App That Would Guide Users Away From High-Crime Areas Proves Controversial

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An in-development Microsoft smart phone app designed to help drivers and pedestrians avoid unsafe neighborhoods is proving controversial among some minority rights groups that find the software potentially discriminatory.

The as-of-yet unnamed product is being referred to as the “Avoid The Ghetto” app by those who are concerned with where it will guide users.

“I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace.

Wallace spent her afternoon at a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and said she felt safe there, but fears the app may project otherwise.

“Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

Microsoft says the app will use crime statistics to determine what parts of town are to be avoided. But it’s unclear where the data will come from and how it will be interpreted.

Microsoft has filed a patent for the app, but the actual product is unnamed and not available yet.

Opponents like Wallace fear it could hurt minority communities.

“It’s almost like gerrymandering,” she said. “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.”

Michael McNally, who was visiting Dallas Tuesday, said an app shouldn’t have enough power to label a community.

“It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.

Dallas resident Chris Hurst said it sounds like a good safety tool.

“I’d be all for it because you can never be too safe,” he said.

Tommy Jones, who works downtown, said an app like Microsoft’s could hurt a city’s economy.

“From a business standpoint, it could be devastating,” he said. “Especially in the area of tourism.”

Economic development is a major initiative that Mayor Mike Rawlings is pushing in parts of the city that the app may suggest against visiting.

Wallace is concerned this type of technology would continue to perpetuate stereotypes in Dallas and beyond.

“What happens in North Dallas certainly ought to be no different than what happens in South Dallas, so we can’t keep on doing this,” she said. “This type of technology is certainly going to pronounce and heighten it to some degree.”

Microsoft declined to comment, issuing a statement that said the company “does not comment on filed or awarded patents.”
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One Comment

  1. Robyn D says:

    it’s not stereotyping .. it’s just using information available on public records to let you know about a high crime area. You will still be able to get to MLK BLVD. How IGNORANT .. Is it ok with YOU if I don’t want to find myself lost in a gang neighborhood? Didn’t think I had to ask permission to protect myself.

    1. Michael Lederman says:

      Where the heck is the “like” button cause I’d be pressing it quite a few times!

      1. Jim says:

        Click here.

    2. jrd says:

      Now if I said I WANTED to find MLK Blvd because I want to buy some crack .. that would be a stereotype .. a true one .. but a stereotype nonetheless. But truth be told, when the directions say use MLK Blvd, you already know you should avoid the area. Why is that ? Doesn’t Dr. King deserve more respect?

      1. Jennay says:

        MLK does in fact deserve more respect – but it’s not the whiteys disrespecting him. Blacks are indeed being judged by their actions and not their color as MLK wanted – sadly its not the actions he was talking about. obama is NO MLK folks – clean up your neighborhoods and make getting a real education cool –

    3. Rowdygirl says:

      I agree ! I wonder how they would feel actually going into the bad neighborhoods at night, without their reps. and bodyguards.. I’m sure they wouldn’t do it.

      1. Rastus Schvartza says:

        Rowdygirl, you really mean black neighborhoods don’t you? You are a racist.

      2. Rowdygirl says:

        I said “bad neighborhood” not black neighborhood. I used to live in the DC\VA|MD area.. it’s common knowledge that you just don’t go into some areas, no matter what color you are, or what color the people are who live there. Criminals don’t take the time to decide if you’re the “right color” before they victimize you. If that was the case, then blacks would never harm another black person, right?

      3. Command says:

        I’d say black neighborhoods and without shame. A majority of violent crimes are carried out in BLACK or, if you prefer, African American neighborhoods. Beides Rastus – let’s get down to the truth – we all are prejudice – including you – so shut up you hypocrite.

      4. Me says:

        Rowdygirl, It’s totally okay to be called a racist…It’s just a PC term liberals use to oppress your freedom of speech….Black people say racist for the same reason! So what if you dislike black people and their neighborhoods…they are easily disliked.

      5. Douglas says:

        Don’t worry that someone calls you a racist for saying black neighborhood. Black neighborhoods are exactly the ones whites should be warned to avoid. Why would it make blacks mad for white to want to avoid them? They do whatever they want for their own race even having their own tv channel, yet they scream like a bunch of monkeys at the zoo when whites point out their own poor behavior and wish to avoid them

      6. Rastus Schvartza says:

        Command, I am a proud negro, yes I said it, a proud negro. I am 73 yrs. old and don’t shy away from words. I worked for 40 yrs. teaching the good word in Sunday school to children from all walks of life. I have found that black children have the shortest attention spans and run amok. Does that make me racist? Let’s define crime because when I see crime I see white crime as well. I see corrupt politicians who are mostly white, corrupt bankers and Wall Street who are almost all white and Jewish. I see Martians, green and blue who have caused untold damage on at least 3 planets so, don’t call me a hypocrite! Putz.

    4. Leroy Blackman says:

      Robyn, you really mean black neighborhood. You are a racist!

      1. The Bobster says:

        Avoid the groid!

    5. Nardo says:

      This is Texas, right? Not Maryland, where I live? I mean, what the F is going on here? I thought you guys were supposed to be the last bastion of common sense, hard nosed reality? Seriously?

      Sheesh….paging Ranger Walker

    6. LaQuan Johnson says:

      You are a racist! So am I! I race the hell out of any black neighborhood I find myself lost in!

      1. chris says:

        The comedian Chris Rock famously advised, ‘If a friend calls you on the telephone and says they’re lost on Martin Luther King Boulevard and they want to know what they should do, the best response is “RRUUUUNNNN!!!!”

    7. Ghostsouls says:

      How is this discrimination, let’s say you are black, and your 19 year old daughter is driving alone trying to find your new home, because she lives out of town. Would you want her driving thru the middle of gang land all by her self and possibly get car jacked, raped or murdered? It has happened before. Crime knows no color, and criminals don’t care either.Not only can this save app save human lives, but it could potentially keep people who would commit those crimes out of jail or prison for committing them. Why is it, since king obama took office, everyone sees race under every rock?

      1. tobechristian says:

        This is the best app ever! If you don’t want your community to be listed as a “danger zone”, do something about it. It will be time for businessmen, parents, and responsible citizens to work for the improvement of the community and to delisted from the “danger zone”.

      2. gmason says:

        She could get raped by a person she is dating. Most gang members do not rape because they have plenty of girls that are attracted to the gangster look and style. Most gang members hurt other gang members while others simply pick on illegal immigrants. If you look at the Dallas crime stats only about three whites are killed in Dallas each year. No whites are killed in Southern Dallas. Most murders are of same base race relation.

    8. icequeen says:

      its hard to face the reality of what your culture breeds! if you want change then act like civilized people instead of welfare baby mama’s and thugs with no regard for anyones life! you are killing your own children for Gods sakes. Chris Rock once said “If Martin Luther King was all about non violence why is any street in any city name dafter him the most VIOLENT place in the city!! Stop having kids with no fathers present and you’re culture will improve unless you’re just happy that way. And may I add, that real Africans are nothing like the thugs the USA bred!

      1. The Bobster says:

        True, they’re far worse!

    9. Tommie Tee says:


    10. Shepherd says:

      Sad but true, every time they rename a street MLK Jr BLVd the place ends up becoming a ghetto with high crime drugs prostitution low property value litter and trash all over the place, gangs, you name it. If you want to destroy a community just rename the street and give it 6 months. Facts are hard to deny.

    11. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

      This app is plain smart. If the NAACP has an issue here, they should take it to their tribe and demand civility and lawful behavior. I don’t care to stumble into an area infested with ganstas, guns and drugs.

      It seems that the NAACP is more concerned about cutting off the livelihood to the hoods in the hood. No sucker victims, no cash intake. That’s what it’s about Whitey.

      1. Luis says:

        Beautiful. Fu** the NAACP!

    12. gmason says:

      Of course many will need to be aware that some areas that will be listed are located in East Dallas and North Dallas. Park Lane & Shady Brook, Skillman & Forest, Forest & 635, John West & Buckner, Frankford where all the apts. are located, parts of Denton, East McKinney, Garland by the lake, etc. My concern is what crimes will be incorporated into the app. Would an area that has high burglary rates be included or are only personnel crimes to be included. In that case, South Dallas would be included because that area is high in person to person crime. However, there are many other African-American areas that are low inn crimes. I always wonder why South Dallas was the described area of African-Americans. There are less AA in South Dallas than Plano.

    13. Tim Lebsack says:

      Do you have a State of Texas Concealed Carry Firearms Permit? – now that’s asking permission to protect yourself.

    14. Max says:

      “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

      How does the device keep her from going to MLK Blvd? Does it flatten her tires if she tries to drive there? Idiot

  2. changomango says:

    “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.”——-So, high crime statistics (FACTS) are “stereotyping and discriminatory”?

    1. lahewet says:

      And don’t forget the “over representation” of minorities in the criminal justice system has nothing to do with minorities committing more crimes (sarcasm)!

      1. slickzip says:


    2. Nardo says:

      Of course facts are stereotyping and discriminatory…just like GPA and SAT scores. That’s why we need affirmative action built into our GPS and computers now! How else will criminals be able to rob us if we know where they live and operate and seek to avoid them?

  3. 1972Patriot says:

    Of course they are…. Search for “Somebody Here Cares Street’ and use your fumes to drive there.

    Take all of that money that drives your racist anger to lawsuits and use it to give your ghetto’s a face lifts. Oh, wait, that would benefit the wrong people.

    1. algoa456 says:

      I guess when they murder, rape, thieve and sell drugs in these areas it is just coincidence it is blacks. And the fact that we notice is racism.

      Thanks, I understand now. Saying anything bad against any black is racism.

      1. labillyboy says:

        That sums it up Algoa456…

        And don’t forget, they have made it illegal in most big cities to carry a firearm to protect yourself should you happen to wander into one of these fine neighborhoods… Maybe they are outraged because it will cut down on the number of victims passing through for them to rob, car jack and murder?

      2. dave says:

        Well said!

      3. Robyn D says:

        So true .. and don’t forget, it’s your fault they murder, rape, steal and sell drugs. Because of what you did to them 200 years ago .. remember when you bought and sold slaves? So … I’m just saying .. they are victims, right?

      4. Ghostsouls says:

        But Robyn D…. white people could not have bought and sold black people into slavery if it weren’t for one itty bitty detail… it was black people, that went into the jungles and across the land in Africa and other p[laces and actuallly kidnapped and took those people to the docks to be sold into slavery, they sold their own kind out, that is how the trade began. You think a few white men could go by themselves into the jungle and come out with a bunch of black people?

      5. KellyRO says:

        So Robyn D. because I am white I am automatically a racist? Because I’m white I have had ancestors that owned slaves?

        How do YOU know that my ancestors weren’t white abolitionists that fought on the UNION side of the civil war? Or for that matter were even in this country at all? Because I’m white?!

        Who’s the racist?

      6. RSK says:

        Folks – Robyn D’s sarcasm was lost on those of you who responded to her!

  4. Darwin says:

    A great app to save your azz.

  5. Craig says:

    Just wondering if you downloaded the app, used it to avoid certain areas but still wound up getting beaten, raped and robbed. Can you sue and get your .99 cents back?

    1. Me says:

      What I want to know is, if the complainers succeed in getting this app banned or whatever, and I get lost, end up in the ghetto and robbed, do I get to sue the complainers because I was not allowed to be informed of the bad parts of town?

    2. Mark says:

      Wow! it costs less that a penny for the app?

      1. Rod Anders says:

        Price is dictated by supply and demand. It’ll get more expensive once people hear about it. Buy NOW!

  6. Jsmith says:

    Jesse Jackson knew it’s true. So does Chris Rock.

    Being in the ghetto at night could easily lead to a darned bad experience and folks are well advised to stay out of there. Personally, I don’t see the app as particularly useful — if you can’t tell you’re in the ghetto by looking out the window of your car, the app sure isn’t going to do you any good.

    1. Realist says:

      By the time you look out the window and see that you’re there, it’s too late. The whole idea is to AVOID being there in the first place. If you’re new to a city, it’s really easy to take the wrong exit and find yourself in a part of town you don’t want to be in.

      1. LEL says:

        I was thinking the same thing.

      2. TAJ says:

        Happened to me in Louisville…on my Harley…with my wife! Wish I had this app then.

      3. Radlib says:

        True. It happened to me in Birmingham, AL once. Fortunately I was in a Jeep and did a 180 and got my lily-white backside out of there quick! The neighborhood went from normal to “Escape from New York” in one block’s distance. Cars stripped, buildings with the windows knocked out, etc.

    2. Obama012 says:

      It would prevent you from getting into the g h e t t o, in the first place. I had a GPS unit that took me to the heart of the barrio/ghetto when I was leaving a baseball stadium (we were vacationing there). To go from downtown sights to lock the doors and floor it, while seeing the half dressed aces is not a comforting feeling.

    3. Terry says:

      At night it would be more difficult to “look out the window” and tell you’re in Ghetto. But then if you had the app you wouldn’t be there looking out your window even during daylight. So, maybe it is more useful than you think?

    4. eman says:

      If you ever find yourself a rental car in Philly, then realize that you need to top the tank off before returning it….DON’T TAKE THE CHESTER EXIT NEXT TO THE AIRPORT!!!

      As soon as I pulled off the highway, I knew I was not in the right neighborhood. That brand new Buick stuck out like a sore thumb, and everyone on the corner was pointing and staring. To make matters worse, When you turn around to get back on the highway, there isn’t an on-ramp.

      1. Jason says:

        The motto for Chester PA: If you can’t defend it, you don’t own it.

  7. JR says:

    you could just tie the app to high murder rates instead of the ghetto reference. unfortunately the outcome would be exactly the same. Truth hurts and life is hard.. wear a helmet and STFU.

  8. Cornelius says:

    I’m there! Only draw back is finding that new fried chicken joint.Oh well,better safe,then stolen.

  9. Dan says:

    Apparently the NAACP is receiving donations from the criminals that would loose out on new “business” if the victims know not to go there.

  10. algoa456 says:

    Useful for people wanting to buy crack too. Just go to the areas the apps suggest you avoid.

    1. Tommy says:

      HA! Great idea. I wonder if there’s a way to sync that app with the Drug Wars app. Then you’d make some REAL money!

  11. Stephen Wilkins says:

    Michael McNally, who was visiting Dallas Tuesday, said an app shouldn’t have enough power to label a community.

    The app isn’t labeling a community, it’s just going to state facts about crimes stats in the form of a GPS route. The criminals are the ones labeling a community.

  12. r finley says:

    Me thinks you protest too much, or, If the tennis shoe fits…steal it!

    1. jrey762 says:

      *ahem* If the Air Jordan fits…

    2. Jack Davis says:

      Reminds me of the Ebonics Language Lesson…

      English: “I admire your fasionable running shoes”
      Ebonics: “Drop dem Nikes off yo azz befo’ I blast you Muthaf*cka!!”

  13. Kasey says:

    How is this discriminatory? It takes pure data to determine a safe route–the machine is not racist or anything, it simply processes data. Juanita Wallace is a very foolish person to think that a machine would label a community because minoritys lived there–it would only avoid the area if it were riddled with crime. I think Ms. Wallace is being racist herself in assuming all minority rich areas are crime ridden enough to merit this device avoiding them.

    1. Santino Vannozzi says:

      Your logic… it’s too much. /s

    2. Patty Mudd says:

      Kasey, you bigot, how dare you accuse the estimable Ms. Wallace of being a racist? Only white people can be racists. Everybody knows that.

  14. Justin says:

    If aliens came down and intercepted this software, before they even introduced themselves to humans, they would merely have a map of geographical areas with high crime rates without ever knowing the race or ethnic origin of the neighborhoods. For you to stand on MLK Blvd and protest such software proves that you are cognizant of the fact that Black neighborhoods are high crime neighborhoods…. Stop race baiting and actually do something about it for a change… No one wants this situation with low income neighborhoods… Not white, yellow, brown, and especially any self respecting black man. This sort of divisiveness only serves to prolong the problem.

  15. hollywoodron says:

    App should be called, Avoid 100% Democrat Owned area.

    1. Fen says:

      More like:

      Avoid Democrat Plantation

  16. Tommy says:

    It seems like the NAACP has to have something new to get upset about every so often, and this is the newest “cause” they’re jumping about. Maybe they could design an app that helps women on welfare with 5 kids from 5 fathers update their food stamp allowance for the next 3 kids they’ll have.

    1. slickzip says:

      AMEN right on ,,,,,,,,,,,

    2. Ashlee says:

      Is that white privilege I smell?

      1. abt4u says:

        In your case, Ashlee, I’m quite certain that it is white guilt that you smell. I know from my younger days that it sure does stink.

  17. Justin says:

    Chris Rock does a good bit about MLK Blvd… I think he hits the nail on the head… Have a listen some time…

  18. Cogito says:

    Of course…not wanting to have your children raped and murdered in a ghetto is racist.

    1. dalek12553 says:

      75 % of violent crime in this country is committed by blacks which represent 13% of the population according to the justice dept. Only 55% of prisoners in jail are blsck snd incacerated for those crimes. This is not racisist but merely fact. Yet, this is reported by statistics as racisit because, they say 13% of the population irepesents 55% of the incarcerqted. The real % rate should be, it there were unbiased justice in this country, 75% of blacks behind bars. Try driving through one of their gettos at night and see how safe tou feel

      1. len says:

        Care to site a source for your 75% of blacks commit violent crime LIE? Didn’t think so.

      2. dalek12553 says:

        statistics of hte Dept of Justice

      3. Realist says:

        @Len–go on the FBI website. The percentage of those arrested for murder is about 49% white, 49% black. However, Blacks only make up about 12% of the population. Now, explain the math to us.

      4. LaughinghardinTX says:

        You are not counting all of the whites that have committed crimes and avoided punishment. The legal system is usually in the favor of non-minorities.

  19. rodpeters says:

    Hey Juanita, white people use GPS as well. Is it “safe” for us to be caught on MLK blvd? I live near Camden, NJ and would rather not be routed through that location if possible. Wake up and smell reality.

  20. humeskeptic says:

    Still waiting on the ‘avoid race-baiting NCAAP-type” app

  21. Galin Toberfield says:

    It’s amazin to me that these fools feel their perceived right to not be offended trumps the safety of others. These areas practically count on strangers wandering blindly there so they can prey on them. Oh and “gerrymandering” is used to keep the same corrupt politicians in power that create these human waste lands.

  22. Jim says:

    This is typical…you don’t like the app or feel it is discriminatory then don’t buy it. This is a free country and we should be free to purchase and use an item or not purchase and not use items. At my age I really don’t need someone making decisions for me.

  23. hebgb says:

    …:“Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd.”…

    Doesn’t say you can’t go there – sorry if your reading skill set is lacking and in your position I would be concerned that other peole would ebgin to notice that. Says you shuold be aware it might be a dangerous location and the choice is still yours to make.

  24. Sean says:

    She should just say they should have affirmative action for streets. They should close down certain roads and FORCE everyone to go through the crime-riddled neighboorhoods. That way those streets won’t be discriminated against. Don’t laugh, we’re almost there!

  25. Paolo says:

    If the NAACP is upset about the “avoid the ghetto” app perhaps the NAACP should get off their lazy, dependent booty’s and take a listen to Philly’s mayor or Bill Cosby and then do something to improve the image of those they so poorly represent.

    1. itbeesthatway says:

      Improve the image? Hell, change their attitudes. Quit teaching their children hate, racism, resentment, and envy.

    2. Ashlee says:

      Listen to Philly’s mayor? You do know that a quarter of the people living in Philadelphia are below the poverty guidelines, right? And Philadelphia has the highest incarceration rate in the country with the US having the highest incarceration rate in the world.

      Poverty is a vicious cycle, and it’s hard to break out of it.

  26. NAAWP says:

    United Negro College Fund, because skin color is a terrible thing to waste.

    National Association for the Advancement of White People

  27. Moses says:

    I agree how are the thugs supposed to rob any white tax paying citizens if they know what neighborhoods to stay out of… taint fair I tell ya! LOL

  28. tom says:

    Detectives in America are investigating how two British holidaymakers came to be shot dead in a rundown neighbourhood in Florida.

    University friends James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24, were murdered in Newtown, a deprived part of the city of Sarasota, in the early hours of Saturday.

    Read more:

    1. dave says:

      I live in Sarasota (the good part). Newtown (the inner citty) is a dump. The state and county have poured more money into that area, than all other parts of Sarasota County combined…yet it is STILL a crime ridden ghetto, populated by racist blacks who have no intention of doing anything but sponge off of white people. Believe that! I witnessed it FIRST HAND! All those people in Newtown want is a handout, then after they get it, they will stab you in the back and take the rest of your money. Oh….care to take a guess as to what the street name is in the epicenter of Newtown? That question requires no answer now, does it.

  29. MWG says:

    Driving through Atlanta next week, how do I get the app?

    1. Tommy says:

      You don’t need an App for Atlanta. Let me help you… DRIVE AROUND IT! That’s the best way to avoid anything bad in Atlanta.

      1. Jypsea Rose says:

        And DC, and Detroit, and South Central and Philadelphia, and Baltimore…

        Is there a pattern here…? Something about all these locations…?

  30. george says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that.”

    I think it’ll all depend on how safe MLK Blvd. is or isn’t. That’s the point of the app.

  31. Realist says:

    I keep thinking of the movie vacation. Remember when Chevy Chase took a wrong turn and ended up in East St Louis? The same thing happened to my husband and me, only it was daylight at the time. We locked our doors and ran every redlight until we got back on the interstate. If only we’d had something like this!

    1. TwoFists says:

      Roll ’em up!

  32. Guest says:

    Baloney, everyone knows that the Ghetto is populated with clean, decent folk who are great contributors to our society. Additionally, all should know that anyone in the Ghetto would take the shirt off YOUR back if allowed!

  33. Kelvin says:

    Could you imagine being shot dead because you went to MLK Blvd?
    Well, certainly not after you went there.

  34. American Heretic says:

    How about an app which voices a command, “Entering a high crime area. Take out the .40 cal. and stay alert.”

    1. Galin Toberfield says:

      Love it.. or just a quick reminder from your GPS to lock and load.

      1. RainbowBright says:

        But only in a Dirty Harry voice.

  35. mark says:

    Everyone know dont go near MLK Blvd its the ghetto.

  36. Joe says:

    I tried that new avoid ghetto feature using the Microsoft app while traveling in Washington D.C. and it said I was only able to safely travel on 4 streets. I got tired of driving in circles so I went back home to Virginia.

  37. NAAWP says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace said.

    Does her GPS hold a gun to her head and forbid her to travel to a high-crime area?

    Perhaps her GPS doesn’t have an off switch.

    Methinks the drama queen doth protest too much.

  38. DNB212 says:

    how can I get the “avoid negros” ap?

  39. tgc says:

    Sounds like a great APP to me! I’ve lived around Dallas for over 40 years, and I can tell you right now that MLK Blvd is not going to be one of your favorite destinations! As for cultural events, if you consider car jacking, mugging, armed robbery, drug dealing, assult, prostitution, rape and murder to be cultural events, then yes…you will feel right at home in South Dallas. As for me, I’ll pass. I stopped going to the State Fair of Texas years ago because Fair Park is right in the center of the worst part of town. And no, I don’t care if it offends you or not…facts are facts…go check the police logs.

  40. Obama012 says:

    This is liberalism at is finest. “It may have a high crime rate, but there are great things to do there.” Yea, like getting your family shot! I want the ap now!

  41. ron says:

    so the NAACP thinks high crime rates means black areas ????? isn’t that racist on their part ?

  42. Joshua Arguien says:

    Hilarious! You actually had this black woman advocating for consumers to drive into high crime areas…because it’s racist to treat these places different from low crime areas. Here’s an idea…you want to keep your local economy…get the local residents to stop shooting and stabbing and robbing one another!
    Then maybe I’ll stop by and buy something.

    1. tgc says:

      The local economy of S. Dallas is based on crimie, so if you don’t show up it DOES have an effect! How can they have crime if you’re scaring away all the victiims BEFORE they are victimized! That’s racist! It does them no good to rob each other!

  43. Bob Reed says:

    what ever happened to the “visit the ghetto” tours out of central station?

  44. Galin Toberfield says:

    I think the app won’t even let you input a destination in Albany Georgia.

  45. Jose Arciniega says:

    I think the good news is that racism is largely a non-issue in this country when this is typical of what is labeled as “racist” today. 60 years ago, blacks were forced to use separate water fountains and sit in designated areas. Now all people have to complain about are things such as an app that doesn’t even mention race but simply tells people which neighborhoods to avoid.

  46. William Hutson says:

    Crazy that it creates controversy.

    What about apps that inform/reroutes drivers around traffic congestion, same objective.

  47. mark says:

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.
    BWAWHAHAHAHAHAHA what an idiot.

  48. JamesOn says:

    I have found myself driving on MLK Jr. Blvd three times in my life and each time, I locked the doors and wished that my GPS could have been programmed to avoid the area.
    All the haters gotta realize that they pzzed cause its true.

  49. Justin says:

    So what sycophantic fantasy does this woman propose? Today, is there droves of tourists and grocery shoppers that find themselves lost on MLK that up & decide “Hey honey, lets pull over here and experience the culture” Is this the business that they are afraid of losing? Is that next up & coming entrepreneur going to stop on MLK and say “Yeah… this is it… this is where I’m going to set up my shop” Me thinks not…. You are a liar and a con artist Sharrie Williams.

  50. tax says:

    If the NAACP would actually do something for the ghettos around America we wouldn’t need the app. Honestly as long as they have been around what have they accomplished? Dr. King did more than the history of the NAACP combined.

    1. Shawn says:

      NAACP doesn’t accomplish anything but stirring the racism pot. Isn’t it about time we get rid of organizations such as these which by their very name are prejudiced? How long do you think Nat’l Assoc. of White People would last?

  51. Terri Chris says:

    “Wallace is concerned this type of technology would continue to perpetuate stereotypes…”

    Stereotypes based on factual crime data?

  52. HleachimH says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area?” This just shows you how stupid these people really are. The App doesn’t keep you from going anywhere. It just gives you information upon which you make a decision to go or not go. Blacks seem to hate whites so much, I can’t imagine any white person wanting to go to MLK Blvd. if the street runs through a crime-infested neighborhood. Why would anyone want to go there?

  53. Fred Sloan says:

    I wonder if these folks ever get tired of being offended. Their desire to control actions and speech trumps everyone else’s right to make an informed choice. These folks are willing to sacrifice everyone’s freedom to control the conversation and it’s getting real old

    1. Jim says:

      Great comment!

