DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A new government report on binge drinking has some news you may find surprising. When polled, college-age drinkers said they average nine drinks each time they get drunk.

The report focuses on the dangers of binge drinking.

University of North Texas Professor James Quinn defined what is considered binge drinking.

“More than four drinks for a woman, five drinks for a man, in a drinking episode –which would generally be an evening. Or drinking with the intention of getting drunk,” he explained.

Youngsters aren’t the only ones turning up their glasses. The report noted that some 17-percent of adults admitted having a bender in the last month.

In what may be the most surprising result, the age group reporting binge drinking the most often were people 65 years old and older. While only 4-percent of the age group admitted binge drinking they did it more often – an average of five times a month.

“People have heard so much of the anti-drug message that they kind of shy away from the illegal drugs and feel like ‘if it’s legal it’s safer.’ Which obviously is not the case,” said Quinn.

Health officials say binge drinking contributes to problems like drunk driving, motor vehicle accidents, violence and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Results of the CDC report were based on 2011 telephone surveys of more than 450,000 adults.