Investigators: Arlington Wreck, Shooting Suspect Was High During Fatal Crime

By Matt Goodman & Sharrie Williams, CBSDFW.COM
thomas lester harper Investigators: Arlington Wreck, Shooting Suspect Was High During Fatal Crime

(credit: Arlington Police Dept.)

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A toxicology report reveals that the suspect accused of killing two men last week in a baffling shooting and wreck was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the crime.

Thomas Harper, 28, is accused of causing an eight-vehicle wreck on Dec. 14, beginning with a hit-and-run accident at N. Collins St. and Washington Ave. that developed into a high-speed collision a quarter of a mile down Collins, near Brown Blvd.

Najee Nasir, 42, died when Harper’s blue Chevy Tahoe rammed the back of his silver pickup truck at a speed of more than 100 miles per hour, investigators say.

When Clarance Robinson, 18, approached Harper’s vehicle after the vicious rear-end wreck, Harper is accused of revealing a pistol and shooting the teenager. Robinson died at the scene.

Harper’s two children, a twin boy and girl, were in the backseat and were not hurt. Harper was charged with murder, intoxication manslaughter and two counts of child endangerment.

An affidavit filed in Arlington says Harper appeared “remorseful” hours after the incident and that a toxicology report found evidence of cannabinoids from marijuana in his system.

On his birthday Tuesday, Harper was taken from the Arlington City Jail to the Tarrant County Correction Center. He is being held on a $500,000 bond.

According to a search warrant, officers described Harris’s actions last Wednesday as unusual. They say he was mumbling and incoherent.

Detectives are requesting access to the Tahoe’s EDR, or Event Data Recorder, a device that could hold exact information as to how fast the vehicle was traveling along with brake and throttle analysis that may paint a clearer picture of what happened leading up to the deadly crash.


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  1. executech says:

    There is NO way this dude did wreaked all that havoc because he was just stoned on pot. It HAD to have been laced with, most likely, PCP or some other serious chemical narcotic.

    God bless the victims and their families.

    1. Hugh Dope says:

      Right, because pot is completely harmless. It’s like tobacco, don’t you know.

      1. scottval says:

        Pot IS completely harmless…. there is more to this story that the propaganda nazis want you to know!

    2. Charlee Mcwhirter says:

      look at his muscles…looks like Roid rage to me like that wrestler, they need to check him for steriod use and yes you are correct Pot makes you mellow and may be why he used it and it shows up on a drug test for 30 days, he could have not had any pot in weeks and the test is still positive. this looks like the effect of anabolic steriods!

  2. Nicole says:

    why people still using these prohibited marijuana.. ? they’re not thinking how would it affect their mentally and health.. Investigators should be competent enough to solve these kind of case.

    source website:

    1. scottval says:

      You don’t know what you’re talking about

    2. Charlee Mcwhirter says:

      do your research its no the pot !

  3. Raye says:

    Emergency room staff know what’s happening because they more every day, see the array of people and numbers climbing, of individuals tripping out ON what only registers (tests) as marijuana. PCP, embalming fluid, our drug tests used to identify these additives as what they still are, laced substances commonly added to weed, no more. Marijuana is turning into a substance that only USED to predictable. No more. Wish more medical professionals, detox personnel would stand up and blow the truth horn.

  4. Kevin says:

    I was there next to the young man right before and after he was shot. Weed? Lol. Cause this kind of thing happens in California everyday huh? You know one of many states weeds legal… just something to place blame on cause they couldn’t come up with anything on this guy……. did anyone ever think that possibly this guy ran from the first wreck because he was scared, scared for his and his childs safety? knowing or thinking the person/s chasing him was trying to kill him and kids, running only to neutralize the situation without having to fire a gun. then after slamming into a stopped car at over 100mph that he might have been just a bit disoriented and in and out of consciousness and still on the defense from what or whom ever he was running at that point saw what to him seemed a threat to his kids and himself with only a fraction of a second to deside if this man approaching was a killer and wanted him and kids dead or not. knowing if he does nothing his kids might die and him too, he shot. in his mind now protecting himself and kids. then he realizes whats really going on and that he just killed a great human that aswell as himself, acted out of pure instinct and ran to help a complete stranger. and as sad as the situation is just a wronge time wronge place situation.((((really i think a none injuring wreck did not justify a high speed chase, if he wasnt chased then is it a possability he might not of continued running at that high rate of speed? even police wont chase a known criminal if it puts others in a risk of death, unless a felony or gunshots were involved prior to start of chase))) both men appeared to have same/ simular goals “saving the kids.” put yourself in his shoes, u wreck, u feel a life or death threat not turning to a gun as first option you run trying to put distance between urself and threat only to look behind and see the threat chasing u, in only 1/3 of a mile you crash, awake knowing the threat is around somewhere and confused u see threat. what would you do shot and pray the one u killed was the threat or wait to see if the run up and kill you? im a dad i would protect my son with my life. if i thought he was in danger i would act first ask later. i was there i saw the youngman get taken for only good intentions i was in the process of running up to help too i was stunned, stopped in my tracks and forced to turn to my own personal saftey. i like most was angry at this man until i viewed all possibilities coming up with the one that best made sense… if he were just a cold blooded killer why didnt he shoot at the first wreck or most guns hold more than two shells, why didnt he shoot me too and others around me including the man that grabbed the child? all the laughing and comments ppl say he said are all “hear say,” me personally didnt hear him say anything but i like most cant be 100% sure. im not trying to support him, im just trying to open up the other most logical possibilites. sure there are tons of questions unanswered and we may never know the real reason for what happened. i can say that ive have been beating myself up from momments following the shots to now and im sure the rest of my life, i turned and ran for my own safety, only to be left thinking “what if,” or i should of tried to pull him out and maybe he’d be alive. but i pray that the young man didnt die in vein. but only as a hero, trying to help and mistaken for something he was not… sorry if i offended anyone but thanks for reading either way.

    (i am in no way related, associated, involved or connected with the suspect or victims in this tragedy, just in the wronge place at the wronge time, reacting to my instinct and trying to help)

    1. TTT says:

      Wow, there are a lot of morons in Arlington. Cesspool #1 and Short Bus City for the DFW metroplex.

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