Abused Dog Getting Second Chance Thanks To FW Family

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – She’s been abused and is missing an ear but a spirited dog named Little Gracie is getting a second chance at a good life.

The five-month-old puppy owes it all to a Fort Worth family who found her.

“She deserves not to be hurt again,” said Kathy Childress, whose daughter Sierra found the dog. “I can’t put her in a shelter, a one-eared little pup. She might get passed up for one that looks very cute and has both ears.”

Little Gracie’s left ear was severely infected and nearly detached when the Childress family found her earlier this month.

“It was lacerated all the way through to the center,” said veterinarian Dr. Karen Barger, “and in center we found a rubber band that was wrapped around it.”

Dr. Barger had to remove the ear. She suspects someone tried to crop the pup’s ears at home, possibly to raise the pit-bull mix as a fighting dog.

“I don’t know why anybody would want to hurt something young and innocent like a puppy,” Dr. Barger said, “but  it happens all the time and it breaks my heart.”

The abuse hasn’t broken Little Gracie’s spirit.

“She was abused. If anybody has a reason to be aggressive it would be her, but she’s never been like that,” Dr. Barger added. “She’s always been really sweet and happy and loves everybody!”

Childress has spent nearly $2,000 her own money to help nurse the puppy back to health.

“She deserves it, there’s a hundred million others out there who deserve it,” Childress said, “but she’s the one that happened to be in my path.”

Childress would love to keep Little Gracie, but already has two rescued pit bulls of her own, so she and Dr. Barger are hoping someone else gives grace to Gracie.

Childress has even created a Facebook page and a blog for Gracie, and is hoping someone will come forward to offer the energetic puppy a good home.

“That’s really my ultimate goal,” Dr. Barger said, “to find somebody who can look past her missing ear and see how sweet she is.”

“She is absolutely 100 percent the sweetest little girl who is willing to give humans another chance so why can’t somebody else,” Childress said.

Those interested in adopting Little Gracie can email Dr. Barger and Childress at littlegraciedog@yahoo.com.


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  1. Pamela Meteltis says:

    How do I get in touch with the family, I am interested in adopting Gracie.

    1. Little Gracie Childress says:

      If you scroll up a little you will see an email account to send your information.

    2. Little Gracie Childress says:

      I have not seen your name in an email to littlegraciedog@yahoo.com If you have not sent an email you will need to do so asap.
      Thank you
      Gracie Team

  2. Stephenie Crawford Gana says:

    I would love to adopt gracie… I have two children that would love her too peices… please contact me via facebook or email…

  3. Stephenie Crawford Gana says:


  4. NiteNurse says:

    I volunteer at one of the local city shelters and there are TONS of dogs like Gracie. Please don’t buy your dogs from pet stores, breeders or the neighborhood backyard breeders. Go to one of the local shelters where you will find lots of dogs and cats who are great companions. For a small adoption fee they will be vacinated and fixed for you. Find the next love of your life at a local shelter you won’t regret it.

  5. Stephenie Crawford Gana says:

    I was wanting to kno if Gracie had been adopted… Im very interested in adopting her…. please contact me at 817-986-7038

  6. Little Gracie Childress says:

    Please if you would like to contact about an adoption please email to

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