Breastfeeding Moms Stage ‘Nurse-In’ At Target Stores

nurse in Breastfeeding Moms Stage Nurse In At Target Stores

A group of breastfeeding mothers stage a 'nurse-in' at a Target store in Plano, protesting the company's treatment of nursing moms. (credit: Katie Kabage)

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – Moms across the nation, including here in North Texas, are taking a stand on Wednesday with a breastfeeding sit-in at area Target stores. The women are protesting the treatment of a Houston mother who said that Target employees made her feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding in their store.

“Nursing is normal, healthy and it’s good for babies and moms,” said Katie Kabage, one of the mothers on a mission. She breastfeeds her 7-month-old daughter and wants others to know that it is her right to do so – even in public.

“I think our culture doesn’t make it too easy,” Kabage said.

One group of moms gathered at a Target store in Plano to stage their nurse-in and inform others about the treatment of a Houston-area mother who was breastfeeding her son in a Target store last month. That mother said that employees asked her to use a fitting room, and suggested that she could be cited for indecent exposure.

“Feeding your baby is nothing to be ashamed of,” said nursing mother Angela Jackson. “I feel like asking someone to move to feed their baby is basically segregation.”

Target did issue a statement that said, “Target has a long-standing corporate policy that supports breastfeeding in our stores. … Guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable.”

The mothers in Plano said that Target should have done a better job of training their store employees and making them aware of the corporate policies. “I read that statement from Target and I felt it was a little insincere,” said Jackson.

The nursing moms hope that Wednesday’s protest sends a message – that breastfeeding should be more accepted, in Target and anywhere else. “We’re in a society today where you can walk by Victoria’s Secret and not even blink,” said Courtney Simon. “But when a mom is taking care of her baby, everyone is staring and gawking and making her feel uncomfortable.”


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  1. Chanel says:

    I breast fed my youngest out of 4 kids. I did it in private. I did not think that everyone should see my boobs much less kids that are around shouldn’t see them either. I know its natural, I know its good for the baby. I still do not want to see your boob. Sex is natural, sex is also how we got these babies but I don’t’ want to see that either. You parents want to complain when asked to go to the bathroom but yet your sitting on the nasty floor and letting ur kids. Get over it, most of us do NOT want to see you breastfeed out in the open. That’s why they make pumps!!

    1. nana says:

      Then stay at home lady!!! and who said they are showing their boobs???

      1. Maureen says:

        Did you watch the video? Cover up or do it at home.

    2. paul says:

      Well stated!

    3. paul says:

      I ment to say, well Stated Chanel!!! These women are such narcissist. After all as a male, I should and do have the right to scratch my balls in public, but that dose not mean I should!!!

    4. Kim says:

      Perfectly stated. What’s so difficult about covering up? Their breasts ARE showing. These women need to get over themselves and find better use of their time.

  2. Erica Boyd says:

    thats not the problem of where you do it, the prob is go into a dressing room or the designated spots and do so. there are small kids there and i personally dont have the time to sit and explain to my child why they just saw a boob and i dont have time to be stepping all over you cause you are in my way. if you know you are going out and you dont use formula, pump the stupid milk and feed it in the bottle. they are still getting YOUR milk. I think they just wanted to be on tv. if you want respect then you must give it.

    1. Angela Sanders Jackson says:

      This is so funny. “Pump the stupid milk” really? How many bottles have you pumped? If I am nursing my baby full time what makes you think I can sit down and pump a full bottle every time I leave the house? Ever heard of “supply and demand”? Try educating yourself before making such ignorant comments.

      1. nana says:

        BWHAHAHAHAHA Great Reply Angela!

      2. Kim says:

        I know breastfeeding mothers who do it all the time…they don’t have a problem with doing it and actually prefer it. The choose to be modest instead of doing to feel some sense of “entitlement.”

    2. pam says:

      I agree with you Erica….let somebody run up and grab one of them boobs they’ll start putting it up….I don’t care if you breastfeed….I just don’t feel the need to see somebody else’s breast……if you do it why not go into the dressing room…..walking around the store….if one of these perverts see you then they’ll say the pervert is stalking them

  3. Beth says:

    Not everyone *can* pump. Pumps are expensive, and sometimes don’t work for some mothers. Covers are not always an option for mothers, as some babies don’t eat well under the covers and spend most of the time tring to remove the stupid cover, rather than just eating.
    Most of the time when a mother is breastfeeding, you DO NOT SEE HER BREAST!!! They have learned to nurse without letting everyone, including your teenage son (yes, I’m a mother of sons, I get it, but really, come on!) see her breast. These women don’t have to take off their shirts to nurse! Between the clothing and the baby, they are more ocvered than most advertising on magazines or on the bra’s in the underwear section.
    Bathrooms are an unacceptable area to nurse a baby, but dressing rooms are totally acceptable. I agree that everyone just needs to calm down about this issue~ on BOTH sides.

