George W. Bush Wanted Brother Jeb To Run In 2012

NEW YORK (CBS) – Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura wanted his brother Jeb Bush to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, the former first lady said Wednesday in Florida.

“We wanted him to [run] this time,” Laura Bush said in Sarasota, according to the Herald-Tribune. She added that she and the former president “wish he would” run, saying Jeb Bush would be a “wonderful” president in part due to his work on education.

Jeb Bush, the younger brother of George W. Bush and the son of former President George H.W. Bush, was governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. Bush has ruled out seeking the presidency in this cycle.

Bush, who speaks Spanish and is married to a woman born in Mexico, has been active in trying to bring Hispanic voters – a crucial and growing vowing bloc that usually supports Democrats – to the Republican Party. Earlier this year, he said Republicans should not just run for president by attacking President Obama.

“It’s good to be critical of (President Obama) — I think the president means well, but his policies have failed,” he said. “But just to stop there and say, ‘I’m going to win because I’m against what’s going on’ is not good enough.”

An endorsement from Bush, which he has said is possible, could give a significant boost to a candidate in the Sunshine State, which holds its primaries on January 31.

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One Comment

  1. charles says:

    Yes, another bush in the white house. Now i can get another shot at going to ,Irag or Iran or any where we don’t belong !!. I missed the first two wars Bush Sr and Jr. arranged. “DARN”, but with any luck,we will get another Bush and,i’m sure another War. YIPPIE !!

    1. hazmat77 says:

      you can volunteer for the military if you are afraid of missing out on being a warrior …. surely no matter who wins in November, the US military will be involved in some hostile action somewhere …. we look forward to your future.

      1. Jim Bunion says:

        F_ck yourself Hzmat.

      2. charles says:

        Thanks, Haz. You warm my warrior heart !!

    2. BGko says:

      We have no shortages of wars going on right now, plenty of oppurtunity…. Now if you’re looking for a legal war declared by congress, well, that’s another story…

  2. Jake34 says:

    Please people – NO MORE BUSHES!!!!!!!!!!

  3. JungleCogs says:

    I wanted him to run too.

  4. MissaJim says:

    Will the Bushes please go away. You’ve caused enough damage to our country

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:



      With this clown in the White House, you can say THAT?

      Do you leftist bloodclots EVER stop lying?????

  5. no nonsense says:

    I would like to see Jeb run…maybe he’s VP

    1. charles says:

      If you continue to do the same thing over and over,and expect a different result.the called “CRAZY” !

  6. Bubba says:

    Interesting to note that while GW’s national poll numbers were tanking at the end of his presidency, Jeb remained hugely popular in Florida (70% or so). Jeb would be a very attractive candidate (successful swingstate governor) if only his name were not Bush.

    1. Jim Bunion says:

      Your an idiot.

      1. Nomo RINO says:

        “Your [sic] an idiot.”

        Perhaps, but not a hypocritical illiterate one such as Jim Bunion.

      2. Jim Bunion says:

        Nomo RINO.

        Your and idiot. With the name like a idiot.

  7. BGko says:

    Like we’re gonna fall for that one a second time….. er, i mean third time

  8. Jim Bunion says:


    1. TheRealKingMax says:

      Yep. I knew it, and you just confirmed it.

      You’re gay.

      Now stop playing with mommy’s computer, and go take your nappy.

      1. Jim Bunion says:

        Youve been reported jackleg

  9. Nomo RINO says:

    Just Say No [more RINO’s]

  10. Government Answers says:

    Jeb is by far the best of the Bush clan. W failed because he used his father’s staff and ideas. Jeb uses ideas that aren’t from his dad’s playbook…I think he’s waiting until his dad’s people are no longer around to make a run.

    1. Jim Bunion says:

      He will fail because ture Americans see he wants to give land back to the Mezis

      1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

        You will fail because you’re an idiot lying liberal hatemonger blog troll.

        I told your mother to abort you, but, nooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  11. Jim Bunion says:

    We don’t need any Bushes and their non-American brownie wifes.

    1. Michael Kearns says:

      Racist much Jim Bunion? If you got out of your parents basement much you’d know Jeb’s wife is an American citizen.

