  3. jt kopke says:

    sorry to say in the world in which we have evolved, it has become a sort of “sport” sport killing done in triffic as weel in some large cities, without a doubt it is premeditated “murder” the end result is obvious, a trill crime and unexceptable.

  4. scotonfire says:

    Such a cowardly thing to do. Their parents must be proud.

  5. Albro says:

    Always looking for someone to blame: Why weren’t there cops on the train? Easy, because the taxpayers wont spring for an extra 300 cops per shift to have every car of every train overseen by a cop, that’s why.

    1. Dee says:

      Hmmm, perhaps they will save and subtract on the cars theyre cruisin in, THUS saving MORE in gas $$$ also, so that they can do what they were hired to do!!! WORK ON THE TRAINS!!!!!!!!

  6. joebob says:

    I say…. If you can do an ADULT crime…. then DO THE ADULT TIME. Nuke the little fockers.

    1. Betty says:

      TOTALLY Agree.

    2. Alisha says:

      I agree one hundred percent at the age of 12 you know the difference between right and wrong.

  7. Cherron says:

    I rode the DART train for five days while on a temporary assignment at the Convention Center, on the green line from the Lawnview Station to the Convention Center. NEVER ONCE did I see an officer. NEVER ONCE was I asked for my pass. I got on every morning around 5:30 and came home around 7:00 in the evening. I carried pepper spray with me and definitely would of used it. My husband rides it every day going to work. He is constantly coming home talking about the loud mouth showoffs that ride and really wishes that someone was on the train to control them.

  8. retrostar1000 says:

    Way to go, mom and dad. You must be beaming with pride.

  9. veronica says:

    Why blame the parents for this.?

  10. Mr. Cabe says:

    Teenagers who have such a low moral compass begs the question of what is being or not being taught in the home. Ultimately parents should have some some accountability for the actions of their children who are minors.

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