    1. branwren says:

      Sorry, I didn’t get that last part about both sides when you obviously are on the side of the breast feeding mothers. Perhaps you should take your own advice and stop all that screaming on the internet.

      1. Charlie says:

        Or perhaps you should stop being so ignorant and inconsiderate. Mothers sometimes have to breastfeed in public and have the legal right to do so. There will not always be a convenient way for them to hide themselves from public view, so there will be instances where their only choice is to breastfeed wherever they are. This issue is not exclusive to Target. So get your head out of “dressing rooms” and “in your car” and try to understand the fact the principle these women are fighting for applies to a broad scope of settings and situations. I know it boggles your mind that something as horribly disgusting and offensive as breastfeeding could be a woman’s inalienable right, but that’s only because of your amazingly flawed personality. You have the freedom of speech, am I right? That means I have to listen to your hateful drivel as long as you have something to say, right? Well, as soon as you start keeping your opinions to yourself or lock yourself in a dressing room anytime you want to say something stupid, moms should be able to feed their kids wherever they want.

  4. Lynn Maness says:

    Why is breast feeding not acceptable but we accept people everywhere wearing their pants down past their butts which shows their underwear and no one does or says anything to them. I would rather see a mom breastfeeding her child than them walking around with their pants sagging showing their ass.

    1. 2sister says:

      I don’t agree with the pants down past people’s bottoms. Just because some people accept those kinds of pants, it doesn’t mean that everyone does.

  5. Germ Phobic says:

    Please don’t feed any baby in a germ filled store. The handles on the shopping carts and other surfaces in stories are petri dishes filled with germs. Go home wash your hands and other body parts so the baby eats in a sanitary environment.

    1. Charlie says:

      Well, for that matter, just don’t take your kids out of the house EVER, right? Making your baby wait until you get home for it to eat is borders on child neglect (especially if you happen to be an hour or more away), and suggesting that a mother does this is absolutely absurd. Last time I checked, the only thing a baby comes in contact with is its mother’s nipple. They aren’t going around licking shopping carts and door handles and mothers aren’t shoving their dirty fingers in their mouth. It’s really a non-issue.

      1. paul says:

        Charlie, I don’t think the floor of target is the way to go. I would not want the mother of my child setting on the floor of a public building for the world to see brest feeding our baby,But that’s just me I guess.

  6. Jan says:

    That this type of issue would be shown on TV and supported by the woman (news woman) who was “advertising” public breast feeding is totally disgusting. I’ll bewt that NONE of those women are married and those babies are lucky to be alive. But I hope they NEVER see any of this “news” when they get older and see themselves in that kind of news.

    1. Taylore says:

      I’m sure you’d be pleased to know that these women are married and you are right.. these babies are lucky to be alive. Every conception is a miracle made by a woman’s body.

      1. Ben Dover says:

        It takes the miracle of a man’s body to make it happen.

    2. Angela Sanders Jackson says:

      Married, and very thankful for a husband who supports my position on this matter. Our daughter is happily well fed anytime anywhere and thrives on the food I provide for her thank you 🙂

    3. gk says:

      Seriously Jan…SERIOUSLY?? What does marriage have to do with this?

      Horrible grammar in your post too- beginning a sentence with “that”. You must have been formula fed…..

      Seriously though ladies- I think it’s great to nurse- as long as it’s discreet. In my line of work I have seen moms like ones pictured above and I have seen some way overboard. They take down their bra to their DD size boob and smother the child in it- that’s not necessary. Formula is great as well- there are many reasons why people choose formula and it’s not up to us to judge it.

  7. Relax Everyone says:

    Jesus Christ, people, they’re TITS, get over it. It’s now like the ladies are finger-banging themselves in the stores or some dude is stroking his schwantz. Breasts are designed to feed infants!

    1. Relax Everyone says:

      NOT like – sorry for the typo. I’m on vacation and finishing the bourbon egg nog.

      1. OH PLEASE says:

        Then lets all go topless at stores because breasts are just feeding devices for babies. UGH! We aren’t a third world country where it might be hours before we get back to our huts to feed our babies.