      1. Jim Bunion says:

        Your the racist obama hater

    2. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Bunion, tme for your nappy.

      And on Monday, we’ll start teaching you how to SPELL…

      Your illiteracy drools through this blog.

      What a dummy.

      1. Jim Bunion says:

        I make more than you.

  12. UrsusRexx says:

    Re: “I think the president means well, but his policies have failed,” he said…”

    Between the for-profit wars, ‘mission accomplished, NOT!!’, the wrecked economy, the graft & theft in ‘Iraq, etc.’, (AND elsewhere!), the ‘wide-open-borders-form’ of National Security and stoking the fires of domestic-pietistic-bigotry…
    The Bush family has done America in a manner reminiscent of Joren Vander Sloot!
    We’re lucky China, (to say NOTHING about ‘Al-Qaida’), aren’t stickin’ forks in us, to see if ‘we’re done’!!

    I wish the Bush’s would just go-the-hell-away, since it appears unlikely that G. ‘What? Me Worry? HA-HA-HA-HA!’ Bush ( ‘poppy Bush), AREN’T getting prosecuted for their pillage-profiteering & crimes – against – humanity anytime soon!

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Wow – articles like these shure do bring the Bush-haters & liberal liars out of the “bushes”…

      UrsusRexx, you’re well known in the blogs as being a worthless lying leftist chunk of human waste. Everything you drool comes off the DailyKAOS and MediaMatters websites. Farts have more purpose and intelligence than whatever rots between your ears.

      Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor:

      Put on a blindfold, and dance in the middle of your nearest Interstate. I want to see how much pus flies out of your rotting carcass when you kiss the front of a Kenilworth….

  13. charles says:

    When Bush sr. sent our troops to die, Kuait didn’t even pay for it,plus they gave the oil contracts to France. When Jr. sent our kids to irag, as payment they gave the oil to China. Maybe Jeb can make a better deal. More oil for less American lives !!

  14. templeknight says:

    Enough with the clintons, kennedy’s and bushes, no more family dynasties as Washington said when offered a crown we just got rid of a king why put in another. We need a 6 year one term presidency, to allow for changes and adjustments in our national direction. It also removes the constant pandering to special interests, and the need to campaign for re-election.

    1. Steve G says:

      Now there’s an idea that has merit!
      While we’re at it, let’s put term limits into Congress (Semate and House).
      Most Senators leave as millionaires regardless of their $$ coming in.
      HMMMM. I wonder why

      1. Jim Bunion says:


        You repubes are morons

  15. Machismo says:

    That is one thing I will never do again…is vote for a Bush!

    1. Run Em off at the Border says:

      Who cares, Chico?

      You’re an illegal, anyway.

      Oh, that’s RIGHT…. you’d vote DEMOCRAT.

      Never mind.

      1. Jim Bunion says:

        Racist comment. REPORTED

      2. re: Jim Bunion says:

        The “Report Comment” button is for when people use foul language or threats. It’s not just because you have your female undergarments in a wad!!!

  16. Travelassie says:

    Regardless of how I might feel about the Obamarama and his moves to destroy our country, I cannot and will not ever support another Bush in the white house. And Jeb????? After his 8 years of funneling Floridians’ tax money to the pockets of his business buddies, I couldn’t wait to see him out of the governor’s mansion….. He’d just have a bigger playing field in the white house…….

    1. TheRealKingMax says:

      You’re a liar, “Travelassie”.

      “Floridians’ tax money to the pockets of his business buddies”? You’re flat out busted on that lie.

      As far as “couldn’t wait to see him out of the governor’s mansion”, well, you must be a Debbie Wasserman Shultz idiot. You are in the DEFINITE minority. Jeb did a good job as governor and it’s on the record as such, but hell, why tell the truth?

      And, but the lies in your comments, I can tell that you NEVER supported either Bush in the White House.

      You Democrat blog trolls…. so easy to spot, so EASY to bust!

  17. Aaron says:

    Bushes and “another war”? Great observation. We need to teach those Bushes the “turn the other cheek” principle when our civlians are killed en masse! Perhaps we should send Jeb a Neville Chamberlain biography so Jeb can learn how it’s done!

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