By Jeff Ray

Its been a wet December, a surplus of rain this month for the first time since last Spring. Right now the total for the month stands at 4.34″ inches of rain, a positive of 1.77″ over the normal.

Rains have become more frequent across northern Texas in the last 60 days in fact, a nice close to the sharpest and most severe one-year drought in state history. While the Lone Star state still is in bad shape the very worst of the category of drought (called “exceptional”) has shrunk since this Fall. Compare the send of September with the latest drought map of Texas; the total area of exceptional drought dropped from 85% to 39%.

drought in sept Drought UPdatedrought now Drought UPdate
In fact if you look closely enough you’ll notice a small swatch of bright yellow over most of Tarrant and Dallas counties.  That yellow represents “dry” conditions, not drought conditions. This is the first time we’ve enjoyed a classification for the metroplex other than “drought” this since March 1st.

With a little rain in the forecast overnight and then again Saturday (and maybe Tuesday) we’ll end this very dry year with a little more wet weather.