  8. Michelle says:

    As mrs. Jacksons mother in law I am horrified to see that she would sit on a dirty store floor and feed our grande child. I know for a fact that she has a very clean house and plenty of time on her hands since she is a stay at home mom to do this in the right enviroment. If a child needs to be breast feed in public there are ways to do it where it is cleaner and safer for the child.

    1. Colby Bauer says:

      Typical mother-in-law comment.

      1. Michelle says:

        No it is not. I am allowed my right to exspess myself just as much as any one else/ You dont know me.

      2. Michelle says:

        I happen to love my daughter in law very much I just know she does not sit on a dirty floor in a store and feed her child.

    2. nana says:

      As Mrs. Jacksons “Mom” I am glorified to see that she stands up for what she believes in. Chairs are just as dirty as floors and she has the right to feed my Grand Child wherever she chooses, That is her right as a Person and an “American” This is not. “Russia” You don’t know anything about her house you’ve never been to it. But you are right she keeps a very clean house. How do you know she doesn’t sit on the floor at home and feed her baby? It’s only because it’s a “Public” place that you have a problem with it. If you don’t like what you see in Public then maybe you are the one that needs to stay at home. There is NOTHING unsanitary or harmful to my Grandbaby if this is where she wants to feed her. Also, go back to School and learn how to spell before you start posting comments!!

      1. branwren says:

        Ahh, so your the one who failed to bring up her child to respect others. I bet your daughter was one that wouldn’t take showers at school because there were no private stalls. Yep, that sounds about right. As long as it’s something they believe is right it’s OK but let me open a bottle of BBQ sauce and taste it in the store is a no-no. You just can’t get around that entitlement attitude.

    3. Kathy Connor says:

      I am proud of my daughter who is married and in the picture….I am sure the precautions were taken for such a dirty floor. Get a life for those of you who choose not to use your God given breast to feed your babies. Those who work to keep up with the Jones-es….get over it and keep going to work. I know three of the mom’s in the pictures…I am proud of you all. Take a stand. Greg, right on son!!

      1. Keighley Kelly says:

        @Kathy Connor: I didn’t work to keep up with the Jones.. I work to support the family So stop judging working mothers. .Even so, I support woman’s right to breast feed. If you want your grandchild fed on a dirty floor so be it. Just move so I can continue my shoping without triping over the ladies sitting in the middle of the aisle.

      2. Erin says:

        Sorry but I highly doubt target closed the store to do a DEEP cleaning to remove all the nasty snot , boogers, dirt, mud, hair, pet dander, from that specific spot so these ladies could have a seat with their children who still do not have a strong immune system and are prone to getting sick alot faster than most adults. All of this is a small issue made into something way bigger than it should. Bottom line that floor is disgusting

    4. The Chairman says:

      …and I’ll bet $1000 she loathes you and her “mama’s boy” husband. Shut up, you old hausfrau!

      1. The Chairman says:

        That was meant for that dumb old nagging bag, Michelle.

  9. PlanoGuy says:

    It’s strange that we are told that this is healthy, normal, and should be done in public. However, if it had been two men kissing in the store, 911 would of been called. We all have our own perception of decency and morality.

    1. gk says:

      Why would 911 have been called- I see that pretty often and never think to call the police. Please-stupid comment. Sorry. Police couldn’t even do anything about two guys, two girls or one of each kissing.

      1. PlanoGuy says:

        Actually there was an experiment done, in which they placed two women kissing on a park bench, no one cared and men stopped and stared at them. However, when they put two men on the bench kissing, everybody was outraged and several people called 911 on them. It’s not that the police could do anything, it’s just the thought that some bigoted people felt the need to call the police on the two men. I guess what I’m saying is that these women are saying that breastfeeding is natural and we should accept it…but what if their children saw two men kissing, would they (the women) be as comfortable telling their child that that was natural and nothing to be ashamed of???

    2. paul says:

      well said Planoguy!!!

  10. Just Deb says:

    I keep reading about how natural it is to breast feed and it should be allowed to be done in public. Well then why have bathrooms? Target should just line up a bunch of toilets and urinals along the back walls of all the stores and be done with it? Think of all the theft it would cut down on too!

    1. nana says:

      “Read” all you want but until you actually experience it I don’t think you have room to “Knock” it. Just sayin. your going a little over board here with the exampler of the toilets and urinals. If you can show me in the picture above what is obseen, I’d love for you to point it out.

