By Jack Fink

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas Department of Health is airing a new tongue-in-cheek public service announcement to remind adults they’re never too old to get vaccinated.

When the state thought of the vaccine campaign, it had people like John Mariga in mind.  “I just don’t get to it. I think I lead a healthy life.”

The health department has also unveiled its new website,

The website has a list of vaccines you need and the age you should have them.

Besides the flu shot, which doctors recommend every year, there are other vaccines you may not have thought much about – including meningitis.

Starting January 1, state law requires anyone 30 or younger going to a university or college in Texas must have the meningitis vaccine.

Dr. Sander Gothard, a family practitioner in Plano, says his practice already makes sure his patients haven’t missed any immunizations. “The nurse will go ahead and update the patient for the age appropriate vaccines prior to the doctor even visiting the patient so we’re extremely big on preventing illnesses.”

One of his patients, Celeste Bell, says she not only keeps her teenage daughter up to date on her vaccines, she also makes sure she and others in her family have had their shots.  “Someone around my family is always getting hurt with something. we’re always going to check on it, and they’re always asking about our tetanus shot.”

Now that he’s heard about the state’s new campaign, John Mariga is having a change of heart. “I think will schedule getting my shots.”