By Gavin Dawson, 105.3 The Fan

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) — Three days later, NBA executives are still acting like children over the Chris Paul non trade.  Funny that so many of them are choosing to voice their opinion off the record.

Like this guy who spoke with Adrian Wojnarowski on yahoo. When he was asked if Paul will be traded.

My initial reaction is, ‘Who wants to go through that headache with the NBA playing God?’ You want to do a deal. New Orleans’ front office wants to do a deal. And the third party – the NBA – says you can do it? Should I call Stern and see if they’re going to waive Patrick Ewing Jr., since he’s only partially guaranteed? ”

Really?  The NBA playing GOD??!!   To clarify, what the NBA did, is step in and prevent the Lakers from raping and pillaging a franchise that has become down and out.  And on top of that, they are not  a third party, they ARE the Hornets you idiot.  The Hornets with Paul, have hope.  The Hornets without Paul are basically an expansion team.

And btw, don’t act like GMs don’t spend THOUSANDS of hours every year having fruitless conversations on the phone.  The trade getting called off is not going to step anybody from calling Dell Demps, especially because they now know he’s capable of making a stupid trade.

Commissioner Stern is no fool.   He knows more than anybody, the NBA is a Superstar’s league.  The games are dictated by the best player on the court, the television contracts are built around the best player on the court, and a bunch of really good starters don’t mean jack bleep.

Hating Commissioners has become a sport inside a sport.  It makes me sick.  Seriously as I’m writing this I think, where did being a fan go from cheering to inventing reasons to make the people in charge bad guys?

And Lakers fans have been super transparent through this entire story.  Lakers fans, please tell me why you think it’s such a fair deal but you are so mad that it got shut down by ownership.   If it was a fair deal, you wouldn’t care that much.   Can’t wait to see your obvious homer justifications.

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