Security Camera Captures N. Texas Homeowner Attack

HALTOM CITY (CBSDFW.COM) – Haltom City police are searching for the person who attacked a homeowner after he confronted suspects trying to break into vehicles in his neighborhood.

Just before midnight on January 10, homeowner Robert Richter noticed some suspicious activity on his security camera. The man saw at least two people, with flashlights, trying to open the doors of vehicles parked on the street in the 4700 block of Woodhaven Lane.

When Richter went to the door and yelled at the suspects one of the men attacked him. “I heard somebody coming up behind me, turned around, and he was coming after me. We took a couple swings at each other and he backed off, [then] started in with the gun and knife,” he recalled.

The suspect was yelling obscenities and cut Richter’s arm.

The homeowner was able to retreat back inside the house but suffered minor injuries. “When I stepped through the glass storm door he came after me again and I tried to catch his leg between the storm door and the frame of the door,” Richter said.

“The suspect then picked up a potted plant, that was on the homeowner’s front porch, and he threw it at the front door breaking out the storm door of the house,” explained Haltom City police Cpl. Joe Hackfeld.

haltom attack 2 Security Camera Captures N. Texas Homeowner Attack

(credit: Haltom City Police Dept.)

The attacker left on foot and was quickly picked up by a person driving a dark colored SUV, possibly a Chevy Tahoe.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video.

“For someone to run across the street and attack a witness is very unusual and extremely dangerous for the witness so we would like to identify this person as soon as we can,” Hackfeld said.

When asked what he’d do if a similar incident happened, Richter said, “I wouldn’t go outside. I’d just call the police and wait, unless they tried to come in the house.”

Haltom City police are asking that anyone with information about the attack or suspects call (817) 222-7000 or email Cpl. Daniel Pearson at
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One Comment

  1. Jeff says:

    Question is if the home owner showed a gun would the crook still have come at him?

    1. Gumby Rules says:

      Better question, if the home owner would have shot the crook would his compadre have come across the street for more of the same?

      1. Kingfish says:

        We could only hope so!

    2. Doubltap says:

      If he SHOWED a gun? Hell, the POS came at him with a knife. Just shoot him down and kill him. Lawful use of deadly force against a person threatening him with a deadly weapon.

    3. cbinflux says:

      Probably not, but he might have been on meth. At any rate, he’d probably be cured of that addiction now…

  2. Steven Senior says:

    If the thief did this on my street and charged me, well lets just say he wouldn’t have got close enough to cut me.

  3. altha says:

    Didn’t that White-boy say that was a Black-man trying to break in cars on his street? and came after him with a knife. Oh’ Yes! that was two white boys breaking into cars and stone after another white with a knife. wow

    1. pc says:

      Wow, you really don’t have the facts in this case.

    2. T says:

      Correction altha, That would be White man and Black boy !!

    3. Blanca says:

      Correction: “…White-man said that was a Latino-boy-illegal trying to break into cars…” EVERYBODY ON THAT STREET SHOULD GET A GUN. USE THE “CASTLE LAW” DEFENSE AT ANY SIGN OF TROUBLE. DON’T RELY ON THE PO-PO TO PROTECT YOU. LEGALLY RELY ON GLOCK, S&W, RUGER, OR BARETTA TO BE THERE WHEN THE DOO-DOO HITS THE FAN…Remember: You’d rather be judged by 12, than carried and buried by 6!

  4. sam ronin says:

    well. the burglar has no idea how to use a knife at all.

  5. chris says:

    note to homeowner….Call Police FIRST…never leave house without sometype of self protection(gun, bat, etc.)

    1. oldcutup says:

      Here in Florida he would have been HISTORY. Never walk out of your house with out a weapon. IE,. 12 guage pistol, If you feel treatend here in floria blow them away.

      1. Doubltap says:

        A “12 guage [sic] pistol”?

  6. Apple Sauce says:

    Dirty Mexicans again.

  7. Patrick says:

    Note to self: Investigate while ARMED, .40S&W or better, 145-gr. Hollowpoint or better, 7-rd. magazine (you guessed it) or better.

    1. Kingfish says:

      Shotgun or 45 cal, the only two things to remember.

  8. Kingfish says:

    What did he think he was going to do without a weapon, never, ever go to the door unarmed.

  9. cbinflux says:

    OWS Perspective: The 99% pushes back!

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