  54. oklahomabound says:

    “It’s almost like gerrymandering,” she said. “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.” —— Oh really? The fact is stats, which are the basis of the GPS feature, are not racist or discriminatory, what the NAACP doesn’t like is that crime stats definitively show that minority neighborhoods are crime ridden HeII holes that should be avoided if you value your life and property. They hate the fact that this GPS feature bears that fact out and they probably also lament the fact that their homies will have fewer victims to steal from if a GPS keeps them from accidently wandering into the bIack hole to be victimized. Too bad NAACP.

  55. The Clintidote says:

    Even Chris Rock gets it with his advice that, if you find yourself on a street named after MLK: “RUN!!!!”

    Smart people avoid ghettos and their subhuman “culture” by hundreds of miles whenever possible.

  56. Terri Chris says:

    Blacks jumped to the conclusion that the data will point to black areas.

    1. RainbowBright says:

      Ironically, they jumped to that conclusion based on facts – the same facts this app will use.

  57. Barry Obummer says:

    I need that App to help me avoid dangerous places and protect my loved ones. Don’t blame us for the failure of the Black community.

  58. mojo says:

    “What if you want to go to the ghetto?”
    “Just follow the sound of the guns.”

    1. mojo says:

      How did you get my name? Great name!

  59. Noel Cullison says:

    If people avoided ANY mlk blvd, crime rate would instantly be lowered. Funny how a man who whined about peace has one of the most violent streets named after him. MLK- Mugging, Looting, Killing

  60. Robert Oculus III says:

    Dear White Readers:

    Have you had enough? Are you tired of playing pretend about race? Are you one of those who can see the truth?

    You’re not alone. Join those who can see at .

  61. Noel Cullison says:

    You know whats funny? As much as blacks whine about stereotypes being incorrect, its funny how when the blacks hear about something “avoiding high crime areas” they instantly know it means black areas. Looks like they can put two and two together after all.

    1. JeannieD says:

      Yep, they know high crime=kneegrows. Instead of being “up in arms” about the truth being disseminated, she ought to be “up in arms” about the ones who drive up the crime rate statistics and make their neighborhoods unsafe for decent people. They’d rather hide the cold, hard facts and scream that telling the truth is racisrt rather than do something to change the facts

  62. panos says:

    Why not take race out of the equation, use only local and national crime statistics to drive the algorithms and call the app Avoid Crime? The use of the term “Ghetto” does denote race. I’m not interested if avoiding people differing races, only crime.

  63. hamidog says:

    Better yet: how about an application (I hate that word “app”) that tells me if a neighborhood is dangerous, if I am white or black? If I’m black, I might not mind going to MLK Blvd. because the chances of my being mugged are only 10%. But if I’m white, the chances I’ll get my pale arse slaughtered is 50/50.

    What a good idea! It could be extended to the international level. If I’m Catholic and happened to find myself in Egypt or anywhere near an ACLU office, I know I’m likely to become extinct! If I’m a Pakistani terrorist, I know I’d be safe in the neighborhood of Mayor Bloomberg’s dwellings!

    1. Ted says:


  64. Steve PA says:

    It is NOT rascist to say that one should NEVER feel safe in ANY ghetto. There are people of all races and colors in the ghetto. Microsoft is wise and smart to offer this app. I’d get it for my kids in a heartbeat!

  65. JSC221 says:

    If NAACP people don’t want to use this app, then they don’t have to. Those of us interested in avoiding high crime areas (like every single MLK Street I know of) should be able to.

    The NAACP would be better off focusing on why so many of these avoided neighborhoods are predominantly black, rather than complaining that people are devising means of avoiding them.

  66. jason says:

    Chris Rock told me not to go there!

  67. David Roseman says:

    Why is it that every MLK BLVD. leads to the getto and why is it racist to have an app that steers you away from a crime ridden neighborhood?

  68. Tom says:

    So is the NAACP saying all bad neighborhoods Black???

  69. will says:

    It’s a shame the black community is in denial. The truth hurts and they can’t face it. Here is a valuable tool that can and will save lives, and/or protect someone from harm, and the black community claims it is a racist act. I think that the true solution for them, the black community, is to clean up their yard if they want visitors! Personally, my family and their safety is more important than the feelings of the NAACP.

    Here is a word of advice… clean up your yard… face reality and stop holding yourselves back.

  70. Justin Case says:

    Someone actually goes to MLK blvd.???????? Never have, never will

  71. Noel Cullison says:

    “From a business standpoint, it could be devastating,” he said. “Especially in the area of tourism.”

    What tourist wants to go to MLK blvd?

    1. LEL says:

      Yes, I suppose drug and prostitution income may drop off a tad, as well as the supply of used wheels & tires.

  72. Tommy says:

    You all DO realize that the person who designed the App for Microsoft is African-American, right? How do YOU define “Irony”?

    Why are white people villains for not wanting to purposely or accidentally go into an area that is known as a high-crime area? Nobody complains when people in Africa take steps to avoid an area highly populated with Lions, Crocodiles, or other man-eating animals. Why do we have to be called insensitive whiteys because we don’t want to expose ourselves and our families to unsafe high-crime areas?

    1. Me says:

      Because if we weren’t always unsenstive whiteys, people at NAACP wouldn’t have a job anymore. No more money to the Jesse “Rainbow PUSH” Jackson, slush fund. Can’t be having that.

  73. Greg says:

    Well, my city tells me they better not see me here again when I’m on MLK Blvd and get pulled over because it is a known drug dealing neighborhood and apparently my color has no business or RIGHT to be there. This is straight from our men in blue. They have told me I will be arrested for just being there next time. What do you call that? Now I must find different routes lest I risk being somewhere where my color is not welcome by the people that live there or the police. That is racist.

  74. Ana says:

    When you go as tourist to Brazil they tell you right away what are the areas to avoid. Why the tourists here are disposable?
    Better to call racist than dead!

    1. beazert says:

      You are so right. The federal government tells us what countries to avoid travel to if they are considered “unsafe”, but people are up in arms about doing it in our own country? ??

  75. LEL says:

    Dodge the ghetto App “potentially discriminatory” ?? Damstraight it’s discriminatory ! It discriminates between areas, some more dangerous than others. Discrimination is the POINT. Now we need an App to analyze photographs and determine if individuals in the photo are potentially dangerous and should be avoided.

  76. Tommy says:

    I don’t want to be mugged, shot, robbed for my shoes, or accosted to buy drugs. I don’t want to have something bad happen to me because I accidentally wound up in a high-crime area while trying to get myself and my family home. I’d LOVE an application that helps me avoid problem areas.

    But please… if my getting robbed/beaten/mugged/killed will keep an NAACP member from being offended, then by all means, GET WHITEY!!!

  77. Noel Cullison says:

    Oh and maybe if blacks weren’t targeting whites in those areas, you would need this app. You blacks attack any white person you see in those areas, then whine when whites are told to avoid those areas. Just like how I saw blacks whining about how we should work on MLK day, then other blacks were protesting a bank that was open on MLK day. You whine to whine, and just want handouts. I AM SICK OF YOUR FUGGING WHINING. GET A JOB, STOP EXPECTING MY TAX MONEY TO FUND YOUR PATHETIC LIFESTYLE. The only thing I will fund is birth control so you blacks can stop having 10 kids that turn out just like the father, gang member..

    1. sean patriot says:

      right on

    2. JByrd42 says:

      Too funny And you are spot on.

  78. 2Close4Comfort says:

    Amazing that they can’t comprehend the idea that someone might want to avoid the ghetto. Home sweet home to them, scary as hell to me.

  79. Mallen says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be “up in arms” about my brothas gang banging people in the urban war zone. Or the out of wedlock births, or the high drug abuse and drug trade. Or the school dropout rate among blacks.

    No, I’d be upset over an app.

    And the monkey shines again!

  80. jeff says:

    It’s not stereotyping if it’s based on real live data, facts.

  81. Stephen Myers says:

    My favorite quote: ““It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,”…translation…so what if you could robbed, raped, or murdered…there’s some great things to see!!!

    1. MJS says:

      Yeah, once you get past the burning mattresses there are some really nice trees in our neighborhood.

    2. Realist says:

      Philly at least has the Liberty Bell. But I’m not going to see it unless and until they clean up their act.

  82. this says:

    Well, my city tells me they better not see me here again when I’m on MLK Blvd and get pulled over because it is a known drug dealing neighborhood and apparently my color has no business or RIGHT to be there. This is straight from our men in blue. They have told me I will be arrested for just being there next time. What do you call that? Now I must find different routes lest I risk being somewhere where my color is not welcome by the people that live there or the police. That is racist.

  83. michaelp says:

    The problem is the thugs, not the info. The info can save your life ! you get lost and ask for directions, in a bad neighborhood ! You end up DEAD !

  84. President Not Sure says:

    The nearest MLK Blvd to me is in Broward County Florida.. You wouldnt catch me on that street after 9pm without my 1911..

  85. Ben says:

    whats the problem? I avoid the ghetto like the plague as often as I can. Wherever they are there is crime. Pretty simple. It be what it be.

  86. Jimmy Dean says:

    “I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace.

    Juanita Wallace is the enemy of all rational thinking human beings. There should be a public outcry for her resignation.

  87. LEL says:

    Arrogant of the NAACP to assume all ghettos are populated by blacks. I’m sure that the App will not route people around the safe ghettos.

  88. arod says:

    I was born and raised in south central LA, i know where the areas are. I am a minority and I am not at all offended by anything like this…
    does that make me a racist? nope just trying to protect mine from danger and any help i get i appreciate.

  89. sean patriot says:

    If you know where MLK Blvd is then why do you need GPS?

  90. John says:

    ““Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd, ” said the moron.

    you think you “can’t” go somewhere because a GPS tells you not to? what kind of idiot thinks like that? oh..nevermind. LOL

  91. michaelp says:


  92. Michael Feldman says:

    im pretty sure wanting to avoid a ghetto is nothing like not being able to go there, but hey I could be wrong

  93. bandit says:

    ““Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” ”

    You can’t imagine it because you’re stupid.

  94. dooky says:

    I have the app, and Washington DC is gone.


  95. sean patriot says:

    Black people, LOL. We just laugh at you and your antics now.

  96. sigh says:

    The NAACP really needs to stop demanding that Domino’s pizza drivers go get themselves shot for twenty bucks or be damned as a racist.

  97. Joe E in the IE says:

    “Michael McNally, who was visiting Dallas Tuesday, said an app shouldn’t have enough power to label a community.

    ‘It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.'”

    So the high crime is acceptable as long as there’s a smokin’ band? Certainly gives new meaning to the phrase “simply to DIE for.”

  98. Norton Burgess says:

    Oh c’mon. Why do black people have to get their panties in a twist about this…..

    I’ve been in high crime white areas too folks – you don’t have a corner on the market.

  99. Dryden01 says:

    Barack Obama’s typical White grandmother would surely have wanted that technology to keep safe! It’s a great idea.

  100. snap says:

    If that 23 year old murdered in Philadelphia had had such an app he might still be alive –

  101. kcsparky says:

    Show me a city in the country where MLK Blvd. isn’t a near war zone due to gangs and drugs.

  102. pic says:

    I guess all those tourists murdered in Florida in the past few years would have liked to have had that app.
    Lets see your feelings are hurt because of an app or I wind up getting jacked, robbed and beaten or killed. Lets see, tough decision here.

  103. Groenhagen says:

    ““Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    This woman is not exactly a rocket scientist. She could still get there if she wished to go there. The option to bypass high-crime areas would be, well, optional.

  104. Bobby Smith says:

    Surprise, a black person (Juanita Wallace) assumes the app is speaking only of black areas and moves to immediately decry racism. The assumption, and entire upbringing of Juanita Wallace. is inherently racist, but of the worst kind because she is fully unaware of it. The same thing would happen if you surround yourself with skinheads, or any other race group. The NAACP is, by it’s own name, racist. They don’t seek the advancement of race being a non-factor, they specifically support advancing one race. That is inherent racism.

  105. tommy_pete says:

    Bite me NAACP!! How dare you deny me the right to choose where I travel.

  106. Jypsea Rose says:

    It’s not just the big things like murder. It’s the little things, too. Like, for instance:

    1. Conceivably, I would enjoy avoiding teen age girls brawling in the local McDonald’s.
    2. Perhaps I could steer clear of unsavory public exhibitions of sexual behavior in the presence of minor children.
    3. Maybe I’d like to not be sent to the hospital because I asked for adult language to be toned down at Chucky Cheese’s.

    1. Lou Bator says:

      @Jypsea: Swearing and cussing is adult language? Adults that I know and associate with avoid using language like that in public. We do our best not to use it at all.

  107. Curumdugeon10 says:

    How do you cement a “stereotypical” view that you are dumber than dirt? You complain that something that is based on verifiable FACTS “stereotypes” people or things.


  108. Carolyn says:

    Of course they are upset about it, it cuts down on the total number of victims they can create. If they didn’t like the App they should cut back on the crime levels. Now if someone created an avoid the Clan app they would love that but then again the NAACP is well known for it’s reverse racism and double standards, look at the last elections with the Plank panther party and AG Eric Holder

  109. Whitey says:

    It seems natural for the NAACP to scream racism rather than holding the communities identified as ‘high-crime’ accountable. It’s what they do.

    Jaunita Wallace said. “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.”

    It is discriminatory only from the standpoint it gives people information that permits them to make an informed decision about where to go. The same is true of apps that contain restaurant reviews. However, crime statistics would seem much less subjective and not based on people’s opinion.

    I find it ironic that the NAACP representatives automatically see an app that identifies high-crime areas as racist against ‘their people’. I have news for you, Jaunita. I’ve lived in some high-crime areas that were predominantly white. Crime is crime.

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” Michael McNally said.

    The GPS apps will still contain information cultural and social attractions. The information will simply be supplemented with information about crime. Do I want to take the kids to see a historic site in an area where violent crime is high? Probably not… Let me make the decision.

    “From a business standpoint, it could be devastating,” Tommy Jones said. “Especially in the area of tourism.”

    You’re right, Mr. Jones. However, the devastation you predict would not be due to the app. It would be due to high crime. If people are avoiding your restaurant because it’s filthy, you clean it up. If people are avoiding your neighborhood due to high crime, clean it up! Don’t blame the app.

  110. Lydia says:

    I got lost and ended up in Long Beach when looking for an apartment. I was in a ghetto area with two small children in the car. Blacks from both sides of the street walked into the street to stop my car. I put on the gas. Move or get run over. There was no way I was going to let them stop me and harm my children. The name of the street I ended up on was Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Decent people need an app to keep them from the high crime areas and blacks need to take all the energy they spend whining and clean up their neighborhoods!

  111. Jim Joe Bob says:

    This could totally bring down a mug-based economy.

  112. Ted Chess says:

    That app slaps the “redistribution of wealth right in the face

  113. Reason 8200 says:

    Great idea…..baahaahaahhaa….. everyone knows the worst crime in any city is where the section 8 housing is located i. e. the ghetto. Who doesnt want to avoid those areas. Let the savages weed each other out.

    1. Jypsea Rose says:

      Absolutely Correct! Just sold my house in Progressive Blue Maryland due to ordinances that require Section 8 housing to be interspersed with higher end neighborhoods. Wanna know what the result was?

      We’re ALL Section 8 Housing, now. Had my windows smashed out 3 times by roving bands of young black males for no other reason that they had nothing better to do with themselves. Yes. We were home at the time and saw them do it.

  114. ADF says:

    Wait a minute!! The app doesn’t point out BLACK neighborhoods. It points out HIGH CRIME areas. It was Juanita Wallace who said they were in black neighborhoods.SHE is the racist!!!

  115. Jim Joe Bob says:

    This is definitely a form of discrimination! Discrimination against high crime areas.

  116. ONTIME says:

    Can you imagine the NAALCP and the Ba-lack caucaus putting America first and referring to themselves as Americans of african decent?……. not me.

    Is there any reason a cuacaus needs to be based on race other than for political manipulation and power?

    Do you know why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still costing us billions of dollars a year…see the above.

  117. Thomas Stratford says:

    Nobody twisted the arm of the black community to adopt the culture of criminality, irresponsibility, and personal cowardace, so maybe the crybabies need to shut up!

  118. DMAC says:

    I guess it would be okay if there was app. to show drug users how to get to the ghetto to buy their drugs and help the local thug economy.

  119. Michael says:

    Since most minority crime is say black on black or hispanic on hispanic, I would think the leaders of the naacp would be the first to download and use the app all the while faking their outrage and calling us racist.

  120. mojo says:

    The NAACP, just like the Southern Poverty Law Center and others like them, need to keep racism alive so they can keep the money coming in. This is so they can keep their jobs…Kind of like Obama’s rev that says “…God _____ America!

    1. Rowwdy says:

      You got it mojo. SPLC is as bad or worse than the NAACP now.

  121. Enzo says:

    In any city in the USA the average citizen knows not to go on MLK blvd because it is always in the ghetto.

  122. GPS Guru says:

    If you are a Democrat, all you have to do is disable the app and it will take you right to the high crime areas you want to force the rest of us to visit. Problem solved.

  123. Tyrone says:

    It will hurt the local economies for stolen cars, stolen wallets and oh yes, stolen tennis shoes. By the way, stick a Chavez on a street sign and face the same consequences.

  124. vince romano says:

    Honestly,… NO ONE in the USA needs a computer or navigation app to tell them to avoid any of the Martin Luther King Blvd’s in every major city like the plague.

    Any street I have ever seen named after M.L.K. is usually a dangerous all-negro area that resembles a war zone more than a cit

    All the stores that are left on all M.L.K. named streets consist of chinese carry-outs behind bullet-proof glass, LOTS OF LIQUOR STORES,
    a few laundromats filled with loitering members of youth gangs, and they are surrounded by burnt hulls of old building from when the black community burnt down the area back in the 1960’s,
    which was also when the original white residents fled for safety from the battlezone this population turned the area into.

    Microsoft, you really wasted some money on the patent application, because I would not consider taking any routes that include any M.L.K. named street or that travel through violent crime-filled decayed negro ghettos.

  125. Anthony Bryans says:

    Ive never been to any city that had an MLK Blvd that was a safe street to be on, not a single one. Pathetic, but true

  126. Daniel Morgan says:

    Even the black middle class is fleeing cities like Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Trenton and any other population that contains a high percentage of blacks. Not racism, just the truth.

    1. Jypsea Rose says:

      Sad but true. I lived in an upscale development in Maryland with educated, upscale black professional families who had moved there to give their kids a better chance…only to have young Keyshawn and Faquita go hip-deep into the black gangsta culture to “keep it real”. Very sad.

  127. Steve Roberts says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    I think Juanita Williams thinks GPS stands for Government Protection Service. And being a leader a govt. dependent class of course she wouldn’t want to set a bad example and go anywhere not approved by her beloved nanny state.

  128. JU says:

    It’s not like this feature will steer your car away from the areas.. People still have the choice of going into the area. But knowledge is power, and if my knowledge tells me that I should avoid an area, I’d probably listen to it.

  129. JeddMcHead says:

    Chris Rock noted the irony that everywhere in America where there’s an MLK Blvd., St., whatever, that it’s typically a terrible neighborhood to be in. He said if someone called him and said they were on MLK Blvd. his advice would be “RUN!!”

    The NAACP has no room to be calling anyone or anything “racist” since they are a patently racist organization. I’m sure they wouldn’t call Chris Rock a “racist” but, because I’m white, I’m sure they wouldn’t hesitate calling me one for paraphrasing Mr. Rocks’ comedic comment.

  130. Bud says:

    Keeping potential victims out of high crime areas is really going to hurt that areas economy and we can’t have that.

  131. Xiphos0311 says:

    unless you’re buying crack why would you go anywhere near an MLK named street? Of course if you’re looking to get murdered then go on ahead.

  132. boozy says:

    Sounds to me llike the NAACP and da bruders need to clean up their acts….myself being a whitey would find this very helpful, since most of da brudders in those areas look for whitey…..mmmm mmm goood

  133. Saxx says:

    I think the app is awesome. Ask the Juanita Wallace, Pres of the Dallas Chapter of the NAACP if she would readily send her children into a crime infested neighborhood if she had information that stated that the neighborhood was unsafe–regardless from whence the info came. Yeah, I doubt it, too.

  134. Ernie says:

    Finally, a useful app.

  135. Jim says:

    “It’s almost like gerrymandering,” she said. “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.”

    Whoa, there’s some logic for you.
    How this applies to a private company providing information on crime to customers who can use it or not voluntarily, I cannot fathom.

    The racial grievance business must be desparate for new venues.

  136. herewegoagain says:

    This has nothing to do with race, it has to do with public records (data) being used to keep me and my loved ones safe. How is that discrimination?

  137. Tyrese says:

    Very rational thinking Juanita, i’m sure you voted for Obama.

  138. Melvin says:

    One cannot deny the flash mobs last year where Black Youths targeted Whites with violoncello and assault.
    I implore the Black Community to clean up it’s act and stop blaming White Folks for the decay of the ghetto. Sure it’s easy to blame someone else other than looking in the mirror and asking ones self, am I part of the problem or am I a solution to the problem. This is the question that all Black leaders must ask themselves.
    Does the NAACP denounce the assaults of yanking Whites out of their vehicles at a State Fair last year and beating them senseless. No, we hear comments like, “People in the cars must have said something to anger the kids.”
    Do I want to drive into an urban ghetto and subject myself to assault and robbery? Heck no. Once these urban cities make their inhabitants act civilized to visitors then maybe people will start coming back. But when neighborhoods resemble war zones, not on your life.
    NAACP before you start blaming White folks, look at yourself, your perpetuating the problem instead of solving.

  139. abc says:

    Yeah – that’s like what happened to the tourism-related businesses in Juarez, Mexico, (across Rio Grande from El Paso, TX) when the news started reporting all the killings, beheadings, it being the murder capital of the world, etc. People shouldn’t be told these things because they could miss out on a cultural experience.

  140. I like NASCAR racing so I must be a racist says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    Duh…yeah…I can imagine it! Maybe because EVEry MLK blvd is a dangerous crime area.

    Please, Puhleaze tell me the name of this app!

    1. pup says:

      Plus, hey NCAAP dummy, you CAN still go there if you WANT to. It doesn’t drive the car for you stupid! If you plug in an address on MLK blvd I’m sure you can find it. Nobody is saying Microsoft is going to put up roadblocks at the entrance to you awesome “ghetto”. She’s just looking for a reason to justify her existance as a race baiter. Job description #1: “Find things to label ‘racist'”. What an ignorant ass she is. I wonder if she would prefer to walk the streets of the ghetto alone at night and see where those crime statistics come from.

  141. Eric says:

    From what I’ve been reading, it seems like NAACP president Ms. Wallace is the only one that’s bringing race to this issue. No articles I’ve read before said anything about the race of a certain area, just focused on crime statistics. It sounds like Ms. Wallace is the one who is tieing those two together. Who’s racist now?

  142. Obama bin Biden says:

    Avoid Martin Luther King boulevards.

  143. blind says:

    The irony of an all-minority neighborhood is lost on liberals.

  144. Laura says:

    Is it the term ‘ghetto’ that makes it racist? fine. lets call it “avoid high crime areas” ap. Either way, a nice feature when you’re from out of town. I got lost amidst the projects in downtown New Orleans once and it was terrifying.

  145. tod schwarze says:

    just change the name to “Find crack and Ho’s” app and it becomes diversity positive

  146. sensible_USA says:

    I heard the app routes you around the White House!

  147. Laura says:

    ….and I grew up in South Dallas…

  148. jujubean says:

    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life,” Jesse Jackson once told an audience, “than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery—then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”Jackson’s remark illustrates a basic fact of our social existence, one that even a committed black civil-rights leader cannot escape:

    YUP !

  149. Prorkba says:

    Great idea – anything to help us avoid democrat-grown, high-crime areas.

  150. pup says:

    This tool is designed to use crime statistics, not demographical statistics. Therefore it CAN NOT be racist. Rapes, murders, carjackings, robberies, assaults, etc are what we are trying to avoid, not black people. I want my family to be safe when we travel. We avoid “ghettos” for the same reason we lock our doors and wear our seatbelts…to minimize the risk of something bad happening to us. Please name one lovely, safe, affluent ghetto and maybe I’ll pay a visit if I’m ever in the area.

    Now if you (Ms. NAACP over there) have a problem with people trying to avoid crime, you need your head examined. If you think (assume) that it will have people re-routed to avoid black neighborhoods, maybe you are the racist, or maybe…juuuuuuusssstttt maybe, there ARE, in fact, more crimes committed in places with higher densities of black people. Maybe you should dedicate your efforts to figuring that out…Whadya think?

  151. SHAMEONNAACP says:

    The NAACP disgraced itself and further exposed its racist roots during the shirley sherrod episode. NAACP members are sickening racists.

  152. I-RIGHT-I says:

    Nice feature! It could also be called “Find Crack App”, “Commit Suicide App”, “Find My Taxdollars App” I could go on and on.

  153. Jimbo says:

    The NAACP is a jewish organization. It was created by jews, to use blacks against White Christians. Google it.

    1. Nigel Micheley says:

      Ghettos are what jewish neighborhoods are called. Google it.

  154. Chicago Jack says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    That’s exactly what they’re trying to avoid. Imagine all the people who’d be alive today if they didn’t take a wrong turn after a sporting event or what have you in the middle of the urban jungles we call cities in this nation. Liberal holding pens they should be called.

  155. tod schwarze says:

    perhaps it could be made positive by calling it the
    “lets seek basketball-american diversity!”

  156. Eric says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,”
    Can you imagine not having to avoid MLK BLVD.? I can’t imagine that.

    1. Realist says:

      I give you 5 stars for that comment!

  157. JohnnyBrillcream says:

    There was no mention of the app keeping people from black neighborhoods, only unsafe. So with that rational the NAACP is stating that unsafe neighborhoods are black neighborhoods? Never ceases to amaze me.

  158. so tired says:

    All I can think of is that stupid black woman on TV with 14 kids living in a motel room that others were paying for, glaring into the camera and scolding us: “someone has got to take care of these kids!” as if the rest of us should be ashamed of ourselves.

  159. spike59 says:

    “I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace.

    Wallace spent her afternoon at a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and said she felt safe there, but fears the app may project otherwise.

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    “not being able to go?”

    i’m guessing that, if her turn signal got stuck, she’d be forced to drive around the block for hours until she ran out of gas…does the Dallas NAACP realize that they’re led by someone who qualifies as ‘weapons-grade stupid?”

  160. BarrysHypocrisy says:

    I guess what the NAACP is saying, is that the dangerous or “ghetto” areas are predominantly populated by minorities. If this isn’t what they are implying, they why are they so upset?

