WEATHERFORD (CBSDFW.COM) – To Kim and Will Montgomery, their six-year-old lab, Sadie, isn’t just a pet, she’s a hero.

“If Sadie hadn’t have been here, I don’t know that I would be here right now,” said Kim, a mother of five.

Firefighters were called to the family’s home around 2:30 a.m. on December 18 in response to an electrical fire.
Kim was sound asleep inside when the fire started.

“Sadie came in and barked so I woke up thinking that she just needed to go outside to go potty,” Kim recalled, “and when I opened my master bedroom door, black smoke just came pummeling in the bedroom.”

“If Sadie hadn’t come in barking this picture would probably be a lot different,” said husband Will.

Because of Sadie, Kim was able to escape unharmed, but the Montgomery’s believe it wasn’t just their dog looking out for them.

Will Montgomery was away on business and Kim’s five children left town earlier that day to visit their father in Utah.
Had the fire happened just one night earlier, all of the kids would have been asleep on the other side of the house where the fire was most intense.

“If the kids would have been here, it would have been…. I wouldn’t be sitting here right now, I would be doing other things,” the Weatherford mother said through tears, “It would have been horrible, I wouldn’t have even been able to get to my kids.”

The Montgomery’s have only told the oldest children about the fire because they didn’t want to ruin Christmas for the younger ones.

While the children are in Utah, the couple is staying at a motel and looking for a temporary rental home for the seven of them and Sadie. They hope to establish some sort of stability before the kids return, but doing so will be difficult.

The family lost almost everything they own in the fire. Their clothes, furniture, personal belongings and home  were all destroyed.

“Other than the fact that it’s all things the kids need and we need, it was hard to be upset about the house,” Will said, “The important stuff is still here.”