Cowboys: We Didn’t Force Cheerleader To Delete Her Twitter Account

By Kent Chapline, CBSDFW.COM

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) – Somebody might have pushed Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Melissa Kellerman off Twitter, but it wasn’t the Dallas Cowboys.

We know this because we asked the Cowboys.  They said it wasn’t them.

Kellerman, as you might have heard, is the cheerleader who had a sideline collision with tight end Jason Witten during the game on Thanksgiving.

Kellerman wasn’t hurt, and the next day she posted two good-natured tweets about it:

  • “Not hurtin’ today, like some of y’all thought I would be! Our TE isn’t as tough as he looks… That or I’m WAY tougher than I look. ;)”
  • “I’m not the best at Jason Witten trust falls ;)”

Sometime soon after that, her Twitter account disappeared.

That night, CNBC sports reporter Darren Rovell claimed the Cowboys forced Kellerman to delete her Twitter account.  His claim has been repeated all over the internet, and many people are criticizing the Cowboys for the supposed move.

This morning we asked the Cowboys if they had made Kellerman delete her account.

Here’s the reply we got from Rich Dalrymple, the team’s Vice President of Public Relations & Communications:  “The Dallas Cowboys Football Club did not.  We don’t get involved in administering twitter accounts.”

Monday morning (in fact, while this story was being written), Kellerman’s account reappeared.  But now she is protecting her tweets.

We’re trying to contact Kellerman.


One Comment

  1. Hootex says:

    Does anyone really care?

    1. Ted says:

      lol i know right? WHO CARES??? typical yahoo article

      1. KatTM says:

        Typical yahoo article on CBS? Get it right Ted…

  2. Derek says:

    Well, there you go. The Cowboys said they didn’t do it, so that has to be true.

    1. KatTM says:

      And it has to be true that they did because a reporter stated his opinion based on nothing but his own belief?

  3. peace says:

    its obvious people care other wise this stupid story wouldnt be all over the internet. and yea the cowboys said they didnt do it…so did bill clinton and oj simpson…get real people…we have more important things to discuss than some cheerleaders twitter page…get a life folks…grow up

  4. peace says:

    o and if she didnt want attention she wouldnt be a cheerleader to one of the most popular foortball teams in America…just saying

  5. George Smithson says:

    All we should want is more photos!

  6. john says:

    Leave the girl alone mercy sakes! For sure she did nothing wrong!

  7. robbie says:

    She looks like my wife,,,,,,,,,,,,,,outta look !!!

  8. Clarence Stafford says:

    Leave Melissa alone.

  9. Clarence Stafford says:

    They need to leave Melissa alone. She know what she is doing.

  10. Dennis says:

    She likes chicken….. I bet nobody knew that.

  11. KevinR says:

    So ask Darren Rovell from CNBC if he made up the story. He is always saying coaches should be fired, so I’m sure he will quit if he’s the liar.

  12. tom merrigan says:

    You know this ‘because we asked the Cowboys.’ My God, everything really IS bigger in Texas–and apparently this includes stupidity.

  13. glenp says:

    HOT DAMN FOLKS, Thats one good looking girl ! Whats wrong with YALL

  14. Tweet says:

    It doesn’t matter WHY she deleted her Twitter account or WHY she brought it back online. All of these conspiracy theorists need to move on.

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