    The NAACP using racial stereotypes….sounds like the only racists in this whole story is the NAACP.

  161. Chris Rock said it best... says:

    Chris rock said it best:
    “You know what’s sad? Martin Luther King stood for non violence. And I don’t care where you are in America, if you’re on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there’s some violence going down.”

    Check out the link here:

  162. DHam77 says:

    Dumbocrats are focused “like a laser” on jobs. They’re only trying to save robbery, theft, rape, and carjacking jobs……….common sense isn’t even employed anymore it seems

  163. JOSE says:

    find a coon app,find a tarbaby app,find a porch monkey app,find a spearchucker app,hmmmmm I would find this very useful…..very informative and helpful

  164. alice holmes says:

    You’d be a fool to walk down Martin Luther King, jr. Blvd in Chicago–even Juanita Wallace of the Dallas NAACP wouldn’t go there without a contingency of body guards.

  165. tod schwarze says:

    the ONLY consistent charactoristic indicator of crime risk in the US is the proportion of a certain race in the area.
    The ONLY 100% correlating factor, and somehow it’s all the fault of all you wite debbils

  166. Jim in Houston says:

    I want it on my GPS.

  167. DBabij says:

    divide and rule is their ONLY plan.

  168. Dr. Jeff says:

    If you try to take away our right to rob and murder you then you are a racist!

  169. Observatoin says:

    Wouldn’t MLK be furious that the streets named after him are usually the places with a higher density of crime?

  170. JokerWatcher says:

    Maybe you’re correct about the threat to your person Juanita. Maybe ghettos aren’t dangerous for you. Do you happen to be black Juanita? Is that the vantage from which you claim these places are not dangerous? Well, some of us aren’t black Juanita. and are viewed differently by the inhabitants of ghettos than you are, simply because of the color of our skin. So you go on trapsing thru all the ghettos you can travel to, but I’m with those who avoid MLKs Drives with a passion. Nice legacy for MLK isn’t it Juanita? To now be linked with pariah avenues. Well PC had to overplay it’s cause and now MLK’s name is mud to some because of the districts his namesake drives pass thru…

  171. sfvwd13 says:

    When avoiding high crime areas “discriminatory” is a must. the tried to develop an app where black majority neighborhoods had less crime than others but those places just dont exist

  172. glenp says:

    100% assurance that any street named MLK Jr Dr is NOT a place where any white person needs or wants to be

  173. Bob Forsberg says:

    “Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace spent her afternoon at a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and said she felt safe there,”

    Hey Wallace, get out of your car at night and walk around looking for a gas station and tell us how safe you feel then…then imagine you’re white.

  174. glenp says:

    nowhere is there an MLK Jr Dr that property values are increasing

    If anyone can show me an MLK street that is prime real estate, I’d love to see it

  175. tomrestive says:


  176. glenp says:

    MLK Jr would asked to be shot if he ever saw the results of his civil rights marches—-it’s ALL THE COLOR OF THE SKIN and NOT the content of the character

  177. anrthropologist says:

    God stamped blacks with a warning label from head to toe……..their skin.

    We should begin to debate the obvious and inevitable…….deportation to the black country of choice.

  178. andy says:

    sweet..when does the “avoid liberals” app come out?

  179. glenp says:

    yes I am VERY DISCRIMINATING in the areas I place my physical being!!! I do not want to be in the CRIME INFESTED BLACK GHETTO areas this APP helps me avoid.

  180. bob says: write her a line and tell her how much she is appreciated.

  181. John Smythe says:

    Tourists going into places that get them killed helps tourism how?

  182. question says:

    Why does it post comments out of order and post replies as original comments? Makes things confusing.

  183. Dan says:

    How much longer is America going to put up with black people telling us we have to ignore the obvious? As for me, I’m sick and tired of fifty freaking years of black people doing whatever they please and telling the rest of us it’s their right because they’re black and it’s part of their culture. I’m sick and tired of being told that if I so much as mention anything having to do with black people being the most criminal element in our society I’ll be branded a racist. And I’m also sick and tired of financing their collective dive into the moral sewer under the guise of poverty. They’re their own racists for allowing themselves to stay down and dependent on others to raise them up. I have enough problems feeding my own family, I no longer care if they starve. Their lousy neighborhoods are a black problem. Their drug addiction is a black problem. Their poverty and ignorance are black problems, not mine. Obama can stick his helping each other routine. We’ve been doing it for fifty years, only it’s been entirely one-sided. We help blacks and they spit in our faces. Time is up!

  184. Lydia says:

    obama’s racist mentor Jeremiah Wright moved to new mansion in a 93% white neighborhood and I bet the race baiting Juanita Wallace also lives nowhere near any ghetto. Just the fact Juanita Wallace associated this app with blacks affirms she is the racist or is it the realist? Juanita Wallace are you saying it is the black neighborhoods that are the most crime ridden? Sweet. We will take your word for it.

  185. Scott says:

    I’m in for this app! I’ll load it on my daughters phone as well as my sons. Anyone have a problem with that can KMA! Ok haters! Bring it on! I’m ready!

  186. BillyPenn says:

    I can only wonder what sounds the app would make if you entered an address for Detroit MI or Camden NJ. How about West Philly, where you cannot get a pizza delivered; why you ask, because all the delivery people are either recovering in a hospital or dead from gunshot wounds. Fair to say that Ms. NAACP will choose to remain silent when confronted with the real truth.

  187. Turban says:

    By their very protests of “racial discrimination,” these knuckle-headed civil rights activists are doing more to associate high crime with black neighborhoods than if the KKK took out a full page ad in the Washington Post.

  188. Paul says:

    The best site for learning about black-run America,which keeps people from understanding that any majority black area is axiomatic a ghetto

  189. David says:

    I may have missed a similar comment, so excuse me if I’m repeating. But doesn’t President Wallace’s claim, as well as all the other complaints about this, overlook the fact that there is white crime? Her comment would lead you to believe that this is an “Avoid the Minority” app, which it’s obviously not. If its running off of crime stats, simple math would lead you to the assumption that you would be avoiding way more trailer parks/meth labs and their surrounding neighborhoods than ghettos. To be sure, you will avoid many Black, Asian and Latino neighborhoods as well, but crime is ubiquitous. Her comment clearly smacks of some sort of weird racism against her own kind, since apparently they are the only criminals around in her mind. You see Ms. Wallace, when you reflexively scream racism about everything without thinking, it can certainly make you look foolish.

  190. Rob says:

    Isn’t it itself racist to say that helping people avoid high crime areas is racist? Not all high crime areas are minority areas.

  191. Mike says:

    Just wait until they start renaming all the streets Barak Hussein Obama Blvd, then those will have to be added to the app.

  192. JYLD says:

    I guess the writer and the NAACP thinks black comedian Chris Rock is a racist because he does and entire 10 or 15 minute bit on MLK in every city in America being the most violent and dangerous place to ever be. Chris Rock’s advice to anyone who finds themselves on MLK is to RUN!!! Get out your car if necessary and RUN!!! before you get killed.

    1. Tom says:

      Yep, I remember that bit… very funny. Chris keeps it real.

  193. Vince says:

    That app sounds like a life saver. I gotta get me one of those.

  194. JohnathonB says:

    Perhaps the naacp would like to make an app to direct people to the ghetto?

  195. hahahehe says:

    She admitted without realizing what most people already know and have known forever,stay away from ni66ertown!!!

  196. Yall Need Help Seriously says:

    Gheeeez, just turn off the “AVOID” on the GPS, and enjoy your short life, riding thru the ghetto!

  197. Charles Hogan says:

    Juanita I don’t want anything to do with anything the COMMUNIST NAACP stands for and I mean nothing. The whole NAACA is nothing but a bunch of free loading racists that hate white people. As far as King goes I ain’t going nowhere near him.

  198. Sid says:

    Oh my God that’s funny. The NAACP has a problem with people avoiding muggings, rape, murder, assult, etc… Next time you want to name something MLK make sure you know where your’e putting it because the irony is just killing me.

  199. DC says:

    There are other things that you can use to stay away from high-crime areas besides GPS. Like a degree and a job.

  200. james says:

    south dallas is a crime ridden hole that people die in. That is why businesses do not expand there.

  201. Paolo says:

    Like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jermiah Wright, all the NAACP is any good at is stirring up trouble and playing the victim race card. In reality it is the NAACP in bed with the democrat party and all the media enablers that is keeping the black and latino communities down by protecting the criminal elements at the expense of those actually working towards a better life for themselves.

    Like Obama,

  202. "What's the capital of Zaire? Martin Luther King?" says:

    Did Juanita say ‘Norf Dallus and Sowf Dallus’?

    And that guy who said: ‘…from a business standpoint it could be devastating…especially in the area of tourism…’


    I was just going to take my family on a tour of MLK blvd in Anacostia / Philly / Chicago / Atlanta…[pick a ghetto]

  203. Kip says:

    I think Ms Wallace for assuming “high crime areas” as the same as those with minority populations. That is a stereotype and you would think that the Dallas head of the NAACP would not like that at all. I think Ms Wallace should be fired for her racist comments.

  204. shel says:

    It’s an optional setting. Some people should get over themselves. Your GPS does not force you to chose that option. I avoid four lane highways.

    I’ll never forget driving in Columbus trying to get to a mall with some of my friends. We turned right into this very bad neighborhood. The obvious drug sale and street corner going ons as well as the barred windows pretty much gave it away. That was a tense 10 minutes. I’d love an app that helped me avoid that.

    Sorry to those who are frightened of reality, but the rest of the word doesn’t want to put ourselves in danger to appear fair.

  205. Larry Alan says:

    The best indicator of crime in any area is not education, income or any other socioeconomic factor: it is race.
    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit mur-der, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likelythan non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

    Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, andAsians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.

    The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

    1. Rick says:

      Nope. It’s income. Always has been, always will be.

      1. Don says:

        @Rick: So if we give these people money, the crime will stop? OK.

      2. Tony says:

        It’s age, sex, and culture. Young males commit more crimes than other demographics, and growing up in broken families increases one’s chances of becoming a criminal. Poverty may be corelated with criminality, but it’s probably a symptom of its underlying causes, rather than the cause of it. Plenty of poor communities are relatively safe.

  206. Jim says:

    This app will make it impossible to lure our victims to a waiting ambush. This is SOOOO racist.

  207. Ryan Mouk says:

    Dont know about anyone else but I would absolutely buy an app that helped me avoid neighborhoods where thug wanna-bes roam the streets in gangs looking to attack someone to get “respect” while desperately trying to find someone to rob to pay for their crack.

    But hey, thats just me.

  208. Perry says:

    This app is a great idea.

    I am thinking of creating one that helps avoid areas that vote majority Democrat.

    Typically, they are one in the same but there might be a few differences.

    1. Massimo Deportado says:

      Prison populations are not generally republican either.

  209. Brian says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd., uh yea, i can imagine it. Every big city i have ever been in, i can imagine not purposely taking a drive down MLK Blvd. Instead of screaming racism, clean up your %&^%%$ cities

  210. John Wood says:

    Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable to some people. Not to me….it just is!

  211. Alan says:

    Fine. Create a “Sundown” app for the rest.

  212. Rob Frey says:

    This sounds like a great app, does anybody remember the family that got attacked in LA when they took a turn into the ghetto on the wrong street. Two dead three wounded, now you want to take away the right to protect yourself from being a statistic. Racist against statistics that are real come on.

  213. JohnRalph says:

    Why can’t the two most inbred gutter trash races on the planet, which make up less than 1% of its population, just learn to get along? The white American hillbilly and the black American hillbilly need to do more cross breeding.

    Liberal white women currently will pay top dollar to be butt slammed by 300 pound black buck studs; right now. It’s a starting point, from where this great nation can begin to heal itself from its racist past…right? I mean America is the only nation on earth that has ever experienced racism or slavery…right?

  214. SD says:

    “It may have a high crime problem but…”

    What a joke! If it’s not safe, I’m not going to go there. I’d like to know about places that have high crime areas, regardless of the cultural things you can do there. This isn’t a racism issue, its a safety issue. If community leaders want to do something about it, fight the crime and the underlying causes, not the app.

  215. Matthew says:

    God forbid there be an app that gets you safely to your destination. It must be discriminatory. It is completely ridiculous. Duh, if you want to find the ghetto or MLK Blvd you just don’t use the avoid ghetto option. My GPS has sent me through some neighborhoods I had no business being in, in fact if a cop saw me in those neighborhoods they would probably pull me over just because I looked out of place, where would the discrimination be in that case. Would NAACP be there to defend me? The NAACP is discriminatory on its face, National Association of the Advancement of Colored people, that sounds like it discriminates against me. Where is the outrage at this obsolete and racist organization?

  216. glenp says:

    I am taking my family on vacation and want to take an historic visit to all MLK Jr BLVD and DR in every city we can. I can just feel the selling of pride at our first destination—–oh no that’s not pride that’s the swelling of tissue damage after I just got shot

  217. Jeremy Cuthair says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area?”

    yes I can an I would avoid it too….. In the words of Chris Rock “If your on MLK ave, then there is some violence going down”.

    Most people avoid being hurt so I can see why it was made…people value their lives an they don’t care what political party their in….their just mad that MLK is associated with crime.

  218. mwmichaels says:

    I love this. It’s a poster child for political correctness run amuck. The data is unequivocal and we’re supposed to close our eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist. Beyond absurd. The good news is that the political correctness crackpots no longer have any place to hide. Exposure continues to rat them out.

    Thanks for the article. It made my day.

  219. Nurse Snow says:

    Everytime I’ve visited New Orleans, I’ve received printed materials from the cabbies re: where not to venture and at what time to clear certain areas.

    With todays technology, why is this app any different?

    It’s not about race…it’s about culture and statistics. The NAACP sets colored folks back every time they open their racist mouth.

    Maybe Ms. Wallace just likes to play “Survivor” and live dangerously.

  220. Rick says:

    FINALLY an app that makes sense. Now please extend this and develop one that can help me avoid fat chicks, liberals, tattoos, atheists, muslims, the homeless, unemployed, and areas where that are populated by generally yucky people.

    1. Rick says:

      Also, Wallace (the idiot) says this is like gerrymandering. No, this is like “red-lining”. Gerrymandering is aligning voting districts to favor a political candidate. Red-lining is what realtors used to do to inform white home buyers where the ‘bad areas’ of town are. And BTW – there’s nothing you can do about this! Ha ha ha hahahahah.

  221. Jeff says:

    So it sounds to me like the Dallas NAACP chapter President Juanita Wallace is implying that there is only crime in minority neighbor hoods. NOW! that IS racist

  222. dano says:

    I want an app that warns me of stories like this one concerning idiotic self proclaimed civil rights groups. They are not civil rights groups. They are groups that want to make any possible issue a racial one. It is how they survive economically. The serve no functional purpose. Please go away and leave us humans alone.

  223. Charles Austin Miller says:

    You know, back in the 70s, the federal government PAID all the local governments across America to install or rename existing boulevards after MLK. So, no matter where in America you go, whatever town you’re in has its very own MLK boulevard. Subsidized by the federal government. And if you’re standing on a street corner on MLK Boulevard ANYWHERE in America, you KNOW that you’re in the most VIOLENT part of town. Which is a SLAP in the face of the Civil Rights movement, a SLAP in the face of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and a SLAP in the face of America. Why wasn’t that federal money to build a thousand STUPID and MEANINGLESS MLK Boulevards across America used to actually ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING?

    1. Barry Hirsh says:

      What? The feds actually did something USEFUL?

  224. kim says:

    Ms. Wallace is suggesting crime and race are inextricably linked, That is the only racist thing I find in this story. Unless it’s true of course, in that case, carry on …………

    1. Rick says:

      Actually, it’s really not crime and race, but crime and income… Still, doesn’t matter.

  225. John says:

    Avoiding dangerous crime ridden areas is more along the lines of self preservation. Do members of the NAACP seek out these areas and drive their families thru them? No. They avoid them, just like any human beings with common sense.

    Id their no end to this stupid BS?

    1. Tyrone Stereo Type says:

      Yes, but just like only brothas can use the n-word, only brothas are allowed to avoid hoods where dah utha brothas rob you.

  226. shizzle my nizzle says:

    Great idea. I’ll be sure to get the Avoid Ghetto feature. As it is – I already use Google “street view” to check out an area I’m unfamiliar with to make sure it”s not a homey ghetto ‘hood. I ain’t gonna risk my life…I got kids. To the author of this piece and all you whining complainers – take responsibility for yourselves, stop engaging in criminal behavior and join the civil society. The best thing you can do is stop listening to liberals – who’ve convinced you that they’re looking out for you “poor victims” .Thanks to libs and 100% of black voters, you gave us obbaamaa – and any shred of cooperation and goodwill I had left was completely destroyed. Wallow in your misery, or not – I won’t be driving by to see it.

  227. WilliamPenn says:

    Sadly, going to MLK Boulevards in most cities would require a police escort or you wouldn’t get out in one piece.

  228. An Inconvenient Cracker says:

    So what the NAACP really means is that they are angry about decent society being given the opportunity to purchase a product that will enable members of that decent society to avoid the gangland thug territory of those to whom the NAACP panders. I suppose the NAACP is also going to complain when the “avoid ghetto” feature also helps avoid trailer parks where evil white crackers cook meth?

  229. FEDUP says:

    Where to begin. First of all, I grew up in Dallas and it has always had some really bad areas – the locals know where these areas are and they avoid them. This NAACP goon is perfectly aware of this, and it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with not wanting to end up as a crime statistic. I am sorry if this means people don’t want to shop or hang out down there but most people avoid these areas if they have a choice. This particular app does nothing more than warn people that they are in dangerous areas (I suppose, according to this woman’s attitude, that it would be better not to warn them and allow them to be mugged, robbed, shot, raped, etc…). Maybe instead of feigning indignation at the concept of people being electronicallly warned, she should instead focus her energies on cleaning up these parts of town and making them safe so that the rest of us might actually want to go there. Just a thought….

    1. Alex says:

      Don’t say it has nothing to do with race when it has everything to do with why these areas are dangerous. It is the same pattern worldwide!

  230. David Axelrod says:

    Fume all you want……..the truth is that the LAST place white people (and Mr. Bill Cosby) want to be is in a negro infested neighborhood.

    FACT: Violent crime rates in cities are directly correlated to the percentage of negroes in those cities. The more negroes, the more crime.

    FACT: Over 50% of all of the homicides in America are committed by young black males, who make up only 4% of the population.

    Like Mr. Bill Cosby has so eloquently stated: “Black on black crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and a stubborn proclivity towards embracing the most ignorant and juvenile, criminal and self defeating culture and mentality, has done more to to hurt black people than anything ole Whitey ever did.”

  231. Joe Bite-me says:

    If you are not willing to be murdered in a ghetto by a robber, you might just be a racist cracker, and not very patriotic! You gotta have skin in the game, and be willing to lose it, too!

    1. gmason says:

      The racist part comes when you assume that most robbers and murders live in African-American areas. How many more murders are going to happen in white areas before you change your attitude. The problem then is you would have no where to move. It is easy to say I will not go into a area but what happens when it happens in your area?

  232. Nigel Micheley says:

    “From a business standpoint, it could be devastating, especially in the area of tourism.” – Tommy Jones

    So tell me, who, precisely, wants to tour a place where they could be carjacked, beaten, raped or murdered? When people find they have been directed into a ghetto by their GPS, how likely are they to get out of their car to go shopping?

  233. Malcom says:

    I’m all for the app. I’m a Black American and I do my best to avoid ANY high crime neighborhood, Race has Nothing to do with it. But I am a Conservative so that explains it.

  234. Steven Moshlak says:

    The only time I used to go down to South Central Los Angeles, is for the great BBQ. There used to be a shack, Leon’s BBQ, over on Crenshaw and Adams, that had the best pork ribs. I’d go out of my way to Leon’s and I don’t care what the crime in the neighborhood was like, since these ribs were to die for.

    1. Drew says:

      And you may well do that someday.

    2. Hoser says:

      Is that the place that has a sign that reads? “YOU DON”T NEED TEETH TO EAT MY BEEF”

    3. Massimo Deportado says:

      OHHH MAN!
      We had a killer take out BBQ place in East Palo Alto (aka boogie town) on University near 101 in the 60’s and 70’s. Was called Day N’ Night BBQ.
      The BEST pork ribs and turkey tails…. wow. The sauce not too spicey and a little sweet. Man, I would kill for some of that BBQ sauce today.

      The blacks would look funny at me and my Dad but my Dad was a badass.
      We never had any trouble ; )

  235. Mark Turner says:

    Imagine if there was an app that allowed African Americans from avoiding cracker-infested, cross-burning areas, for their own safety. Would that also be called “controversial’…? Or just common sense?

    1. gmason says:

      I agree. Many African-American would love to move into areas that are more pron to cater to their economic class. Problem is they might not be accepted and might find themselves more trapped in problems based on their race then so-called crime in the African-American community. That is something that people that have never experienced prejudice could understand. Even if a person experienced the prejudice, they could never understand being the dominate populated race with the greatest economic power. Never focus on what you think it should be like but rather think about how others perceive the issue.

  236. allen says:

    nothing but a bunch of race baiters, they are always the victims … even when they kill each other.

  237. moron says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that.” So Ms. Wallace, please explain how an app keeps you from going to MLK Blvd. Thank you.

  238. edwardo says:

    I lived in cleveland , ohio and had Black friends and neighbors: the police would pull them over and warn them they were heading into a bad and dnagerous neighborhood when they were downtown and lost!!!!!! is that racist? It is bad when they are in a bad neighborhood! the demonrats are lying to everyone.

    1. Barry Hirsh says:

      Ohio is one of the last bastions of the KKK. I know. I’ve seen recruiting posters stuck up on telephone poles.

      Western PA is the same.

    2. gmason says:

      Not necessary bad but are the concerns valid. If I where in a white area would I be warned about a possible murderer on the loose? Maybe, most likely not.

  239. allen says:

    Steven Moshlak … did you mean that literally? lmao

  240. Eddie says:

    What Micrsoft is doing is making information that is already available to the public MORE EASILY accessable via an app. Our government has been collecting data about our habits via the census. There are websites that already furnish data about income, race, education, crime, occupations, spending habits…. (even the color of your eyes… as in DMV / drivers licenses) Direct marketers have been using this method for ages to “fine-tune” their target markets. When you use those “member-cards” at the larger-chain grocery stores to receive club member prices…. the grocery store is collecting data on you buying habits (what you buy, how much, how often and tracking upcoming trends).

    Anything and everything you do can be tracked in some way. The NAACP is so out-of-touch with what really goes on in everyday life.

    1. gmason says:

      Richardson has a high business burglary rate. Would a Richardson police officer be correct in telling a business that is thinking about moving into Richardson not to do so because this stats indicate concern?

  241. DirtyDave777 says:

    Of course their mad the Hood economy needs fresh funding being lured in they can only loot,steal,& rape their own so much.
    A closed Economic system doesn’t work.

    1. gmason says:

      Betty Ford clinic cost around $30,000 a month. Betty Ford clinic is full of whites and of course rich whites. Stop buying the crack then younger males will not find the need to sell crack. By the way whites sell crack too.

  242. Don Rhudy says:

    It’s about time CBS and the other Marxist-supporting media learn what genuine Americans learned a long time ago: Right after the 1964 Civil Rights Act became law, Negroes turned their backs on liberty to join Lyndon Johnson’s Government Plantation. Few people really care what the NAACP folks have to say.

  243. Frankie D says:

    Wow, if you had that app in DC, there’d be no traffic on E Capitol St, “K” street and 1500 Pennsylvania Ave!

  244. David says:

    This app sounds like the hundreds of other websites out there that *already* tell you crime stats by zip / address.

    The bottom line is that they’re protesting something that doesn’t exist. Just because Microsoft is behind it doesn’t mean it will be popular. I mean, hey, they created Bing and who the heck uses that?

    Instead of protesting something that doesn’t exist and that hardly anyone will use (let’s be honest) why not try drawing attention to things that would bring jobs to these areas and reduce crime rates.

    What do I know though? Maybe protesting an app that doesn’t exist and no one uses is the way to make those communities better.

  245. motorman says:

    even jessie jackson once said if he was walking down the street after dark and he heard footsteps behind him and he saw they were white people he would feel safer

  246. Tyrone says:

    I’m sure there are many white women and girls using the app to find some us brothas to breed with.

    1. Isaac says:

      C’mon, cracker! Everyone know’s bruddas don’t be named Tyrone no mo’. Dat ol’ school! We be name DeShaquan, Latrelle, shi’ite like that. Damn!

      1. tyrone says:

        nice try devil. your momma and sister don’t need no app, they find us without it.

    2. Isaac says:

      Hey, homey, maybe you be a ni@@ah! The original mofo’ers. You muz be so proud! How be DeShontalle, Jhessye, LaConda an’ Sihreeta? How yo’ momma? Shi’ite!

  247. Robx says:

    The only reason they are upset is that it is going to reduce a revenue stream for their consitueints. Mugging and jacking victims are a major source of income in these hoods.

  248. nuisance says:

    There are at least a dozen stories in the past year about a white person being assaulted by a group of black people. She may feel safe on MLK, but anyone who is not black definitely has cause for concern. Supply and demand, baby.

  249. J Moore says:

    A few years back I was on business in Chicago. I made a wrong turn and ended up in a ghetto the size of New Hampshire! I was scared to death as onlookers “sized” me up at most every corner. I drove a straight line until it got “lighter” if you know what I mean. I surely could have used this app that day. Remeber strangers do not know the layout of the land.

  250. Snod says:

    HaHaHa! Let the race pimps drool and whine! Stay safe and away from the hoods! Funny how Negros don’t want to be exposed for all the failures in the Negro part of town. After all it’s some White racist making them rob and rape you. lol

  251. Philarious says:

    Wait does she know the President and CEO of the NAACP looks more white than JImmy Graham ala NO Saints.

    She is personally labeling black communities as high crime. Fix it don’t flaunt it.

  252. Larry says:

    I see no problem alerting folks of a high crime area . This liberal bias against common sense is nonsense.

    1. james g says:

      We need an app that warns us when we are in the presence of liberals. (yes, I know– a polygraph can often identify them, but it is not foolproof. And there are a lot of libs who are fools.)

  253. Marilyn says:

    This will save LIVES I think its great . I read stories of tourists venturing in to ghettos and being shot to death this will definitely help.

  254. palmettohawk says:

    Why get upset at the App? Why not be upset with the urban youth causing the crime problems that you want to avoid? If crime is in my neighborhood I call it out, why doesn’t the black community do the same?