    2. Heidi says:

      Because bathrooms are for eliminating wastes, nursing is for nourishing a child. If you don’t like seeing a mother nurse her baby in public, don’t look. You may want to avoid those flashy lingerie ads too, lots of boob there….Oh, and the soap commercials, most prime time ads, especially the beer ones, or the Axe commercials, the Victoria’s Secret commercials and annual show, any reality tv, and most high schools, because there is way more boob flaunted in those situations than by a nursing mama. Only in America are boobs great until there is a baby on the end of one. As I told some woman who made a comment to me while nursing in public, if it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for my son.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Is it a mystery to everyone that when a baby is born, it is typically born NOSE DOWN towards your butt hole… WHY?! Because being expossed to germs is a good thing. Without being exposed to germs, you can’t build a strong immune system. Oh, and by the way, how many of you wash your hands after pumping gas, or handling cash (tests have shown almost all $20 bills have traces of cocaine), or even after handling your own credit cards (since so many different people touch them in restaurants, stores, etc) before touching your own children? GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE PEOPLE. Get over it.

    And as for the breastfeeding, the woman harrassed was sitting in a corner of a Target store completely covered when she was harrassed. It’s our God given right to stand up for the equal rights of all women – whether bottle fed or breast fed. I’m one of the mom’s in this picture, and proud to be able to emotionally show support for another breastfeeding momma by taking a stand.

    @Bottle feeding working mom – I don’t own a designer purse, I only have 3 pairs of shoes, and because I stay at home, we go without a lot. I don’t have a purse full of credit cards, but I do own my own business that I run from home while I take care of a baby, clean, do laundry, cook, and STILL manage to find time for my husband. You have a right to give your baby a bottle & go to work. I am blessed to be able to work from home & take care of my baby – I wouldn’t miss him growing up for all the money in the world. Kudos to you though for also being a working, career minded mom. And I don’t stay 10 paces behind my man. =) Neither do other women that were there today. But then again, not every woman is blessed with as a wonderful of a husband as I have.

    1. nana says:

      LOVE your comment!!!!

    2. Angela Sanders Jackson says:

      Well said!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I dont mean any disrespect to these mothers but why not just nurse before you leave the house? I breastfed my daughter but I never felt the need to do it in public.

  13. nana says:

    If that was the “Need” you felt that’s great! They feel the “Need” to breastfeed in public.

  14. Babymomma says:

    @ Bottle feeding working mom…
    I am highly offended by your comment. I spent eight years in post-graduate education to obtain my six figure salary. I love the work I do. I would absolutely consider myself “career minded”. I put off marriage, children, and life in general for my “career”. When I had my child we made the decision for me to work part-time. I struggled because my job is part of who I am. This was a HUGE sacrifice for us, our lifestyle has been forced to change drastically. But, I didn’t want to pay someone else to raise my kid. Breastfeeding is very demanding and time-consuming. It requires a massive commitment and you do give up some of your freedoms (perhaps, this is why so many turn to the bottle?). It is what is best for my baby and THAT is now my top priority. My husband (who makes slightly less money than I do-still with me working just part-time) is fully supportive. To make those assumptions about these ladies is ignorance on your part.
    With that being said… No one should feed their child on the floor, come on, girls… I agree with the stand you are taking, and yes, I think a baby should be able to eat whenever and wherever the need arises… but, who sits on the floor in a store to feed their child?

    1. Helen says:

      I hope your HUGE sacrifice lets you return full time to your huge salary, and maybe your poor underpaid husband can stay at home with your sacrifice

  15. Former Breast Feeding Mom says:

    Also, breast feeding is not only good for the baby it’s good for the mother. She is less likely to get breast cancer and or ovarian cancer. As well as the bonding.

  16. Vern Southern says:

    Hickman’s claim of Harassment and Humiliation stuck out most, like something out of a movie. The level of “Voluntary” ignorance here is disturbing to say the least.

    During my observations in life the vast majority of women who breastfeed in public do a very good job of covering up the process so people hardly notice it.

    Then there are the few (very few) women who like to thrust their breastfeeding into the faces of other people so they can “Make a stand in support of nursing in public so this doesn’t happen again.”

    Hickman’s self-aggrandizing is “Much to do about nothing”. People poised to be offended. People ready to jump on the band-wagon of so called “Family Values”. The perfect opportunity to enhancing and exaggerate their own importance.

    More proof of this self-aggrandizing is the fact that the Facebook Nurse-in page is a closed group. Only people who agree with them are allowed to be there. How cowardly can they get?

  17. No Difference says:

    Breast fed two kids and then had to go to work when I had two more. All four of my kids are fine. No difference between the breast fed and the formula fed. Breast fed or formula fed feed your kid at home please.

