Alec Baldwin’s Comments Not Earning Him Fans Locally

By Ryan Crowe,

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Alec Baldwin’s continued attack on American Airlines is earning him fewer fans in North Texas.

One day after being removed from a flight for refusing to put away his cell phone, Alec Baldwin wrote an op-ed piece for the Huffington Post comparing flying the Fort Worth-based airline to “a Greyhound bus experience.”

Dallas-based Greyhound hasn’t taken too kindly to Baldwin’s slight, issuing an open letter to Baldwin saying in part the comparison was unfair because the bus service offers free Wi-Fi on buses, adding that Baldwin wouldn’t be required to turn off his electronic device.

American Airlines hasn’t had any official comment on the matter, but said on their facebook page that a “passenger was removed from the flight and denied boarding,” for his comments and attitude in dealing with the fight crew.

Baldwin has apologized to fellow passengers on the plane.  Greyhound CEO Dave Leach took the opportunity to invite Baldwin to travel with him from New York to Boston to “see first-hand what a great ride Greyhound can be.”


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  1. Alice Hemphill Bavol says:

    Just proves yet again he is an arrogant jerk who thinks he’s so special.

  2. susan says:

    i worked for american airlines and i can tell you that there are many people who treat the flight attendants and ground personnel like they are “lesser” beings and a servants of a sort..they have the “dont tell me what to do” attitude..i worked as a gate agent and some of the rudest,most selfish,most arrogant passengers i ever dealt wit were “celebrities” or tv stars or actors and an occasional singer..they expect to be treated differently than the business traveller or the mom with a child ore the elderly passenger, to the point of great arrogance..i have been there and i can assure you mr baldwin was not being a nice person..he was lucky the other passengers didnt pummel him!

  3. YRofTexas says:

    I’ll wager that Greyhound won’t lose Alex’ luggage, as they did for my 100% handicapped (then boyfriend) husband. They denied him keeping his suitcase with him, under his chair, and next thing he knew, his luggage was put on the wrong bus, dropped off at an Oklahoma busstop, and a thief took it.

    Of course, Greyhound denied their error. Wrong bus. Too bad.

  4. Hootex says:

    Alec Baldwin’s thoughts on anything can’t be much coming from a pea sized brain. He is what he is. He’s just another liberal who didn’t get his way, or didn’t think the rules applied to him because of who he is. Jerk first class.

    1. Tommy Chapman says:

      Well, I just dealt with an AA executive conservative who thought she was all that with my company, so it works both ways!

  5. selena says:

    I’ve seen flight attendants ask passengers to turn off their phones and computers in a rude way. Airlines should focus on teaching their employees customer service or hire people with a better attitudes.

    If you ask someone in a nice way.. they will do anything for you. I think they forget we pay their lousy salaries.

  6. its me says:

    “Not earning him fans lcoally” = the company isn’t happy??? Wow, yeah, people are just coming out in droves to protest against Baldwin just like the headline implies, right? Shady, attention-grabbing journalism at it’s finest. Suck on the AA teat much, cbs11? Jeez. Keep that nose brown, by all means.

  7. NiteNurse says:

    Alec Baldwin has had anger issues for years. These anger problems broke up his marriage, he was exposed for yelling at his daughter by calling her a little pig, and now he got in trouble with a flight attendant. Howard Stern said on his show the other morning that Alec needs therapy because he called the flight attendants 1950 gym teachers. His dad was a 1950 gym teacher and he hated his dad. You think all this anger is misplaced daddy issues??? I can’t believe people are considering backing him for mayor of NYC!!!

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