  255. grasshopper jct Az says:

    Chris Rock said it all in one of his hbo specials:
    He was speaking to a friend who called him for directions to his hous and his friend told him that he was on MLK Blvd and Chris told him to RUN JUST RUN.
    I think that says it all!!!!!!

  256. George Johnson says:

    Typical liberals. They want everybody to sacrifice their safety, so as to not appear “racist”….How sad is that? How many times have I heard black people tell other black people “not to go to the south, because you’ll get lynched”?? But that’s OK you see.
    And the idea that they’re blaming “racism” on the crime statistics in their OWN neighborhoods, is just insane. That’s calling a computer “racist”. Like it sees race, and not numbers.
    Look you dimwit, if you have a problem with crime in your neighborhood, you SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!
    Stupid liberals, God I hate them!!

  257. Matthew Jeffers says:

    I don’t see any racism. In fact, I think most insurance companies would love for their customers to use a product like this. And anyone that has been mugged in a major city would definitely want to have this tech on their side.

  258. Randall Lape says:

    All the bad White areas are also listed on the APS.

  259. tourist in paradise says:

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,”
    Gee, like going to see a drive-by, oh, I meant drive-in. Or maybe go to an open air pharmacy to find some good green leafy stuff or see your favorite chemist.
    Maybe you could go to the new style shooting range right on every corner and see the beautiful tracer rounds at night as they enter the clapboard siding of a house.
    So many lovely things to see and do!!

  260. Kelly says:

    My parents drove into the wrong part of New Orleans and stopped to ask for directions. The guy they asked told them it wasn’t safe for them to be there and gave them directions directly out of the area. I told a black friend I would take her to see her sister in Philly, I said we could stay with her sister and while they visited I’d sight see. I excitedly began making plans…finally she looked at me and said, YOU can’t go to where my sister lives.

    Now, tell me again about there being places black people can’t go??? Because I know damn well there are places white people shouldn’t go. That is just reality. Eric Holder said we were a nation of cowards for not talking about race. Well, lets talk.

  261. Yeah Im Stupid N Youre Smart says:

    Racist! Racist, I say! Everyone, absolutely everyone, should have the equal, uninformed opportunity to be exposed to robbery and carjacking no matter what color your skin and no matter how stupid your are.

  262. walter12 says:

    Why should they be upset? It is their people that have made every big city in the nation inhospitable and very dangerous. Why does the Naacp do something about the ghettos? Where is their Obama in all of this?

  263. Bill in Houston says:

    Pity the communities in question would rather complain than ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE HIGH CRIME. Pfah.

    The last time I drove down MLK Boulevard (at Griggs, in Houston) I had a bottle thrown at my car. My “crime” was having a Bush for Governor sticker on the back of my car (this was 1994). The perpetrators (this was at a stoplight) changed their minds about trying to pull me from my vehicle when I tapped my driver’s side window with my Glock.

    Never again. PERIOD!

  264. Bugs says:

    Interesting and sad reaction. The people interviewed for the article are basically saying “High Crime Area = Area Where Black People Live.” Stereotype much? I mean, I don’t understand their concerns. Are these places NOT really high crime areas? Are we being directed away from them merely because black people live in them? That’s racist for sure. Or ARE they high crime areas that black people, coincidentally or not, happen to live in? If this is the case, are the interviewees suggesting that we visit high crime areas in order to…what? Boost the economy of black neighborhoods? Prove we’re not racists? Make black people feel better about themselves? That’s not racist, that’s just weird. The only thing that makes any sense in the article is the notion of being very careful about where the crime statistics come from and how they’re applied. Bad numbers or a bad algorithm can definitely lead to the inaccurate, negative profiling of a more or less normal neighborhood. That’s a more likely scenario than an evil white conspiracy trying to steer commerce away from poor black people.

  265. Roland says:

    “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.” – NAACP President Juanita Wallace.

    Ironic since she herself is stereotyping, assuming these high crime areas must be minority areas.

  266. denver bill says:

    How are they possibly going to re-route all that traffic around the White House and Congress?

  267. Have always avoided MLK blvd says:

    Who needs an “app” or “feature” to avoid bad parts of cities. It’s a well known fact, that MLK blvd will be a bad part of town no matter what city. Which makes the following quote absurd on many dimensions. Just b/c your GPS says not to go there, you can still choose to do so. But this new feature is for people who either do not fit into the hood or are too stupid to figure out that MLK Blvd is universally a bad neighborhood. If you don’t like the facts, work to change behavior that seems to be universal to MLK Blvd inhabitants.
    QUOTE: “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

  268. Fred Derf says:

    imagine that, a racist org, naacp, objects to what they see as being racist

  269. Tom Weaver says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    …uh yeah…I can.

    Stop acting like dangerous thugs and people will stop treating you as such. Forcing people to “not be racist” only breeds resentment and more racism. It’s much easier to put hate in peoples hearts than it is to take it out.

  270. Justin_Credible says:

    In 2010, 49% of all murders and 55% of all robberies are committed by 6.5% of the population – black males.

    Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report 2010

    1. ron says:

      Posting facts makes you a racist, according to Socialists……

  271. russ says:

    i dont need an app.
    honestly every city has done the same stereotype
    you see MLK Blvd.
    I’m sure that is the dream MLK had in mind

  272. Gringo says:

    Dear NAACP, The truth hurts…..

  273. Jim Busse says:

    Come to the Ghetto for the modern murder mystery. You be the victim. Sounds like something these minority leaders would promote.

  274. Lisa says:

    They should just call it the AVOID THE GROID app.

  275. Tom says:

    this cracks me up. What now—are we going to CLASSIFY crime reporting statistics like they are TOP SECRET material to protect these idiots.

  276. ron says:

    Maybe the NAACP could persuade African Americans to stop being so violent as a race?

    Nah, I guess it’s easier to just continue to blame white folks…….

  277. Trajan Long says:

    The NAACP has its head up its ass as usual. Instead of worrying about the app, how about people cleaning up their own neighborhoods. If a neighborhood is unsafe and has a lot of crime, who is responsible, duh. With liberals its ALWAYS somebody else’s fault.

  278. Stoshio says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.
    –––You’ll still be able to go to MLK Blvd., Juanita. If you’re a minority and you live there, you’ll be less likely to be afraid to venture there; as opposed to someone from out of town.

    “It’s almost like gerrymandering,” she said. “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.”
    –––If the data gathered by the app deems it a high-crime area, how can it be stereotyping or discriminatory? It is what it is.

    Michael McNally, who was visiting Dallas Tuesday, said an app shouldn’t have enough power to label a community.
    –––Michael, an app doesn’t have the power to label a community. The citizens of the community and what happens in it labels a community.

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.
    –––So you would risk going into a high-crime area so you could go shopping or see a movie?

    Tommy Jones, who works downtown, said an app like Microsoft’s could hurt a city’s economy.
    –––Tommy, an app can’t hurt a city’s economy. A high crime rate can, though.

    “What happens in North Dallas certainly ought to be no different than what happens in South Dallas, so we can’t keep on doing this,” she said. “This type of technology is certainly going to pronounce and heighten it to some degree.”
    –––What happens in North Dallas IS different than what happens in South Dallas. What rock have you been living under?

  279. G. Baez says:

    We wouldn’t want the truth to come out. How can a tool to help avoid high crime areas in any way be a bad thing. The NAACP is totally irrelevant, racist and foolish.

  280. blorjr says:

    Lets get this straight a good app is one that will take you around road construction to save time . A bad app is one that will take you around liberal combat zones so you won’t get shot. Only in America.

  281. RoyceT says:

    The position by the Dallas NAACP is shameful. Everyone familiar with Dallas generally knows where the war zones are located and can steer clear of them if they so choose. A ghetto avoidance capability will aid the naive and uniformed visitors that have every right to know if they are about to enter a geographic location that may plut their lives or the lives of their family in danger.

  282. Joseph Grundl says:

    Salutations and Blessings Sovereign Citizens. . Prohibition has created the Narco State of Mexico, where honest judges, civilians, journalists, police, military, politicians and their families are beheaded. It has put gangs …on my street selling that garbage to my community. It has wrecked our families and created violence and theft. Prohibition supports US Narco Trafficante Cartels that have more untold capitol than most Counties in the USA (Contemplate the implications). It has influenced Law enforcement and the business community. US NTC are committing the most heinous crimes known to man. We have a million non violent men and women in our prisons as a result. Fight the good fight. Thank you. This “app” is the least of our problems, none the less it is a harbinger.

  283. Flugelfarten says:

    These are all potentially discriminatory so they need to ALL be banned!…
    Cars, Phones, Houses, Televisions, Sprinkler Systems, All Musical Instruments, All Country Music, Clothes, Tennis Shoes, Ladies’ Fragrances, Baseball Gloves, Commercials, Movies, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Water, Frequent Flyer Miles, All Civic Groups, Knick Knacks of All Kinds, BBQ Grills, Steak, Hamburger, Hamburger Helper, Chicken, Salmon, Noodles, Ribs, Ice Cream, Laptops, Netflix, Sports, Johnson Grass, Crabgrass, Any Other Grass, Hospitals, Doctors, Jobs, Holograms, Secret Service Agents, All Military Or Anything That Could Be Construed To Be Military, 3-D Technologies, Scientific Discovery, Auto Racing, Knee Replacements, All Plastic Surgery Even Reconstructive, Politics, ETC… MUST I Go On!? LO Freakin’ L

    1. Flugelfarten says:

      Oh yes… and People

  284. owen says:

    Why do I constantly have to hold my employees hands, to make sure they don’t do me any harm.

    Maybe I should fire them all !

    How did they get through the hiring process ?

    I’m speaking of Politicians, have they forgotten we are their employers?

    Why do I have to constantly remind them:
    1). Don’t do that, it hurts my rights!
    2). Do that, it will benefit all Americans.
    3). Don’ approve that law, it’s against the constitution!

    I feel like I’m potty training a little baby boy…

    OK this is how you take out your pee, pee…Now be careful, aim, don’t pee on the floor…

  285. mtnbay says:

    I am willing to bet that members of the NAACP will use the App themselves so they are able avoid high crime areas and not be a Black on Black Crime Victim.

  286. Sentinel says:

    Good application. Need to know when to put the handgun available for quick access. if the f ing minorities are so upset about his then why they make their neighborhoods safe. They don’t care that’s why. They have destroyed huge parts of major cities and Amerika keeps wasting money on them. Time to cut them loose and fend for themselves. Stay in School, get a job, don’t get pregnant until you are married. Real simple.

  287. Tim Desland says:

    All they need to do is change “Area of High Crime” to “Area of Diversity” and the problem is solved.

  288. Donzi says:

    Only a black would find this racist, but not say a word about the crime rate. That is exactly why the more they say the less America cares.. In 2012 we know who the real racists are (and they will call me one, but I AM ONE – because they forced me to be!)

  289. texas58 says:

    If the NAACP doesn’t like the fact that a white person would take his life in his hands to go into some black neighborhoods, why don’t they work to make those black neighborhoods safe for all people instead of complaining about a smart phone app?

  290. George Johnson says:

    And another thing, it’s the black NAALCP leaders that are the bigots, for assuming all the high crime areas will be BLACK!!!

    She’s either automatically assuming that ALL high crime ares will be black neighborhoods. Or , she is assuming that the “white folks” making this application/function, will discriminate against the black areas because they are WHITE BIGOTS1!

    Either way, THEY are the bigots here!!

  291. blorjr says:

    This app will hurt the inner city selfemployed who rely on muggings of lost drivers to supplement their income. Plus its easier then all the work it takes to game the welfare system

    1. Armed2theTeeth says:

      ROTFLMAO Cool !

  292. Max17 says:

    >>“Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” the NAACP moron said.<<

    NAACP moron, if your GPS says you're going to enter a high crime area, YOU CAN STILL GO THERE, stupid. The GPS is not going do drop a street blockade in your way and prevent you from going to MLK Blvd. It's just going to let you know you should be on your guard because there are going to be lots of NAACP members there.

    1. Paul Hudson says:

      Nice! My fav comment of today. Nicely Done.

    2. Massimo Deportado says:

      BEST POST!

  293. Doc says:

    Great idea!! Instead flapping their lips, NAACP ought to be cleaning up those Ghettos.

  294. Paul Hudson says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,”

    GO POUND SAND YOU PERPETUAL VICTIMS! I was truck driving a few years ago to make money for college. I was driving in Cleveland; some youths of a despaired race in the area found it necessary to pelt my truck with stones and eggs. This was at 1pm in the middle of the week. It all happened at an intersection of MLK Blvd and another street which name I don’t recall. I just remember sitting there at the red light looking up at the MLK sign hanging stating the name of the cross street. I have countless more stories about urban area all over this great land. Perhaps some of your apologists get your CDL and experience the worst this country has to offer.


  295. Tired in Detroit says:

    Can you imagine getting carjacked, robbed, or killed for the sake of PC? It’s a bad neighberhood because bad people do bad things. Please spare us the utter stupidity of endangering lives because you don’t want someones feelings hurt and concentrate on why the neighberhood is the way it is and what you can do to change it.

  296. obozosux says:

    In the mid 80’s my nephew was working his way through college at a pizza delivery job. One evening he made a delivery to an elderly black woman in the “high crime area” of our relatively quiet town. After tipping him she laid her hand gently on his arm and said to him” you’re taking a heck of a chance white boy”. He was stunned and became anxious at her warning. He quit the job the following pay day. Ten days later his replacement was beaten and robbed. That could have been me, he told his family. I promise you it won’t be me, I avoid that area and others like it like the plague. I steer clear of shopping areas where large amounts of blacks congregate and stores that they patronize. I lock my car doors whenever I am out and about, and when I am walking anywhere I carry. A large percentage of blacks seem to have adopted an attitude of it’s payback time.I have never done anything to deserve being “paid back” I am not responsible for the sins of this country 200 years ago. Black hatred towards whites is palpable and it terrifies me. I will do what I must to maintain a sense of safety. I will not become a statistic! .

  297. Lazybum says:

    Will they censor Chris Rock for his routine about Driving in the ghetto?
    “I don’t care who you are! If you on Martin Luther King Boulevard, GET THE F___ OUT!.

    Since he is black, I guess it will be ok.

  298. girlkansas says:

    So, I’m supposed to put my family in harms way so the black community doesn’t feel offended?

    The black community should feel offended about the black community.

  299. Yeah Right says:

    Oh please. The NAACP is up in arms. This group is one of the most anti patriotic and racial organizations in existence today. Are they not the same group that went to the Untied Nations and cited the USA for human rights abuses (by requiring people who vote to have picture IDs)? The NAACP is one of the groups that are primarily responsible for the plight of the average African American. Let me put this a simply as I can… After all of the billions of dollars spent on affirmative action plans, if the “Black” American still feels like he can do better in another country, then by all means move their. Growing up I often heard your should walk in another mans shoes before you judge him. Well after 50 years of affirmative action and social programs that I paid for, someone should walk in my shoes and say it is hopeless to think you can help a race that does not want to help itself.

  300. omegageek says:

    Why is the NAACP assuming that every high crime area is a ghetto is full of black people or that every MLK Drive is a high crime area? Sounds like a bunch of racists to me.

  301. Puft Daddy says:

    I wonder if Malcolm X Park would be one of the areas to avoid. Could you imagine not being able to go to Malcolm X Park?

    1. Omega 13 says:

      Nothing good ever happens where MLK crosses Malcolm X.

  302. B DA Truth says:

    Jeese Jackson once said he was walkind down a dimmly lit black and heard footsteps behind him, he turned around and was releived to see it was a White Man.
    There are reasons people don’t want to go into certain neighboorhoods based on litter, garbage, violence, racial hostility, abandoned buildings, and a history of riots and violence.
    As to why most of the residents there have a brown skin color, I won’t dare speculate on that.

  303. art says:

    I think this app would prove contreversial only to someone in the hood who was looking to do harm.

  304. Edmund Burke says:

    I already avoid dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. How do I know which are dangerous? Sometimes from scary past personal experiences. Other times from Internet searches of crime statistics. Many sites sponsored by real estate and moving companies also provide crime stats. That is how I chose the neighborhood I now live in.

    Why shouldn’t people be able to avoid dangerous areas? Political correctness is not much protection against being mugged, beaten, raped or murdered. The stats do not say which race or group is causing the crimes, just that the area has a high crime rate. It seems that those opposed such information assume that all dangerous neighborhoods are minority neighborhoods. That in itself is insulting to minorities.

  305. zedd says:

    I have a very close friend who travels a lot for his business and happens to be a ‘recreational pot user’ (his words). He says that when he wants pot in a new town he isn’t familiar with he always goes down to that towns Martin Luther King Drive/Avenue/Street/Boulevard/etc… Another way of thinking about this ‘app’ is that it will tell you were to go to get a dime bag! Cool app!

  306. Noamsayn Muhfuh? says:

    Instead of whining about ‘racism’, the crybaby NAACP should be asking itself WHY the civilized races of humanity want to avoid black neighborhoods, and WHY so many blacks act like violent animals.

    NAACP = Ni***rs Are Always Causing Problems

  307. Ursus Magnus says:

    Oh, boo hoo. Naacp whines ineffectively once again.

  308. Mike says:

    It isn’t “stereotyping” to provide information on high-crime areas based on actual crime statistics so people can avoid them while traveling. It is, however, an incredibly bigoted bit of stereotyping to assume all “high-crime” areas are in minority neighborhoods. Yet, we have minorities very much engaging in the same stereotyping they claim to condemn. Freaking hypocrites!

  309. gwbnyc says:

    So, clean up the “community” that’s always being hyped and people WON’T BE AFRAID TO GO THERE.

  310. flashman1854 says:

    The NAACP has little credibility.. Here’s a true story.

    In NYC a few months ago there was a plan to close failing schools and replace them with charter schools. The record on charter schools is pretty definitive: they outperform public schools by a large percentage. These failing schools were mostly in black neighborhoods. The people who would benefit from the charter schools would be black kids and their families.

    What was the NYC NAACP’s position on this proposal? You would think they would be 100% behind it, no? It HELPS black kids. It gives them a better education. So a logical person would assume the NAACP would be a proponent. Well, you’d be wrong. The NYC NAACP was against this. Almost violently against this proposal. In fact the leader of the NAACP was publicly attacking citizens (black mothers and fathers, who lived in these neighborhoods), who were for the proposal.

    Why you ask? Charter schools are non-union. Public schools are union. The NAACP puts it support for the union ahead of its support for the people it purports to aid. This is true. Look it up.

    The NAACP is NOT pro-black people. It is pro Democrat Party (read Socialism).

    1. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

      You got that right. Just like Jimmy Carter, their politics and quest for power trump everything else.

    2. geo says:

      its truly sad…the democratic party of my grandparents is as long gone as they are.
      There was a day when it was the peoples party…

      1. Paul T says:

        We The People don’t need a party. We ARE a party; it is called being an AMERICAN. God bless you and all other Americans that can see the difference between this insanity and reality. The only thing we need to do is VOTE and we may get out country back.

  311. dwoof says:

    I guess they feel that people driving in an unfamiliar city need to experience being routed through a dangerous part of town. If the term ghetto is not allowed, then what shall we call it? Something warm and fuzzy like “the adventurous part of town”……. or “where the action is”??

  312. Texas Freedom says:

    The NAACP should spend more time fuming about the ghettos ‘their’ people are living in than our desire to avioid them at all costs . . .

  313. aregulardude says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area?” Not being able to go? What is there about the app that “prevents” anyone from going anywhere? Dolt!

  314. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd?” Yes, I can. I avoid it at costs in Atlanta. So do my black friends.

  315. charles says:

    ROFL. What a great app. Truth sometimes is a painful thing isn’t it.

  316. Expertskier says:

    Let’s cut a deal with the “outraged” National Association (for the) Advancement of Welfare Queens … we do the Ghetto app to keep your followers from murdering white people … which isn’t a hate crime for some reason … and then we build *you* an app that shows you where the welfare checks can be cashed and that have the lowest prices on King Cobra Malt Liquor … deal ?

  317. Matt in Austin says:

    Soooo…you don’t want white people to avoid be victims of crime by minorities? That’s what it sounds like to me.

  318. Ron says:

    Hey, here’s a clue for you. Every city in the country has a MLK street, avenue or blvd. They are all in lesser than stellar areas. White people know about them and avoid them already. We have one where I live and only an imbecile would go there after dark. If you want to avoid the stigma of being criminals, teach your kids not to idolize gangsters and drug dealers.

    1. patriosus moralitius says:

      Another idea to reduce crime: Rename all the “MLK Blvds” to “Ronald Reagan Blvd” and see how long the blacks hang around there after the name change!

  319. wizard says:

    Why should people be told not to go where they can get mugged. It’s called equal opportunity.

  320. Rod Anders says:

    If she wants to spend all her time there, let her do it. No one is preventing her from wallowing there, if she chooses to do so. The app will not shoot her if she doesn’t partake. But, now that I know, I will take the smarter opportunity and avoid it. Thank you,MS, for giving me the right to know!

  321. geo says:

    @Juanita…clean up your neighborhood or stop naming ghetto streets after MLK

  322. shepherd says:

    Rumor is it you can find a racist under every rock. In this case it’s Sharrie Williams whining about an app that keeps you from getting mugged in high crime areas. Tell you what Sharrie, you go to one of these areas and get out of your car and walk home. then tell us about it in the morning.

  323. Gerry Monaghan says:

    If it was an application that helped users avoid colored people I could understand this interest group being upset. This is an app that helps users avoid dangerous situations regardless of color. People of any color can use it if they are traveling through unknown territory and don’t want to encounter trouble. What is NAACP saying; all people of color are inherently dangerous? Sounds like they are the ones splitting ridiculous hairs.

  324. James Milber says:

    OK Guess— Here out the logic of this liberal PC nutjob.

    1.) This app uses CRIME STATISTICS to determine what is and isnt’ safe
    2.) Blacks commit a disproportionate of crime

    3.) Deductive Logic of this lunatic concludes: AVOIDING HIGH CRIME AREAS IS RACIST!!! You cannot discriminate against high crime areas because blacks commit the crimes, so you discriminating against blacks!!

    This is the sad unraveling of the world…. our safety is in jeopardy because for political correctness sake, we have to believe in an ideal world that doesn’t exist. Avoid the truth, go to ghetto, get mugged/killed… at least you weren’t racist though!

  325. David B says:

    DEMOCRATS CREATED THE GHETOS OR INNER CITIES FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF HAVING DEM VOTING BLOCKS. Dems use abortion to control the numbers in those ghetos so they are controlable. The dems use their control of education to make sure these areas receive the worst possible education. THE REAL QUESTION IS WHY DO THESE AREAS EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE? Because dems won’t pay black housing if they want to live some place else.

  326. Christmas Jimbo says:

    Of course they are upset. Less naive victims making wrong turns into their crime ridden areas. It will cut income down by 80%.

  327. Jas Aub says:

    Excellent advice….Avoid the Ghetto.

  328. ROD says:


  329. hml says:

    I’d bet the very people claiming discrimination will USE the app.

    1. fromtexasbygod says:

      of course, it would only be racist behavior if white people use the app.

  330. Christmas Jimbo says:

    In Tulsa on MLK Day five young black men were part of a home invasion that left a a 66 year old white man dead. If you don’t send victims to the ghetto the ghetto will come to your home. Way to celebrate MLK day. But the NAACP are crying racism for the news reporting this story on Monday.

  331. Reginald B. Washington, III says:

    You don’t need an “app” to know that any street named MLK Blvd is in a very bad neighborhood! DUH!

  332. DChas says:

    I wonder if this new app will suggest that people avoid whole cities, such as Detroit, Compton and Miami?

    1. Royce says:

      DChas I like the way you think.

  333. seenbetterdaze says:

    How bout the NAACP looking at their own people? If the SHOE fits…which it does…then DO something about it instead of always crying “Discrimination!” You have had Trillions of dollars doled out to your people…and now they are completely dependent on the hard working, Law abiding Tax Payers (who are only now half the country!) Our country is Bankrupt! We cannot afford You people living like animals anymore. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. But sometimes the Truth Hurts.

  334. Paul T says:

    People like Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace are criminally irresponsible and should be fired. If you are using a GPS you don’t know where you are going. Is she honestly saying its RACIST to indicate a high crime area on GPS? An area people have been murder for just passing through? Criminally irresponsible to race bait the issue of someones life. That isn’t even political. It is simply SICK. A perfect example of the SICKNESS that pervades our society.

  335. A Proud Anglo-Swede who avoids all areas of town with streets called MLK. says:

    The NAACP needs to take a huge dose of reality. The facts are that most of the high crime areas are predominantly in black communities and are predominantly in areas with streets called MLK. Period. End of statement. Stop whining and complaining about it and do something constructive like perhaps teach all the ghetto gutter snipes how to behave like decent, well-bred citizens instead of street urchins who can’t even speak correctly much less do anyhthing without blaming others for their own shortcomings. Oh wait! That’s ALL THE NAACP DOES! Besides, what Anglo-European person in their right mind would want to frequent and area of town where the majority of the population are just going to blame them for being the low-lifes they are in the first place. Slavery ended over 100 years ago. GET OVER IT. There are hundreds of other ethnicities, races, relgious persuasions and so forth who either have suffered or are sufffering far more and they don’t demand reparations or government handouts. They also don’t behave like animals and try to make the best of the hand they’ve been dealt. My thanks to Microsoft for creating such a useful app which undoubtedly help prevent a lot of crime in the furture and keep us all just a little bit safer. I shall definitely take advantage of this useful tool when it becomes available.

    1. Maximus Gringo says:

      Brazil does not play the civil rights garbage like the U.S. does, if you don’t act correctly they will kill you on the spot Negro or not! Brazil just like the U.S. has high crime areas and yes they are mostly Negro! Wonder what the connection is?

      1. Proud Anglo Swede Who Avoids All Areas of Town With Streets Called MLK says:

        It’s cultural. Most, if not all the blacks in the Americas were conquered tribes back in Africa who were then sold to either European slave traders in west Africa or Arab slave traders in east Africa. That’s the connection sad to say. Draw your own politically incorrect conclusions which would make the NAACP cringe. Of course, the NAACP also wants everyone to believe that blacks would NEVER sell other blacks into slavery. It’s just another lie concocted to try to make Europeans feel guilty and to cover their own ignorance and stupiditiy when it comes to human history.

  336. Anton says:

    Why doesn’t the naacp listen to King’s speech about judging people by their character and not the color of their skin? If they actually listened, they would disband because they are acting against King’s wishes by pushing their skin color ahead of everyone else. Shame on them.
    This is a good app. bring it!