  18. cnote says:

    i gotta say thats a friend of mine in the vid n i support moms and there rights free country yes jus dnt look lol

  19. FedUpTxn says:

    When will Americans stop teaching our children that parts of our bodies are “dirty”? Breast feeding is the BEST thing a mother can do for their child’s health and what nature intended. I nursed all three of my children, covered them well with a blanket in public so no one even noticed. Women who choose not to nurse are poor mothers who put themselves first over their own child, just like those who smoke This Target employee was obviously poorly educated, but the mother also made far too much of the entire issue taking it to the media and creatihng protests.

  20. Maureen says:

    I don’t think anyone has a complaint about women breast feeding in public but many women use little or no discretion. I breast fed my daughter and I am now breast feeding my son and I always use a cover. When I am feeding you can’t even see my babies head. Some of you women just need to understand that even other women don’t want to see any part of your beast when you feed. If you can’t completely cover then do it in private. Discretion ladies Discretion.

  21. Milk Man says:

    I applaud women breat feeding in public as long as they are not obese and are at ;east mildly attractive. Nothing better than going to Target and catching a glimpse of some side boob. Is the point of this article to increase the male demographic presence at Target?

  22. Lou Bator says:

    Breast feeding is nice and wonderful and gives some people the warm fuzzies. Do it if you must, I really don’t care. Just be discrete, please. Have you ever seen a woman yanking her milk laden boob out like she’s in a porno? I’m not even interested in watching your kid eat french fries, nevermind watching junior or missy suckling on a teat. Have some manners and be private. Thanks.

  23. paul says:

    These women are such narcissist. After all as a male, I should and do have the right to scratch my balls in public, but that dose not mean I should!!! What ever happend to the age of discretion.

  24. EG MOM says:

    I find the whole idea of this nurse-in completely ridiculous. I totally support nursing, and nursing in public. I nursed my daughter until she was 16 months old, and am currently nursing a 5 month old. Just this week I have nursed in public at least half a dozen times, and never once have I had someone “gawk, or stare.” Certainly no one said anything to me.

    It is my understanding that this whole thing was started because a mother was nursing in a store in Houston, and she was asked to go to the dressing room. If I had been that mother I would have refused, asked to talk to the manager and the whole thing would be straightened out, and the employee would have gotten the review of Target’s policy that she needed. Nothing that I have read said that she complained to the manager – that just seems strange to me. Why wouldn’t she? If a low-level employee makes a mistake while ringing you up then you ask them to correct it, and if they don’t you ask to speak to management. Why wouldn’t you do that if a low-level employee tells you the wrong thing about nursing your baby in public? The fact that she (from what I have read) did not ask for management after an employee asked her to move makes me question the validity of her whole story.

    If I had been shopping at Target and witnessed this nurse-in I would have been upset. The sight of babies feeding in a natural way does not upset me. I would have been upset because this group of women was taking up a lot of room in the women’s clothing section, and it would have made it hard for me to shop there. I would also be upset if any other group decided to sit down, and interfere with my ability to shop.

    Breastfeeding in public is not an issue. You have the right to do so, and, just like with anything else, sometimes it is your obligation to stick up for your own rights, and educate others. The original mother in the story should have done that. I think the women who did this nurse-in need to spend more time out in the real world nursing their babies, and less time on message boards getting worked up by a non-issue.

    Let me reiterate – I am a nursing mom. I do nurse in public. Just this week I have nursed at Willow Bend Mall, Chick-fil-a, a park, Imax Theater, and Main Event – all out in public.

    1. Babymomma says:

      Well said… EG MOM
      As a breast feeding mother, myself, who completely supports public breastfeeding…
      your response is the most rational one on this board. 🙂

      1. EG MOM says:


  25. Delores says:

    I feel that if a baby is hungry then feed it….people eat in public why can a baby….everyone knows what breast look like and what they are used for…grow up…at least by breastfeeding no matter where they are they are taking care of their babies…..

  26. Michelle Capanna says:


  27. Michelle Capanna says:

    Wow what happened to respecting each others opnions?? the woman who breastfeed and the women who bottle feed NEED TO STOP THIIS AND RESPECT EACH OTHER CHOICES.What kinda example are you setting for your children?? We all have are OWN opinions and AS ADULTS( I use that word loosely becaause SOME on here are acting like 2 years olds) grow up and start acting like adults and have RESPECT FOR OTHERS OPNIONS.

  28. bob says:

    Go get jobs bunch of lazy ass women. Nothing better to do than waste everyone’s time!!

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