Khloe & Kim Kardashian Shop Korshak

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Kim and Khloe Kardashian wasted no time hitting a high-end store Wednesday.

Kim flew to Dallas Tuesday to help her sister move into her new home in the W Hotel.

Today reports the sisters were spotted shopping at Stanley Korshak in Dallas on Wednesday, where they bought several pairs of boots and a few handbags.

Word is the reality TV stars will be at the Mavericks game tonight, watching Khloe’s husband Lamar Odom as the team takes on the Phoenix Suns.

CBSDFW will have a crew at the game and we’ll let you know what happens with the Kardiashians.


  • Dan Ford

    I shopped at Walmart today.

  • grahawk

    I hoped Texas would be insulated from invasion by the Kardashians. Dang it Perry, close the borders. A sad day indeed!

  • tl

    Yep. Handbags and boots are essential move in tools.

  • wind

    Do they breed year round?

  • wind

    Do Kardashians only eat insects or do they eat their young as well?

  • susan

    if she really wants to be a dallas socialite, why doesnt she shop at the old “nieman marcus” there by smu??..”.just saiyn”..txans are friendly folk by nature, but geez loouis..we didnt need kardahsians..i.

  • CSB

    So, Channel 11, what did they have in their stool this morning? Corn? Were they floaters or sinkers? Enough already with these vapid twits.

  • jim taylor

    why is channel 11 so obsessed with the khardasians?? they don’t have any talent, don’t have an impact on any important part of society except the theri own PR. why do you feel a need to report. Isnt ch.ll suppose to report on “NEWS” THE k SISTERS asre not news

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    […] was short, the sisters certainly made the most of their time together in Dallas. They were spotted shopping at Stanley Korshak on Wednesday, and visiting the Dallas World Aquarium. Khloe tweeted this picture of herself with a […]

  • Too Funny

    She is getting more attention than the Mavs. What a world. What did she do to get famous? or who?

  • susan

    the owner of the mavs told security forces to “oust” anyone from the game who might heckle either of the kardashians..that is treating them like royalty..too bad..this is great publicity for the khloe and lamar program on cable..

  • dawgmama

    Was Kimmy schlepping boxes up the stairs to the penthouse from the U-Haul? I agree with everyone else… this family was a pain in the rump when they were in California. Someone PLEEEZZE make them go away and leave Texas alone!

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