  337. Shell says:

    Oh, no! The naacp is upset and sceaming and crying and making threats and … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  338. Massimo Deportado says:

    Question: Who would be caught dead being on MLK Blvd?

    Answer: Anyone and everyone, regardless of race.

    “If you are on MLK boulevard….. there’s some violence going down….” – Chris Rock

  339. Royce says:

    It is true that a ghetto detector might drive tourist away from destinations behind enemy lines, like Fair Park and the Dallas Zoo.

  340. Brad says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    My blood is boiling, does this dits understand what would happen to a suburban white family in a new model Volvo if they turned down South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando Florida. does she.

    And to say just because some areas are high crime does not mean there are not cultural things to do. I say keep them and I’ll keep my family alive and in tact.

    This women has far to much nerve. what a near sited naive jerk.

  341. daveinga says:

    didn’t i see a blak female singer doing a car commercial riding thru the getto in her slick little bitty car.? said something for the cameras like it made her feel alive riding thru there. read a few days later that the scenes were all staged. she was scared to ride down there too.

  342. Bubba12345 says:

    Hope they make it into an APP. If the locals don’t like it then do something to change it yourselves. You live there, and you either created it or let it happen. I’ve been in the East side of Washington, DC and it’s like a 3rd world country and not safe day or night. Tourists shouldn’t go there. Detroit and Philly and on my list NEVER to go there. A British businessman’s father accompanied him to Washington on business. He took the Metro into E. DC and was murdered. Happens often.

  343. Chip says:

    Yes, it’s very discriminatory and “unfair” to warn people about rough areas. It’s far more “fair” to allow innocent lost people to be mugged, raped, and murdered.

    After all, it’s not about public safety, it’s all about political correctness.

  344. dave says:

    blacks would feel comfy in the hood/ghetto, but if you’re a white person, you won’t want to be caught in the hood/ghetto…..I think instead of complaining about it, it should be a catalyst to clean up your neighborhood and control your hood rats…..they commit crimes and yet the NAACP will be the first to start screaming they were innocent and are a top notch student who performs regular community service…..I’m no racist by any means but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that young blacks do commit a great deal of crime because they think its cool because the role models they have make it look cool – sorry but the fix for the problem of black youth must come from the elders of your community, not from the outside – change the view from within

  345. Alex says:

    How come robbing and beating non-blacks isn’t considered racist?

    1. Maximus Gringo says:

      Better read your Liberal bylaws!

  346. Tony Romo says:

    Best. App. Ever.

    There is a reason us working folk pay a little more in taxes to keep “clouds” out of our neighborhoods.

  347. Race Pimps says:

    So it is now racist to avoid high crime neighborhoods say black leaders???????????

    So black leaders are then ADMITTING black neighborhoods are high crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY equate high crime with black neighborhoods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE N FIX THE PROBLEMS YOUR RACE HAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Slimey race pimps!

  348. Big G says:

    I don’t care if it’s black, green, or pruple! If it’s unsafe, I want to know about it and I don’t want to venture into any area like that! No, No, No…

  349. Really? I find this unbelievable. They don’t even know how the app functions or where it gets its data yet, but they are claiming and declaring that “without a doubt, it’s discriminatory”? How do they know that? People have a right to fear high crime rates.

  350. Numb Diggers says:

    Numb azz Diggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix your people, fix your neighborhhods you race baiting slime ball criminal welfare leechs!!

  351. Lazanya says:

    Black comediian Chris Rock said it best “If you’re on Martin Luther King Boulevard, lock your doors and get the hell out of there!”

  352. ed1 says:

    Message to NAACP: The program is based on FACTS called crime rates. If it turns out that % negro is a great predictor of crime (even when poverty is controlled for) that is something the negro community needs to get a handle on… Mighty whitey has thrown a trillion dollars at the problem and utterly failed. It is a sad fact that the lowest IQ Negro women are reproducing much faster than the most intelligent negro women, so the problem will only get worse. It is time for the NAACP negro leadership to clean house and clean up the “MLK BLVD’s” of America. They should start by encouraging the upstanding negros to have more children, and the ghetto trash should be paid to get sterilized. In a few Generations the problem would go away. It is sad it has come to this but it is the place liberalism has brought us.

  353. dbeall says:

    So now minorities have the “right” to force whites to go through their neighborhoods?

    1. Tyrone N But ts says:

      According to Eric Holder, we have no rights at all.

  354. Bill Jones says:

    A few years back I got on a train in Chicago and never been there before found myself going in the wrong direction. I am white, and this sweet little old black lady walked up to me before the next stop, told me that it would not be safe if I went any further and that I should get off the train and go the other direction. Well later I found out I was heading for south Chicago. I thought that was nice of her.

  355. greg says:

    MLK died so that we would all know what areas of town to avoid (the area near MLK Blvd) so to deeny us this app would be to spit on the legacy of MLK

    1. JoeG says:

      LOL! One reason to celebrate MLK day.

  356. fromtexasbygod says:

    The NAACP is an advocate for equal opportunity. All travelers should have the equal opportunity to be assaulted, robbed, or murdered if they unknowingly wander into the hood. The predators that roam those ghettos should have the equal opportunity to target unaware, naive, or lost victims.

  357. JoeG says:

    Any white person with an IQ above 50 knows it is extremely dangerous to walk or drive through a black neighborhood at any time of the day. I wouldn’t want to get a flat tire on MLK blvd. Blacks create dangerous crime ridden neighborhoods. Whites are considered easy prey by black “Youths”.

  358. GrannyCares says:

    With all of the debates going on with respect to national debt; increasing revenues; striving to put America back to work; and the notion of ‘redistribution of wealth’, think that we need to look at what the ‘Great Society’ programs have done:

    *How does our public education system compare today, to the one of the 60’s? Why is the US no longer a leader in public education? What has happened to our math and science scores – especially those of our Black children? Look at our inner cities! Who is in charge? Look at what happened in the Atlanta Public School system, and the largest CHEATING SCANDAL in the nation’s history! Why? Even sadder, look who was in charge!
    *Have our inner cities improved, or are they filled with DEPENDENT elements of our society who move from one generation to another without moving out of poverty? Have they become merely a political prop for politicians – including President Obama?
    * Has crime declined since the 60’s? Have we seen a decline in our inner cities? If not, why not?
    *Has the culture of those living in the inner cities improved since the 60’s, or have we seen an evaporation of family units, and the wrath the latter brings?
    *Have we seen a growth of SELF WORTH from all elements of society, or the opposite – especially in urban areas?
    *Jesse Jackson is always complaining about the number of young Black men in prison, but what has Jesse Jackson done to keep fathers in the lives of these kids; keep them in school; encouraged them to strive for and achieve greatness– which they ARE CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING?

    My question is: where are the voices of LEADERSHIP of the CBC & the NAACP – or the White House? Where have they been, and where are they going to be in the future? At present, they are nothing more than a self centered bunch of charlatans living off the back of MLK, Jr (with the exception of John Lewis).

  359. Mark says:

    What are they so upset about? I’m black and attended USC from ’90-92 and I was robbed at gun point twice just a few block away from campus!! That area of south central LA and adjacent cities are dangerous. And that is a fact.

    The truth hurts. They should put as much energy in trying to change the operating reality on those neighborhoods.

    1. Marbran says:

      Amen, brother!

  360. Cathy says:

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.

    Uh, yeah, if you aren’t raped, robbed and/or killed while doing those cultural and social things…

    1. Marbran says:

      I’d like her to provide one example of a ghetto that continued to offer great cultural or social gifts to the citizenry at any point after becoming known as a ‘ghetto.’ She’d be hard pressed to do it. Ghettos don’t appear over night; they are the product of one or more generations of poverty and blight, and an unwillingness of the residents therein to stand up for themselves and their community.

  361. solomonpal says:

    Looks like the push back is picking up steam. “Racist” does not mean anything anymore. It’s been overused. This is just the start of operation push back.

  362. Marbran says:

    Since when has the term ‘ghetto’ referred only to blacks? Has anyone ever heard of the ‘Warsaw ghetto’? Ghettos are any urban area that is predominately ethnic, yet also impoverished. A ghetto can be made up of any racial group, as most ghettos around the world are not black. If the NAACP is getting all spun up, then the phrase, “If the shoe fits…” certainly applies.

    Stop playing the victim card, and start doing something to improve the ghettos. That applies to everyone.

  363. Barney says:

    funny that they are mad at the app which points out the slum area then the internal social conditions they are responsible for themselves by their single parent families and “don’t snitch” lack of internal policing. But yeah, don’t take personal responsibility for your own problems. . .blame somebody else.

  364. Atheist Lawyer says:

    It’s called LIABILITY, people. Any company that has equipment that would guide someone through a charted area has to engage in heavy CYA. Get some sense, you dolts.

  365. David Christensen says:

    As the nation becomes Obamatized, with young blacks killing others for a pair of tennis shoes, gangs of blacks overwhelming convenience stores to steal everything in sight, black mobs beating whites at the Wisconsin state fair, black thugs wielding batons at polling places, black women leaving babies on doorsteps to freeze in D.C., black drug addicts beating and stealing from little old ladies, outrageous murder rates in cities run by democrats and black mayors i.e. Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia etc., why would any smart person want to go through a black neighborhood.

  366. Matthew Atsinger says:

    It would make it difficult for my daughter to get to Planned Parenthood for an abortion…kinda infringing on her “Right to Choose” cause we know that is the neighborhoods that have been targeted. Read Pivot of Civilization by Margaret Sangar founder of Planned Parenthood printed by the American Eugenics Society

  367. ApplegateRanch says:

    >>It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.<< Uh, yeah! Like a GREAT Hip-Hop crack –uhh, NIGHT club! Or the National Bong Museum.

  368. PabloRichards says:

    The sad thing is this NAACP spokesperson is the only one exhibiting racism. The app compiles crime statistics. The NAACP equates high crime areas to blacks. But she probably does not get that…

    It is also very interesting that she is unable to defy the directions given by the application. Talk about someone that exhibits no self determination. Here’s a solution the rest of found – IGNORE THE APP WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT.

    The horror… the horror….

    1. Jsimple says:

      Well said Pablo!

  369. Derpster says:

    Haha, the irony. NAACP president saying that it’s racist to use this app because it would hurt Minority communities. I know plenty of white communities that should be avoided at all costs!
    More proof that the NAACP is around to inflame racism.

  370. TonyTonyTony says:

    You people still don’t get it, do you. You’re supposed to drive into a “bad” area so the Blacks and Hispanics can kill you and take your stuff. You don’t deserve your stuff ’cause you’re White. They want your stuff. Get it? CBS baits us to comment on these articles and then turns in all “dissident” email accounts to Janet Napolitano so she can keep track of all the “bad people”, i.e., Whites that aren’t going along with the new program. Why do you think that Obama hired so many FEDS during his term? So they can keep track of the “bad people”. That would be you and me.

    1. TonyTonyTony says:

      Follow up:.. Where are all the White women commenting on this article? I’ll tell you where. NO WHERE! They’re too busy watching Dancing With The Stars and American Idol to actually have read an article on the net or in a news paper. Half-wits. Do us all a favor and take MLK home from work tomorrow..Better yet, take MLK on your way to the voting both in November.

  371. Gene Zippy says:

    How dare you inform others where a high crime rate area is located! What bigotry!

    But? To have the information? And, not to tell someone? Would be criminal.

  372. Incorrect politically says:

    If they can deign an app to “Avoid the ghetto”, they can design one to “Find the Ghetto” as well. They could bundle them and that should make everybody happy.

  373. newsjunkie1980 says:

    What in the hell does this have to do with race? Most black families I know do not want to get lost and end up “in the ghetto” either. And in my city. the worst areas are primarily caucasian and hispanic. So it is rather racist of the NAACP director to insinuate that the “avoid the ghetto” app would be discriminatory against only those people of color. Is she sayng that all ghettos are only full of black people? She should be ashamed.

  374. Mark says:

    Number one rule of a trucker: Never take the MLK exit off the Interstate!!

  375. wildbill6996 says:

    To Juanita Wallace::::::: If you were at the edge of the Grand Canyon and YOUR GPS said go straight ahead,,,,,, WOULD YOU ?????? If you were from Boise Idaho and traveling through Dallas, don’t you think it might be nice to know what areas of the city to stay away from, because they’re HIGH CRIME AREAS. Its damn sure not the fault of the Boise traveler that Dallas has a high crime area, they just DON’T WANT TO become another Dallas statistic. Even you i think can understand that !!!!!!!!!!

  376. Alex says:

    Is this an article from “The Onion”? LOL! MLK is the most dangerous street in town for the same reason all non-White areas are unsafe. How long are YOU people going to pretend race doesn’t matter?

  377. englag says:

    Just clean up the ghetto, you moron! You voted for the democrats that created it!

  378. dhb says:

    That Microsoft feature is absolutely discriminatory, not against race, which would a crime, but against criminality. Great ap. We ALL discriminate, get over it. I prefer to NOT go to gay bars, to NOT buy clothes from CATO, to not talk to people who look like they need a shower, I try hard not to discriminate against ugly people, but I do, and so do you. Get over it.

  379. DigitalBob says:

    The FIRST thing you do to avoid the ghetto and keep from getting shot is stay off MLK.

  380. J Spiker says:

    You don’t need an app to know that if you are on any Martin Luther King Jr St or Blvd in ANY city, you are in a high crime area.

  381. Kevin Cowart says:

    Just because the roads are marked doesn’t mean they won’t still be on the map. Drive them, if you are up for the challenge.

  382. johnny says:

    it’s really funny that the NAACP can get mad about racism…..their name implys that they themselves are racist…. i doubt they’re “fuming” about trailer parks

  383. Jessica says:

    How is an app based on crime statistics racist? Maybe the “leaders” are racist for assuming that high crime areas are usually minority neighborhoods.

    Oh wait, there is a factual correlation?
    It’s not like Microsoft has an “avoid black people” app?
    You mean it only keeps you away from places where you’re more likely to be mugged, robbed, raped, or murdered regardless of the race of the perpetrator?

    Well then what’s the big effin deal?

  384. Aaron says:

    So what the NAACP is saying is that most black neighborhoods are crime ridden ghettos. MLK Blvd = police activity central to them. Really? Who is racists here? Since they think that maybe they should spend their time and resources helping the black community clean up the mess instead of making excuses and calling anyone who may point out the obvious a bigot and racist. This organizations and those like them need these kind of problems because otherwise they would not be “needed”. Their existence depends on the misery of the black community, so what is their motivation for helping to fix the problems. Nah, just make excuses and call everyone a racist!

  385. Pookie says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd.”

    Yes, I can.. and if this app comes out I plan to get and USE it.

    The only thing I have ever seen in all the cities I have lived in is that MLK Blvd is riddled with crime and drugs.

    Dont like it? Change it.. but dont come crying to me about it.

  386. Joe says:

    I certainly don’t need an app to avoid the poor misunderstood black thugs that control the ghetto’s of every major city now thinking that they have the permission of Cornelius and his man servant holdup to plunder the non black portion of America. Give me a break!
    Take back America 2012!

  387. Ken Puck says:

    Any white person abroad after dark in an inner city in this country has a death wish.

  388. Gary Johnson says:

    EVERYONE knows you never go to the part of a city where MLK Boulevard is located….it’s just common sense.

  389. JSimple says:

    Even Chris Rock says that wherever you go in this country, if there’s an MLK Blvd, you can be sure that there’s some bad S*** happenin’.

    No different than a white guy humming the banjo tune from Deliverance when he drives through West Virginia, which should also be on the “avoid” list…..

  390. some1inpa says:

    Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace spent her afternoon at a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and said she felt safe there.And at that rally there were how many extra police, reporters, other officials. Good try.

  391. Il Bui says:

    MLK Blvd in my city is SO crime ridden you’d only go there in an armoured car. Nothing but escaped animals from the zoo running lose.

  392. Thomas Warmuth says:

    Why does the NAACP associate “high crime” with “black”? The app uses crime statistics, not demographics, according to the report. If anyone but the NAACP made the direct association between “high crime” and “black, the NAACP would be calling them racist. What does the NAACP know about blacks and crime that they are not telling us?

  393. David Vance says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd.”
    Can you imagine being so damn stupid that you can’t choose NOT to use an app?

  394. David says:

    So it’s discriminatory and racist to avoid crime? If sanity doesn’t take hold at some point, it’s time to just walk away.

  395. rbblum says:

    Perhaps Black American communities should make a more concerted effort to strive for friendlier, law-abiding, family-oriented neighborhood environments.

  396. Mak says:

    When he returned from Africa Muhammed Ali said “I’m just glad my Granddady got on that boat”. Unfortunately a number of african descendants have not evolved socially since arriving n America.
    The NAACP may not like the truth, but these areas are dangerous ghettos and civilized people have a right to be safe and avoid them.
    and the NAACP should stop blaming whites for people who are too lazy to get themselves out of the ghetto.

    1. Talon2PRO says:

      What is an African – American??? Shouldn’t that be American African if they want their heritage remembered? Why isn’t my family Scottish-Americans instead of plain ole AMERICANS? Lets all start by being Americans and take care of our social issues at home. Government and state handouts for 6 months only, not lifetimes. Offer a hand up. Do it ONLY with drug tests administered in front of non biased testers like the military has to. I served 24 years and peed at least once a year (in front of some one) to ensure the test sample was mine and wasn’t tainted.

  397. lynn says:

    It’s time we started recognizing reality in this country. No matter how much the media tries to “white wash” everything.

  398. Ruckweiler says:

    This woman sounds utterly helpless. Does she have no ability to go where she wants regardless of whatever a GPS system says? I guess she must not know where MLK Road/Blvd isunless her pet rock tells her where to go. Brain challenged, I suppose.

  399. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    The cultural benefits of a high crime area? I’m sure the cuisine is top notch–zagat’s rates the McDonalds as 5 star.

  400. willy says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area?”

    Can you imagine me wanting to go to MLK Blvd. because my own intuition tells me it’s damn dangerous?

  401. Talon2PRO says:

    If weapons were legally allowed to be carried by LAW ABIDING CITIZENS in all states, the ghetto app would be a by-line. There would be a LOT less crime. The playing field would then be level. Now as it stands, only outlaws and scared cops (with back-up cops) carry weapons into Ghetto areas…

  402. MARVIN WILLETT says:


  403. Andrew Doussept says:

    so let me get this straight. She says developing an application that keeps people out of high crime areas. Is discriminatory.

    So your admitting that blacks and high crime rate go hand in hand.

    I see.
    At least their own kind thinks exactly what we are thinking. guess we aren’t that racist after all 8)

  404. JM in San Diego CA says:

    New rule: Minorities, behave yourselves. There — problem solved. New problem, though: thousands of Professional Whiners thrown out -of-work.

  405. meesha4 says:

    There is not ANY BLUE area of the United States where I would spend my money for a “vacation”. I’ve worked in Boston, San Francisco and New York City. I put MYSELF through college and NEVER took a PRIVATE-SECTOR funded dime (translation: GUBMENT HANDOUT”. I am proud to say that I had a son at age 35 because I CHOSE to wait and make sure my husband and I could AFFORD to raise him right. Fortunately, for me, I am old enough to be able to take care of my elderly parents, my son has a degree and is successtul, and my FAMILY will take care of themselves. Instead of investing our money in thug-ridden, gang-infested, illiterate TAKERS, we will be enjoying our senior years taking care of ourselves, I am DISGUSTED with men and women pumping out children into the public school system and not giving a damned about what they are taught. Who would have EVER thought that a High School would have a PRIVATE-SECTOR funded DAYCARE for illegimate children.

    1. meesha4 says:

      Before any liberal decides to decimate my post because of a spelling error (LOL), please substitute “illegimate” for illigitimate. Confusing? Be aware of ANYONE claiming to be a Republican or Conservative that supports paul (deliberately lower case). He’s a NUTCASE. Anyone with a CLUE about politics will point you to perot (deliberately lower case). That’s how we got clintoon and his fish-wife.

  406. Steveo says:

    As said times in these comments, this is the best app EVER. Not everybody grew p near a big city and has been able recognize bad areas by the amount of garbage strewn about and the shade of the local inhabitants. With all my experiences I’d still like o know if I was in a bad area of a city in case it didn’t have a street named after MLK.

  407. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    If the traffic to the ghetto drops then the ghetto is going to have to lay off some of their muggers, drug dealers and generally speaking all around criminal types because the number of victims will be reduced. There just won’t be enough victims to go around so some of members of the ghetto will have to be let go I’m sorry to say. But look at it this way when one door closes another door opens up so keep your chin up and don’t lose hope because one day I believe when things get better with the economy the ghetto will see more people going there and things will turn around you just have to believe there is a victim out there with your name on it just have a little faith.

  408. Ron says:

    It is what it is.

  409. mlk says:

    HERE’S AN idea for the ghetto denizens, act like humans and you won’t have to be avoided

  410. Talon2PRO says:

    I want the app….web address anyone?

  411. Kevin says:

    So I have a couple of problems with this.

    1, it wouldn’t be racism or stereotyping because it would be based on crime statistics… Not opinion.
    2. If you don’t like the product, don’t buy it or promote it, but this country was built on innovation and ideas. I think it could be a gold mine.
    3. Miss out on cultural value? What value? Gangs, drugs, and violence?
    4. IF anyone DOES go through the ghettos purposefully, it won’t hurt their economy. They have a reason for being there in the first place. If your GPS takes you through the ghetto, you sure as $h*t aren’t stopping there if you don’t have to!
    5. This NAACP broad is out of her brain.

  412. Joe Hawke says:

    Let’s hear what Chris Rock has to say about MLK Blvd…

  413. DFW Resident says:

    Why is it racist to avoid high crime areas? I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and I have never been to south Dallas. There are many parts of the metorplex I have not gone. Not because I am racist, just because I have never needed to do travel or go to any businesses in the area. .

  414. notalib says:

    Does anyone care what the NAACP says anymore? As a group they are the most racist group of people in the United States.

  415. Vic Garcia says:

    You know, if the Griswolds had the “Ghetto App” on the way to Wally World they’d probably still have their hub caps today.

  416. Mark M. says:

    What’s Juanita saying about her neighborhood? Does she believe that minority neighborhoods are dangerous places loaded with criminals, drugs and violence?

    Why does she hate her own people? She must be racist.

  417. Shawn Eng says:

    Crimes in certain neighborhoods are under-reported, which distorts the data-set.

    Or just pack a concealed handgun. Wherever you are will always be a low-crime area.

  418. Mike Miller says:


    If black community leaders are upset about the “Avoid Ghetto App” they should apply themselves to teaching their youth about avoiding ghetto behaviour.


  419. cb says:

    Better to stay alive than be PC.

  420. Primo says:

    I don’t need anyone to tell me what streets to avoid. If I see the drawers hanging down and 6 pair of underpants rolling over, I know I done went too far

    1. dfwfire says:

      well said !

  421. Wyatt Thompson says:

    “It may have a high crime problem” End of story.

  422. Wyatt Thompson says:

    Not to mention no mlk street in any city over 75k seems to have a crime problem. What a legacy has been formed.

  423. Spreewell says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that.” -Juanita Williams
    Hey Juanita, if you want to go into a high crime area, there is nothing that says you can’t. Have fun getting mugged!

  424. dfwfire says:

    i think this is hilarious. and unfortunately, so true. it’s esp funny that black “leaders” THEMSELVES equate “high crime ghettos” as “black neighborhoods”. they are actually FINALLY admitting it, in their own special little way. every day in dallas, we have another news story of predatory black males murdering someone. EVERY day !! if disagree, then:
    1) you don’t live here
    2) you don’t watch the news

  425. George Davey says:

    The NAACP needs to but out on this one. This is a matter of life and death and if you accidentally drive into a ghetto at night you can be killed for no reason at all. I am glad someone is smart enough to make this life saving app.

  426. uncle Bernie says:

    Yo! Even inner city negroes avoid the ghetto! What up?

  427. dfwfire says:

    my favorite quote:
    “What happens in North Dallas certainly ought to be no different than what happens in South Dallas, so we can’t keep on doing this”. having lived in both, i can say without any compunction whatsoever that the person who rendered this statement must be high.

  428. BHirsh says:

    Perhaps this NAACP race shill could explain how an app that gives recommendations based upon crime statistics is ‘discriminatory’ in any other sense than discerning where crime is a constant?

    Hey, lady, if that’s in your ghetto, that’s YOUR problem. We don’t want it to be OURS.

  429. JDB says:

    “It’s almost like gerrymandering,” she said. “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.”

    That’s a laugh. Without gerrymandering, they wouldn’t be able to elect people like Shelia Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Frederica Wilson, et al.

  430. David Heath says:

    If only the NAACP would show as much umbrage at the reasons why one would reasonably wish to avoid black areas.

  431. White Guy says:

    As a white guy that isn’t that strong or tough. I would have to say that I have been afraid of every MLK Blvd. I have ever driven or walked down. Its no secret that every MLK Blvd is indeed a ghetto.

  432. Lazybum says:

    I learned a long tome ago- when looking for bbq after dark, check the directions before you go. if it includes MLK, I go eat Italian.

    Outside of West Palm, I was looking for a bbq joint w/ my gps. 3 gunshots later, I put my foot in it and got the hell outta there. And ate Italian!

  433. Matthew Anziulewicz says:

    The Griswolds could have used it.

  434. Red says:

    That’s one APP I will certainly download to my I-Phone, especially if it really helps me bypass the Ghetto!

  435. jay says:

    A good rule of thumb is to avoid any street named MLK or Malcom X in any big city. I’m not racist, but in every major city I have been in those have been the designation for the hood.

  436. Jerry Powell says:

    No apps needed. If you want to tour a city just make it your personal policy to avoid all black areas. If you accidentally find your self in one, get out as quickly as possible.

  437. notalib says:

    It is time for the NAACP to acknowledge that they are out of date. They are the most racist group I’ve seen. This race issue has to be addressed and the truth has to be discussed. No more blaming the white guys. In my opinion, the fault is with the race baters of the world, Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton. They make their living hustling hate. Many in the NAACP go back to the times when there was real racism. They are like many liberals, totally out of touch with realty. Lets all grow up. The liberals have created a class of voters dependent on government with an attitude that they are owed something. Well, the U.S. is broker. No more freebees. Get a skill,get a job.

  438. TakeNoBull says:

    NAACP –> National Association for the advancement of color people. Sounds racist to me. Same as the black caucus. If you a white man living in the area of a black representative do you have any representation in Congress?

  439. KenG says:

    Now, they need to refine the app. People who DON’T live in high-crime areas should be warned away from them, and people who DO live in high-crime areas should be fed false information when they’re heading to destinations in low-crime areas. That way, it’s all fair and everything.

