Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

rw whitts end Whitts End 11.25.11

*Cowboys are 7-4. Cowboys lead the NFC East. Cowboys control their playoff destiny. But even as a guy who called 8-4 while staring in the face of 3-4, I’m not getting carried away. If the Cowboys beat the Cardinals Dec. 4 their five-game winning streak will be achieved against this polluted ditch of NFL quarterbacks: Tarvaris Jackson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Rex Grossman, Matt Moore and John Skelton.

*Have fun in the SEC Aggies. Hope last night’s 27-25 loss to Texas not only spoiled your going-away party but ruins your next 118 years. In my detailed summation of the game: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Says boring, bad A&M coach Mike Sherman of his team’s loss to their arch rival in their final Big 12 game: “This is a devastating loss.” In closing, LOL!

*This just in: Ndamukong Suh is a beast, and a bitch. Only thing worse the Lions’ defensive lineman intentionally – maliciously stomping on the arm of a Packer is lying to fans and think they’re naïve enough to believe him over the video evidence. Gotta be a suspension, right?

*Cowboys vs. Dolphins? Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh? Suh vs. Evan Dietrich-Smith? Nope, the best battle on Thanksgiving was waged on Twitter between former Cowboys’ receiver Terrell Owens and NBC5 sports anchor Newy Scruggs. Epic stuff. The best between @newyscruggs and @terrellowens: T.O.: Hey ‘Chewy Scrub!’ u done yet? Or did u take a break 4 another Thanksgiving plate? 4th,5th,6th plate perhaps? Newy: I’m going to bed. When I get up, I’ll have a job, unlike you. Let’s get back at it if you are still alive.

*Never had the cops called to my house during a Thanksgiving party. Until last night. Yep, seems 20 minutes of a family member’s dog barking in the back yard around 9:45 was enough to prompt one of my neighbors to sick the police to my house. Weird. I’ve thrown parties with loud music and alcohol-fueled revelers until sunrise before with nary a complaint.



*Another sign that Cowboys’ cornerback Orlando Scandrick ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer: “Davone Bess is better than Wes Welker,” he said after Thursday night’s game. “Better than Wes Welker. Better than Wes Welker.” I appreciate that Scandrick has been chasing Bess since the two were at Boise State and Hawaii, but that’s a preposterous observation.

*The Cowboys’ Laurent Robinson has been targeted in the end zone five times by Tony Romo. The result? Five touchdowns.

*Not sure why the NHL’s Stanley Cup was inside Cowboys Stadium on Thanksgiving, but it was.

*While the wife/girlfriend is out shopping today come join us at The Fan Sports Lounge (2990 Olive in Victory Park, Dallas). We’re watching LSU-Arkansas, reviewing Cowboys-Dolphins and taking canned goods donations for the North Texas Food Bank. In exchange for a canned item, we’ll let you reach into our personal RAGE grab bag. You might walk away with one of Armen’s old Texas Tech T-shirts, a pair of gently used Greggo sunglasses, Sybil’s old leg warmers or a Cowboys program fresh from Thursday.

*Thank you again to Dan Bailey and Justin Tucker for making it a Thanksgiving we’ll never forget. Or top.

*This weekend? Maybe put up some Christmas lights, eat some leftovers and, at some point, get into the gym to eradicate Thanksgiving’s bounty. But mostly, chill on Saturday and Sunday. It’s been a while. Don’t be a stranger.