Perry Ranks Low In New Republican Polls

98816194 Perry Ranks Low In New Republican Polls

Texas Governor Rick Perry participates in a U.S. Chamber of Commerce summit on "the role of free enterprise in job creation" on May 3, 2010 in Washington, D.C. (credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Is it time for Gov. Rick Perry to end his presidential campaign?

That is the question that the Texas governor might be asking himself and his staffers after the results of a new poll were made public on Tuesday. The poll, which was conducted by Suffolk University and WHDH in Boston, found that only 2 percent of Republican voters in New Hampshire are considering Perry.

In this particular poll, Perry ranked only ahead of Michele Bachmann. Mitt Romney led the poll with 41 percent as Newt Gingrich (14 percent), Ron Paul (14 percent), Jon Huntsman (9 percent), Herman Cain (8 percent) and Rick Santorum (3 percent) all racked numbers higher than the Texas governor.

Perry saw similar results in a different poll which was released on Friday – that time tying with Bachmann at 2 percent. Santorum was in last place with Romney leading the pack by a much tighter margin.

And Perry is seeing equally dismal numbers in Republican polls conducted in other states across the nation. Five percent in Michigan. Three percent in Arizona and Pennsylvania. If the governor fails to gain traction in Iowa before to the January caucus, he could be back in Texas much sooner than expected.

National polls are more optimistic, but not by much. The latest USA Today poll placed the Texas governor in fifth place at 8 percent. A just released Quinnipiac poll placed him in fourth place – tied with Ron Paul – with 6 percent. CNN ranks Perry in fourth place at 11 percent.

What do you think — should Perry continue his presidential campaign or call it quits and return to Texas? Sound off in our comments below.


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  1. NiteNurse says:

    Governor Goofy is hanging in a little longer so that when he quits he can earn tons of money like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee doing shows, speeches, and books. Forget being president spend a little time on the national stage and your bank account will be full of money!

  2. sadiedog says:

    he looks like he’s going to have a temper tantrum

  3. Jake34 says:

    Look like Mr. Never Lost an Election (but should’ve) is finally gong to get his “come up-ins’ ” as we say in Texas.

  4. j love says:

    Govenor Rick Perry, Please, Please, do not stop your campaigning. You are a true American, and we need you in the White House. Don’t Stop, you can do it.

  5. Orlando Sanchez says:


  6. Rosco O says:

    suicide is always an option…please think about it

  7. James says:

    YES. Here is WHY and why he shouldn’t run again Governor of Texas?

    01. Texas has one of the HIGHEST Uninsured rate under his leadership.

    02. Texas’ Poverty rate is growing at a very fast rate.

    03. Texas has high unemployment rate 8.5 not much better than national avg now < 9.0

    04. Texas has done nothing to secure it's borders under his leadership.

    05. Gov Perry was speeding and when stopped by an officer, he started yelling at her. Law should be same for everyone.

    06. Amercian support Democarcy around the world and lots of Amercian blood has been shed, yet, he invited Pakistani dictator to Austin so Perry Promotes dictatorship. How sad.

    07. He used Federal money to balance his budget yet, he wrote a book; FED UP with Washington. Oh really?

    08. Perry wants Texas to succed from Union. Yet, he wants to be the President.

    09. Lines at DMV are so long and if you have to get a Texas license, you have wait in line starting at 12 am, may still have to come the next day, and make an appointment which is usually month long to get a new license

    10. He attacked a lady Michelle Bachmann and stole her staff in NH. So cruel to all ladies who are trying to move up.

    11. He tried to re-district illegally, Nov, 8th, 2011, Court over-ruled.

    12. He created mess for Herman Cain. We need to talk about real issues facing the country. No one is perfect but he attacked Cain as if Perry never had sex outside of his marriage.

    13. Uses his religion card whenever he can benefit yet, doesn't follow his own faith.

    14. His wife told him to run for President. Coudn't he figure it out hisself.

    15. His son voluntarily quit his 100K job to help Perry, wife blames Obama.
    What a lie!!!

    16. He can't debate….. OH yes…for sure!!!

    16. Changed his party from Democrat to Republican to benefit HIMSELF. So he is 'IN IT' for HIMSELF.

    17. Deregualtion atually rasied the electric bills..were suppsed to bring it down.

  8. JB says:

    What does this say about the voter’s in Texas ? To vote this guy in for governor is really hard to understand. This guy won’t make a good dog catcher. have a good trip back to Texas…..they deserve you

  9. Krauser says:

    Keep Goin, its the american way

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