Dallas Police Looking For Own Officer After Alleged Domestic Assault

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas police officers are looking for one of their own after he allegedly beat his girlfriend on more than one occasion.

Police are looking for Officer Rashad Davis, who has reportedly had violence issues over the past weeks.

In a press release issued Wednesday morning, officials with the Dallas Police Department said Officer Davis was in fact arrested on December 6. At that time, he was charged with Assault (Family Violence) against his live-in girlfriend and placed on administrative leave. Officials said he was not to return to work until both the criminal and administrative investigations were complete.

While on leave; Davis was involved in another disturbance with his girlfriend and as a result a second Assault (Family Violence) charge was filed.

According to police, as the investigation of Davis progressed there were additional allegations made from previous incidents, leading police to filed a third charge, of Aggravated Assault (Family Violence), against Davis and issue a warrant for his arrest.

Several Dallas officers went to Davis’ apartment at about 10 p.m. Tuesday to serve the warrant.

Residents of the apartment complex that police raided say officers broke down Davis’ door to get inside, but he was not home.

The responding officers did collect some of Davis’ police gear, including pants, shirts, a hat, and 52 bullets.  A police report says those items were placed into “protective custody” in the department’s property room.

The officers on the scene told witnesses that if Davis showed up at the apartment complex they should call 911 and are asking that anyone else who knows of his whereabouts to do the same.

Officer Davis has been with the Dallas Police Department since November of 2007 and is assigned to the South Central Patrol Division.


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  1. anonymous says:

    l can only tell you Rashad is not the guy he’s been made out to be. He’s still one of Dallas Finest. I have know Rashad and family since he was six. He comes from a very good and supportive family. To sum it all up,
    love can be blind.

    1. BS says:

      Don’t beat up on women. I don’t care how “fine” he is, he beat a woman, and he is now a criminal. Another Dallas PD bum getting paid with OUR money. Piece of trash is what he is.

    2. SABO says:

      it is NEVER ok to beat your wife, he is a disgusting criminal and i cant believe there are people seriously trying to defend this peice of trash!! it dosnt have anything to do with how nice his family is, simple fact, a man highly trained in self defence used it against a woman and that is just horrable.and yeah, love is blind when its eyes are swollen shut

    3. rrawwss says:

      Not one…not two…but THREE charges of aggravated assault. Can his good and supportive family tell him to leave her alone?

    4. JB says:

      Care to defend Sandusky while you’re at it?

  2. Bill Haley says:

    I know from personal experience that, as a relationship enters its last waning days, hateful things can be said and crazy stuff can happen….to any of us.

    1. SABO says:

      whatever you need to tell yourself to not feel guilty, im guessing some of your ex’s have tasted blood too

  3. Sigh says:

    You dare to disagree with these Dallas women, you better be prepared to go to jail. To stay out of trouble, just learn two simple words, and learn them well: “Yes Ma’am”. Grin and nod your head yes. LOL Seriously, this will all probably blow over and not amount to a hill of beans in the long run.

    1. SABO says:

      ok a woman gets beaten several times and it dosnt “ammount to a hill of beans”!!! i hope your mother/sister/daughter gets beaten by a man trained in self defence so u can tell her “it’ll blow over” u people defending this guy should all be shot

    2. Sigh says:

      @SABO: Ye Ma’am. I’m grinning and nodding my head yes because I don’t want to get shot. LOL. Thank you for volunteering to prove my point for me. How much longer will our justice system protect people like you everytime you decide to go off on a hormonal rage when you hear or read something you don’t agree with? The best way you can find to express yourself when you disagree with something is to start spewing off about shooting people? Nice.

  4. Bootiebama says:

    hmmm Rashad…..any guess on ethnicity?

  5. Lisa Hays says:

    If this guy was stand up, he wouldn’t be “missing”. He needs to be terminated immediately and let the courts deal with him. I also believe his punishment should involve being hog tied and totally restrained (think duct tape over mouth) and let the GF have a go at him.

  6. K.Stone says:

    thats sad and thats why these offices should under go counseling!!!

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