By J.D. Miles

MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – With a well-worn hide and eyes clouded by age, the thoroughbred known as Chance can still stand as tall and proud as he did during his younger show horse days.

He’s old, and he’s blind. Monetarily, he’s not worth much. But a McKinney resident has pooled more than $1,000 to keep him alive.

“He’s loving, he’s sweet, he’s kind,” said Cheryl Joseph, who has served as the horse’s caretaker since his owner brought him to a horse farm for boarding three years ago.

When that owner was told that Chance was losing his sight, she sent an email to Joseph announcing her intention to euthanize the 20-year-old horse.

“I know now that the only and greatest gift I can give him is to let him go,” Joseph recalled the email saying.

But the caretaker isn’t about to let the horse go: She offered to buy Chance for $1,500, but the owner rejected it.

“I think, especially since he lost his sight, we adore him even more,” Joseph said. “It’s awful; it will break my heart if he gets put down because there’s no reason. It would be like saying a blind person can’t function.”

He may be blind, but Chance is a healthy and happy horse, his caretaker says, and may live up to another 10 years.

“They’re only supposed to euthanize a horse if there are no other options and there is another option for this horse,” Joseph said.

Chance’s owner did not respond to repeated emails or calls requesting comment. But her decision concerns other horse owners.

“My feeling as a horse owner is that elderly horses, as long as they’re not in pain, should be able to live out their life normally,” said Sara Draper, a horse owner.

An attorney for Chance’s owner said “At this time, the owner has decided not to euthanize the horse and move him to another facility.”

This worries Joseph, who said the blind horse knows where his water and food are now and has a friendly mustang that leads him around.

If she buys the horse, Joseph knows he may not live long – but she says she’s willing to take a chance on Chance.