By Gavin Dawson, 105.3 The Fan

ballin logo 21 Howard Doesnt Think A Trade Is Coming This Season

Story of the day in the NBA comes from D.C. where the Mavericks were welcomed by President Obama.

After that comes the latest news on Dwight Howard.

Marc Spears of Yahoo with the story.

“I don’t think they are going to do anything right now because we’re winning,” Howard said after a 104-97 victory over the Sacramento Kings improved the Magic’s record to 6-3. “Even if this is the last season, let’s go out hard, regardless.”

When asked if he expects Orlando to trade him by the NBA’s March 15 deadline, Howard said: “I don’t think so.”

When asked if Howard could finish the season with Orlando, Smith said, “I don’t know.”

Music to the Mav’s ears.

The allure of pursing a playoff run with Howard might be too great for Otis Smith for two reasons.

1-If you trade your superstar, you aren’t getting fair value in return.  Period.  That’s not going to look good in two years and Smith’s job is in jeopardy.

2-Having Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard should give a well coached and smart team an edge against Miami because in theory you can win the two most important positional matchups in Basketball.  Wouldn’t a trip to the finals convince Howard to at least exercise the option on his deal and stay one more year to see what you can do?

I’m not ready to call the Mavericks the favorite to land Howard’s services, but the news continues to move in a positive direction for Cuban’s grand master plan, sign both Howard and Williams in free agency.

Stay tuned to the GBAG Nation for your nightly D-Will and D-Ho to DFW updates.   NFL season is over and we are back to consistent five nights a week, except for this Wednesday through Friday when I will be filling in for Richie Whitt and broadcasting with Greggo on RAGE.

Oh btw, Delonte West was not at the White House with the team today but apparently it’s not because he failed a background check.