PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – Plano police are trying to figure out what fueled an evening of violence that ended with a woman dead and a man hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds.

The incident happened just before 9:00 p.m. Wednesday near the intersection of F Avenue and 11th Street, just east of North Central Expressway.

Plano police received several reports from residents about shots fired. When officers arrived at the location they found a woman, 24-year-old Jessica Velasquez, dead in the middle of the street. She had been shot once.

Police believe there are indications the woman was also run over, but the medical examiner will have to determine that.

A neighboring male homeowner, found not far from the female victim, had been shot several times. His name and medical condition aren’t known.

Police do not believe the two victim’s knew each other and are trying to determine why either was shot.

The man’s wife spoke to CBS 11, saying her husband became a victim when he answered a frantice knock on his door from a mysterious stranger. “He came knocking at the door, ‘Help me, help me, they’re after me, they’re shooting at me, help me, help me!'”

She doesn’t want to be identified out of fear the gunman is still at large. She was out of town last night and her husband told her what happened next. “And they ‘bum rushed’ him and the shooter kept shooting at the man who was asking for help, and my husband kept running through the house and they kept shooting at my husband.”

When police arrived, the man was rushed to the hospital; he’s expected to survive. But investigators can’t figure out why he was shot. “He’s an upstanding citizen in this community and very well thought-of,” says police spokesman David Tilley. “So, we don’t know, that’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

On Thursday investigators went door-to-door to follow up leads and look for more evidence. Officer Tilley says the two victims were not known to each other. Velasquez did not live in the area and had recently moved from an apartment on the city’s east side.

“It’s really kind of throwing us off as far as what the purpose of this is; what this attacker,” says Officer Tilley. “Who his intended target was? That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

Tilley calls the neighborhood a ‘revitalized’ community where some peoples bloodlines go back for generations. The shooting victim’s wife thinks the gunman or gunmen are outsiders.

Police say there were no earlier calls for service at the scene before the shooting; they hope members of the public can help them fill in the blanks.