cuban The Inside Word On The Greatness Of The Rudy Trade

Are you kidding me?  Another swiftly and perfectly executed trade by Mark Cuban and The Dallas Mavericks. Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer to The Denver Nuggets for a future second rounder is massive for a few reasons here.  Allow me to bulletpoint.

-Will allow the Mavs to rebalance their roster.

-Cut away the fat on the perimeter

-Free up two roster spots.

-Provide them with two trade exceptions.   Wait a minute what’s that?   Short answer, its’ the main reason this trade rules.

Trade exceptions are the new hot commodity in the NBA.   The smart competitive teams that are over the cap and need a way to add more players are all about em.

One is created when a team under the salary cap makes a a trade with a team over the cap, and doesn’t take players back in return.  Rudy Fernandez will make 2.1 million dollars this season.   Brewer will make just over 3.  The result is the Mavs have two trade chips to work with as they look to address their need for more of a true rebounding defensive center to patrol the lane.     One for 2.1 and the other for 3.  Ya follow?   The only thing is you can’t combine them.

The Mavericks have seperated themselves as operating on a higher level than most other front offices this offseason.  They are showing a strong sense of what it takes to win a championship, have recognized an opportunity in the market with the Spurs and Lakers aging, and brought in a collection of tough minded veterans who can help them defend their title.    They’ve also maintained flexibility to pursue a big time free agent next summer.   To my knowledge no defending champion has EVER transitioned so many key players, maintained their ability to win, and planned for the future.

By the time I wake up tomorrow I half expect the Mavs to have turned one of the exceptions in to Nene on a one year deal.  Okay maybe not, but at this point Robin Lopez or the equivalent ain’t too much to ask for.

On another note, I guess this means I won’t be sporting my Spain National Team Rudy Fernandez Jersey at the AAC this year.