$150 Billion Award For Texas Fire Victim’s Family

LA GRANGE (AP) – An attorney says a Texas jury has awarded the largest verdict he has ever heard of –– $150 billion to the family of a man who died years after being set afire as an 8-year-old.

The family’s attorney Craig Sico says the punitive damage award is symbolic and the family expects none of it will be paid.

The defendant, Don Wilburn Collins, is currently imprisoned on an unrelated sexual assault charge. He was never charged and denies involvement in the 2010 death of 20-year-old Robbie Middleton, who was doused with gasoline and set on fire 12 years earlier.

Sico says he asked jurors to make a statement by topping the $145 billion Florida verdict against tobacco companies in 2000.

Neither Collins nor his attorney appeared at the civil trial.

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  • Get Back In The GAME, CBS11

    AS USUAL, CBS11 has decided for some reason to take the minimalist route in “reporting” a story. The better article for this story is on WFAA. Collins, as CBS11 fails to report here, is currently in prison for the sexual assault of an 8-year-old boy (not Middleton). I guess I’m going to have to go back to WFAA. I left them and went here to read better stories, especially since WFAA’s were, at the time, filled with glaring copy errors.


    Step it up, CBS11. What the hell is going on over there?

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