  440. JWnTX says:

    So Ms. Wallace admits that minority neighborhoods are infested with crime and criminals. She can scream all she wants that crime statistics are somehow discriminatory, but nobody with half a brain believes that tripe anymore. Years ago, the gas stations in Fort Worth instituted a policy based on crime statistics (drive offs) where certain stations were required to have gasoline prepaid before they turned on the pump. Surprise, surprise–every single one of those stations was located in a minority neighborhood. The NAACP and others raised unholy hell and brought tons of attention to the fact that gas stations in minority neighborhoods experienced drive offs at a rate almost quadruple those not located in minority neighborhoods. When they realized that nobody considered crime statistics racially discriminatory, they quickly back-peddled and tried to let the issue die. If Ms. Wallace has a brain (which I won’t assume based on her initial reaction), she’ll shut her mouth and try not to bring any more attention to the rampant crime in minority neighborhoods.

  441. JoeH says:

    Awesome App.. Here in K.C. MO there are service stations right off the I-70 into the highest crime areas of the city. I’d like to signs put up as well. All Ye Abandon Hope who Exit Here. By the way, blacks are not the only criminals living in the getto! How MLK fits into this is just the fact that politcians who have renamed streets in exchange for votes weren’t thinking ahead to this day.

  442. easter says:

    it is pretty obvious what race lives in the ghetto..

  443. i avoid ghettos too says:

    Maybe the “ghetto” should clean itself up and get rid of the skanks so people wouldn’t have to avoid it and decent families could live there. I’m sure MLK wouldn’t want a ghetto street named after him. He stood for personal responsibility AND equality. I bet he’d be sick at some of the streets named after him. Then again he was a REPUBLICAN. Remember?

    1. Terry Furlough says:

      “Then again he was a REPUBLICAN. Remember?” yes.. that’s why “He stood for personal responsibility AND equality.”.. If that was the point you were making I apologize for stepping on your foot.. just clarifying for the more obtuse amongst us.

  444. Tyrone says:

    First App I would buy for my kids and wife…….anyone arguing against being steered into a high crime are idiots.

    If you happen to live in such an area, start parenting and perhaps your next generation won’t be such losers.

    1. Terry Furlough says:

      “If you happen to live in such an area, start parenting” WHAT!! And miss the party!!

  445. Mitchell E says:

    Interesting how the NAACP stereotypes themselves…There is no mention of race by Microsoft, simply that the app avoids questionable areas of town. The NAACP is their own worst enemy, linking the black race with crime…Last I thought “ghettos” were occupied by questionable people of any race…

    1. Terry Furlough says:

      Where were the blacks in the Warsaw Ghetto?

  446. freddy won says:

    take it easy on this naacp racist lady—after all she probably learned everything she knows at harvard

    1. Terry Furlough says:

      We’ll never know because all her records are sealed, and to ask to see them would make you a racist. Who are these “COLORED” people that the NCAACP claims to represent?

  447. campion says:

    NEVER EVER get off on MLK anything EVER. Just truth.

  448. Martin Lex-Luther King says:

    IT’S NOT LIKE THE GHETTO IS DISNEYLAND !!! Can you Imagine a GHETTO DISNEYLAND … maybe Bill Clinton is the ONLY white man that would love to hustle some HO’s down in dat part of town but NO one that actually was born WITH a brain would … The only one sky-high on Crack is this STUPID-AZZ BEEEATCH running the NAACP !!! Of course every non-negro man can’t wait to send his wife and kids down for a field trip to tht part of town so she can be promptly raped and the kids shanked by the welfare recipients they give 1/3 of their pay in taxes already so their lazy-azzes can huff glue and infest our nation with fine upstanding citizens – uh, scratch dat, I mean Crack Head Criminals.

  449. Smart-Azz says:


  450. Dan says:

    The importance of such an app is practically a women’s rights issue: rape of women of all races by black men is hugely disproportional statistically. Black on white sexual assault is stunningly high but the media won’t talk about it (see )

    This app is needed for the better protection of women especially – face it, high crime areas are mostly high black population areas and women on the road who don’t belong in these areas should be warned away from these areas..

    The annoying NAACP does not have your best interest at heat and should be ignored on this.. .

  451. Kinnison says:

    Perhaps the NAACP do-gooders should be more concerned with trying to control the feral youth mobs trashing stores and malls and randomly beating up pedestrians in predominantly-Black urban neighborhoods rather than objecting to a developmental “Avoid the Ghetto” iPhone app…

  452. Jasonn says:

    ““Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.”

    That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Honey, you are always able to go to MLK Blvd. Don’t let some silly app stop you. Just go there with your eyes wide open knowing what you might be getting yourself into.

  453. Chuck says:

    I will put my MONEY where my mouth is the day this product is available. I will absolutely purchase a product that would steer me away from those areas.

    Don’t let the NAACP deter you Microsoft. People want a product like this.

  454. Obama Lied says:

    WOW! I live in Tacoma, Washington and the most dangerous street here BY FAR is called “MLK Blvd”. It never dawned on me that cities accross the united states, the absolute WORST place for any upstanding citizen to be is on a street named “MLK”

  455. Scott Walker says:

    Sounds like the naacp is racist for saying minorities commit crime. What are the odds?

  456. Fred says:

    Sherman McCoy in Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire of the Vanities could have used this app!

  457. elevenhundred says:

    Where does that leave the intersection of MLK Blvd and Malcom X Blvd down in Dallas?

  458. Sheldon K says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    Who says that just because an app doesn’t recommend going there that you can’t if you really want to? Honestly, some people have no ability to think critically.

  459. Terry Furlough says:

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.

    YES.. such as get robbed.. get murdered or raped.. buy drugs.. get your vehicle broken into or stolen.. so much fun!!

    Tommy Jones, who works downtown, said an app like Microsoft’s could hurt a city’s economy.

    “From a business standpoint, it could be devastating,” he said. “Especially in the area of drug dealing and pimping.”

  460. Frank says:

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.”

    Great Culture? Like Hip Hop Culture? …gangster culture of crime?

    Things to do? …like get robbed, shot, or stabbed over your sneakers or leather jacket …or your watch?

    The NAACP must live under a rock.

  461. neil says:

    OK, lets just make an app that leads unsuspecting drivers directly into the nearest ghetto. We’ll call it the ‘Socioeconomic American Experience App’.

    I bet the NAACP would be all for that. Even after innocent people were killed – in the ghetto.

  462. Andy says:

    Isn’t this sort of thing that any one of us would tell our friends when giving directions? I can’t imagine saying something like – “Well, yeah, sure Jenny. It’s true MLK Blvd is one of the most unsafe places in the entire city, where you’re statistically far more likely to get stabbed, beaten, mugged and raped, but HEY! You’ll save like ten minutes! Without a doubt this is by far the most efficient route of travel and therefore the ideal one.”

    How can idiots get so worked up over a computer doing something that we do for one another every single day?

  463. Kenny says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    Uh, I believe it’s a choice whether you follow the directions or not. If you want to go to high crime areas, have at it. I’ll steer clear of those areas myself if I have that info. This is a wonderful addition that could have an effect on local crime rate and heaven forbid, it may even save a life. Why would we ever want to do something like that? LOL!

  464. bobelcnu says:

    Just google Chris Rock and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Everyone in the world knows this and it is hysterical that this was used as the example.

  465. BMF says:

    The app is race neutral in that it will route you around any high crime area regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or sexual orientation.

    I do business in many cities where I am unfamiliar with which areas are safe and which are not. There are parts of Los Angeles, for example, that I’ve been told by taxi drivers I shouldn’t go–because I’m white. I think of those drivers as human ghetto apps. While they don’t route me around those unsafe areas, they advise me not to vist them.

    Personally, I would welcome a application that displayed high crime areas and routed me through safer areas.

    This is a classic example of people sticking their head in the sand because it’s easier to pretend the problem doesn’t exist or that it’s racist rather than to work to make those areas safe for everyone.

  466. TruthInSpending says:

    The entire premise for the article is wrong, period.

    ““Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.”

    The program does not prevent anyonf from “being able” to go to such an area. It merely advises them that it is a high crime area. You decide from there.

    It’s really no different from the warnings on tobacco products or warnings about the sodium, fat, or whatever contents in food.

  467. kwitwyning says:

    This app sounds helpful to people (any people) concerned about the safety of themselves and/or their families. If it is a threat to communities with high crime rates, whose responsibility is it to fix that problem. Write your own app that lists all the “cultural and social things” visitors and people passing through can do and see in your neighbohood. Then anyone not familiar with your area can use both apps to decide for themselves. Why do you care more about how these neighborhoods look than how they really are.?. Do you care more about tourist dollars than you do about their personal safety?

  468. Bill Fisher says:

    Why does the NAACP assume that all bad neighborhoods are black? There are lots of bad areas that are predominantly white.

  469. somebody who knows the truth says:

    Just goes to show how desperate the NAACP has become, seeing racism where there is none. Crime is high in ghettos and whites are often targeted for attack, There is nothing racist about it, The real racist is Juanita Wallace, instead of getting off her tail and trying to end crime in black neighborhoods and trying to get more opportunities and better education, that racist just cops out and blames whitey. So just shake down Microsoft with a threat of a lawsuit and make the NAACP leadership a little richer while African Americans still deal with the crime.

  470. Smarterthanlibs says:

    Only an irrational moron would whine about crime statistics being “at your finger tips”. Here’s a hint… prevent crime if you want your town to be prosperous. BTW.. if you automaticaly assume a high crime area will be descriminatory against blacks, as the NAACP does, you must be a racist against blacks…. or a race pimp.

  471. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    Two British tourists were brutually murdered ln New Town in Sarasota, Fl just a few months ago. They were lost and a feral Democrats shot them both.

    New town is the ghetto for feral Democrats.

    The “Avoid The Ghetto” would have saved their lives.

  472. JEFF says:

    OF COURSE they’re angry at this app! It might mean a potential “customer” shortage!

  473. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    The reason that the Democrat Appartus allows no criticism of feral Democrats is that the white boys of the left must have the feral voters to maintain economic, social and political control over everybody else.

    Hence, these feral Democrats are a protected class within the party umbrella.

  474. Bubba from Bainbridge says:

    Vince: How about I send you my kid’s English homework to review? Don’t you have anything better to do than point out someone’s spelling misteaks? Folks like you that feel compelled to make petty point-outs pi_ _ me off.

  475. Jim Sherer says:

    If a city has a black mayor you don’t need a warning other than to drive around it not through it.

  476. Hadenough says:

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Maybe instead of the NAACP being upset over this app that could potentially save a person’s life, they should be addressing the real causes of the decay in the communities they represent. Instead, their whole reason for existence is to blame whites for their every failure. Ghettos are areas of towns and cities where whites once lived that used to be safe and clean. Then the whites moved away when blacks started moving in because they feared for their safety and well being. Once the whites were gone, and the areas became ghettos, who is responsible for the decline? Blacks can’t blame whites for that, but they do. A perfect example of this decline is Detroit. Whites haven’t run that city in years and blacks represent approximately 92% of the population. That city is about to go into receivership. According to the NAACP, and other black advocates, every failure in the black community is the fault of someone else, namely white racism. That old worn out and tired excuse is working anymore.

  477. the truth hurts says:

    Oh pleeeeze. Its a fact that poor blacks urban areas are dangerous and have a much ,much higher crime rate than an all white neighborhoods.. I doubt the naacp is contesting that part because noone can deny its true even the naacp. So basically they are mad because the truth hurts their feelinmgs I quess. This ap will save lives and prevent murders, robberies and assaults and rapes . How can the naacp be against this ap unless they support crime.

  478. AVOID ALL MLKs says:

    To all daughters and wives across the countrty: If you find yourself driving on MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD in ANY city in the country turn around and leave that area as fast as possible if you dont want to end up a victim of crime. That is a fact..

  479. blahblah says:

    Well if you live in the ghetto and need to get to MLK blvd, then this probably isn’t the app for you….don’t use it. Simple. Don’t need a masters degree to figure that one out…..but maybe a HS diploma would help.

  480. dbeall says:

    The NAACP is itself the most racist organization in America. They are only concerned with the well-being of blacks. Yet any organization they promotes whites is shameful. Now I am not in favor of Neo-Nazi groups and such, but I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy.

  481. Bart says:

    its funny that Ms Wallace just automatically assumed that the App would hurt minority areas when it is supposed to identify high crime areas. I guess it tells us what she thinks about her people and the fact that 9 out of 10 highest crime areas are minority with black people being the majority resident…hummm. think they have a problem?

  482. Mememe says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    Oh I can darling. I go to work to that gangsta s*hithole every day.

    The only people who can’t imagine that are those who’d never go to those places.

  483. Raul says:

    As long as mouthpieces like the NAACP keep the attitude they have, there will be a need for an AP like this one.

    The NAACP is part of the reason that we have high crime areas.

  484. Ron Francis says:

    Who gives a damn what you think Juanita Wallace. maybe if you cracked down on the areas people wouldn’t mind going into them.

    I myself have no problem walking in the getto, why because I’m packen anybody F’s with me they are dead. got it Juanita Wallace.

  485. Michael says:

    Have you ever heard of an anti-racism campaign that targeted any group other than people of European descent as “racists”?

    All you anti-Whites ever do is make excuse after excuse to turn every White country into a non-White country.

    All you anti-Whites ever do is rationalize and justify White children living as minorities in every country their ancestors built.

    All you anti-Whites ever do is justify genocide of White children, A future without White children.

    Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.

  486. Gregory Kay says:

    It doesn’t sound discriminatory to me; after all, it doesn’t target race, but only crime. Of course, if any particular race is left out because they commit more crimes, that’s their own fault; I don’t need to boost their economy by becoming another victim.

  487. Indy says:

    Wish I had that on my Tom Tom.

  488. Bruce Asbury says:

    Sarasota, Florida…Spring 2011…two British tourists leave their motel on foot, looking for a place to have breakfast at 4:00 a.m….accidently wander into the heart of the “ghetto” and are shot dead in the middle of the street.

  489. Duke says:

    Took my Grand Children to the Phil zoo and almost got mugged walking from the parking lot and after entering was stalked by a pervert. Great zoo at one time but a getto area now. A real shame.

  490. John Deaux says:

    Juanita Wallace, there’s already a map that lets us avoid the ghetto, for safety reasons, It’s called Rand McNally. A regular ole map. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that when you see a map anywhere with a MLK rd on it, you avoid it like the plague. You see, there IS a problem. It isn’t the app, it’s you and your ilk pretending there isn’t an internal problem within select communities.

  491. John says:

    Who cares about the App is that hot momma Sharrie Williams single! SHE IS SEXY!!!

  492. Henry Thoreau says:

    This is finally the hope and change I’ve been looking for. They’ll have to make it a World Wide map though, because no matter where they go, civilization collapses.

  493. Scott says:

    It sounds like the head of the NAACP, Ms. Wallace, is the racist one. Assuming that minorities are the ones committing crimes.

    I should be able to know where high crime areas are and choose to avoid them if I want. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  494. Daniel Brennan says:

    People have a fundamental right to look out for their own safety. They have a right to avoid high crime areas.

    In the article it is mentioned how it would be bad if people couldn’t go to MLK BLVD, Umm… they can, they are choosing not to. You want someone not to avoid an area for political correctness to give someone a warm fuzzy feeling? Forget that.

    The leaders of that community should be LESS concerned with this app and MORE concerned about fixing the underlying issue to begin with and that is cleaning up those areas with high crime rates.

  495. ineedabeer says:

    As far as I can tell this application is colorblind and based on crime statistics. Isn’t it racist to assume that the high crime areas are going to be black neighborhoods?

  496. Kaos Ktrl says:

    MLK boulevard seem to be petri dishes for dereliction and crime no matter what burg they are in .
    If I want to see boxers, I will go to walmart and look @ a package on the shelf.
    But that doesn’t give you the full effect of the one armed cripple holding up the sagging pants.

  497. watash60 says:

    the truth finally hurts

  498. Hedley Lamar says:

    Sure would be great if I could get this for my Garmin….

  499. Lebek Johnson says:

    It is a sad commentary on our society when it is considered racist to designate high crime areas as dangerous due to high crime rates in those areas.

  500. Hedley Lamar says:

    Since this app bothers people as being racist, the gps voice prompt could say something like, “The area ahead is an urban traffic hazard. You may save time by avoiding it.” That should soothe the consciences of the libs. That is unless the libs feel so guilty that they would drive right into a ghetto combat zone to PROVE to themselves that they’re not racists.

  501. William Jenkins says:

    Crime statistics are fact.

    If location X has high crime, it has high crime. An anecdotal story of someone “feeling safe” doesn’t change the fact that the area most certainly isn’t safe if the history states it is not.

    The NAACP obviously like people dangerously ignorant. But hey, let’s be politically correct! Watts and Compton are beautiful areas, bring your family and plenty of cash to shop in local businesses!

    1. tod schwarze says:

      and dont forget to bringall your female relatives for an urban makeover and meet n greet!!

  502. Obamaroid Ointment says:

    I wish Garmin had a ghetto avoidance feature, I’d pay the $ to update mine if they did.

  503. Avoidtheslums says:

    In this day and age, the NAACPs of the world are busy crying foul over every perceived offense known to man. It is the only way they can stay in business. This app is nothing more than the result of a world that organizations such as the NAACP created themselves. The policies of leftists that dominate inner city politics have created and fostered these crime infested urban wastelands for generations; they have created a society that refuses to lift itself up and continues to hold fast to old prejudices, taking what it wants when it wants. Now people want to avoid them for their own safety, and these same jokers cry “racism”! Is it racist for a white family not to want to drive through a high crime area??? No! It is smart, and if there is an app for that, count me in!!!

  504. really big 12 says:

    I’d definitely visit the ghetto if Sharrie was there yeow

  505. Yourna Mehere says:

    They should have called it “Avoid Democrat Controlled Cities”, same areas.

  506. Mark S says:

    The most amazing thing about “Martin Luther King Boulevard” is that it’s always located in the nicest section of town. Why would anyone want to avoid it?

  507. evefromeden says:

    Truckers love it because when they go to new towns they have to protect their loads. Get over it.

  508. robert m. says:

    A couple of months ago, myself and another real Dallas businessman ran out of gas (faulty gas gauge) on a freeway going through a high risk neighborhood. We coasted off the freeway to a red light where the car had lost all it’s life. Accroos the street, two men hailed up asked if we need help. They not only pushed our car out of the active service road but went to their home and obtained a gas can and brought it to us. THe older gentleman did not want payment because he wanted us to pass along the courtesy to someone else. We insisted and these dear men warned us no more than 5-10 times not ever to return to that neighborhood. They insisted we were in grave danger.
    Dallas’s public light rial has had three murders in three weeks. Some places are not safe for certain people. In fact, they are not safe for anyone….don’t make it a racial issue. It is in fact, a reality in urban areas.

    1. snod says:

      It is a racial issue and you can’t make that change by wishing it away! Crime stats scream racial link!

  509. David Sohns says:

    Imagine not being able to go to MLK Blvd? Yes, I can imagine. In both the DC and Baltimore, MLK Blvd is not a safe place to be.

  510. Captain-Mac says:

    Ms Wallace is a freakin’ idiot. End of discussion.

  511. DENNISM says:


  512. Crazy Galoot says:

    There are dozens and dozens of MLK Boulevards all over the country in cities large and small. Whenever I see that street sign, I know that I need to be somewhere else.

  513. TxPoor says:

    I am a bit perplexed. I’ve been on MLK many times; no problem, no issues. Ive been to MLK and MalcomX; no problem. Ive been to Second and Hatcher at 11pm on a Friday night; no trouble. Ive been to “Dixie Circle” at midnight; nobody around and no issue…. and I am as white as “Casper the Friendly Ghost”.

    I find this NAACP spokes person to be as racist as any I have heard. As another poster said, how can statistical information on crime be racist as long as ethnicity of the actor is not considered? If this app told me to avoid Campbell and 75 due to a high crime rate .. I would avoid it just as I would any other area with a high crime rate.

    In the 80’s because of job expectations, I have worked in some of the densest minority parts of DFW and all I ever found there were decent, hard working people just trying to make ends meet; just like me. For this person, who is suppose to look after the welfare of the minorities, to insinuate that just because an app disseminates crime statics readily would mean that the population in general would discriminate against minorities is to suggest that minorities are responsible for all crime; which I read as racist.

  514. who cares says:

    who cares…let them all kill eachother off

  515. TLR says:

    Does this so-called application allow an exception to those with a “Ghetto Pass”?

    See for example @

  516. JimmyJohn says:

    ….“I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace….

    When is the last time Juanita or any NAACP official wasn’t up in arms about something?

  517. Willie says:

    Truth hurts don’t it…..

  518. LiberalNN says:

    So they’re judging the app before even seeing it eh?

  519. omstrat says:

    Instead of posting on here why not write to NAACP directly and tell them your feelings. They won’t see this and the race baiters will force Microsoft to abandon the app. Hey NAACP how about clean up your own mess and people won’t have to avoid these areas. Yea, MLK Blvd is safe for HER. How about ME ?

  520. John Svengali says:

    It’s a great idea! Political correctness kills and damages. Imagine a family from out of town visiting most large cities in the United States. Having the “ghetto avoidance” feature keeps them away from the areas where many people act like brutes and animals.

    When the people in those “ghetto” areas all or mostly start acting like responsible people, then the feature will not be needed. I challenge the white liberal morons who buy into the political correctness to send their families walking through these areas at night – sans body armor and police escort.

    This is reality. We’ve had half a century of liberal “social engineering,” and it’s nearly bankrupted us, while according to the poverty pimps, we’ve made no progress and so much more is needed. Society is worse for the welfare state and political correctness. If critics want to throw an “ism” at me, how about “fact-ism?” “Liberalism, however, is a mental disorder.”

  521. Just A Realist says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

    Yeah, not being robbed, shot at, assaulted, or someone trying to peddle drugs… Its amazing! I can’t even imagine not being able to go to MLK Blvd.

  522. Jack says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that.” -Juanita Williams
    Juanita, your logic is twisted sista. Is this what the NAACP has come too?

  523. Jamesinhood says:

    Basically just avoid the black areas of town and its the same result. Everybody knows it, but are afraid to say it. If the black community wants people to visit, create business, or tourism, – fix their own crime problems in their communities instead of blaming everybody else. End of story.

  524. Kevin Stowell says:

    In the small Midwestern town where I bought my first home, the street it was on was called Broadway when I bought the home. It was lined with small, old, wlell-kept, frame homes typical of any other neighborhood where pride of ownership was evident. Five years after it was renamed to MLK Blvd., it became a street I avoid on the rare occasion I go back to visit.

  525. B Forrest says:

    I agree this app is a terrible idea. If fewer people enter the ghettos, there are fewer people available to rob. How are they supposed to make a living and get the money to purchase their drugs if there’s no one to steal from.

  526. Perplexed says:

    So why does a company producing a marketable product that it wants to sell pretend like the obvious iisn’t obvious? Look, whites know that there are sections of a city that aren’t safe for them and blacks know that as well. The whites just want to be informed so that they can protect themselves and their families when they are in a strange city. If a company refuses to provide a service/product that a sizeable portion of the population wants then it is pandering to racial politics. Frankly, we are fed up with this.

  527. Alberto Perez says:

    C’mon Ms. Wallace. Really? Are you trying to tell us you’d never go to MLK Blvd again if some little computer told you so? Are you that mind numbed? Go to MLK all you want. Nobody cares. But don’t feign indignant if people from out of the area don’t want to unecessarily put themselves in more danger than necessary. Is it really important to you that out-of-towners visit the high crime areas? Is that some sort of rite-of-passage that people must experience in their lives? No thank you!

  528. rpg says:

    NAA LCP. Wish Id had this driving thru Detroit. And yes I can imagine NOT seeing MLK blvd. Dont care get me outta here!!

  529. NormB says:

    Everybody with any sense at all avoids any street named MLK. It’s common sense. It’s a fact of life and of culture that crimes of violence are highest in predominantly black communities – just ask the FBI, it’s in their annual Uniform Crime Reports statistics on crime. Now if they’d just keep the crime in their OWN ‘hoods and leave civilized folk alone, we could deal.

  530. Jean Jeudi says:

    If there were any girls in the ghetto like Sharrie Williams, it would be worth going to some of the assorted, sundry areas with streets named MLK. Wow did you y’all see her photo? Nice. But the problem is that girls like Sharrie quickly get the flippin’ ‘ell outa there. Mostly what’s in the hood is random, senseless, thugish, criminal, hate filled, stupid, irresponsible, racist, selfish, savage, unprovoked violence and thievery. Other than the occaisonal but increasingly hard to find rib joint, it’s just not worth going to the ghettos anymore. I miss the music and girls that used to be in certain hoods, but things are sort of diseased in the US of late. Well there is the Dominican Republic, Brasil, Mozambique.. thankfully. Skip the US ghettos, nothing to see, move on folks. Life is too short to waste hanging out with dangerous, useless people with ugly soul and spirit. I blame the dems for their never ending, perpetually enraged, race baiting, blame gaming destruction of a huge section of society. I miss the black girls in the US, always loved them but there just aren’t many left in the ghetto, moslty a bunch of female loser thugs remain there. What a waste. Which is part of why my passport is maxed out – full of added pages by the way. Don’t despair, there is an airport nearby in every city and town in the US. Stay out of US ghettos and live to truly enjoy a much better world somewhere else, many somewhere elses in fact.

  531. Anonymous says:

    Comedian Chris Rock said it best, “If you’re on MLK Boulevard anywhere in this country, there’s some violence going down!”

  532. Michael Pigott says:

    Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace said.

    She must have never heard Chris Rock’s view on ALL Martin Luther King BLVDs.

    White people have dirt roads. Black people have MLK Aves/Blvds. Don’t like it. change the perception of it.

  533. Snitch-in-Time says:

    Some thoughts:

    1. If you don’t like the app, don’t use it.

    2. Wallace will not be “up in arms” because she opposes the Second Amendment and probably doesn’t have any arms to be “up in”.

    3. These Dallas City Fathers don’t like people arming themselves to defend themselves against crime yet they now tell us they don’t want people avoiding places that have high crime either. What do they want, everyone in a passive state of superior victimhood? What is it about utopian liberals that pushes them to declare helplessness to be the principle social virtue?

    Bottom line: Like most utopian liberals the Dallas NAACP and City Fathers seem more inclined to condemn the messanger (MS App) than deal with the real problem of preditory crime. If they won’t support enforcement of basic laws because of political correctness, if they won’t support people defending themselves because they hate guns, and they will not support people avoiding places that statistically show high crime, they have ceased to be part of the solution and have declared themselves to be part of the problem.

