GP Teachers Taking Action Against Superintendent

GRAND PRAIRIE (CBSDFW.COM) – Nineteen Grand Prairie teachers have filed a class action grievance against the school district’s superintendent.

The teachers and the Grand Prairie NAACP accuse Dr. Susan Hull of showing favoritism when it comes to hiring and contracts.

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Grand Prairie’s NAACP leader used the backdrop of the school district’s headquarters to call for an investigation of Superintendent Hull.

“The taxpayers of GPISD deserve answers from the board of trustees.  How is it they are allowing Dr. Susan Simpson-Hull all to continue to conduct business in the manner they are conducting it,” said Angela Luckey with the NAACP.

The civil rights group, along with 19 teachers, have filed a grievance with the school board alleging the superintendent has passed over minority applicants for jobs in favor of white friends and two family members.  “We believe the hiring process should be a fair process without systematic discrimination practices,” says Luckey.

A spokesperson for the superintendent denies accusations of nepotism and says Dr. Hull’s daughter and cousin do not report to her.

“We did at that time look at those the specifics of those hires.  We did work with TEA to make sure we are within the guildines of what is defined in law as nepotism,” said Sam Buchmeyer with the district.

The school district also released the racial background of its entire staff to show that 43 percent of district employees are minorities.

It will be up to the school district’s Board of Trustees to decide whether the allegations will be investigated. If they choose not to, those critical of the superintendent say they will ask an outside agency to investigate.

Science teacher Bart Scott, who initially brought up the allegations against Dr. Hull, isn’t hopeful.  “The school board is unwilling to do anything against Dr. Hull and they have viewed all these accusation as a disgruntled employee simply complaining and that is the furthest thing from the truth.”

Scott says since he started speaking out, he has been retaliated against and his job threatened.  Scott now hopew with the NAACP behind him, there will be some accountability.

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  1. Michele B. says:

    I have experienced the racial mistreatment. The m.o. is usually demotion to a lower grade level for positions in the middle or high school levels and then replace you with a less experienced Anglo or you are “passed over” for promotions that you are more than qualified for because you can be easily forgotten if you are placed in an alternative position in the district. The reason is in “the best interest of the district” with “nothing” in writing so “nothing” can be proved. The district believes that you’ll go along with their decision and eventually find a job elsewhere, so you’ll go away. While you are looking at Dr, Hull, look at what’s available at Grand Prairie HS and what is clearly NOT available at South Grand Prairie HS.

  2. Joe says:

    This woman has lots of skeletons in many closets across the state. The year she got superintendent of the year, everyone in her district scratched their heads wondering how. She is a joke. If you dig some more, you will find more. She is notorious for bringing cronies with her to cover stuff up.

  3. GP Citizens United says:

    Dr. Hull needs to resign. The report did not address the hiring of her 19 year old son by a vendor Lincoln Builders 11 days before they were awarded millions of dollars worth of Bond Construction work. She is by far the worst Superintendent in the history of Grand Prairie ISD. Teachers hate and fear her retribution. She has run off many veteran administrators and teachers. The GPISD School Board so far has refused to act. If they are unwilling to be advocates for our children, then they need to be voted out of office.

  4. Danny says:

    A School board trustee kids are hired illegally. Close relatives of the Superintendent now work for the district. Plus her friends and cronies. How can the spokesman from the district look the cameras in the face and say their is no nepotism in GPISD? Sounds like if you want a job in GPISD you have to wait in line behind all the friends and family members of Dr. Hull and Mr. Brooks.

    Now we are signing contracts with the father of the Superintendent? What else is going on that is not yet been uncovered. Thanks for staying on the story. Keep digging.

  5. jimmy says:

    Millions of dollars were wastefully spent on the Staubach company after the last bond election – Simpson had a previous business relationship with them and the cronyism continued. She has also brought in dozens of people from her old employer, White Settlement, who have no experience in the jobs for which they were hired.

  6. systemically undervalued says:

    It’s obvious the curriculum doesn’t meet the needs of the students. Teachers are forced to have to use this curriculum which actually dumbs down the rigor of the classroom. Fewer students will be college ready because of this curriculum, if teachers want to write their own lessons (which still follow the state standards) they are reprimanded. Furthermore, this curriculum’s testing is not aligned with state testing. Keep digging. I’m sure you’ll find more.

  7. wind says:

    Would the Kardashians put up with this?

  8. UNHAPPY GP Parent says:

    Not only is the GP board messing up these teachers lives but our students as well. Have you heard about the “new title schools” Grand Prairie ISD is going to have? I was completely blindsided by this vote, Parents at GP students were not notifed of this and were not given the option to vote for this.

    Sam Buchmeyer said something along the lines that this is going to benefit GP but what he forgot to mentioned is the schools that they are changing are schools that are under achievement schools. So when they make this change to the “new title schools’ they erase there status of being underachieved, they start with a clean slate. Why can’t they just make improvements and IMPROVE the school that is already there. Instead of inviting other students from other districts into GP schools. Who is going to pay for this, the residents of GP?

    Students and Teachers are being affected by this. The teachers are going to have to “re-apply” to teach at some of these school and it is possible that some may have to switch districts all together. This is not the answer to just wipe a slate clean becasue you fail as a district, the problem needs to be addressed and fixed internally, not to bus in kids within a 50 mile radius to help inprove GP schools.

    Parents of GP students we need to stick together and stand up for our children! They will be the ones who suffer in the end and apparently to GPISD school board could care less!!

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