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Car With Handicapped Plates Ticketed For Parking In Handicapped Spot

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An 82-year-old Dallas woman has been fighting a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot.

Anna Thornton’s car has handicapped plates.  She uses a traction device for back problems.  “There’s some days I can’t get up and down very good,” she said.

She was at a shopping center on Garland Road recently when she received the ticket.  “I walked out and there was this piece of paper on the windshield,” she said.

The fine is more than $500.

Attorney Rodney Elkins was so upset by the citation he took Thornton’s case for free but has had no luck convincing the Dallas Police Department to dismiss the ticket.  “It makes no sense to me,” he said, “and no one has tried to explain to me why that’s an offense.”

Thornton says she’s not paying the ticket, and is even willing to go to jail to fight it.

But after several days of fighting by Thornton and Elkins, late Monday we heard some good news.  The City of Dallas told CBS 11 News that it will recommend the ticket be dismissed.  Her case goes to trial on Wednesday.

Thornton still doesn’t know why she was issued the ticket in the first place.



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  1. concerned citizen says:

    It’s the same situation with the placards that hang on the rearview mirror. I can’t tell you how many times that as soon as I park in the handicap spaces a policeman approaches me for not having my tag on. I have to explain that the tag states not to drive with it in place. And then they think you are being sarcastic. There are also some citizens that feel they are responsible for warning you that they did not see you drive up with a placard in place. Duh, there is a reason.

    1. 2sister says:

      That’s a good point. Even some of the junior colleges around here realize that it’s not safe to drive around a student parking placard hanging from the rear view mirror. I’m sure the actual law says that you have to have it in place before exiting the vehicle. If it doesn’t, it should.

      1. 2sister says:

        Oops. I meant to say with a student parking placard hanging from the rear view mirror.

  2. 2sister says:

    The police officers need to make sure that they look to see if the person has a “handicap” symbol on the license. I can understand, however, that mistakes happen. What I have a problem with is that they didn’t dismiss the ticket when the error was first brought to their attention. There is no excuse for that behavior.

  3. jerry says:

    sometime people park in the handicap parking spot cause some store have to much example target have 19 handicap spot. I dont know the law required? but 19 spot the to much. And pls dont tell me u r handicap if u could get out of your car on your own. Who could walk too. I see to many people like that. Oh by the way you get the placard very easy. Just have a doctor note. ****People are just as lazy ****

    1. Disabled Vet says:

      So someone like me that has COPD and heart problems, back and knee problems, that has to stop frequently to rest, and take Nitrostat for an average trip to WalMart, should park at the far end of the parking lot a quarter mile away and hope that when I have to kneel on the pavement to rest nobody will back over me, and that I’ll be able to get back up? I refused to get a handicapped placard for years because of the embarrassment of getting out of a vehicle not immediately looking like there’s anything wrong with me. Why don’t you leave practicing medicine to the doctors? As far as slot numbers, sometimes they’re mostly empty, but sometimes they’re all full. If it’s too far for you to walk, you sure don’t need to be complaining about anyone else a doctor has actually told is eligible.

    2. Nikki says:

      Just thank God you can walk. The only one lazy here is you….who is complaining even though you’re not handicapped. Until you are in that position don’t talk. There are many people who park in handicapped because they can’t walk to far or for other medical reasons. My aunt could get out of the car and walk with level 5 Breast Cancer (which she died from). She had a hadicapped placard and I would take her to the store. My 80 yr old grandmother who I take to the store is in a wheelchair, but when I have her I park in handicapped. If it is so easy to get a placard why don’t you just get your doctor to write you a note. Oh I know….because you actually have to need it. Guess it’s not so easy afterall. If you aren’t disabled….don’t park there…I don’t care if you are just running in and out…..just walk the extra 1-2 minutes to the door and leave the space for someone who actually needs it.

    3. C S B says:

      Jerry, first of all, you are either stoned or functionally illiterate. Learn to type and communicate in proper English! Or are you too LAZY?!

      To answer your question, the ADA requires a certain percentage of spaces in a lot to be handicapped spaces. So, if it’s a huge lot like Target or a Wal-Mart super center, you’re going to see dozens of handicapped spots. Capisce?

    4. LeeC says:

      Good Lord, was there too many handicap spots at your school too? Seems like you missed out entirely on an education. Regardless of your point, you will never be taken seriously with grammar like you have displayed. Unless English is your second language, there is simply no valid excuse.

    5. Also a Disabled Vet says:

      Practicing medicine without a license is a felony where each count is punishable by five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.00. Not everyone that is handicapped shows outward signs of their disability. The example provided by “Disabled Vet” is one of the best. Another is a joint replacement. While you may appear to walk fine, you’re still at risk to dislocate the prostetic device if you slip and fall. If you want to experience real pain, have someone saw off the femur (thigh bone) for you then hammer some metal into the bone to mate with the metal they put into the connecting bone to form the artificial joint.

  4. Just Deb says:

    Your tax dollars at work.

  5. Cat Lady says:

    I also love how Joe Q public will be quick to judge on whether you should park there or not. My mother is wheelchair bound and has handicapped plates on her car. She takes a full body transfer as she can not assist me in transferring her to the wheelchair. As I am the first one out of the car, people immediately make a judgement based upon that fact. One time I almost got physically assaulted by someone who challenged me. He even spit in my face. I will admit that I got a lot of enjoyment out of his expression when he saw my mother and how disabled she is.

  6. El Gato says:

    Doesn’t it state on the ticket what the offense is?

  7. HappyDays says:

    I park at whatever space is open. I’ve seen way to many OVERWEIGHT people abuse those space, so I don’t care. If a person is fat, then they need the exercise that a parking space further away will provide. Since I take care of myself, I shouldn’t be the one being punished.

  8. OSStillJr says:

    When I went to get my handicap car tags the clerks office told me that even it I have the tags I still have to have a placard on the mirror. She showed my the State Law on the back of the form I had to fill out….So why even get the tags if I still have to have a placard too? So opted for the placard which was great since I have changed cars a couple of times…

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