  534. Ellie Light says:

    finaly a APP I can use even though I allready have a Conceal Carry App ( 9mm of course ) only ones complaining are the NAACP figures

  535. BigMomma's House says:

    Why would anyone choose to put themself in the crossfire between ghetto rats who have no respect for human life? Let them thin their own herd with their drug-fueled violence right down to the last thug standing—-they’ve built their hell-holes and they can die in them—anyone with a brain will avoid becoming another statistic. In the meantime, they’ll continue blaming THE MAN while they pump each other full of lead. SSDD.

  536. sean patriot says:


  537. Criminals says:

    Why don’t you filthy animals stop spitting out babies with no fathers to raise them for a welfare check “payraise”? How about you raise human beings instead of criminals, rabid animals, and welfare leeches? How about you put down the crack pipe and stop robbing and kiliing. Ghettos should be fenced off and the inmates contained. Filthy race card tossing criminals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  538. BarrysHypocrisy says:

    Whose fault is it that MLK named streets are usually in the high crime areas of town and that those areas are predominantly populated by minorities?

    I’m sure the naacp will blame the white man, but MAYBE they need to look at the people who live in those areas and ask them to take just a little bit of personal responsibility for their actions and their surroundings.

  539. Joe says:

    This is a great ap! Who wants to drive into a high crime area if it can be avoided? It is not a black or white issue. The fact that the high crime areas are predominately black ought to be a concern of a different kind. Spend your time cleaning up the drugs, educating the people, and lifting up your culture and quit whinning because people want to avoid being mugged or killed.

  540. Whitey says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area?”

    My response: “..abso-Fuking-lutely!”

    1. Woodyblack says:

      I fail to see how this STOPS anyone from going there if they want to.

  541. Kth Rhodes says:

    If you like high crime, then by all means. Can I imagine not getting to MLK blvd. Uh, yes.

  542. gunslinger says:

    “I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace.

    As if these people are capable of anything else that would do something constructive in their community.

  543. tod watkins says:

    It’s not a stereotype if it’s statistically accurate.

  544. k345345345345 says:

    i have this on my GPS and it blocks high crime areas. Works great, It doesn’t even display the cities of Chicago or Clevland and the entire state of Michigan is missisng…….

  545. 1654american says:

    It’s interesting that blacks think that an app that uses high crime statistics will automatically point to black neighborhoods. Who’s stereotyping who?

  546. Woodyblack says:

    What is so stupid about the NAACP being “up in arms” over this, is that it in NO WAY keep peopkle from going to these neighborhoods. I just helps people AVOID these neighborhoods. I’m black and I don’t like in a black neighborhood, and avoid them. THANKS MICROSOFT!

  547. Bartender says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.
    Just because you want to go there doesnt mean that anyone else wants too.

  548. Marshall Law says:

    They will probably be HAPPIER with a “Where all the Rich White Folks Live” App.

  549. Joe says:

    Ok, this app is REALLY unfair and is also racist.

    If this is used by a majority of people the result will be to deprive the blacks in certain areas of the city thet right to earn money in their chosen profession.

  550. isukusa says:

    What a great idea! I recently stayed at a beautiful Homewood Suites in West Palm Beach Florida that must have been built next to “the hood.” It was primarily staffed by blacks who were deliberately indifferent to their customers. Worst stay at a hotel ever! I had better service at a Red Roof Inn! Homewood Suites refunded 75,000 points back to me after the complaints that I made. I would use this app to aviod this from happening again. Awesome! I was looking for an app like this! Thanks

  551. ThoughtRecon says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said. Juanita Wallace can make that ridiculous comment because she’s one of a few that would be safe to do so. That trip is a dance with death for a pretty white girl alone in a nice car. Cry, whine, call racism, whatever makes you feel better but it’s true.

  552. J W Majors Majors says:

    They should have signs around area: Danger.Area inhabited by wild animals and sub-humans.

  553. kile says:

    If they don’t want their neighborhood to be on the avoid list, they should stop raising their children to be criminals. Problem solved. I doubt it will happen though.

  554. leftist_standing says:

    So many inaccuracies by NAACP here its ridiculous. Trying to tie race to bad streets. They assume MLK blvd is tagged (pun intended), but its not. Also, Wallace mentions “Gerrymandering”. Thats how Edie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) kept her power and racist seat in congress for decades. Double standard, just like the NAACP is about equality for everyone. Right.

  555. Jack Brooks says:

    Who wouldn’t want to avoid a high crime area? And it has nothing to do with race. I live in a state which has an extremely low black population. That means that the great majority of violent crimes here are committed by Caucasians. There are sections of West Houston you don’t want to drive around at night, because of Chinese youth gangs. There are towns in the Appalachians, off I-75, that no black family in their right mind should go after dark.

    1. tonymo says:

      First of all Jack, blacks make up approximately 13% of the population, so they are are a small population overall. I doubt very much that Texas, especially Houston, have an “extremely low black population!”

      And that 13%, nationwide, accodrding to DOJ figures, commits 40% of all violent crime! And of course, the “Chinese” youth gangs are a “well known” problem in our country, as are the poor whites in Appalachia!

      Oh, and Jack, most of the victims of black criminals/thugs are BLACKS! You must be a recent graduate of our government schools!

  556. tonymo says:

    Of course the NAACP is up in arms about the I Phone app. They get a cut of all of the loot “collected” from lost drivers, and from the “chop shop” revenues!

  557. Richard Carpenter says:

    Everyone has the right to be RESPECTED.
    NO ONE has the right to be LIKED.
    If anyone wants to avoid me or my kind, no problem.

  558. Deejay Munkee says:

    I’m leaving nm – cause the ‘wanna be gangsta hoes’ told me via facebook ‘snitches need stiches’ (INTIMIDATION) I’VE Been run out of black neighborhoods in detroit for being white –
    ummm – who the hell would want to tolerate that – it’s racist – and she doesn’t seem to want to address the reality of THIS IS HOW IT IS – so maybe she should shut up and address how people are treated in GHETTOS by cops BY LOCALS – and then figure out why locals don’t get it… (I’ve traveled to 7 countries lived in four states and think Michigan and Detroit Rock – New Mexico has been over run by criminals and illegals – and is lost…

  559. Agent VX says:

    Maybe they’re complaining because it might reduce the number of potential victims that might otherwise inadvertently drive through the areas in question.

  560. calabash says:

    I wonder how the chick from the Naacp has ever walked in the dark in Liberty City Miami or MLK blvd in pompano beach or MLK Blvd in las Vegas. My guess is she would poop her pants wallking alone on one of these streets. Why would anyone want to be taken to these parts of town by the GPS in the car? They would not nor should they. Before you start trashing the program why don’t you clean up the trash in the areas where the GPS it avoiding.

  561. Bluec says:

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.

    That’s rich. It’s ok to see the museum, just don’t you dare look at the carjackers in the parking lot.

  562. Justin Case says:

    This racism claim they have has always been a golden egg. I for one will never understand why anyone would want to apologize for something they did not do to a people that nothing ever happened to. They will never fix their situation in life and so we will always have ghettos because they do not fix things themselves, the great white demon is suppose to fix it. I’m not sorry for the color of my skin nor your skin, you are not disadvantaged other than to say by your own will and mind.

  563. JR says:

    Wanting to avoid a high crime area isn’t ‘racist’, it’s an act of self preservation.
    No app makes a person do anything. Any app used is voluntary. Someone is free to use this app, just as someone is free not to use it, or to ignore its results. Unless the NAACP is arguing that our phones practice mind control?

    Their response is ridiculous, unless it’s an app that says ‘avoid where the african americans (or ethic minority of your choice) are. It apparently doesn’t. It bases it’s results on crime statistics.

    Now I don’t need an app to tell me anything. I don’t go into known high crime areas, and when traveling, before I even arrive, I figure out where they are and don’t go into those areas.

    If the NAACP is also saying ‘hey you might miss something cool’ by avoiding a particular area, then that is the consequence that I’m going to live with. They may be entirely right on that point, but that ultimately is one of the consequences of tolerating high crime areas in the first place. Most folks want to avoid being crime victims. Having a healthy sense of self preservation keeps one alive and intact to continue to live your life. That for many, trumps ‘cool’.

    Want to entice people into lower income areas for ‘cool events’? Make them safer. Want those people who live there have a better quality of life? Make them safer. How to make them safer? Stop tolerating the intolerable. High crime is not something that we as a society should tolerate in the first place.

    And that applies to dense ethnically diverse high crime urban neighborhoods, and non-dense, non ethnically diverse high crime rural areas. From crack houses to meth labs, I’m going to avoid either of them. And that has nothing to do with race and everything to do with not being a total moron. I could give a damn what a crimnal’s ethnic background is, I care whether or not he/she is going to try to make me a target. And that is the bottomline.

  564. ROWDY BOOTS says:




  565. Jay says:

    Whenever you hear the NAACP complaining about discrimination, you know that someone somewhere must be doing something right.

  566. Craven says:

    Play this while reading..

    1. ROWDY BOOTS says:


      But Blacks have a Constitutional Right to use that word, but other people who use it don’t have Constitutional Rights.



  567. rufus levin says:



  568. ROWDY BOOTS says:





    Political and Social Favritism!

    have a nice day, be careful

  569. ben says:

    I live in Tucson and blacks are moving in faster than illegals. Crime has gone up. Many Blacks have the audicity of arrogance more then the audicity of hope. They can move into any neighborhood but try and move into a black neighborhood if you aren’t black. I am scared and I am native american and we have our own issues. Most races other then white don’t like blacks. But occassionally you can find an outstanding person but then they have to leave black town because they will be hated for not being black enough. The women are mostly breeders for welfare checks. It is a game on how many women a black man can impregnate. If you are a white man do not get near a black woman with 5 kids thinking you will be rescuing her from hardship. She’ll have your kid and sue you for $ and the courts will suport the poor minority woman. I don’t shop on certain sides of town now because so many black boys with bikes and backpacks hang out in the parking lots staring at us shoppers like coyotes watching chickens.

  570. laffin'atcha says:

    What I find DISTURBING is the head of the NAACP is so BLATANTLY racist in the assumption that only blacks live in high crime areas. I thought the NAACP had advancement in the name somewhere. What about high crime areas in Fargo ND, where the total number of blacks could ride with Rosa Parks on the bus.

  571. rufus levin says:

  572. Trunk1000 says:

    People are missing the funniest thing:

    The app trys to avoid “high crime” areas. That’s it. Crime statistics. Pure numbers.

    So the minority group protesters are basically admitting they are the source of the crime.

    1. Brad says:


  573. Caligal says:

    P.C. ahead of our own safety. I loose respect immediately for someone who is more concerned with their P.C. agenda than worrying about the safety of me or my children. I love the app.. God forbid it saves me from breaking down in a dangerous neighborhood.

  574. bob says:

    LOL…when I go on vacation I want to put myself and family in danger and visit the GHETTO….Sounds like a plan! I will get this app as soon as is released.

  575. Ryk says:

    I am outraged. Imagine it’s 10 PM, and your in a city you have never been in, your completely out of Crack Cocaine, you only have one resort, find that citys’ “MLK Blvd”. and your phone doesn’t want to lead you there. Now what?

  576. denver bill says:

    This app uses crime statistics that are public record, which poses what I believe to be an interesting question: Can something be true and also be racist?

  577. Drdarby says:

    The NAACP proves they are actually colored Pollacks

  578. SJM says:

    First of all, just how is warning people that the area they are going through is a high crime area going to “Prevent you from getting to MLK Blvd”. are you somehow magically controlled by your phone?
    Second, 2 years ago I was renting a car in L.A. The GPS system in the rental had all the local ghettos and high crime areas marked as areas to avoid. This is nothing new.

  579. Nutzn Vise says:

    Avoiding the Obama supporter neighborhoods is fine but … I’d be willing to pay just for the AVOID MLK DRIVE part of the app. Do they sell that separately?

  580. amplitude jones says:

    forget the app! PUT SIGNS ON THE HIGHWAY! “warning: welfare ghetto rat infested brainless drug addicted parasite zone! do Not turn left unless you intend to go there!”

  581. Andrew Mustapich says:

    A while back I flew into New york and rented a car to go upstate. I made a wrong turn off the parkway and ended in the Bronx. Trying to find my way back to the parkway I ended in in a bad part oh Harlem. . Some teenagers started to pound on my windshield and my window. The were yelling threats and was feared for my life.
    I wish I had an APP that would have kept me out of that war zone

    1. Lou Bator says:

      So, where were you, in the Bronx or Harlem? Two different places, two different sides of the river. Methinks you’re making your little story up.

  582. E.L. Blanco says:

    Since when did the Ghetto strictly refer to the black community? Originally ghettos were where the Jews were forced to live in Venice, Italy. I tbelieve the term Ghetto was used to describe ANY location that had lots of crime and very little money. Now, if the app was called “Avoid da hood” then I could understand how the blacks would get upset.

  583. Cranky ole yankee says:

    Can I envision not being able to find MLK Blvd? I’d love to, but since there’s an MLK Blvd, street, lane or SOMETHING every other block in every city, I hardly doubt I’ll ever be able to…..

  584. Virginia says:

    I am in complete agreement with this feature on GPS’. I live in the DFW area, and when I first moved here, was informed by an Hispanic woman not to go into specific areas because even driving through them, if I were to get stopped at a traffic light, I would be shot on the spot just for being white. It’s not racism to want to be safe. What these people complaining in this article are failing to mention is the problem down here with gangs and the Cartel. MS13, Bloods, Crypts, and all the others are rampant in areas of Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Dallas. The gangs go to police officers’ homes and assassinate entire families, not just the normal drive-by’s. They own entire parts of these cities, getting paid to “protect” businesses in these neighborhoods, and anyone that is in co-hoots with these people are made to do any form, including killing in the name of remaining “protected” from fellow gangs. It is very dangerous in these areas, and know people of African American and Hispanic descent who will not drive through these areas because it is too dangerous. This isn’t a race thing, it’s survival. Liberals need to stop making everything about race and start looking at reality, in this case, a human-beings life and safety.

  585. MWR says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” (Wallace) said.

    That’s absolutely ridiculous. No one is saying yoU CAN’T go to a high crime area just because your GPS tells you it’s dangerous. What an idiotic and irrelevant comment.

  586. Cody Wilson says:

    Hahaha, apparently these guys didn’t like the NAACP’s attitude about this either…

  587. JerzeyBoy says:

    How about an option to avoid liberal cities.

  588. isnrblog says:

    Shouldn’t the NAACP be far more concerned with the fact that the areas where blacks live are excessively violent? As “Leaders in the Black Community” shouldn’t then general conduct of the black community be more of a priority? What are they doing about it, other than blaming “the man” and “phantom racism”.

    Notice the NAACP did not dent black areas are more violent. Every kid knows that from Kindergarten.

    Also, it’s funny that the ap is not even out yet and Blacks assume its about areas they live in. They know where the violent areas are. You’ re just not supposed to tell anyone.

  589. Jason Tyler says:

    I love my GPS because it lets me avoid the anarchy mongering negros in the ghettos

  590. jfhdsiu says:

    The NAACP being upset about this shows that they, themselves, believe that it MUST be about blacks and not some other ethnic group, even if no race, creed or color is mentioned, (if that is the case. We don’t know from the article). Apparently the app only mentions “high Crime” areas and ghettos. By making it about blacks, the NAACP is tacitly claiming that it IS blacks who are causing the area to BE a “high crime” areas. that’s not very bright. Says something unintended doesn’t it?

    In addition, it gives the impression that the NAACP wants to supply victims for those perpetrating the crimes. (Locate foot…..Aim….. Squeeze)!

  591. Bater says:

    NAACP – Now They’re Actually Called People

  592. IndyMason says:

    Truth Hurts….

    ‘If a friend calls you on the telephone and says they’re lost on Martin Luther King Boulevard and they want to know what they should do, the best response is ‘Run!’

    – Chris Rock

  593. Darla says:

    It should be called the “Avoid the Groid” app. Was at the Shell station at Jupiter and 635 yesterday. Really not a safe place to be. Pavement ape came up out of nowhere, made eye contact and I had to do into full defensive stance. And sort of like a wild or stray pit bull, it knew to leave me alone. But it did try to sneak behind me. It would have been covered with a gallon or so of gasoline if it had tried anything. Something will eventually have to be done about this menace. I wish all the tv commercials would stop trying to make it like the’re the group leaders are best friends of white ppl. It gives a really false impression of what these feral beasts really are, which is wild animals. I can’t imagine what white women have to deal with.

    1. BHirsh says:

      “Avoid the Groid”



  594. B DA Truth says:

    Since Obama I sense a new day in America where finally White people are allowed to adress their concerns about the Black community.
    It shouldn’t be done however in meaness or spite but in the sincere hope the Black Community will police themselves more and realize just how lucky they are to be Americans.
    That we might all be eqauls and share the burdens and benefits of being Americans togeaher and united.

    1. SlapSmack says:

      That’s never going to happen. Nice fantasy though. Look at Haiti and Africa and all the problems they cause worldwide. People will eventually come to their senses, since it seems their “sense” of survival is dormant. Until then, this app is just one small thing we can do to protect our loved ones from the black community, which is primarily just a collection of dangerous zoo animals who should be caged.

  595. moreco2 says:

    Bet they adjust the programmings to exclude all MLK Blvds from their warnings. This is a perfect example of how PC can get you killed.

  596. Wise One says:

    Any help from any source in avoiding these areas can save lives and limbs. That’s how violent these ghetto thugs are. Check out Killadelphia crime stats. The only problem is that they infest most of Killadelphia, so it’s not safe to trravel alone, unarmed in any section of that once great city.

  597. hhh says:

    got mine and will use it a lot,,thanks for the info cbs..

  598. Citizen says:

    I guess the NAACP leader in Dallas would have to have some people chase after her car after they got a look at the color of her skin in the middle of the night to understand why a tool like this might be useful to turn on.

    The fact that I can’t go into some neighborhoods without someone threatening because of the color of my skin… NOW THAT is racist!!

  599. Socrates says:

    The headline should read “NAACP Aims to Endanger White People”

  600. Dave says:

    NOw lest calm down and discuss this on neutral ground…how abou Jaurez, Mexico? Oh wait, we can’t do that because the State Deprartment says it isn’t safe to go there! Wait, I get it! Hillary must hate Mexicans!

  601. Protect Yourself says:

    I would love an App that would keep me and my family out of crime ridden areas. If you are offended by the App suggesting that you not go there, then YOU need to clean up the neighborhood. Maybe Sharrie Williams needs an App that keeps her out of the Rich neighborhoods, because they might put her to work.

  602. Bob says:

    As soon as it’s available, I’m getting it. Damn Straight! My safety trumphs someone being offended anyday. But one doesn’t need the app to know what parts of one’s own town to avoid…it’s needed for towns you don’t live in. It’s to avoid, “gee, if i take my prestine mini-van thru south central LA as a short cut to Disneyland, the girl scout troop would have more fun time…” stupid decisions.

  603. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Only Good Citizens can make a Safe Neighborhood, until then,

    you can still travel to MLK Blvd, just at your own, naive risk.

  604. Get Real says:

    Who said they are talking about the black neighborhoods, maybe it’s avoiding the nasty Italians (I’m one)..

  605. Ernest says:

    Who knew that wanting to be safe was ‘racist’?

  606. Dan Meyers says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd?” YES, I can imagine it. I stay away from poor neighborhoods because I don’t want to get killed or ‘jacked. Thank you Microsoft for this service!!!! I am doubling my stock position in your fine company.

  607. James Cobert says:

    Damn jigs are always screaming racism. If this app will help prevent my daughter or son from ending up in harms way then you bet I’ll buy it.

    I’m curious what that app does in a ghetto like Detroit? Probably says “Get Out” and pops up the shortest route to the interstate.

  608. Andy Richards says:


  609. Tony says:

    So instead of using tools to idenitify high crime areas, we’re supposed to bury our heads in the sand in the name of social justice?

  610. Crashlander says:

    Seems to me that the App just presents the facts available in the public record in a manner convienent for the user to assimilate for making decisions re their own personal saftey. Nothing racist about that. What is racist is the assumption that this will be redlining black communities.

  611. HPS says:

    As someone who travels on vacation to American cities I will tell you that I would use the app .. IF you have a HIGH CRIME rate in a certain area I WANT TO KNOW for my safety.. In my area I KNOW what area’s to stay out of and do.. therefore it would only make sense I stay out of HIGH CRIME area’s in OTHER cities also.. HOW about this.. if YOUR AREA IS ON THE LIST.. CLEAN IT UP..

  612. Tony says:

    It’s impractical. It would impossible to find a path through Detroit or D.C.

  613. NAAWP says:

    Why quote only black racists?

    White racists want equal time…

  614. Bill in Tennessee says:

    As a matter of fact, I CAN imagine not being able to go to MLK Boulevard… half the shootings and drive-bys happen on MLK Boulevard, why is that so hard to understand?

  615. Dafresh Prints says:

    You created your diversity, now sleep in it.

    Yo, smell ya later Holmes

  616. truther says:

    of course its discriminatory, because blacks commit most of the crimes statistics show no statistics PROVE that. its sad but instead of getting mad they should fix the problem. but no they whine about us trying to protect ourselves LOL.

  617. Ken Adams says:

    How many times have you heard stories about someone from out of town accidentally taking a ‘wrong’ exit and becoming a victim or a corpse? Heck yeah, I want this feature. i don’t know the ‘high crime’ areas in a lot of cities so I applaud a service that can steer me, my wife, my kids, etc out of harms way. I’m sure they won’t call it ‘avoid ghetto’ that was just a marketing slogan to get groups like the NAACP up in arms so they got some free advertising for the product.

  618. asdf says:

    im from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, which is increasingly becoming gentrified due to our low crime, and lack of hard drug/alcohol abuse. Heroin and meth are present in their own communities. we dont want you here either, if the app keeps you out, I’ll pay for 10 of em

  619. Count Yob says:

    Would the critics be satisfied if Microsoft deveoped a ‘Ghetto Adventure’ App that would direct people to all the places the other App would have them avoid? There’d have to be a lot of legalese that Microsoft is not responsible for the results.

  620. Timothy says:

    It’s not like I’m not going to drive around it anyway, don’t need a carjacking thank you concerned NAACP leadership.

  621. Calypso says:

    Since when is the NAACP not “up in arms” about something?

    They are a national organization for the offended extremists.

    Sounds like a very useful ap to me!

  622. Count Yob says:

    It sounds like a pretty useful app, especially if you’re visiting a city you don’t know well and want to get from the airport to your destination without getting mugged, carjacked, assaulted or killed.

  623. artvet2 says:

    Iran is a cultural mecca, even though it might be considered a bit dangerous. But, to show we aren’t racist, let’s take our next vacation there!

  624. iamdan says:

    They just need to make a setup change to the program to ask if the user is a LIBERAL or a LAW ABIDING CONSERVATIVE. Then the AP could tell the LAW ABIDING CONSERVATIVE to avoid a Ghetto but route the LIBERAL to the Urban Tourist Areas.

  625. eric says:

    I’m sorry but It’s not stereotyping if there is a correlation between crime in an area and a majority race that resides there. High crime + 85% residence by a particular race = statistically significant.

  626. Tim says:

    In Dallas it is the area surrounding the fairgrounds that is pretty dangerous. Harry Hines Blvd, S. Dallas, okay the whole city is dangerous. Mr John W. Price helped make it that way.

  627. stopthe says:

    Facts are friendly, people. If it’s a crime statistics fact, that’s a fact I’d like to have access to.

    Criticisms of this app are just more “identify politics” from the same old people that have been promoting racism and bourgeois nationalism since the 60s. Too bad we’re all too sophisticated now to buy into your tripe.

  628. John Sheridan says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? ……..” is completely wrong. You can still go there, it only reminds you to go there well armed. Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  629. rockerdon says:

    I cant think of a single reason I would want/need to be on MLK Blvd……

  630. paul says:

    Of course the NAACP is bothered by it, it just shows how ghettos have not been reduced 1 iota since the naacp formed. Isn’t the 3rd a supposed to stand for advancement??. This app just proves that the naacp hasn’t done its job at all

  631. Reality Check says:

    Maybe I missed something here. Since when is “high crime area” the same thing as “avoiding black areas?” The app doesn’t know race, it just knows crime statistics. So what are all these black “leaders” saying when they whine about the app? That they admit that high crime areas are black?

    Anyone who has actually been routed through a bad neighborhood in a city they’re not familiar with knows that a bad part of town can be a host of different races (black, Latino, etc.). But no, black so-called “leadership” has to wet their beds over this and claim it’s racist. HOW ABOUT CLEANING OUT YOUR CITIES YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, it’s just a helluva lot easier to whine about an app than nut up, grow some nut hair, and actually ADDRESS black urban violence.

    1. KeepinitReal says:

      You are demonstrating abstract thought. Blacks are incapable of it. So you’re message to them falls on completely deaf ears.

  632. Gene WasHere says:

    Only a race baiter has an issue with this app. The app may keep your kids from being killed but let’s not use it because it has facts that some people are scared to look at. Where I come from that’s called denial. Don’t hate the PLAYA hate the GAME.

  633. Gary-bg says:

    This is what happens when you rely on today’s technology to run your lives.Years ago I worked at a gas station and if someone asked for directions I would inform them that this or that area was not a good choice to drive through.Told them this route is a few miles longer but much safer/more open, better lit etc… …nothing new here.Anybody who lives in any city already knows what areas to avoid this is just a service provided for travelers and I do not see any problem with it.There are areas I grew up in in my hometown I would not want to drive through in a police car simply fact of life get over it.

  634. Jack says:

    Will it include Capitol Hill?

    1. Clark Isaacs says:

      When I lived in DC the baseball statium was off limits for the miliary and so was the area around it. It is a crime ridden city without a doubt!!!

  635. States65 says:

    Ultimately, the App is probably stupid. For most people, your eyes do a good enough job of telling you when you are entering a high crime area. However, it is not discriminatory to sell a product to people who are worried about these things. By claiming it is discriminatory, you are admitting the obvious, that many high-minority areas are also extremely high-crime areas.

    If you want to change the image, change the community, don’t try to construct an illusion.

    That said, I still think this App shows that Microsoft has completely lost touch with things that people actually want or need anymore.

  636. weeone says:

    how about the NAACP & the rest of the “concerned” citizens get real about the total disintegration of the black communities morals, ethics and family; under their promotion of the government plantation system.

    1. evefromeden says:

      The blacks feel more empowered with their hate because of the Obamas. But still, I cant wait to see the cute little blonde Obama has. This will come out later.

  637. Clark Isaacs says:

    Police departments need to do a better job of enforcement and clean up the bad areas. The UCMJ has the military listing OFF LIMIT areas in major cities of the US because they are not safe. Our troops come back from war and are told that in areas around the bases that certain businesses are not to be visited and have penalties for that. What makes it safer for the people who live there? The clubs, bars, and street thugs make it unsafe to the point where oujr troops cannot go there and then it is OK for the NAACP to say it is discrimination? Why not protest to the military and say that all the places they list are wrong? They won’t because they know it is not wrong to safeguard our troops furing R & R.

  638. John says:

    Crime is crime. I find it funny that the NAACP has stereotyped blacks themselves as being criminal by even involving themselves in this. Stupid is as stupid does.

  639. Bob A says:

    The word is coming out. Blacks are anti-white racists and very violent. Crackers are not welcome in the hood. Time to cut off their welfare!

  640. evefromeden says:

    I am grateful for that information. As a traveler and as a woman who is not black, you do not want to even be near MLK. Because you could die.

  641. Ranger01 says:

    So why does’nt the NAACP PAY FOR a bunch of Black and White cops to clean up the area so that MLK blvd is safe, instead of HOARDING money and running off at the mouth. Do something positive for a change.

  642. solomon says:

    Check out the web site “SBPDL” The push back has begaun.

  643. J Quentin Evermann says:

    Wow, the NAACP hears “high crime” and assumes it means “Black.” Um…wait, who’s racist?

  644. stace says:

    SE DC, Newrk, Camden, most of Philly, Bronx, most of Detroit, South Central LA, Gary, IN; southside Chitown, most of Richmond, VA; most of New Orleans; Flint, MI; off the inner Harbor Baltimore; near Hobby airport Houston; thats a good start on major places to avoid…

  645. Ray Gunner says:

    Sometimes, the truth simply hurts…..HOWEVER, if it hurts the wrong race of people, then it must certainly NOT be the truth. Most black politicians and celebrities live by this rule.

  646. Alphonsus says:

    I’d love such an app. This is because I never want to go to any ghetto.

  647. charlie says:

    ot forget that even if you consider stereotypes distasteful or to be avoided, they are TRUE! if they are not true they are a LIE!

  648. Nam Marine says:

    The only people who should go into the Ghetto are those that live there!

  649. Bill says:

    This would further the decline of the area and effect business and jobs. Would people stop going the Elvis Presley’s place in Memphis.

  650. BHirsh says:

    When my wife and I first moved to Miami, we headed over SR836 to the downtown area to check the place out. We were in a T-roof Camaro, with the tops out. (well, it WAS South Florida, doncha know). This was before the CCW law was signed by Bob Martinez in 1987, but you could still carry a pistol w/o a permit in your glove compartment as long as it was snapped in a holster and required 3 moves to bring it into action. We got off at the wrong exit and ended up in Overtown. There were guys standing around on the corners, amid lots with the rubble of demo’d buildings still there, drinking booze concealed in brown bags. At the first stoplight, I pulled my Walther out of the console and placed it on the seat between my legs, ready to pop any of them who might approach our car. As soon as the light changed, we bee-lined for the next on ramp and got the hell out of there. It was a very nervous time, indeed. If this app precludes that kind of thing, nobody should care which ghetto advocate wheedles and whines. Reality is what it is.

  651. wes says:

    isn’t it racist of the NAACP to assume that high crime neighborhoods are black? What about all the trailer park white trash, asians and latinos in these neighborhoods? Surely they are offended too. The NAACP should be giving this app to the local police so they can’t harrass the ghetto people.

  652. ralph martin says:

    I think its awesome that the NAACP gets insulted by an app that takes crime statistics and helps people avoid high crime areas and they just naturally assume that those will be “black” areas. Who is the REAL racist Juanita?

  653. anonymous says:

    So crime statistics are racists now? How did data become racist? This is getting ridiculous. If the NAACP is so dang worried about identifying high crime areas, why don’t they get out there and educate their people so that crime is not even an option? I guess that would cut into their “White man trying to keep us down” meme.

  654. jfhdsiu says:

    From the general gist of the posts, it’ seems that the NAACP is secretly working FOR Macrohard, errrr, I mean Microsoft. Before this article, how many people knew about this app.? After this article, so many people now know about it that the NAACP, (whether intentional or not), has actually promoted the app as a very FAVORABLE thing. It’s a self defeating strategy. But seriously, WHAT can one expect from that quarter?

  655. Ga'tor says:

    Truth hurts.

  656. Neal says:

    Are they mad that these are bad areas for a out of towner to wonder into accidently or are they afraid that people won’t go in by mistake and be injured. Either way they should probably be more concerned with the fact that it is a dangerous area. Descrimination isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If MLK Blvd falls into the avoid area on the map because of facts and not race then what is the problem. We all descriminate from things that are dangerous and those that are not. I have no problem being around a cat but if the cat is a Bengal tiger then I will descriminate. If what they are doing is off of facts only then there should be areas to be avoided, that will have a prodominance of all races as you go to different areas of the country. If it is truly of off facts then they are anger at someone for pointing it out. Perhaps they should put their energies into helping fix these areas instead of providing people with an justification for their failures.

  657. Ed Taylor says:

    I do not have an app, but I do warn visitors to DC to avoid the high crime area of southeast DC at all costs.

  658. John Malverne says:

    Why do minorities automatically assume that their neighborhoods are crime ridden ghettos that will be targeted by the software?


  659. cluelessinky says:

    Does anyone notice the irony when Ms. Wallace says ” she’ll be up in arms if this app is allowed? ” Another reason not to go to any street named MLK – who else will be up in arms?

  660. astralweeks says:

    Well dang, there’s nothing in the app that says it’s based on racial divides, just on high crime neighborhoods, I guess the NAACP thinks that all high crime areas are black. That’s self-loathing, isn’t it?

  661. George Marchand says:

    I don’t know or care if white black brown red, white, green or purple people live in inner Manchester, NH., but I would thank God if I were a stranger and some application could advise me to stay clear of it at night.

  662. Leonard Washington says:

    If the looted Air Jordan fits…

  663. Da Troof says:

    How proud the NAACP must be knowing they represent the ONLY species of animal on the planet who cannot feed themselves. Grow a flippi’n turnip for god sakes and stop worrying about white people’s inventions.

  664. Mike M says:

    I guess that I was just ignorant and didn’t know that the phrase ‘high crime area is really some sort of ~code speak~ for “black neighborhood”. I suppose the NAACP is prepared to point out the ‘race selection’ menu in the app.

    The black on black murder rate is the highest rate per capita in the country. Who is to blame for that NAACP? White people? The republican party? Go look in a mirror.

  665. JonDoe says:

    “It’s discrimination, I tell you! Our neighborhood should have an equal opportunity to subject tourists to violent crime as any other neighborhood!”

  666. Who is John Galt says:

    Hey Microsoft, you get this AP working I will buy it….toot quick !

  667. Proud American says:

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.REALLY!!! Like what drinking on the corner, robing people, smoking a blunt????? I HAVE AN ANTI CRIME APP It’s called exercising my second amendment!

  668. WV says:

    There is literally nothing that can be said that these lunatics cant turn into some race argument. The truth is the racial problems that do exist are caused by these same people. They are the same ones who want race, religion, and nationality listed on any application or form. Why do those matter? I’ll tell why because if people are hired by their merits alone then they wouldn’t have any statistical data to point out descrimination. They only give people who dont even try to succeed an excuse for their failures. The sad part is, is that they don’t care about these people, if the did the would want to teach them to fish rather than give them a fish every first of the month. That applies to all races. If you keep enough people depend upon the gov then it gives the gov more power, which is always the main goal of gov, since the beginniing of civilization.

    1. Giggity says:

      Is that what happened to Haiti and Africa and everywhere else the blacks live? How many times do you teach them to fish before coming to the conclusion that they are simply too stupid to fish? Like a dumb animal, they can only be trained so far and then you have to accept that they have diminished mental capacity somewhat like a dog. They are an absolutely violent species and nothing on earth can modify that. Tell you what. Go down to MLK with your fishing pole and set up training. Let me know how that works out for ya.

  669. Get a Life says:

    I’m confused… The app avoids areas based upon crime rate. Why are the blacks so upset ? If it is a high crime white area, it will be avoided as well. Oh.. that’s right, there is no such thing.

  670. Bob Billings says:

    Black civil rights people keep black people down more than anyone else in American, well, AND the Democrat Party. As long as black people are hurting, the NAACP and the Democrat Party have people who need them. SICK!

  671. Don says:

    If the app can have you avoid getting shot or robbed why not.

  672. Jacqueline West says:

    In the words of comedian Chris Rock, ” If you ever find yourself on a street named MLK, get the F out of there”

    1. Gerry says:

      See! Even Chris Rock admits the biggest criminal losers hang out on ANY MLK Boulevard! Chris knows his way in and out of these fuc$ed up areas, I watched his comedy routines and TV shows. He is one street-smart guy.

  673. obamasux says:

    Maybe we should rename all of the MLK Blvds Wall Street. That should change the prevalent culture and fool whities

  674. rc33 says:

    LOL @ “gonna be up in arms…”
    Knock yourself out.

  675. Denise Ross Cranford says:

    Where do I buy this app? want to be the first! People get their panties all in a wad over the dumbest things!

  676. Mark D says:

    Sort of odd that she knew MLK blvd was a high crime area. The App isnt even out yet. Seems like the NAACP can very easily imagine it

  677. Rick O'Shea says:

    So now personal safety is a racial issue. Is there an app to avoid Al Sharpton?

    1. Gerry says:

      I wish!!

  678. David says:

    So the NAACP wants to lure innocent people into high crime neighborhoods as long as those neighborhoods are occupied by black people? I wonder how they would feel about an app that warns people to stay out of remote areas occupied by skinheads or the Klan?

  679. Knucklehead says:

    I call my garmin the ghettonav system. Every time it stops working Im on a MLK blvd somewhere.

  680. Gerry says:

    The NAACP and its supporters are some of the biggest racists in the country. The Anti-Crime-Neighborhood App (AKA the Anti-Ghetto-App, AKA the Anti-N-word-App) is practical for anyone not familiar with high-crime neighborhoods and wants to avoid them. This is a matter of common sense, reality, and free speech. Any attempt to interfere with this type of anti-crime app is despicable.

  681. Teacookies says:

    Hey Juanita, don’t get your underwear bunched up. It’s an app that cautions that you are close to a dangerous crime area. It doesn’t say you CAN’T go there. If you want to go there….feel free! By the way since when is the word ghetto exclusively African American?

  682. ChokkaKon says:

    Good app to avoid the rape apes.

  683. Bob T Guy says:

    NAACP… What a hoot! The most effective promoter of racism in the Western Hemisphere is accusing an app that provides safety to unknowing folks of racism.

  684. David says:

    If I understand correctly, the NAACP would then prefer that innocent people not be informed of high crime neighborhoods where they can be easily victimized as long as those neighborhoods are black? Would they be equally outraged about an app that informs people of neighborhoods or streets inhabited by skinheads or the Klan?

  685. John C says:

    From a statistical perspective, ghettos are typically high crime areas often related to poverty but independent of race.

  686. MHRobson says:

    As per Chris Rock’s advice, I always avoid MLK boulevard in any city. Is that racist, or just plain street smarts? You decide.

  687. Willard says:

    The App simply informs about crime in a location. Period. What one does with that information is one’s own business. To take racial offense for the App’s very existence is to admit your own racism. “Taste is discriminating, the dish is not.”

  688. Charlie says:

    Well, an elderly Vietnam War Veteran could have used the app last night in Philadelphia when four teen homeboys beat the pulp out of him, just for kicks.

  689. Tiffany says:

    This is a great application for any female not interested in having her lady parts violated by an AIDS stick and then left for dead.

  690. Frank says:

    No matter what city I am driving in, if I find myself on a street named MLK it means, “Lock the car doors!”

  691. 2012_Voter says:

    Sorry NAA Colored Persons but I don’t want to get shot just because you want to push your politically correct agenda. Maybe instead of getting outraged that such an app exists, you should be outraged at the disproportionately high crime rate in black communities.

  692. Earl P. Holt III says:

    A simple application of a principle understood by everyone possessing a three-digit I.Q, which excludes all NAACP members, past or present…

  693. John Galt says:

    A person only has one life, and there are parts of all large cities that are dangerous, and if they happen to be largely minority, too bad. They fell insulted, they can get over it. A person gets killed or a woman gets raped by taking a wrong turn, they won’t get over it. I was recently driving through a large city in the south and was warned by my passenger who lives there, “See that exit? NEVER get off at that exit. Tourists who made the mistake of getting off their didn’t end up too well.” I didn’t have an app, I had a live person, should he be chastised for steering me away from a dangerous (and in this case) minority neighborhood? Don’t think so.

  694. mimo says:

    Who needs an app for that? All you have to do is look out your window at the stoplight and see if theres a guy selling roses. Also good indicators are discount liquor stores, hotels with hourly rates, vacant shopping centers, graffiti, low telephone/power cables with shoes hanging off of them, and much much more. Just use your brain. Everyone can tell what a sketchy part of town looks like. I don’t need an app to tell me not to go on Harry Hines and 35, I already know!

  695. CL says:

    Well, if every single GPS didn’t take you through war zones in the cities, th is app wouldn’t be necessary

  696. vince says:

    Chris Rock said it best….”if you find yourself on any MLK boulevard …. RUN!!!!” for some reason, MLK blvds seem to be the most violent streets in the community.

  697. I love whitey says:

    Face it people. It is just soemthing else for the blacks to cry about. They want to play the race card to hind behind the fact that the high crime areas are mostly Black. The Black behavior speaks for its self. I work for a Black church. Sad thing is that we have to lock all of the doors.Why, because members of our church steal from the church. What does that tell you about the Black race….. NAPA (North American Pavement Apes) at their best.

    1. vince says:

      Well we all have a cross to bear. Blacks steal funds from their own churchs and white catholics steal the innocence of their children…. See, in the end were all even.

      1. SkippyDoo says:

        Hardly even. Not by a country mile. Are the gay priests slicing throats and dismembering bodies? Plus, you have choice to send your kid under the hand of a gay priest. Stupid comparison.

    2. LaughinghardinTX says:

      So with your illogical conclusion one would assume crime doesn’t occur in white churches? You are ignorant and it is apparent. In fact it happens with technological assistance like wire fraud in the white churches. lol

  698. Dr. Oh says:

    Why? Perhaps the members of the NAACP should view the current video out of Philadelphia where a group of minorities (6) brutally attacked a Vietnam vet and almost took his life. Why indeed!?

  699. gpbirge says:

    I would ike all the help I could get to stay away from any MLK event crime and other natural occurances in colored town.

  700. Tom in NY says:

    Hey, there’s nothing in this app preventing Juanita from going to MLK Blvd if that’s where she wants to go. The GPS won’t take control of her car and steer her away from it while locking her in. It’s just plotting a route, at the driver’s request, that avoids high crime areas. If she doesn’t like it, she should work on reducing crime in that area.

    But, of course, whining and crying racism is easier and gets more press than solving the root problem.

  701. Jabaul Ja-Baul says:

    Mebe if us negroids wasnt so dam getto we wuld have sumpin to wine about. But weez all livin in da gettos, so wat da big deel is?

  702. Gary Johnson says:

    Do we really need an app to get out azz kicked…?

  703. David says:

    Why does the NAACP consider this to be news? Haven’t we white folks all been branded racists already? Certainly if you are Republican, or, God Forbid!, Tea Party, you are by definition a racist. If you watch FoxNews you are racist. Don’t support any of Obama’s ideas, you are a racist. So how is this any different? Deal with it folks, I for one am not interested in listening to your incessant whining about the state of race in America. It’s boring already. The app at least is humorous.

  704. JeannieD says:

    People might be given a tool that helps them make an informed decision based on facts and staistics – we’d better get Al and Jesse involved and stop this outrage!

  705. LaLexus Shenitquirer' LaSheekwa says:

    Dees hyaw white fokes beez trippin.

  706. Il Bui says:

    “I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace.

    Obviously a raging lunatic.

  707. RJ says:

    This isn’t racism. It’s statistics. If the statistics say an area is high-crime, the app doesn’t know or care what population lives there.

  708. crackerbaby says:

    Professional victims. This is just something else for them to complain about. I’m going to develop an app for cabbies that monitors Danny Glover’s whereabouts.

  709. dam says:

    “Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd”

    I can’t imagine anyone wanting to go to MLK Blvd.

  710. Eric says:

    Typical NAACP. Blame whitey. Maybe you should spend more time trying to figure out why ghettos SHOULD be avoided.

  711. Sterling Headset says:

    This is an outrage. Im tired of this type of rasual prospecting by the the city department of planology and morever so by the internet design companys. If a brother gots gold teef and a watch, who said he didnt buy it with hard won earnings?? White people gots crimje, Hell the white peoples builot the jails and made the laws.

    Oh Lord… help me Jesus!!

  712. Be Happy People says:

    — “It’s almost like gerrymandering,” she said. “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.” —

    ?? Wallace has no idea what she is saying. Gerrymandering a political practice used to contain unwanted votes into one district. It’s an unfair practice but has nothing to do with discrimination. I think someone just wanted to use a big word.

    “for sure and without a doubt” — redundant

    As the President of the NAACP, Juanita Wallace is implying that she believes this app would discriminate against blacks. Wait — did the President of the NAACP just make a connection between ‘high crime’ and black neighborhoods. That’s funny, she uses her own racist assumptions to call others racists.

    The purpose of the kind of device Microsoft has filed to patent is to help users avoid high crime neighborhoods. Avoiding crime CANNOT be a bad thing. The areas the device tells you to avoid will be areas that are statistically high in crime.

    Opponents say this device ‘labels’, ‘discriminates against’, and ‘is harmful to minorities. They are being racist by assuming that minorities are criminals.

    I’m tired of typing. Everybody should just love each other, hug each other, and value each other. But that will never happen. Oh well, might as well waste my time writing a comment no-one cares about…

    Lots of happy love and hugs,


  713. Sterling Headset says:

    If you suck the feet out of a bazooka, you still can’t steal a penny from a b*tch.

  714. Brian says:

    Negroes Are Actually Colored Pollocks

  715. Shepherd says:

    Probably the best way to end racism in America is to create an app to help people avoid the NAACP.

  716. Karl says:

    There is a simple way to help solve the problem: make the unsafe areas safe.
    I see nothing that is discriminatory other than staying away from thugs, thieves, muggers, etc.

    NACCP: get a life.

  717. J Bo says:

    I dare you to GOOGLE ‘State Department Travel Warnings”. I dare you to, go ahead and GOOGLE it. The first thing that shows up is Mexico and the Philippines. Are they a little racist or are they looking out for peoples safety. We will never get over racism until the racists quit seeing racism in everything people say and do. I am to the point that I am ready to just ignore any and all comments in reference to racism and declare that if you think it is racism, I wear it with a badge of honor because that is what I think and that is what I believe. Racism was the farthest thing from my mind. There are some neighborhoods in some large cities that you can be shot just for being there and wearing the wrong color shirt, hat or bandana etc. Law enforcement turns their head the other way.

  718. Publius 2012 says:

    This is a no brainer! I grew up in a big city and a white person did not dare go into a high crime area where the majority of people were black. I am not a racist, but even my black friends warned me to stay out or get killed, shot or worse. If the NAACP doesn’t like it, then what are they doing to stifle the crime and hatred of whites by blacks?

  719. John says:

    I can imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. I guess you could say, “I have a dream!”

  720. JAQUEBAUER says:

    This NAACP has their head in the sand. They represent a huge criminal population, their youth are most likely to die in gun violence before they reach 18, the prisons are filled with their members and they criticize a tool that would potentially save lives. What idiots they are, Their ignorance of these people supports William Shockley and his theory on populations and genetics.

  721. Kevin Kilgore says:

    Great article about this story, in fact there are a LOT of great stories and facts on this website.

  722. Torqued says:

    I don’t understand why they are so upset about this app since it’s only judging the neighborhoods by the content of their character. 😉

  723. Box-of-Rocks says:

    Way to go Juanita. Censor access to publicaly available information from people (just a bunch of whiteys anyways-right?) who wish to avoid becoming another crime statistic and protect the income of thugs.
    So what’s it like inside that twisted little mind of your’s thinking, since you’re a Racist everyone else must be one too?
    Just another Pot calling the Kettle black.

  724. le misanthrope says:

    “can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd because my app says it’s dangerous?” Well sweetheart first of all it’s my not being able not me. Second I assume your gps doesn’t take over for your brain, so you could go wherever you choose.

  725. "1951" says:

    Are you proud of being white, but afraid to say so because you don’t want to be punished for being a “racist”? Are you eager to stand up for white people and white culture, but don’t because you don’t wish to be associated with hate groups like the Nazis and the Klan?

    Don’t worry — we don’t like those guys either.

    Come out of the closet. If you are a white person who is sick and tired of white guilt, white scapegoating, and the white lies about race we are all supposed to believe, know this: you are not alone. Join those who can see the truth about race relations in America at No hatred — just hope for the future of white people.

    It’s not hateful to love your own race.

  726. john says:

    Until the African American community is ready to stop blaming other people for their peoples problems and violent culture we will never make any headway with these problems….When was the last time a person made a wrong turn in to an upscale neighborhood had to fear for their life?
    Unfortunately if you look in to crime rates and really break down the color of crime, black incarceration rates are higher because they commit a higher percentage of the crimes…Statistics do not lie? The war on poverty started by the Johnson admin, was actually the war on the black family. For years, the US government encouraged out of wedlock births by rewarding baby-mommas for each child, the benefits were lost if she got married. If I were black, I would be ashamed of living on the government dime. Our government does not believe that they have the ability to take care of themselves, unfortunately, we see how well we are doing taking care of them. Look at the rapid increases across the country in black on whoever happens to be in the way violence. Chicago had to shut down its beach this summer due to black violence, Philly is totally out of control, Myrtle Beach had big problems one week, flash mobs are popping up everywhere with angry Black american youths robbing and creating mayhem…It happened in Kansas City, it happens all over. Obama has done nothing but create division in our nation…along color lines and along economic lines…He is the worst we have ever seen.
    I say hail the ghetto app!!!! andf get a gun

  727. forked says:

    It’s amazing how racist the NAACP is that they would assume that the unsafe areas of town are necessarily the ‘black’ parts of town. Why do they have such a low opinion of black people?

  728. Tim Lebsack says:

    said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace. —
    “It’s almost like gerrymandering,” ASK Eddie Bernice Johnson about gerrymandering, she know all about gerrymandering.
    “It’s stereotyping” YES, that’s how the human brain packages information.
    “it’s discriminatory.” YES, that’s the purpose of the software – to avoid danger.
    “What happens in North Dallas certainly ought to be no different than what happens in South Dallas.” OK, I’m sure you did not mean to suggest that North Dallas needs more crime, so perhaps you meant to say that SDallas should have less crime. I agree. What should be done about this?

  729. The Zenjen says:

    Why when we see/hear/read the word “ghetto” we automatically assume it is a black ghetto? I have been some places, especially when I was attending college in the south where as a black woman I would not dare to go near……

  730. James R. Maxwell says:

    There are many areas of the country where if you are White, Black, Latino, Asian or some other racial identification that you would be unsafe if you entered those
    areas. This is a Public Safety app. There are parts of the country where if you are Black and not a gang member of the local group you would be killed, robbed or beaten, worse if you are of a different race. Should be mandatory to have that
    on your phone.

  731. Jeff Tas says:

    What a great idea! where can I buy this app?

  732. Jeff Tas says:

    Sharrie Williams can’t find MLK Blvd. because it’s a high crime area? Why is she interested in going to high crime areas? Cheap rent? Pick-up drugs? Higher a prost.? Sounds suspicious.

  733. Steven says:

    When did it become racist to keep people safe? Who in their right mind wants to drive through a high crime area? The NAACP will do anything to potray people of color as being victims. Why don’t they make issue of the fact that the Black on Black crime rate is much higher than White on Black or White on White Crime rate. But let us keep dodging the real issues and perpetuate the violence that is destroying our people. I know this is the unpopluar thing to say because using logic and reason along with facts and statistics is politically incorrect.

  734. Patrick Despaw says:

    “It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.

    – The liberal mind exposed!

  735. ertdfg says:

    Can I get a listing of the ACLU lawyers that live in high crime areas?

    What’s that? None of them do?


    What, trying to avoid high crime areas is racist, they’ve chosen to live outside of high crime areas, therefore they’re racist. Did I misapply their own logic here? Or are we not using logic anymore when forming arguments?

    1. ertdfg says:

      Aw hell, NAACP lawyers not ACLU… I got my left wing organizations messed up again.

      But the argument still stands; you know she lives in a safe gated community… because she’d be stupid at her level of income not to… why can she choose to avoid high crime areas if doing so is offensive?

  736. Reverend Jones - Creativity Alliance says:

    If this app keeps decent folk away from sub human thugs then it should be called the Life Saver.

  737. Ouch says:

    Juanita Wallace, it’s about time you admit everything that is wrong with the black community. It’s time to put a stop to thuggish, entitled , rude, racist mindset. Stop being afraid of them!!! If no one stands up to them now, imagine how much worse it will get.
    They have no one to blame for their plight but themselves. This country has bent over backward and handed everything to them and yet NOTHING has in their “culture” has improved.

  738. Rel Woh says:

    It’s not hard to figure out if someone is black with a name like Rastus Schvartza>

  739. Rel Woh says:

    Isn’t MLK Bulivard always in the black part of town.

  740. d Jackson says:

    Anyone against this app must be a complete idiot. I welcome any and all information regarding crime stats. The more information the better. I can’t figure out why that NAACP president is against it. It’s based on crime stats; “Factual Information”. How dare she, or anyone, say we shouldn’t have access to “public” information so we can make our own “informed” decision about where we do or don’t want to go. The nerve!!!.

  741. laughinghardinTX says:

    If the white people are as scared of the ghetto and black people as this board states – why are all of them running into the black men these days?

  742. Kevin Li says:

    It’s funny that the people complaining say it’s unfair to minority communities. I think what they really meant to say was: it’s unfair to Black and Latino communities. Think about it. They are the only minorities that are stereotypically labeled as crime-prone; the content of this thread proves it as most of the comments concern either Blacks or Latinos. So to say it in a way as to make themselves not appear racist, they say it’s unfair to “minorities.” (just my 2 cents)

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